Yes, bit of a brass neck there, Patel.


Laura Kuenssberg@bbclaurak · 6hSenior

Downing St source says “there is a lot of concern inside the building about the PM….It’s just not working. Cabinet needs to wake up and demand serious changes otherwise it’ll keep getting worse. If they don’t insist, he just won’t do anything about it.”


So that’s two…Is the BBC starting to get a bit fed up with Benny Hill Haystacks?


Now you know how Kermit felt.
Yep… goodbye NHS, England only (we hope, unless the territorial officers demand that us lesser territories follow the masters).


Oh look, arch unionist, Ian Paisley Junior has an Irish passport, so no L O N G queues for him.


Daniel Kawczynski: “Back in my office in Commons. So proud to receive my new British Passport today without the superfluous EU tag on it! Finally we are free!” What’s the betting he also has a Polish one so he doesn’t have to wait in L O N G queues.


First the BBC and now even the Express is printing stories critical of Brexit. Whatever next? Additionally, Rod Stewart has criticised Brexit and hinted at support for Scottish Independence.
Rod Stewart says Brexit has been a ‘disaster’ for the UK – and hinted at his support for a Scottish independence referendum.


He pretended he was a car and made vroom vroom noises… then he talked at length about Peppa Pig.

33 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Peppa pig is owned by a huge US toys company, was sold to them in 2019. What was that about £billions, Johnson? He is really taking the rip now, it’s mindbogglingly embarrassing that Scotland is still shackled a country with a Peppa pig PM.
    Great distraction from Tory corruption though, and the sell off of the English NHS.
    I hear Starmer Tory boy was speaking at the same event thing, makes no difference that no one seems to have any idea what he was spouting.

    I wonder how many other Brexiteers will have passports out of little Britain, most I reckon. Lying scheming troughers.

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  2. ! Finally we are free!”

    To fuck it all up as Peppa Pig 🐷 would say.

    There is something seriously 😒 wrong with people like him obviously
    Son of an immigrant.

    Waving a stupid blue oops 😬 black err whatever passport.

    If he wants to play the patriotic card
    Then I best explain my Gaelic dna 🧬
    goes back on the island a thousand years and more.
    He à mere génération ago was foreigner in a foreign land .

    And the fact is to the vast majority of English Torys and brexiteers he is still a foreigner and not one of US .

    Well that being them cos I’m not a racist but I’m sure you get wot I mean…..

    I could of said worse than foreigner
    But I’m not a highlander… and
    STRANGER…is maybe 🤔 unduly harsh😂😂😂😂


    1. No wonder you reach bad conclusions niko.

      What has Gaelic, a language, got to do with DNA?

      In any case the Celts (whom I presume you’re referring to) were invaders themselves. Most, about ⅞, of the DNA on these isles arrived, on foot, over the land bridges and predates them. There is very little difference in the genetic makeup of anyone with predominantly British or Irish ancestry.


      1. Important Note

        The Scots (originally Irish, by by now Scotch) were at this time inhabiting Ireland, having driven the Irish (Picts) out of Scotland; while the Picts (originally Scots) were now Irish (living in brackets) and vice versa. It is essential to keep these distinctions clearly in mind (and verce visa).

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    2. What I’m desperately try to work out is in what way we weren’t free before.

      Did we set our pension, social security, tax, law, international relations, wars, nuclear capability, money, medical care, what kind of government we have?


      What freedoms have we gained by leaving the EU?

      How exactly are we better off?

      Oh I know. The exceedingly rich have managed to get out of the new regulations regarding offshoring.

      Hasn’t affected me much… or at all even..


  3. Johnson made it very clear what he thought of the CBI and it’s concerns over Brexit during the referendum with his “f*** business” retort.
    Not so much shooting from the hip but another over used part of his anatomy.

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      1. He, Johnson, is all that tris. But far, far more. With very few exceptions, the Tory party of which he leads, for the moment, is now a far-right political party, cruel, vindictive, racist, xenophobic, and utterly devoid of any empathy towards real people. And that comes from L.B.J. He, and his acolytes, couldn’t care less about the struggles people have to survive under his regime, in fact, by his indecision, and corrupt actions, he has I don’t doubt, caused the unnecessary deaths of many people during the pandemic.
        Nothing is safe from this bunch of thieves, in particular, our S.N.H.S. I have always maintained that they would never abolish the Scottish Parliament, but condemn it to a slow death by a thousand cuts. And that is what is now happening. If we don’t take our next opportunity to leave, then we deserve all we get.

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        1. I’m very worried that they will use their “single market” legislation to undermine our health service, separate as it currently is from the English one.

          But in the imperial parliament they can do what they want, so nothing is guaranteed.

          I remember the partial privatisations under the Lib/Lab government. Various parts of the service put out to private companies, and taking a relative for some privately run screening, the nearest place was 30+ miles away, and then, when you turned up, all at 9 am, you had to wait in line… possibly for a whole day, in order to maximise their profit.

          I hope we are gone soon.


  4. Not only does Ian Paisley jnr. have an Irish passport, it appears that he is using it rather than a treasured blue (black?) one. Are those tickets sticking out of it? Why else would he be carrying it around?

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      1. I have a pal from Norn Iron; I had a conversation with her about a united Ireland. 5 years ago, I’d’ve been scared to start that conversation with her.

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        1. I didn’t really start a conversation about that with Mason.

          At some point I’d said that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to going anywhere in the EU/EEA or Switzerland again, given the likelihood of passport delays, and he said that he just uses his Irish passport.

          I didn’t make anything much of it… I just said that he was lucky to have that option, but I didn’t.


  5. It must be a comfort to Great Briton Daniel Kawczynski to know that his Great British passport was printed in Poland for a French company. The EU doesn’t need a “superfluous” couple of words on a Great British passport. They’re not that needy.

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    1. There are a few superfluous words on the GREAT British Passport…

      No one else, surely, has…. ‘Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.’

      Now superfluous or what?


    1. Very true, Marcia… Not much worry in Munguin Towers however.

      He’s doing a grand job of reducing Britain from a junior world power and personal assistant to the USA, to a third world laughing stock.


  6. It’s good that Johnson has woken up to the commercial value of electric and autonomous vehicles. It’s just a pity that the UK will have zero say on regulations governing their manufacture and sale, so will always be one step behind its competitors in the EU and the US.

    Also, this.


    Painful to watch at times.


    1. They were warned about this over and over. Dr Mike Galsworthy (Scientists for EU), among others warned about exclusion and withdrawal of funding so often, you’d have hoped that it might have got back to those in the negotiators’ chairs. And obviously he wasn’t the only one. Surely Universities must have warned the government.

      But no. They went on believing that it was an honour above anything to be allowed to work in the UK and that funds would somehow become available from god knows where.

      Delusional, as they were from minute one, they continue to believe in this Empire Two sh*t.

      I wonder when it will percolate through that they have left themselves as ridiculous offshore island detached form Europe, detached from the USA and…well, semi detached from themselves, yet still pretending to be a world power.


        1. Maybe it is the world in which THEY live, where very little has changed.

          Their gentlemen’s clubs still provide quiet rooms to meet up and dine with like minded; they still go to Glyndebourne, Henley, Ascot, Lords, Twickers, Wimbledon.
          Spinsters still cycle to church on Sunday mornings, and in the afternoon there is the thwack of cork on willow and pink gins are served before they are off riding to hounds…and everyone calls each other honourable, right honourable, gallant, learned. A chap sticks with a chap through thick and thin.

          The chauffeured car still picks them up and drops them orf, and their children still go to Westminster, Winchester, Rugby, Harrow or Eton as they always did

          They only went to university for fun, and because daddy could afford for them to do so… and their kids will do the same thing. They don’t actually NEED degrees. They have jobs sorted.

          They still believe that somehow, for no explicable reason, Britain is the best country in the world… and as Mr Cameron told us… respected and feared the world over.

          It’s a rather different from the actual world that we live in.

          Unfortunately this rather narrow view of the world is prevalent in the ruling classes.

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