Douglas Ross denies 'anti-families' comment was a dig at Greens' LGBT  support | HeraldScotland

Time after time the opposition in the Scottish parliament opens its mouth to criticise the Scottish government for things that its own government in England are doing.

We know most recently, of course, that DRoss and co have been whining about how long it took for the Scottish government to fix the power cables that were blown down in the horrific storms a couple of weeks ago. According to them, the Scottish government was neglectful of people living without power for up to 10 days. I’d have to say that it must have been a nightmare.

Electricity distribution companies are responsible for the network of power lines, underground cables, substations etc., that get electricity to your home or business in the area where you live. These companies were, of course, privatised, by the Conservative government of Mrs Thatcher. The companies providing it are not necessarily British. Also, Electricity is a Reserved matter. It is controlled in London. The Tories should perhaps remember that.

The Tories seem too, to be unaware that although now power has been reconnected to all users in Scotland (at least for the moment), in Northumberland it has taken longer. Northumberland, I can tell you (for the benefit of Tories reading), is in England.

Now, today we have Jackson Carlaw criticising the Scottish Health Service.

It’s almost like he doesn’t know that for nearly 2 years now the health services in all four countries in this glorious union of theirs, run by four separate regimes, one of which his own government, have been under incredible pressure because of, and I assume he’s heard of this, COVID-19.

That’s the population of Scotland on a waiting list in England.

Even prior to Covid, it is unlikely that any of the four governments was spending enough on the NHS to cover the increased needs of an aging population, possibly due to the belt tightening that David Cameron ordered on taking office in 2010 and which necessarily spread through the four countries.

Mr Carlaw may also be aware that the NHS has suffered, perhaps not surprisingly, a loss of doctors, nurses and other staff, subjected daily to the virus, through deaths, ongoing illnesses, or stress.

Additionally, Brexit and the unsavoury atmosphere it created (aided and abetted by the Tory Tabloid Press), has meant that many NHS staff originating in European countries, have left the service and returned home.

Mr Carlaw, incidentally, may be aware of the fact that Scotland did not vote for this Brexit.

This is under the Tories.

Indeed, I can even recall him, under Cameron, appealing to us NOT to vote for it, although, when he was leader of the Tories’ Scottish branch, under Johnson, he did a typical Tory U-turn on that. Maybe because Brexit is all going so very well, or mayhap because he thought (wrongly) it would save his job.

In any case, he would have done well, before he highlighted the problem with SNHS and blamed the SNP, to reflect on the performance of this own government in England, where exhausted staff are in tears over waits of hours for ambulance and waits of hours IN ambulances.

Maybe Mr Carlaw could have a stern word in Sajid Javid’s ear?

These are incredibly hard times for health service staff of all disciplines all over the world.

The quote above “Staff are broken”, says it all. But they keep working nonetheless.

I don’t think there is any doubt that they are doing their best in heartbreaking circumstances.

It is not helpful for opposition parties to criticise people who are working 14+ hours a day with rarely a day off, to save lives and often, because of shortages, failing in that task.

You Tories were happy enough to stand at your doors and clap for them last year (however ridiculous my medical doctor friends thought it).

Jackson Carlaw takes over from Ruth Davidson as interim Scots Tories'  leader - Daily Record

I wonder why you think there is some political capital to be gained from running them down now?

Frankly, I doubt it.


    1. Seems as good a reason as any.

      I have no objection to a good opposition picking holes in what a government is doing.

      But honestly, they are not.

      Surely an opposition would say: You’re getting it wrong on health, people are waiting for too long. This is what WE wold do…. but as we can see what they would do by looking to their government in England, and it’s worse than what we have here, it seems like it’s just a pile of carping for the benefit of the unionist papers and tv channels.

      This would be as bad or worse if they were run by the Tories.

      So what they are actually doing is criticising the doctors, porters, nurses, ambulance driver and all other staff in our hospitals.

      I can’t think of anything more stupid at this point.

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  1. The Tories are struggling. Annoying all medical staff and care home staff is really stupid. Their MSP’s and MP’s are of very poor quality. Sure, some low information voters vote for them but the numbers are not there for them to advance much.

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    1. This stuff seems pointless. They must think their supporters REALLY thick.

      I don’t think the SNP gets it right all the time. But in every way, they have done as well as or better than the government than the government in England of which these jokers are associates.

      A good opposition should be there to get the government to do better. These people are there to score silly little points which most people will see through.

      I wonder how many of them were partying when people were dying alone last Christmas.

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  2. Everything the opposition parties do and say is simply aimed at scoring points against the SNP. They don’t care about people or anything else.

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  3. Did Mr Carlaw’s family ever find the missing paintings? If he wants to expose maladministration perhaps he should do some introspection. Or maybe have a quiz at a festive family celebration.

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      1. Another thought is the £16m loss, in one year, recorded by Wylie’s Ford Dealership, managed by carless jackass. That’s where the paintings were stored.

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    1. Imagine the scene. You’re a political party heading nowhere. You’re lumbered with a hapless incompetent leader in the shape of Jackson Carlaw. So you replace him with Douglas Ross?! Then give Annie Wells a job where she’s allowed near a microphone?!?!

      Is it the Twilight Zone?

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        1. Another piece of crass incompetence in the expensive room. You’d think one of the things a posh schoolgirl would be able to do is fold a flag properly.


      1. When we see that the London Prime Minister appoints as one of his top advisers a giggling overgrown schoolgirl who probably enjoys prancing around the hockey field, we can see why their empire is in trouble.

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    1. But who is telling them to say these things?

      Don’t they know that they can criticise the SNP and people from the Tories, Labour, Alba and that Dems will lap it up, but they are knocking the health service.

      Almost without exception we love our health service.

      How greedy to you have to be to make you THAT stupid?

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      1. What is dross going to say about the big flounder’s policy ststement today on puting drug users into prisons, losing their passports and driving licences?
        Wasn’t it last week he said he would suport the SG on the roll out of Safe Houses?
        Another u-turn I suppose.
        They are told what to say in the overnight briefing email, easily proved when you hear them all using the same words in interviews.

        Where’s annie wells?, haven’t seen or heard of careless carlaw’s deputy for ages.

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        1. It was put about that she had some health issues, and if she does then I wish her a speedy recovery. She has been gone some time.

          I hope you’ll pardon my scepticism when I say that I wonder if after a string of unfortunate statements and confused tweets, it may be that she felt the job was a bit above her level and asked to be removed.

          As I say, if the woman is ill, I apologise for doubting it, but, let’s be honest, she was diabolically bad at the job.


        2. I was concerned about that, as it was a bit scattergun; you lose your driving licence for driving offences, and as for the passport… so if you’re neither travelling nor driving whilst smoking your joint, what’s the justification?

          It suggests that someone who has a couple of plants and likes a toot of an evening will be treated in the same way a someone up to their oxters in class As.

          This is absolutely correct, in a social way. Engage with drug users and find out if it’s a problem to them; if it is, offer to help. If it isn’t, then leave a card and offer communication. Some people can manage drug use, in the same way that I have a pal who can have a cigarette every now and then. Most can’t, though, especially where class As are involved, so they require a bit of assistance to escape from where they are. Cannabis is an odd one, because I feel that folk who grow their own should be allowed to – up to a point, and that’s the high-THC variants. The balance of compounds is upset, and that’s not good.

          Given the incidence of cocaine residue at Westminster, should they not be looking inwards rather than outwards?

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          1. There are a lot of different ideas about how to deal with drug use. Clearly as a non-expert, I don;t know which ones are the best.

            I do know that Portugal made drugs (I rather think all of them) legal and made rooms available for taking them, legally and properly. Switzerland has certainly got the clean rooms.

            If you do that, it drives the dealers out of business and means that people are largely taking safe amounts of drugs in a controlled and clean environment.

            At that point I guess you have to make illegal dealing of drugs a very serious offence.

            I think too that in all of these things people have to be helped to come off the drugs.

            Needless to say anything that that moron Raab proposes will not have been thought out and won’t work.

            He has left a trail of incompetence behind him wherever he has been.

            Useless thicko.

            But it does seem to me that

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  4. and

    Good Law Project
    Dec 6
    NEW: Government admits 46 PPE deals were awarded to ‘VIPs’ before formal due diligence process put in place – directly contradicting Michael Gove’s claims.

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    1. Peston absolutely correct. Remember Nixon. ” There will be no whitewash at the White House”. It was the cover-up that did for him, and hopefully will do the same for L.B.J. Although, somehow I doubt it. Anyway, if he stays, he will boost the Yes vote even higher.

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      1. My mother and father were in Harlem in the ’50s, and had met Dylan Thomas there. Apparently, in a bar when ‘that quote’ came over the airwaves, he made a disparaging remark about it, and a bar brawl ensued. He apparently didn’t do well health wise afterwards. Anyone who was there may want to comment.

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  5. Looking forward already to tomorrow’s FMQT output from dross.

    He will ignore the downing street panto.
    His drug recovery bill is dumped by his englander boss Maltman.
    The carbon recovery programme at Peterhead had No input from the scottish tories.
    The non party with the surprise santa, wonder who that was?
    The rabb’s brain is missing.
    The williamson party.
    The letter agreeing to the dog recovery flight that the doris didn’t authorise, his assistant did.
    Now we hear as a distraction that Plan B with covid passports will be introduced in englandland.

    So we will be back to pot holes in the road or similar from the LIST of distractions.
    Auld joe soul will be on about the Bridge closures.
    The cash and carry director will be on about dirty water.

    Why do we continue to put up with this?

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  6. Now we have this idiot joining in:

    Anas Sarwar
    Lots of concerning health stats published today.

    5700 nurse & midwife vacancies
    400+ consultant vacancies
    Worst A&E waiting times on record

    Perhaps worst of all, almost 2000 children have been waiting over a year for specialist mental health care.

    This is a national emergency.

    Imagine being a party leader and only just coming to the conclusion that there is a national emergency?

    Only, if we were independent we could deal with a national emergency properly. Instead the national emergency (and the funding thereof) is largely in the hands of someone who wants the bodies to pile high.

    Opposition? Jeeeeez.


  7. The big flounder tells the truth at last, at least for a wee bit.
    The statement was he’s furious that the video was released.I bet he was.
    Unfortunately the truthfulness only lasted a very short time as the next part was ‘There was no Party’ sounds like the ‘I did not have sex with this woman’. ‘There will be no cover up in the white house’, Aye.
    Saw a clip on utube of liz truss last night defend the ‘No Party’ position.

    The flounder can’t stop the lies and deception, he’s addicted and needs help.

    Have you seen the clip of the sniffer dog and doris?, the handler is standing back and knows that the dog is responding as trained. IMO

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    1. There was no party.

      Most of my business meetings have drinks, Secret Santa (we call the SS) and of course games…(well, that’s how Cabinet works, isn’t it?)

      Of course after the first hour I can’t be sure as I was completely baked, but I can guarantee that all rules were followed.

      Ha ha wanna see that sniffer dog video… would love to see one near Gove.


    2. Colin Mackay
      · 2h
      Scottish Conservative leader @Douglas4Moray says “there was a party of sorts” and he still has confidence in the PM but “he has serious questions to answer on this”.


  8. Someone called ruth davidson has surfaced to use twitter to give her view on the pmqt performance today by the flounder,’ Pathetic’ she says.
    A tory mp says that it wouldn’t be possible for the pm to know what was happening downstairs in the building he has a flat in, maybe he was the secret santa and too pissed to remember.
    So now we have the MET not investigating the ‘Non Party’, that’s been handed over to one of the possible ‘Non Party’ attenders.

    Plan B to start soon.
    The flounder says omicron more transmissible but no need to leave plan A.

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    1. Oncew one is conpletely sure of one’s future… as ion, for ecample, having been elevated to the aristocracy, one may be able to be slightly critical.

      It saved DRoss doing it and risking his job and his future ennoblement.

      Johnson would be perfect for Santa.


    2. Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross says “clearly there was a party of some kind”, and that if Boris Johnson knew about it last year/last week and was still denying it in parly, he would have to resign. “No-one should continue in their post if they mislead parliament in that way.”

      Philip Sim, BBC.


      1. Saw a clip of dross in westmonster today, didn’t appear to have anything to say as he didn’t stand up.
        The clip of the flounder with the sniffer dog has been withdrawn.

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  9. Sorry for being ‘off topic’, but I just read the oil slick that is Brian Wilson in the ‘What used to be the Herald’, I hope that (Munguin) will allow me to mention my parents again. They were at Glasgow University at the same time with John Smith, Robin Cook, Donald Dewar etc. My parents did not agree with a lot of their ‘aims’, but as the labour movement was the only legitimate alternative to ‘unionism’, worked with it. They eventually parted ways, and the SNP became their vote of choice. It was always the wish of my mother, from before SNP was formed, that Scotland should be free of England. Unfortunately both my parents died in their nineties, before what they had worked for could become reality. I had hoped that they would have realised their aspirations.
    PS they described the ‘Baron Robertson of Port Ellen’ as the ‘imbecile’ (my word, but apt).

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    1. Munguin isn’t an ogre and he’s always interested in a good story.

      I always thought the Noble Baron was a complete twerp… but I’ve never had any time for anyone that dresses up in fancy clothes because of some ancient order, unless of course they are in a play.
      Brian Wilson also seemed to me to be a dip stick.

      Munguin says that if you have any further revelations about the infamous, you must feel at liberty to share them with him.


  10. When will dross cross the house as there is no way the flounder will resign.
    Your story of baron robertson reminds me of a chat I had with the aunt of a previous SoS for Scotland, she was astounded that he had been put in the position as he was also an imbecile and the cat would do a better job.
    The talent pool is restricted to the blue rinse ladies favourites.

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    1. No, Douglas. Neither Munguin nor I have interfered with your freedom to post… and you just have, so I guess that kinda proves that point.



  11. looking like dross is hung out to dry tomorrow, the big flounder is currently going to introduce Plan B, passports and all for englandland.
    Feel the spin

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    1. Sigh…

      I’ve been looking at comments on Twitter. Loads of people saying that they can introduce all the restrictions they like, but they needn’t expect people to follow them, given that THEY don’t.

      Basically that is that they don’t trust the government and its instructions.

      Technically it is nothing to do with us, but if the English refuse to follow instructions, there are bound to be people here who will do the same thing.


  12. Sir desmond and company, freedom to pass on the virus.
    The flounder accused starmer of causing confusion.
    More of the same too little too late.
    Even if the new variant is less troublesome to people the loss of essential staff failing to turn out will cause huge problems.
    As you’ve said before, piss up and brewery !!!!!!!

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    1. They seemed to manage it several times in Downing Street… it’s the brewery that causes the problems.

      Methinks that class of person might be more suited to a piss up in a vineyard in Champagne, France!


  13. Perhaps worst of all, almost 2000 children have been waiting over a year for specialist mental health care.

    We know We know. but then maybe if nikla and the SNP were not chasing their genderwoowoo policies these children would be getting help.
    Indeed the tories are bloody awful, I agree. crooks the lot of them. but they own us, they absoloutly own us. And as far as I can see they will do so far into the future.

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    1. Not really just down to the FM because the same thing is happening in England, where a friend of mine, not a child, has been waiting for a very long time to see a someone about mental health issues.


  14. I see the Met have announced “No investigation into Downing St party”. As Aamer Anwar says, “completely corrupt”. I wonder what the Tories have on Dick, apart from of course the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes.

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    1. Well, there have been numerous other “shortcomings” during her reign. I image it suits the Home Ofice to have her in post.

      I rather think that her elevation to the Lords is the foremost things on her mind.

      I apologise for what looks like innuendo, but isn’t… but she wants to be Lady Dick.


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