Goodness. What’s he on today?
Not entirely sure that British business sees it like that! As Michael Russell says: Misleading is a generous interpretation . The whole thing is a string of half truths and actual lies, strung together to deliberately and intentionally deceive about a project which has been & will continue to be an isolationist, impoverishing.

65 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. It’s dire isn’t it. We share an island with charlatans and conman. Hoyle wasn’t pleased at HIS role being dissed but perfectly happy to be as useless as a chocolate teapot for any other matter.

    I’m a Scot get me out of here.

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      1. Can we revoke our British citizenship individually? I don’t want to be seen as having anything to do with part of this failed state.
        I just wish our current government would get on with revoing the Treaty of Union and declaring that Scotland is an independent country.

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        1. That’s quite an article. “A Home Office spokesman said, “British citizenship is a privilige, not a right.” ”

          They can revoke it when you’re not here without telling you because you’re “hard to find” by being abroad.

          Also, we’re not citizens but subjects (if you read the small print). People’s Republic Of Scotland, anyone?

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          1. The citizens vs subjects thing isn’t quite true. There was a special class of British nationality called British Subject but it is really just a quirk of colonial history now. There are special categories today for people who lived in India before independence and people from colonial hangovers like the Falkland Islands but none has anything like the status of British Subject.

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            1. Oh dear… does that mean I’m not a subject of her majesty the queen?

              If not, could I be an “object” of her majesty the queen?

              I am sure her objects get much better treatment that us.

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              1. Is it not the case that the people of Scotland are in fact not her ‘subjects’ as they are in England, re; the declaration of Arbroath? Not subjects of anyone, but citizens of the country of Scotland. The queen, Mrs.purr, is not the queen of Scotland, she is the queen of England.

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                1. There was a fascinating case back in the 50s regarding the naming of the current Queen. Her formal title is QE2 but if you’re a big fan of heraldic correctness then in Scotland she ought to be QE1. A group of Scots Nats took it to court. An argument developed that this is something for parliament to consider and outwith the court’s authority. This led to a brief rumination by one of the judges on the supremacy of parliament because that is an English convention rather than a pre-Union Scottish one. How did the UK parliament end up adopting an English convention, asked the judge. Well, that is a matter for parliament, answered the same judge.

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                  1. LOL. I heard something about that, although I didn’t know the details.

                    Winston Churchill was involved in the version I heard.

                    To be fair she is also Elizabeth the Second in other countries of the Commonwealth, where there was equally no Elizabeth the First, so it’s not only Scotland that was treated as if it didn’t count.

                    I just hope she’ll be Elizabeth the last.

                    I’m still reading that book by ex-minister, Norman Lamb, about the family and what they don’t want you to know.

                    I’ve reached the queen mother, who was pretty much a Nazi and who treated members of her aristocratic family disgustingly.

                    And then on to the utterly ghastly Margaret, who said of someone she had met in America, that they were the three things she hated most in life… Black, Jewish and American. So, in normal events there wouldn’t have been much of a career for her in international diplomacy, if only she hadn’t been born to the right parent.

                    Last night’s read also went into details of how many animals they have killed for the joy of killing. I had to stop reading. They actually enjoy killing elephants and tigers… and hundreds of thousands of birds of all sorts.

                    My natural dislike for people who think themselves better than others has, over the last few days of this book, been replaced by a deep and seething loathing of the whole family.

                    The sooner the ghastly lot is gone, the better.

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                2. Queen of Scots, I believe which is different. But usually referred to as the queen of England.

                  Terry has highlighted the “subjects” thing above. I didn’t know that, although I had read somewhere that we were no longer subjects.


              2. I would guess that kicking out James VII had quite an impact on the status of citizens of the UK. What followed was a restricted monarchy with powers guaranteed to parliament. If anything, we are really subjects of Boris Johnson ๐Ÿ™‚

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            2. The UK has obscured the matter by introducing this legal definition of ‘British Subject’. But the wider definition is that people ruled by a monarch are subjects.

              Of course, in Scotland the monarch is subject to the will of the people (if I understand the Declaration of Arbroath correctly).

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              1. Yes, Dave, I think so. There by the will of the people, whereas the English seem to think that their god has chosen these horrors to be sovereign.

                He or she is a god with very little taste, if you ask me, to pick such a bunch of money-grubbing low life unchristian reprobates.


              2. The Declaration of Arbroath idoesn’t have legal force and never had any. It’s historically fascinating and some argue it has an enduring political resonance but it isn’t any kind of law. Besides, it’s hard to extrapolate from a bunch of 14th century earls and barons hinting to the Pope that they can appoint a new king to modern concepts of statehood and universal suffrage. We can never know what was in the minds of the nobleman 700 years ago but we can be fairly certain they did not count manure shovellers as potential members of the royal appointment committe ๐Ÿ™‚

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                1. Damn… and there was Munguin thinking that his chance for super greatness might come… not of course that he has ever seen, much less shovelled manure.

                  So alack and alas, he will have to content himself with mere greatness.


        2. I just saw that the Patel woman is putting through a bill giving her the power to revoke British citizenship.

          I vote we ask her en masse to revoke the citizenship of us people north of the border.

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  2. Just had a look at rosidell’s Wikapaedia page.
    Got ยฃ125,000 in expenses for a flat in London whilst living at his mother’s house fairly close.
    A friend of patterson.
    Agree, time to get out of this mess.
    The waste of space speaker was happy to ignore doris calling Ian Blackford an insulting name, poor crofter or similar.

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  3. He claimed ยฃ400 a month for FOOD. That’s more than someone on benefits gets for everything.
    Been an mp for 20 years and worth around ยฃ5 million according to wiki.
    He thinks all of the protectorates should be taken back under the control of westmonster. He’s an english nationalist and dark blue passport advocate.

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      1. Mogg is a thoroughly 21st century money merchant. The aristocrat from a distant era act is just that. An act. Mogg is as aristocratic as James Hewitt’s son. The London government seems to be composed of misfits acting out roles.
        It’s long past time to leave.

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        1. Yes. His dad was the editor of the Times or something. He went to Eton and had a Nanny and married money.

          He’s been a figure of fun and an utter misfit up to Johnson, when of course, he became relatively normal.

          What a catch!


      1. What a lulu of a bloke. Maybe he thinks we should have Jerusalem and Rule Britannia too…

        Um… Is there an end to programmes on the BBC? I thought they went on all night.

        I read somewhere that they stopped playing that dirge in cinemas when people, embarrassingly, walked out while it was on, showing disrespect for the monarch… or possibly because they wanted to catch the last bus!!!

        Oh, and what is he doing with that dog? Is that quite normal?


        1. My Dad is old enough to remember the anthem being played at the end of the last film of the evening. He says that nobody paid any attention to it. The cinemas just want you gone so there’s nothing in it for them.

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          1. Did you ever see the Dad’s Army, when the platoon goes to the cinema? At the end, they play the national anthem and Captain Mainwaring is the only one who stands… everyone else is gagging to get out for last orders.. and they push him and trample on him. Sadly I can’t find the video on Youtube..


  4. OT
    Seems the aircraft carrier is on it’s way back from threatening the Chinese.
    Unfortunately they’ve lost a ยฃ100million aircraft, a F35B. Crashed into the Med, pilot ejected.

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    1. I saw the pilot was safe, which is all that matters.

      I’m sure that they can cut something else to a new ยฃ100,000,000 aircraft.

      I’m told some pensioners can afford holidays. That’ll have to go!


  5. Fecking cheek!!!!

    They only told me at work that I had to do the forty hours I am paid for.

    Doing thirty hours for forty hours pay
    And then doing ten hours on my private workโ€ฆhas got to stop โœ‹

    Donโ€™t they understand I am a human being with a family ๐Ÿ˜ญโ€ฆ.

    This so unfair ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

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  6. The great con was telling world that Scotland entered a union of equals because they were bankrupt and throwing English history down our throats and making out we all British when there is no such thing its English nationalism.

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    1. They bribed the aristocrats with money and titles (so what’s new?); they said that the upper middle classes could have a status quo, which is why we have out own law, our own education system (associated, as it was back then) with the church. That way the lawyers and judges didn’t have to study English law, and churchmen weren’t forced to change their religion. (Much more important then.)

      The rest of us could go fiddle!

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  7. The PM’s foreword avoided using, what seems to be the forbidden word. Brexit, there I’ve said it.

    We were, apparently, hibernating until two years ago. There was no brexit, we just woke up, which might exlain our feet not touching the floor that he mentions, we were descending the stairs of consciousness to ready ourselves to be this global striding, buccaneering, newly awoke colossus.
    Meanwhile Visa, because of (word that should not be uttered) is no longer controlled/threatened by the EU, has been increasing charges but only for buccaneers. Amazon doesn’t like the charges and will not accept Visa payments.
    A warm glow of specialness pervades, and blue passports. Brexit just keeps giving.

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    1. I’ve never bought anything through Amazon. Bastards squared, in my opinion; they’re pressuring the supermarkets, who – by way of their small shops – have brought about the demise of independent small shops.

      Also, they don’t pay the tax that they’re due because they’re allowed not to. Fuckin’ tories, eh?

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      1. Amazon and bastards squared, I cannot disagree. They saw the opportunity to promote their own Amazon credit card system, on the back of Visa’s opportunistic maneuvre. Wouldn’t be surprised if Visa are behind the setting up of the Amazon card. Bastards cubed.

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    2. Indeed. Global Britain is a very special place to be.

      Empire II is working out, ummmm just fine. That’s what happens when you hold all the cards and can have you cake and eat it with a cup of tea one afternoon while you sort the trade deals!

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  8. O/T but might bring some amusement…
    I just saw a thing on YouTube news saying England beat San Marino at the football 10-0! They seem delighted aww.
    This might put things into perspective somewhat! We first watched Tim traveller do a video about the team back in 2019, it’s very entertaining. This is the latest video. ๐Ÿ˜

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  9. So, there is a link between party political donations and peerages. Well, that’s how I interpret what the PM said yesterday.
    I wonder if that provides the Metropolitan Police with the necessary evidence to investigate further with a view to prosecution?


    1. Yep.

      And, you’d have thought that after an education at England’s top school and arguably its top university, followed by a career in journalist, he might be just a little more articulate.


      1. I’ve mentioned the marvellous ‘Our Noble Families’ before (there is an equivalent written from an English point of view), but in the foreword by J. Ramsay Macdonald, he quotes Wilde from ‘The Soul of Man’-

        ‘Declared that the, to him, sad thing about the French Revolution was not that Marie Antoinette went to the scaffold, but there could be found peasants in La Vendee willing to go to death for the hideous cause of Feudalism, And, today, in Scotland, our artisans and peasants appear to believe that these ancient and noble families hold their privileges, and lands at the earnest behest of Divine Providence; that their wealth has been justly earned; and that their titles are but rewards for honest service to the State.
        The first step in Reform, either of the Land Laws or of the House of Lords, is to destroy these superstitions. Show the people that our Old Nobility is not noble, that it’s lands are stolen lands – stolen either by force or fraud; show people that it’s title-deeds are rapine, murder, massacre, cheating, or Court harlotry; dissolve the halo of divinity, that surrounds the hereditary title; let the people clearly understand that our present House of Lords is composed largely by descendants of successful pirates and rogues; do these things and you will shatter the Romance that keeps the nation numb and spellbound while privilege picks it’s pockets.’

        I wish I had written that.

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        1. Indeed.

          So right too.

          Someone (probably Walter Bagehot) once said that we shouldn’t let daylight into the magic of monarchy.

          I guess he meant not to let people know that in fact they were just people like anyone else… they do all the things that we do… and are in no ways different from us.

          It makes sense.

          I always thought that in Scotland we were considerable more aware of that than they are in England.

          I doubt the monarchy will survive long in independent Scotland.


  10. tris, quoting . . . Margaret: “. . . the three things she hated most in lifeโ€ฆ Black, Jewish and American”

    Reminds me of something Sammy Davis Junior supposedly said (I paraphrase):

    “Disadvantaged? Me? I’m Black, Jewish, and only have one eye!”

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