Experts, huh?

Michael Gove quote: I think that the people of Great Britain have had...
Just a thought: Have the people of Northern Ireland NOT had enough of experts, or are you just too stupid to know that Great Britain is only England, Wales and Scotland? Asking for a mate.

Who needs them?


    1. Peter Stefanovic Retweeted
      Rishi Sunak said only the Conservatives can be trusted with taxpayers’ money, ignoring today’s report that says the £37 billion Test and Trace system was an ‘eye-watering’ waste of money.

      They could have built another half mile of their daft railway for that and pleased the red wall “oup” north!

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    1. Because they’re our Great British superiors and are following Great British traditions that stretch back thousands of Great British years. That’s why.

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  1. Well, looks like Dr David Nabarro won’t be on Question Time, Call Kaye or anything else much Beeb might need an informed expert opinion on anytime soon. He’s clearly wise to the dark arts of journalists with an agenda.

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        1. Dross: I’m not happy, Gary. You’ve let us down badly.
          Dreary: Sorry, boss. It won;t happen again.
          Dross: Apology accepted. Now go and wash Krystal’s car.

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          1. 🙂

            I see the pathetic little twerp pulled the FM up today for saying something was virtually identical and explaining that you couldn’t say virtually identical because identical meant the same… um.

            I’ve warned him that in future he, and indeed his dimmer than dim team, had better watch out, because it’s incredibly easy to make tiny errors like that, [particularly in expressions that are used every day…

            Even Tories make mistakes sometimes.


            And maybe if we could decipher what his idiot boss was saying, we could pick up mistakes among the stuttering, stammering, ancient Greek… and out and out lies.


    1. Just had mine today in Montrose. They were doing a roaring trade. My mates in Aberdeen are getting their’s next week.

      No military personnel in sight.

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    2. Got mine today after waiting the Recomended Six Months between the second jag and the booster.
      Very busy but the staff had time to explain what my options were and pleasant with it with a bit of banter over a party leader testing positive Again in a workplace where more than 50 % of the occupants don’t wear masks.

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        1. The leader of the red tories in westmonster.
          Was listening to LBC radio, I heard sunak, followed by Reeves then they had a round table in the studio, followed by the libdem leader.
          Have you noticed who was missed out? bet you can’t think who might be the third largest party.Ian Blackford gave a very god appraisal of the curent situation but did mention in passing that there seems to have been an increase in positives in westmonster.
          He gave mr heehaw instruction for the position of representing the people of Scotland and it is not doing Hee-Haw.
          Hard to tell but the tory benches seemed to have more masks in view on a very small turn out but then it was only Ian Blackford that was talking.

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      1. I called up the surgery to check on my situation with flu jags and COVID booster shots, and it’s all in hand… someone will be coming out and sticking needles in me in a couple of months’ time.

        It all seemed very efficient and organized. I got a definite feeling that the act has been got together.

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    3. the first covid jag was given in Dec last year, with the 2nd jag 4 to 12 weeks later, the booster is then due 6 months minimum after the 2nd jag, so the the the total amount of folks having to wait 6 months for a booster in Scotland, is in fact zero.

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        1. with respect, Craigallochty said he got his booster 7 months after the 2nd covid vaccine, seems fine to me.


          1. Yes, it is quite OK, but he seems to have had to wait longer than others and given that he has pointed out that he’s nearly 80, it seems odd.

            But it’s OK. As I understand it, the only proviso is that it not be given before the 6 months is up.


  2. Is Dr David Nabarro (car reg NAB2) related to /a descendant of Sir Gerald (car reg NAB1),a flamboyant Tory MP well known in the 1960’s ?
    I have been impressed by what I have read from and about Dr David.
    I have had a long wait for my booster and only managed to get my appointment yesterday,after two days of trying to make contact, seven months after my 2nd jag and a month after my wife had her booster. (We had our 2nd jags on same day.) And I still have to wait till mid November despite being nearly 80, with major ailments myself and a 78 year old wife with cancer.
    Suspect I may have peddled this joke before – but if John Prescott has had both his Covid jags, does that make him Four Jags Prescott ?

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    1. I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble getting your booster, Cairnallochy.

      Reading the situation there, I can’t hep but think that your name has fallen through a crack somewhere.

      Clearly they are doing them in your area and your younger wife has had hers, so I am really surprised you have had to wait.

      I hope you are not poking fun at the Noble Lord who as we all know, only accepted the elevation to aristocracy because his wife wanted it.


    1. Hm. A touch soft on the Westminster regime, IMHO, but of course it is from the EBC. I would have mentioned that (to the best of my knowledge) the vaunted visas for EU lorry drivers scheme had 27 applications, of which 20 were granted — in other words, effectively zero response.

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      1. Yes, I suspect that if that number had increased it would have been all over the Express and the Mail. The Telegraph would have been singing the praises of Boris, the hero who saved us from the horrors of shortages.


    1. It’s safe to say that although other countries are suffering from supply chain and other problems as a consequence of COVID, the Westminster regime is the only government to have deliberately set out to compound them by refusing the EU’s offer to put the post-Brexit transition on hold for the duration…

      …which might well be construed as the egregious Westminster regime using COVID as a useful scapegoat (in addition to Johnny Foreigner) for all the problems caused by Their ridiculous Brexit, Their frankly ridiculous insistence on making it as hard, doctrinaire and painful as possible, and Their systemic corruption and incompetence.

      I don’t generally approve of Us-and-Them as an interpretation of reality as it is so often exploited as a political and propaganda gambit by nefarious people who are themselves deplorable. Bawris and his nasty little pals are about as deplorable as you get, though, short of committing blatant crimes against humanity, so we have to admit that they fit the bill as an inimical Them.

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      1. Very much ‘them’ in every way.

        If they had held back on the rhetoric… the hate of foreigners, the claim that Britain could do everything for itself… and better; if they hadn’t been at the beck and call of people like the ERG members; if the press had behaved slightly more responsibly; if the government hadn’t been populist… there there is no reason why Brexit, which was, after all, albeit narrowly, the will of the British peoples, could not have been managed responsibly.

        A series of incompetent and childish people towards the top have left the place in the mess it is in today.

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  3. I just got a letter in post for mine. Just made a cup of tea for my wife who is suffering after getting both jags yesterday. It’s the ‘flu one giving her gyp.

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    1. I’ve always got a flu jag since they came out… It’s only £15 from the chemist… with no side effects. But this year my arm hurts like hell.

      Tell Mrs Conan I sympathise.

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