LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I GIVE YOU NICK FLETCHER (Nah, nor me but I’ll look him up for you.)

Nick Fletcher | MP for Don Valley
MP for Don Valley. Don Valley is a former coal mining area which elected only Labour MPs from 1922-2019. The current MP should probably not get too comfortable.

I can, of course, understand, that if you are a male British teenager and you hear that you are not going to be playing James Bond, Luke Skywalker, or even Dr Who, that you must think to yourself, “well, self. That’s it. There’s nothing left for me now but the world of crime. I’ll have to go rob a bank … or maybe even join a crime syndicate, like perhaps the Tory Party.

Liz Truss: 'You have to put yourself forward... No one else will' - YOU  Magazine

Why, only the other day I saw two young lads lamenting the fact that not only was the home secretary female but the foreign secretary was too.

Imagine their dismay when I added to their woes by informing them that the queen was a woman!

I await the crime wave.


  1. The panto continues,
    Just saw that another 2 energy trading companies have gone, now 24 since September.
    The laugh is that Britsah Gas are advertising free Financial help for customers, obviously Bulb didn’t take up their offer.
    On LBC radio tonight, subject? asylum seekers phone in.
    Seems the listeners think that they are risking their lives for £8 a week from the generous home office, they have to pay $20,000 to get the Rib trip.
    They should apply from their own country and wait until the home office gives them a visa. Seemingly 8 years is typical.
    The French should hold them in France and any that cross should be returned to the French.
    The French should accept englander troops and police to stop them at Calais. Take control of the Border.

    Hope you have stored up for the new years restrictions along with the Ports getting blocked tomorrow, It’s political you know, the French are having an election.
    Nicola has refused to step down as FM, seems the ebc had decided she was standing down.
    The trade deal with New Zealand is difficult to tie down as there’s a time zone difference, seems NZ is in bed when the uk government is working days, the mp for the Borders says.

    The next doris quote? we’ve had Kermit the Frog, Superman, Peppa Pig, forget the others but I’m sure somebody has been paying some attention, maybe Postman Pat or Thomas the Tank.

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    1. I’m not sure about the agreement they had with the French, but I read somewhere that the Brits were to pay France to keep them from leaving. But they haven’t made with the actual money.

      I wake up every morning wondering which one of them is going to make a complete moron of themselves today…

      I heard that the BBC news today was pretty solidly anti SNP/Green and that they had sent proper newsreaders up from England to show the local jocks how to present a proper British news programme.

      What are they blocking the ports for tomorrow?

      I know things will get harder int he new year, because new restrictions and rules on import/exports.

      But remember, blue passports…although to be fair, you can’t go anywhere with them.


    2. Concerning Nicola not standing down till 2026. Did she mean that she’s going to stay on after we win our independence in the promised referendum in 2023 to lead the separation negotiations with rUK, or did she just somehow forget about Scottish independence when describing her preferred career path?

      It’s a puzzler for sure.🤔

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        1. Oh… LOL.

          I think when they settled down to get everything sorted in an afternoon over a cup of tea, they must have made the tea too weak, put too much milk and sugar in and royally p*ssed off the French…

          Then the Brits discovered they’d brought the wrong stuff and all these cards they held with Mr Bun the Baker et non pas Monsieur Bun le Boulanger.

          Dommage, hien?


      1. I didn’t see all the interview, although I thought what she was saying was a bit tongue in cheek.

        I imagine that right after independence it would be good to have continuity at least for a year or two.

        As DRoss and Anas have been telling her she has to go, and ever that Hamilton Cole blokey with his three adherents had his relatively irrelevant say… I was surprised the BBC didn’t think to ask the Greens, a bigger party, what they thought.


    1. I suppose he would.

      But then, he has always said what was expected of him… you know, Scotland shouldn’t leave England. Britain shouldn’t leave the EU, when that was what his boss told him to say.

      Then when his boss told him that Brexit was good, the “British” (English) people had voted for it, so we had to get Brexit done…he changed his mind.

      Only once did he say something without consulting the boss in London, and that was to praise Nicola at the beginning of the pandemic and say that he would work with her… and then, lo and behold, he was replaced with indecent haste.

      So, I expect that he has learned to be in total agreement with his bosses in London. I’d not be surprised to find that he’s booked his holiday in Peppa Pig land.

      Imagine being replace by Douglas Ross. Jeez. How embarassing!


  2. Worse that that, him being a tory, his replacement is getting much more money and pension rights than he was getting. For doing a non job, just use the script list for FMQT.
    Able to buy more paintings and drink.

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  3. It isn’t about constituents at all. It isn’t even about “the common good”.
    It’s about them first.
    Then it’s about them and their mates
    Then it’s about them, their mates and people like them and their mates.

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