2. In fairness, all governments do this, but you’d think that on tv, he might remember which town he was in, particularly if he’s going to talk about people having “pride” in where they live.
3. Go get ’em.
4. 104 days after been fined £90m for dumping sewage into the environment and less than 12 hours after Gov voted to protect water companies and not our rivers, @SouthernWater were dumping sewage at 60, yes 60, different locations along the south coast of England: Fergal Sharkey.
5. Dunno that I want to eat British Seafood now. Vive la France!
6. Why didn’t Johnson and Gove put that on the side of a bus?


      1. Yeah, there’s also the problem of there being no bloody republic…

        So what we need is some bananas and a president.

        Munguin volunteers… for the latter post obviously. He has no notion to be a banana.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice one, tris. Twelve legs, if I counted correctly.

      Apropos bananas, here is one I wrote earlier:


      Dae ye mynd the furst time ye aipent a banana? Ah dae. It was on a schuil-trip til Embro zoo, an Ah maun hae been sax- or seiven-year auld.
      Ma mither had gien me a banana wi ma lunch-pack. Ah mynd speirin at her, ‘Maw, whit am Ah ti dae wi this?’ An she telt me, if Ah was hungert eneuch, Ah wud find a wey intil it.
      Come lunch time, we were aa sittin in the bus, the windaes aa steamed up, rain dreippin aff oor coats. ‘Dammit til hell,’ says I, for Ah was a great profaner even in thae days. ‘Damn it, gin the bluidy puggies can dae it, so can I!’

      Gordon Donaldson

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL… that paints a real picture of a wee DonDon staring at a banana with determination and grit!!!

        Ha ha… 8 legs or 12, it’s a scary big thing to find in yer bath


    1. Yes, that asparagus looks most erm, appetizing!

      That was their problem. They wanted a cup of tea and the foreigners said… “tea?
      Yeauch. Wir trinken nur Kaffee/Nous ne bouvons que du café ”

      Fatal mistake to think English tea would appeal to non-English.

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  1. Wot I like is the Brexiteers bigots breaking international law .
    Then whinging about the French who may break International law…

    Bloody french doing to the Brexiteer bigots wot the the Brexiteer to to others … unfair 🤩🤩🤩

    Anytime the French 🇫🇷 stuff the Tory Brexiteers they got my full support.
    And it’s no point the Torys going on abaht Agincourt ….etc
    A battle I may add which was won by Celtic bowman

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    1. I respect Macron a lot more than I respect Johnson, which, of course, wouldn’t be that hard.

      One of the troubles with the Brexity Brits is that they have built their whole argument on how horrible foreigners are.

      And because most of them can’t speak any foreign language, they have the impression that these foreign johnnies don’t know that they have been being insulted for years and years… but they do know.

      Because amazingly, they have the internet over their in Foreign Johnny land and they can read English.

      “We’ll sort them out” sort of stuff spouted by the Daily Express may cheer their hard of thinking readership, but sadly it hardens hearts against the UK.

      The daftest one yet was that stupid woman Truss… the UK’s senior diplomat, who said in Twitter that she was going to sit the Australian Trade Minister on a hard chair and not let him up till he signed the deal she wanted.

      You’d have thought that even Truss might have known that Australians can read English.

      Clearly he could … and did … and if THAT was the deal that she wanted, really, it’s as well she’s moved on… because it gave Australia everything and Britain nothing.

      And worse still, hideously embarrassingly for the hosts of the COP conference, the deal tore up parts of the Paris agreement.


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  2. Battle of La Manche starts over some scallops.
    Banks up the mortgage rates, they’re not happy with billions of profit and a tax cut.
    The chancer uses OBR forecasts to make his budget and now says they’re not very good at forecasts. They say that brexit is going to have twice the negative effect on the economy.
    In a normal country he would be checked over by the medics but we are short of them so he’s allowed to work in the community.
    I still can’t find any banana plants to take leaves to the supermarket.

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    1. The OBR was a Tory thing, wasn’t it, set up by Mr Osborne?

      The treasury uses its forecasts to draw up the budget.

      The chancellor thinks they are bad forecasts and yet he did his budget based on them?

      As it is a Treasury department, working for him, and presumably involving some high salaries, why are any of them now in a job?

      Talking about bananas… there’s always the government.


    1. I’ve met her on her book tour. She is a powerful speaker and argues strongly and her series (and the book) on our neighbours in Iceland, Norway and Faroes was fascinating. Brilliant read.

      She totally lacks tact though. She was pretty rude to some people in the audience who put forward points.

      I was a bit disappointed in her ability to be personable.

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  3. Boris has lit up Downing Street to celebrate his COP. …seriously, this has come from a tweet by him.

    It’s a shame that it looks more like it’s the entrance to a rather seedy nightclub in Soho.

    With Munguin’s apologies to all the seedy nightclubs in Soho.

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    1. With his hair all lit up and that green surrounding him it reminds me of the ready brek advert, when the kids eating it glowed that green colour, lol!
      Maybe it does double up as a seedy nightclub, wouldn’t be surprised.

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  4. Was reading that sunak has granted Scotland a Block Grant of £41 billion, compare to test and trace of £37bilion.
    Suppose they just think it is in the same bin.
    They collect over £100billion in taxes and give us less than a half back.
    How much did they charge us for the dino test and trace?
    The airy farmers of englandland are dumping huge quantities of milk down the drains, suppose in an attempt to turn the drain water from brown to slightly less brown, the smell will be wonderful.

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  5. If Brexit was happening in say France, Frexit, with all the sh*t to add to the catastrophe, there would be rioting in the streets, people in UK take it lying down. Only hope for Scotland is independence, or be totally subsumed into great England. Terrifying thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, probably there would be.

      The French don’t take kindly to being messed with… and imagine not being able to get the right cheese to go with the right wine… because of empty shelves.

      But Brits aren’t like that. That’s why we still have a family of spongers at the top that we can’t get rid of.

      At least the French can get rid of their every 5 years.


  6. Those of you worrying about war with the French and the Irish can rest assured that England our England is safe in the hands of the Foreign Secretary who has announced that she is summoning the French Ambassador. Presumably she’s going to sit him on a hard chair in her office till he walks out with the deal he wanted, and she’s left to clean up the coffee cups… Still, maybe he’ll bring her a gift of some nice French cheese.


  7. Seems that the trawler that was detained didn’t have a licence to fish.
    It was on the list but was taken off the list and replaced by another boat, so Illegal fishing.
    Source, george useless, telling the French that two can play the same game.
    Great idea george, threaten the source of electrical power and the port of Calais, ask rabb he seems to know the importance of that port.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They seem to be unaware just how much of Britain is run from abroad thanks to policies or Thatcher, Major and Blair selling off the family silver.

      The irony is that often the companies are own by partly nationalised foreign countries… ie, run by the governments of other countries.

      And the eejits talk about taking back control.


  8. OUCH…
    President Biden

    United States government official
    I had a great meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron this afternoon. The United States has no older, no more loyal, no more decent ally than France. They’ve been with us from the beginning — and we will always be there for them.


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