I was broken hearted to see Tentsmuir forest yesterday, after the hurricane.

Paths I’ve walked for years blocked by fallen trees and parts of the forest practically flattened. At the car park by the river, a tree I’ve sat under and picnicked, down and dead. I picked up some of its cones for Munguin’s gardens so it will live on in kind.



Happy day, however, for the people of Barbados.

Dame Sandra Mason new president-elect | Barbados Advocate

Congratulations to President Mason and the Barbadians. (And thanks to DonDon for putting me right on the president’s name.)

Prince Charles arrives in Barbados as it becomes republic, replacing  British queen | Channel

Charlie arrived in Barbados in his royal private plane (at heaven knows what cost to us and to the planet) as a member of their ruling family and left as a member of a foreign royal family.


Another piece of good news.

The English government has made it compulsory to wear masks in crowded public places as of today, in response to the new covid variant, which is now in the UK.


Obviously, this doesn’t apply to superior people or, if you prefer the alternative description, complete tossers.

56 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. “We, the great mass of the people think only of the love we have for our land, we do love the land where we were brought up. We will never let our hold to this land go, to let it go it will be like throwing away (our) mother that gave (us) birth.”. – Letter from Aitooweyah to John Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee…

    Can’t give you a lot tris but I give you
    Love 💕

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    1. Wiki: John Ross (October 3, 1790 – August 1, 1866) was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828 to 1866 and served longer in that position than any other person. Described as the Moses of his people, Ross influenced the Indian nation through such tumultuous events as the relocation [from ancestral tribal lands in Georgia] to Indian Territory [present day Oklahoma] and the American Civil War. Born of a Scottish father and a mother who was part Cherokee, the blue-eyed, fair-skinned Tsan-Usdi (Little John) grew up as a Native American, although he was educated at Kingston Academy in Tennessee.

      The Cherokee nation was one of the “Five Civilized Tribes” in the southeast, and Andrew Jackson planned their removal along with all other tribes existing east of the Mississippi River. Chief John Ross and other leaders of the Cherokee nation wrote a letter to Congress to protest the 1835 Treaty of New Echota. This treaty, signed by a group of Cherokees claiming to represent their people, stated that the tribe would relocate west of the Mississippi. The majority of Cherokees, over 15,000, opposed the treaty. In this letter, Chief Ross and the others state the case for the Cherokee majority.


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    1. Dreigh day, don’t get too upset with the pay cut Tris, I managed to get the Country wrong.

      Our day will come, the FM has said that we will be making the easy case for Independence soon. The onionists will have the harder job of of showing the population that doris will lead us to the sunny uplands.


    2. Ouch… That’s not being picky, Don Don… That’s bang on right.

      You may not see me for a few days as Munguin is having me shut in the oubliettes!

      Before I am incarcerated I shall make the necessary corrections.


  2. Sorry to hear about Tentsmuir Forest. I’ve always wanted to explore it, having been to Leuchars often for the plane-spotting.

    But the fallen timber will be cleared away and the forest will grow back. Eventually.

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  3. Poor old Covid Charlie. It must be galling for him when even fuzzie-wuzzies who used to know their place are saying “Cheerio”. Where will his plane be headed next, we wonder.

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    1. Well, as he’s not paying for it, nor is Princess Mrs Parker Bowles, and he only seems to worry about global warming when its a commo er that is cause it, I expect they will go somewhere else nice.

      Nothing like getting away from November weather in England, is there?

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            1. Nice picture of an Airspeed Envoy. It must have been one of the last planes with a tail wheel rather than a nose wheel, an improvement which made it easier #, and safer, for the pilot to see where he was going when landing.

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          1. Dave……Ah yes, I see it now. I guess I was confused by some of the fanciful speculation about it in the press, at the time the gray RAF transport was remodeled and repainted.

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            1. Danny, your problem might be due to that fact that your own country has many hundreds of suitable aircraft.
              The uk, being a ,too wee, too poor, too stupid country only has half a dozen transport/refuellers in that series, only one carries the butcher’s apron target tail, the rest are Grey.
              The aircraft carrier had 9 aircraft of it’s own, the rest came from America, borrowed for the trip to scare China.

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              1. Dave……

                Seeing a close-up shot that didn’t show the tail, I was confused about the predominantly white color. (Which is common for aircraft livery I understand, because the white color reflects solar radiation and reduces the load on the temperature control system.) I was probably thinking of an “artist’s conception” I saw published last year of what the new paint job “might” look like (before it was actually revealed.)

                I see that Boris has now leased a second plane painted in the same livery….a smaller Airbus A321, for short-haul trips.


                Although “Air Force One” is actually the radio call sign of ANY plane carrying the American President, the term is most often applied to the big four-engine Boeing 747’s that are regularly used by the president. There are TWO of those actually, since one is typically flown as a decoy for purposes of security. They are identical in appearance.

                However, the White House also has smaller planes that are painted with a similar livery, and are sometimes used by the president for short-haul flights (generally around the States), and often by lesser officials (such as the Vice President and cabinet secretaries.) The smaller planes are Boeing 757’s, and have twin engines. Pictures of the “small” Air Force Ones are not as common on the internet, and are called “Air Force Two” when the Vice President is aboard.

                “Air Force One” (Four engine Boeing 767’s):

                “Air Force Two” (Twin engine Boeing 757’s)

                Three of the White House fleet (including two of the smaller planes) are seen at Orly in Paris: (Maybe Boris can get a group picture of his planes now. 😉 )

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                1. Don’t give the guy any encouragement, Danny.

                  He’ll soon have a fleet of them for himself, Princess First Lady Carrie Antoinette and all his children… although he may need one of these Airbus A380 things which has over 500 seats if they all want to travel at the same time.

                  I suppose if he produces any more, they could always sit on each others’ laps.

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                  1. Tris……Maybe de Pfeffel just recently heard about the Air Force Twos and decided he needed a second one too. I actually didn’t realize that the president used the smaller planes……or that they have pretty much the same paint job…….until I spotted Trumpy using one of them on his short-hop campaign appearances in 2020.

                    Speaking of A380’s………The largest American-built plane is the Boeing 747-8, which can carry 467 passengers in regular commercial service. So since it’s the biggest American plane, it’s the one used for the Air Force Ones. Although the bigger A380’s built by Airbus carry over 500 passengers, they’re not an option for a future presidential airplane, which must be American made. So there’s an opening for Boris; if he gets an A380, he’ll have a bigger plane than the president has. 😉 The royals would probably like that too.

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                    1. LOL. Danny. He’s a lot fatter than President Biden, and undoubtedly has more children, although to be fair, he doesn’t actually know how many he has, so he probably needs more space.

                      Also Carrie Antoinette probably has to ave the plane redecorated regularly with £800 a roll wallpaper, so maybe best to have two planes so one could always be being redecorated.

                      Was it ok for Trump to use a state plane when working on a political campaign?

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                    2. Tris……Boris does have his special needs…..LOL. New wallpaper on a rotating basis is one that I hadn’t thought of. 🙂

                      In principle, the political parties reimburse the federal government for political campaign travel expenses of government officials traveling on government aircraft.
                      So when the president uses Air Force One for a purely political campaign trip for example, his political party pays a reimbursement rate that is based on how much it would cost to charter another plane to make the trip. The reimbursement rate is actually less than the cost of operating Air Force One though, which for example includes communications and security items related to the office of the president, and in theory unrelated to the basic cost of political campaign travel. If the trip involves separate official business and political campaigning, the reimbursement cost is pro-rated between the two. Reimbursement for reporters traveling with the president on Air Force One (for whatever type of business,) is paid by their news organizations, based on the comparable cost of commercial air travel.

                      Air Force One, Who Pays? :


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                    3. OK, Danny. I get that. I suppose that regardless of what he or she is doing, the President must be kept safe… and that is the job of the state.

                      I suspect that even on the golf course, where he seems to have spent most of his time, Trump required security … and couldn’t just take a scheduled flight to Florida to play his course there.

                      It’s the same sort of thing here, when royals or ministers travel on holiday as opposed to business. They have to be provided with security, given that they are always targets.

                      The night that Airmiles was supposedly in Woking at a Pizza Hut restaurant he would have had security with him and his party… which could have confirmed his statement about where he was when he was allegedly doing, erm, something else.

                      Unfortunately, it seems that the records of the work of the royal security teams for that particular night, must have slipped down the back of a settee somewhere and been lost for all time.

                      It’s absolutely amazing the number of times things like that happen.

                      People are so careless…

                      BTW, I really doubt Boris gives much a a thought to his wallpaper… I mean look at his clothes and his hair… but Nut Nuts, his beloved wife, most assuredly does.

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                    4. Tris……I’m sure your analysis of royal security……and how things can so easily get “misplaced”…..is right on the mark. I’m pretty sure that all those secret presidential “security” requirements have a lot to do with covering up the gigantic operating expenses of Air Force One for example.

                      I wonder what kind of gee whiz security and communication features Trumpy’s golf cart had. 😉

                      In 1973, during a fuel shortage, Richard Nixon flew to California on a commercial flight. It was a big show for the press, but it didn’t actually save any fuel, since they also flew Air Force One to California empty, so that they would have it on hand to bring him back to Washington. 🙂

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                    5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha… Good try Tricky…

                      Actually, I’m not sure I’d want Johnson on the same flight as me, specially if there was free booze.

                      He’s bad enough sober!

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                    6. Tris…..They didn’t call him Tricky Dick for nothing. It would have been quite taxing for him to try to relate to actual people and act like a more or less normal human being for the five to six hour flight to California.

                      It might be as weird being around Johnson as it’s said to have been with Nixon. 🙂

                      Seems to me that I recall reading about Queen Liz flying commercial once. As I recall, the Queen and her royal entourage took up all of the first class cabin, and all the regular passengers had to be seated and then wait, so that her royalness could be the last to arrive and then the first to depart. I need to do some Googling to verify that.

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                    7. I think, to be fair to Liz, that she did that sometimes when going to Australia or New Zealand, possibly even Africa and North America too… I only remember that because I read somewhere in a criticism of Charles that he thought he was too grand for commercial flights anywhere, but his mother, the actual queen, didn’t think she was. Which just goes to show what a pompous arse he is.

                      Of course on these occasions she was an encumbrance to the ordinary people who had paid for the their tickets, and of course, she took up the whole first class section so that she didn’t have to breathe the same air as common people.

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                    8. Tris……That’s pretty much as I remember reading about it. I do recall that the royal party took up the entire first class section, and all the coach class passengers were in their seats before her car arrived and she boarded privately, without mixing with the riff raff. 😉

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                2. OOPS……I just spotted an error:

                  Although I correctly identified the large four-engine presidential airplanes as Boeing 747’s; when I posted the picture, I incorrectly called it a Boeing 767. In fact that’s a picture of the Boeing 747.

                  The 767 is in fact a modern wide-body Boeing, but it’s not nearly as big as a 747.

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        1. She certainly likes jewels.

          Personally, I think that any more than the minimum looks cheap a tawdry… if it is possible to look cheap and tawdry with a few million pounds worth on yer bonce.

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  4. ‘roo, I know that is a quote from Naked Gun or one of its sequels.

    But there is a lot of American “humor” I just don’t “get”.

    Please don’t explain. Munguin will have another attack of the vapours.

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  5. I note too that London is not so badly hit, and in most of their eyes, that’s that. All’s well.
    But the South East would be a worry for them.

    Of course, to most intents, NI stays in the single market, so of course, it’s fine.

    However, given that the promise was that the UK would BOOM once it became Empire II and Global Britain, it’s generally a disappointment all round.


    1. Yeah, he looks uncomfortable there, does he not?

      Things are looking worse for him too, because the Good Law Project has done some research about his pub owning mate (whose pic disappeared) and, given that he appears to have lied to the House about the contract, Ms Dodds has asked for him to come back and tell the truth:

      That will be a novelty.


        1. Yes… I see that. But the odious little creep probably reckoned without Jo Maugham.

          No matter what Hancock says or does, there is an air of sleaze about it. He’s one of these men that makes people’s flesh creep.


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