To mask or not to mask: that is the question.



Did this bloke appear on TV to show that:

a/ the Scottish Tories and the British Tories are “different”?

b/ the Scottish Tories didn’t get the memo from Bossland, because they slept in this morning?

c/ the Scottish Tories are really stupid?

d/ the Scottish Tories have a cunning plan to get children infected, bring their infection home to their double-jagged parents (as happened in my family) who will then get properly ill, causing the already overworked and strained beyond capacity SNHS to even further strained in order that Dr Oss has something to whine about at FMQs?

And they are…

Rachel Clarke@doctor_oxford·

Today’s Covid data are grim: – Over 52k new cases – Nearly 1000 new patients admitted – Another 115 deaths. Every trend is going the wrong way. Why – WHY – is the government not acting?


What is it about Blitz Spirit Brits that they find it so hard to wear a mask and other countries don’t?

Bloody hell, and I used to thinking that Fluffy was a stuttering idiot that said nothing in a lot of words.

You may find this thread interesting.

29 thoughts on “To mask or not to mask: that is the question.”

    1. Yes, it would, but it’s not hard to work out.

      England’s population is 56 million. Scotland’s 5.5 million (so about 10%) and Wales is 3.1 million.


      1. I think that it’s nearer 60/6 million (still around 10%) these days. Using the percentage-of-population numbers, the difference would be much less; England would show 7 per 60 and Scotland maybe 5.5 per 60. Makes for a less dramatic graph, I’ll concede, but is more comparative of like with like.

        I have a couple of really good books on how to manipulate statistics. When I was at university (reasonably recently), I had to use a set of data to prove a certain result. Just for a laugh, I manipulated the statistics to prove the opposite, references and all. Handed it in informally, but got brownie points for doing so; my course tutor hoped that I’d never be in a position of power because I’d be “a dangerous bastard to have presenting data”.

        I’m happy with that.

        Of course, there’s the H2G2 ending of, “…he went on to prove that black was white, and was killed on a zebra crossing…”

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        1. Ha ha… good one.

          According to population UK:

          England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom with population close to 54 million, which accounts for 84% of the UK population. Not only England is the biggest country by population in UK, it is 25th largest country in the world by population if it is independent from UK and the fifth largest in Europe.

          Based on our research, Scotland population will reach 5.517 million by 1st July of 2021. We use first day of July each year due to Office for National Statistics (ONS) normally publishes the estimated population data for the same period. The calculation is based on the average growth rate of 0.422% over last 10 years since 2011. We believe using the recent years’ figures (see the table in next section) will make the estimation more accurate.

          Of course, the virus spreads more in places where there is a larger population. And there surely has to be a greater chance of catching it on a London Underground train packed full of people than on a rual bus service with 4 people on it.

          Also tower blocks and shared lifts must be a nightmare.


  1. Tris

    I know the recent figures have made me refocus on what I need to do as they are frightening to be honest. I also don’t think Scotland has done much better but certainly the public deserve some credit but I don’t say the same for the Government while I sympathise we just don’t have the powers we need but again, the government have not highlighted this enough either.


    1. The problem with the UK was that, at the beginning the four countries worked together by agreement.

      I think Mark Drakeford and Nicola Sturgeon are responsible first ministers, completely disregarding their political affiliations. I’ve no real idea about Arlene Forster (like most people in GB).

      The four worked together because the UK/English government controls finance/borrowing and clearly extra money was going to be necessary to cope with the pandemic. It made sense to do that.

      It also controls immigration policies and border controls so we had no say who arrived here and what kind of security there was on airports.

      It made sense to operate four separate health services under largely the same rules.

      But I don’t think any of the lesser countries quite understood just what a complete mess the UK government was.

      Firstly they insisted that NOTHING stop Brexit.

      In my opinion that was madness.

      Brexit could have been put on hold. The EU offered to do that, but Johnson was determined that no matter what Brexit came first. Sod how many people died. Get Brexit Done, or UKIP might may a reappearance and upset the Tory gravy train.

      When Johnson started making decisions without consulting the First Ministers, the lesser countries broke away, but there was nothing they could do about control of immigration or finance for lockdowns.

      There was a terrible failure of the Home Office… Patel. People walked in to the country with no tests at all.

      It wasn’t happening elsewhere.

      The UK didn’t want to cause offense to countries it was hoping to sign trade deals with and despite the terrible figures for infection in India, refused to put the country on a red list lest it upset Modi, at the same time as restricting flights from Pakistan and Bangladesh with far smaller incidences.

      Billions of pounds was wasted lining the pockets of friends of Tories as has been shown on various videos made by Led By Donkeys.

      Johnson was more interested in getting his divorce sorted, his latest marriage settled and his book on Winston Churchill finished so he could get his greedy mitts on the money and his attitude does seem to have been the ultra British “take it on the chin”… and “let the bodies pile high”.

      In fairness, we need to remember that this is a man who believes that the population is too high and that the deaths of older people didn’t much matter.

      More mature multi country states closed internal borders, while idiots like Rees Mogg insisted that there WERE no borders in the UK, so we had people come here from other parts of the UK on occasions either ignorant of our laws or wilfully disregarding them (as one English woman pointed out to me when she refused to wear a mask in a shop): “The Prime Minister says I don’t have to wear a mask”.

      I don’t think that Scotland handled it well. By comparison with France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Iceland and many other countries we have done atrociously and many people have died probably unnecessarily.



      1. We might not live long enough for the report on the government performance to be released.
        There will be papers that will be buried for 30 years to stop any embarrassment to currently living individuals in positions of trust.
        How much ‘Arm’ twisting has been going on behind the scenes?
        I’m pretty sure that the westmonster treasury has been at the bullying over funds, maybe only little delays.
        Much like the new green bond and the HGV driver visas, designed to fail.
        Why is the SNP not calling for the equality of deal, I think we would like the NI version, freedom of movement, no shortages of fuel or necessities, a connection to a grid that is half the cost.
        Much easier to police the Scotland englander border.
        The incidence of covid on the island of Ireland seems to be better than englandland but who knows, the englander figures were ‘Flat Lined’ for weeks suggesting manipulation of data.
        As for the mogg, suggesting the virus won’t infect tory mps because they know each other, we had an outbreak in the family now confirmed as being transmitted from a school incident.
        We’re still getting the ‘get a jag’, it’s too late for that, looking at the numbers from englandland, over 50,000 new cases and 1000 deaths a week.

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        1. I wonder if anyone has asked the UK why Scotland couldn’t have the same deal as NI.

          5 countries voted:

          England and Wales voted to leave. They are leaving.

          NI and Gibraltar voted to say. They are sort of staying.

          Scotland voted to leave, but who the hell cares what Jocks think?

          Get it sorted, please, Nicola.

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    Recent figures

    Interestingly Keir Starmer was full of criticism for Nicola Sturgeon. It is a pity he wasn’t a bit more active in England where he has a platform in parliament.

    Of course, I guess it’s easy to be critical when you aren’t actually in charge of anything.

    I wonder how he feels about Wales.

    Poll closes 28-Oct-2021
    Sturgeon or Johnson, who has handled the Covid pandemic better?
    Nicola Sturgeon 80%
    Boris Johnson 11%
    Neither 9%
    Don’t know 0%


      1. I googled it and came up with this:

        It’s not current.

        Starmer criticised the Scottish government for their approach to the pandemic.

        Easy for him of course… opposition gives you the opportunity to criticise but as he has agreed with most of what Johnson has done I’m not sure what he was getting at.

        Given that the current situation in Wales is worse than that in Scotland, it might have been better if he’s said very little.

        Maybe your friend read something about Starmer’s comments.

        The situation is very fluid.

        After this COP conference, it is likely that Scottish figure will rise.

        And I hear there is yet another new variant making its way around the UK…


  3. 50,000 new cases, 180 deaths, yes they’re doing well, each and every day.
    Saw a clip of him at a vacination centre, No Mask.
    Remember friends, the mask stops you passing the virus on to close contacts by your breath.
    Witnessed today an elderly woman chatting to a 6 year old through the fence of the school, barely a foot apart. Children are little humans

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    1. Why is it that Johnson’s government is the only one that seems not to grasp how dangerous this is.

      I saw my neighbour close up for the first time since he *double jagged* got it in August. He looks 15 years older at least, and very poorly.

      The video Brenda sent is interesting.


    2. Oh the other thing is some daft bat of a minister was on telly today talking about how the medical workforce and carers are in short supply (England, although I’m sure it’s here too).

      She said… we will do what we DID during the pandemic.


      So, according to the English government the pandemic is over? Great message to put out.


    3. I saw a wee old lady in the supermarket just the other day. She was well happed up with her coat and her warm hat…and yes she had her mask on too, but as she made her way up one of the aisles someone greeted her and asked how she was keeping. She moved in close, pulled the mask down from her nose and mouth and only then, substituting proximity for confidentiality, answered albeit at greater length than the kindly inquirer might have hoped.
      To my mind these wee lapses are quite forgivable…but there are others, wilfully ignorant, discourteous and inconsiderate maskless *$&*ers ( shoppers?)that make me grind my teeth irritably behind MY mask.

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