ruth wishart@ruth_wishart

Thinking back to last Christmas and how none of us did what we would have normally, it’s clear the PM thought yet again that rules are for the little people, not the likes of him.

John Malcolm McMenemy@AberJohnny
Replying to @ruth_wishart and @ron_mould

last Xmas day my father died, I wasn’t allowed to see him (even the priest to give Last Rites wasn’t). Kinda put a crimp on my day and mophead does this.

Jonny Morris@jonnymorris197

489. In case you were wondering how many people died of Covid on the day that our Prime Minister had a Christmas party.


Pam Jarvis @Dr_Pam_Jarvis

My brother died in hospital on 18/12 last year. He hadn’t seen any family irl for over a month due to #Lockdown. On that day, it seems a Christmas party was in full swing @10DowningStreet. Do others remember what they were doing on or around that date?


27 thoughts on “ONE RULE FOR SOME”

    1. Oh ! Dear tris one of the little peoples
      leading moaning minnies …
      Jacob Rees-Mogg: Tories don’t need face masks as we’re ‘convivial and fraternal’

      Hope that puts your feverish mind at rest .


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      1. Ah, well, y’see, Niko, I’m not convivial at all, nor really particularly fraternal.

        I noted, though, now you come to mention Mr Rees Mogg, that His Holiness the Pope was urging countries to take in and treat kindly, refugees.

        Mindful of the fact that Mr Mogg only hears Mass in Latin, I started to wonder if he actually understands a word of it or if it is all for a posh show.

        Benedicat illis Dominus minus fortunatos quam nos, et det nobis voluntatem et opem illis secundum praecepta Jesu.

        Respira me spiritus dei

        Translated by Mogg:

        Let’s get this dosh invested in a tax haven.

        Breathe on me breath of fraternal and convivial Tories.

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  1. Laugh of the day was the interviews by a government minister about the simple question, ‘When can a 20 year old get a booster jag’
    Answer there was none.

    The talent in the uk government is unbelievable.

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  2. Unfortunately in the UK with it’s constitution,or rather it’s lack of,an 80 seat majority in parliament allows the government of the day free rein to do as it likes.
    BoJo and his fellow clowns are the product of a broken corrupt system which will only reform itself once we leave them.

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    1. It must be one of the least democratic countries in Europe.

      And if Johnson were to be sacked or stand down or whatever, his successor, the de facto head of state and government, would be chosen by a small band of elderly members of the Conservative party, mainly based in the Home Counties of England.


  3. Voodoobluesman
    Dear Commissioner

    I wish to make a formal complaint about the Downing Street Christmas party held in December 2020. This event contravenes the Coronavirus regulations at the time.
    I expect to see this case progressed within 10 days. I look forward to your reply.


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