I wonder if anyone will ever be made to answer for this.

But, can you imagine if the same scandal had occurred in Edinburgh?

Would not Wee Ross be demanding Nicola resign by close of business?


            1. Yes last year, 58% for Independence, oh how we laughed. The good old days when all we had to do was nothing and Tory incompetence and greed would give us Indy. Never interfere with your enemy when he’s making a mistake was quoted ad nauseam although I doubt if or when Napoleon actually said that his sole strategy in furthering his aims amounted to sitting back doing bugger all else. The First Minister, if I recall correctly, was seen by Joe Public to be doing a bang up job on Covid hence the high approval.

              Seven years of cunning plans, converting the fabled soft nos and slowly slowly catchy monkey later and we’re back more or less where we started. With the exception of course of a now fractured Yes movement that’s descended into tribalism. It all smacks of a failure of leadership to me, but what do I know?

              Maybe more patience is all that’s required after all and things will get so bad that more nos will convert and we will win. Nicola certainly believes she has time on her side. Can we afford though to sit back smugly while our economy is wrecked, secure in the decidedly iffy belief that each insult, act of malice or exploitation is actually being noted by the voters and a point in our favour? Independence by mutually assured destruction. Would that be a world first?

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              1. I wish I could get Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond in a room (with Patrick Harvey) and make them make up and work together.

                I’ve no idea what cased it… and until i know more than gossip from social media… I will not take sides.

                I have a lot of respect for all three.

                I don’t agree with all of what any of them says, but I know that they have all worked hard to get us to where we are.

                Is there someone who knows them well enough to force them to work together to find a legal solution to our situation?


  1. And, had such a thing happened in Scotland Wee Ross and the rest of us would be right in demanding resignations. In England, nobody makes such demands of Johnson and his baleful rentier crew – not even the former Director of Public Prosecutions and his policy vacuous Labour Party.

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  2. Thanks to Teflon Johnson,stuff that used to be hidden from public view is now out in the open.
    He believes he is untouchable and he has a point.

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    1. It may be too, that COP is starting to crumble at the edges.

      I read earlier that it was quite possible that President Xi wouldn’t attend and now I’ve read that President Putin isn’t coming.

      Two of the biggest countries may have pulled out.

      Anyone one why.

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      1. Not sure about Putin, but about pres Xi, I read that China is still intent on extracting masses more coal to burn! Might be something to do with it.
        I think the Aussie PM is also bailing out.
        With Covid in UK be surprised if anyone turns up, except of course the hundreds of delegates from London WM hangers on opportunists, wanting a stay in a posh hotel with fancy food. The whole thing is a joke and should be cancelled, I hear police Scotland now to have body cameras and have been training for COP26, will they be armed? Plenty security, must be costing a bloody packet, what a waste of money and this whole event will not be good for Scotland.
        The corruption at high level in the English government is an utter disgrace it really is. Scary times.


  3. Come on it is happening the snp have got their big fat snouts deep in the trough . Feasting 🐷 on the Scots public purse until they are fat and content 🙂.

    The gravy train 🚂 is the gravy train
    One lot disembarked and another lot boarded .toot toot 🚂

    Bought and Sold for Scotland’s Gold
    What a parcel of rogues are the snp.

    Wave 👋 thé saltire 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 cry out Indy 2 !
    Indy 2 ! And while all the mugs are distracted….Pick their pockets £££££
    Meanwhile the Sturgeon duopoly
    Bank accounts both here and abroad steadily increase ready for the time they have the gravy train 🚂 tickets
    Rescinded and are unceremoniously
    Booted off 🥾 🥾

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    1. Erm… Really?

      Well that’s interesting, Niko.

      The English based Tory press are never likely to carry any SNP bad stories, are they… so we would never gt to find out anything like that that was going on.

      We should be grateful to you for showing us.

      Maybe it’s better, after all, that the Brits steal our money for their mates.


    1. Ahhhh… I’m sure Niko has his journalistic sources that the main stream media have failed to pick up on.

      Maybe it’s that Tom Harris blokey.

      You know that guy who used to be a Labour MP (of sorts) and then decided to work for Alistair Jack-Boots at the British Office.


        1. Copyright Munguin Incorporated, but he’s happy to share it with you.

          His middle name is Union.

          Ali Union Jack-Boots.

          I wonder what his aristocratic name will be when he gets that blue blood transfusion!!


          1. Niko has a point; the SNP are very comfortable in their almost-guaranteed Westminster seats. They are very comfortable in their almost-guaranteed almost-majority at Holyrood too.

            If you look at the front page of the National, it’s almost always promises of jam tomorrow.

            “…here to settle up, not settle down…”?

            Aye, right.

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                    1. Yes. I always forget about us being in the London parliament.

                      It all seems a bit pointless going there.

                      The latest from the Tories is that they had a good laugh about the SNP leader having a sore throat when one of the things he struggled through was his comments on the MP who was murdered.

                      No one could accuse them of being classy these days.


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