Yep, I can see why the Tories voted for this. It will leave them more money to buy a peerage.


The thing is, once you get that blood transfusion and you become Noble, your view on so many things changes. After all, what is £1 500 per annum to the average aristocrat who can collect more than £300 a day for resting his or her eyes?


  1. They’re not selling off the ENHS to the Americans.

    Now 21 energyu trading companies stopped trading,What’s the problem?, none it seems, nothing to get concerned about, the companies are buying gas at higher cost than they’re collecting from customers.

    They’re telling the world to stop using Coal whilst they’re burning Coal directly and with cat litter wood imported from the USA, they call it BIO.

    Funniest thing I received this week is an invitation to purchase Carbon Offset credits to run an old car, seemingly with no concerns that I might be polluting the planet. Purchase is from a village in deepest Africa/South America where they don’t have cars. A few trees will be planted in my name.
    Funny old world. Peppa Pig land.

    Anybody seen the video of a Huge iceberg near the Greenland Coast that is pictured overturning?


    1. Keeping an old car going is good because it means that you don’t get the emissions of manufacturing a new one. And in comparison with the RAF jet that flew briskly over Murrayfield on Saturday…
      Trees are good. There’s a thing called Tree Aid – which aims to stop the deserts moving south in Africa – that I think is worth checking out. With enough trees, you can change weather patterns.

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      1. Yep. I think planting trees is a great idea.

        We’ve planted a few in the gardens at Munguin Towers, and every so often a new one grows from seed and we take it out and plant it in the country.

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    1. To the headline to the effect that Bawris is not losing his grip and is not unwell, the age-old response: aye, right.

      The English flage – I see what you mean, Tris. Reminds me of Arafat’s keffiyeh, for some reason.

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      1. Ha ha ha ha…

        Yep. When they say that the prime minister has every confidence in minister x, you can be pretty sure that minister x is for the high jump.

        When they say that the queen is well, you can be fairly sure that she is not.

        And when they say Mr Johnson is well and in control… well, ya just fall about laughing yer backside off.

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  2. Heard a southern englander,on the radio, say we should give the doris a bit of slack.

    Seems he’s got a young family to deal with, a young wife, 3 divorcees to pay off, a few girl friends.
    and he had Covid and nearly died.

    Comment from presenter was, he’s in charge of the armed forces, the missile codes, the government of the uk and the colonies. Do you really want a nutter that lies in charge?

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    1. Fortunately, the codes come from President Biden and I’m absolutely certain they will only be shared if America wants missiles to be fired.

      That of course was a huge worry under the last president. Much less so under the current one.

      My understanding is that France has an independent nuclear deterrent but it would be a brave president who authorised the firing without agreement from the USA.

      I believe that Blair said the same sort of thing. But they give Britain the air of an important state… although it isn’t. So no one wants to get rid of them.

      I think President Macron is of the opinion that it isn;t worth while France having weapons that they would never use without permission from the USA and there is a notion that France may give them up and with it their seat on the UN security council.

      This wold be a good idea in my opinion.

      France and Britain are ex-important countries.

      Britain does not have an independent nuclear deterrent, because it has no means of launching the weapons without codes from the USA.

      The USA counts the British bombs as their own, because they can only be used with express [permission and co-operation of the USA.

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  3. Agree Tris,
    THe rockets are Leased from the USA, the warheads are our own.
    Reminds me of the Polaris upgrade to Chevelein, the warheats were too big to fit the submarines launch tubes.
    There were 6 steerable warheads inside the rocket mounted one, some were Dummy, they hoped the Russian anti missile missile would detonate the dummy and not the real one. A variation of Russian Roulette, note the use of the French words.
    Trident uses the same layout but more rocket tubes.

    Hence the reason to order another 80 plus extra warheads

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    1. It really is high time we gave our pensioners a decent pension instead of trying to play with the big boys in a world where we don’t have the means. That goers for France too, because although, in theory, they COULD launch nuclear attacks, can anyone in their right mind imagine that they would without specific instruction form Washington.

      Britain and France playing a being important became a joke after Suez when they were put firmly in their place by the USA.

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  4. I have pictures of aircraft from the 50’s, dozens lined up on airfields.
    Companies like
    De Havilland

    The aircraft carrier now has Eight aircraft, plus 12 borrowed from the USA.

    The army has more Generals than tanks.
    The navy has more admirals than ships.
    The airforce more heads than aircraft.

    Time to see the uk for what it is, a defunct empire.

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    1. Did the aircraft carrier not fail to be suitable for the aircraft?

      Was there not a ship which couldn’t walk and chew gum… or more accurately go forward and fire missiles.

      No seamen but load of admirals… typical what what?

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  5. I have a suspicion that Frost’s motivation, as an ex-remainer, may be of the “hell mend you” variety – you all voted for brexit, so here’s your brexit, the hardest and most destructive variety possible. I get the impression from some reports that Frost’s ultra hard line approach has even unnerved BoJo and co.
    That is what I could imagine myself doing in his position (though easy to imagine when one is not actually in that position.)

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    1. Isn’t it just opportunity? He didn’t achieve what he wanted to achieve in his pre-Brexit career but in Brexit times all it takes is allegiance to Brexit and you get to raise 2 fingers at all the people who refused you that promotion. This is pretty much the basis of Anne Applebaum’s book – populism as a charter for idiots to shoot beyond their abilities.


      1. Is that the “Twilight of Democracy” one, Terry, which I haven’t yet read?

        Certainly the way to get on in the UK now for people lacking any kind of intellectual rigour, or loyalty to their instinct is to be a proud Brexiteer.

        And when anyone asks them why only a few years ago they felt exactly the opposite, they reply that “it is the will of the British people”, ignoring the fact that it was apparently the will of a minority of the British people… after all 52% +/- may have voted for it and 48 +/-against… but that was based on a turnout of under 50%.

        Particularly amusing is the volte face of the Scots who fought against it, and beseeched their constituents to vote to remain in Europe, like Baroness Davidson and Jackson Carlaw, who were persuaded, despite the Scottish vote (again on a relatively small proportion of the electorate) to remain, that the BRITISH people’s will most be respected.

        Is Anne Applebaum’s book worth a read?

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  6. I see that Dominic Raab claims to have watched Peppa Pig with his parents when he was a child.

    Peppa Pig was first broadcast, I’m reliably informed, in May 2004.

    Raab would have been around 30 at the time.

    I wonder if he sat on Mummy’s lap?

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