Rescued Orangutans Returned to Indonesia Amid COVID-19 Risk - EcoWatch
1. Morning. It’s going to be a lazy day today. Munguin has some Sloths visiting.
2. Hello. Were you looking for me? I was just doing a spot of fishing, then I’m off to build a dam so not in the least slothful!
3. I think I’ll just have a little snooze…
5. This is fun…
6. Who’s a beautiful birdie? Why ME, of course!
7. Oi you, I’m beautiful too… AND I’m Scottish. A Clyde Birdie! And that fish I just caught, Andi… That big, no honest!
8. I love you, mummy!
9.Whatcha think of them horns??? EH?
What Is The Capital Of Sudan? - WorldAtlas
10. Khartoum.
11. The nosh chez Munguin isn’t at all bad, and he’s cool if you don’t want to get up and go to the table.
12. My name is Wol and I’ve got my eyes on you.
13. Well, you can get your eye right off me for a start. I’m a wild cat and, although I look VERY cute, I have VERY sharp claws and teeth.
14. Anyone for a trip on a wee boat on a Scottish loch?
15. Nor should it.
16. A nicer animal than Munguin is. If someone gave him chocolate and biscuits, he’d come back again, sure… but family, (ie, me) pfff… no chance! “I’m just popping out in the helicopter, Tris. Don’t wait up.”
17. Always re-energised after a plate of Munguin’s excellent high class posh nosh.
Angela Merkel & Birds Now A Funny Meme
18. Munguin found Dr Merkel a suitable job as servant to some of his birdie friends.
19. A little snooze before I go to bed…
ZooTampa da la bienvenida a un bebé orangután | WFLA
20. Had to have a wee snooze here too. It’s not an easy job working for Munguin when you’re little. It’s just as well he doesn’t have chimneys in the Towers. Still I have my mummy to give me a cuddle and that is what matters.

Thanks to Andimac and Dave

40 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. Derek, is that how you tell the difference between an cormorant and a shag?

      I was alway confused on that point . . .

      tris, no spiders this week? I’m disappointed in you.

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    1. Apropos Autriche: “. . . our PM got caught in a corruption scandal . . .”

      Yep, that’s the Austria we know and love. Keeping up the old traditions.

      Wien bleibt Wien (cue for music, tris).

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      that particular website has lots of interesting articles of various countries experiences with corona, including Scotland – fairly bad due to the mismanagement of the WEF proxy called the SNP.

      An article on Australia

      I have checked the Australian Bureau of Statistics website where the data is correctly extracted.
      So for me there is No Pandemic it is fake and I have been calling it out since Dec 19.


        1. I have lost 2 dear friends to COVID and a couple have this long COVID. It is no joke. The internet is a good thing for somethings but had its downside due to nutters believing everything they read without critical thinking.

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          1. Indeed, Marcia.

            Many of us know the devastation of losing people, or watching them suffer dreadfully for week and then not quite return to their previous selves.

            Munguin would never want to stifle free speech, but we do expect people to be mindful of how devastating this illness has been, and how much worse it has been in places where people decided that it didn’t exist or that wearing masks was a form of state control. It’s so insulting to be told this is just a bit of flu.

            People refusing to take vaccine because they think that Nicola Sturgeon has persuaded the big vaccine companies to put some sort of tracer into every dose, carefully recorded by the medics who administer them… clearly aren’t aware that every time you use your credit card, or walk outside with your smart phone on, you are telling the authorities where you are, not just in Scotland, or the Uk, but anywhere in the world.

            The police will be aware , if ever they are interested, in the fact that your phone pinged in Luxembourg City and that you went on to buy a couple of sandwiches and a coffee on your credit card, before buying a train ticket for Berlin!

            People who run down mask wearing… and at the same time tell us that we should adopt the Blitz spirit, drive me mad.

            Ever seen the masks you had to wear in the 40s?

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  1. Well those were very cheering. And no , you don’t pet a wildcat, they aren’t called the Highland Tiger for nothing. Loved the elys and the beaver (though it looked quite otterish).

    Very much a balm for the soul…

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  2. Was just reading the Defendants list in the upcoming Ghislane Maxwell human trafficking case. Oh, did I mention the Pied Piper!

    As suspected it reads like a Whos Who. Some of the names
    Harvey Weinstein and his Corporation
    Miramax Films
    Walt Disney Company
    Universal Music
    Kanye O West
    City of NY and their Police Dept
    Sir Philip Green
    Sony Entertainment

    There are lots, these are some of the names I recognise – but I’m not into the world of celebrities.

    I hear the Pope is not going to Canada as he will get arrested for much the same reason as above.

    As far as the one that lives in Windsor Castle……well nuff said, that Liz ard one is going down too. You will find her name listed on that website if you care to search.


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