To be fair, I’m at a bit of a loss to know why Ed Davey would be making this announcement, but his moment of importance has come back to bite him on the bum, as it ain’t gonna happen…so we might conclude that, as usual, he was havering through his bitten bottom.
Clearly, his betters in London weren’t listening.

Fortunately, we are informed by one of our betters, an Noble Lord, no less (so it must be right) that this is good for us.

It’s hard to argue of course with Nobility. Undoubtedly their brains are better than ours. That’s why we seem to have so many of them in government.

Millionaire Tory donor Malcolm Offord takes his seat in House of Lords |  HeraldScotland

When Malcolm Offord stood for the Scottish parliament in May, he failed to get a seat, but having given the Tory party £147,500 in donations over the last decade, he was ennobled and given a transfusion of blue blood (although I think the Tories do it on the cheap… red blood with dash of blue paint) and he was immediately given a job in the Scotland Office filling the vacancy left by the sacking of David Duguid from the tea boy slot.


  1. Hm. This should perhaps be interpreted as not just or not only another instance of Tory mendacity, but as a sign that the regime realizes that its hegemony over Scotland is coming to an end — so why put any more money into us than they have to.

    I see from other sources that the first round of carbon-capture sites has been awarded to somewhere on the Humber and somewhere else in what the English are pleased to call the North. A bit of pork-barrelling, perhaps, to further undermine the famous Red Wall.

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  2. It appears that redundant oil wells are being eyed up as potential captured carbon dump sites. Scotland being knocked back on CCS, for a second time, and instead going to Humber could, as Ed suggests, signal a realisation that control over Scotland is time limited.
    If Westminster decide to use the redundant wells in the English sector it may prove to be their loss. Played out wells still have significant quantities of uneconomic oil but therefore have large quantities of hydrogen. Hydrogen that can be extracted leaving the carbon behind using recently patented method (2018). It is now in use, producing hydrogen in commercial pilot plants. The company’s business projection plan involves the North Sea. I’ve been following progress for about 18months/2 years.
    Offord’s dead stoat coat might be on a shooggly peg. At least on the back of the Scottish Office door.

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    1. As I understand it, Alan, (re)pressurizing depleted oilfields by either pumping water in the bottom or a gas (carbon dioxide) in the top can force more oil and gases out — including but not limited to hydrogen. In addition to hydrogen and hydrocarbons, there’s also helium. To the best of my knowledge, any helium in the flow of natural gas from the North Sea is all going to waste at present, which we may come to regret at some point.

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      1. As I understand this patented system it is a form of controlled pyrolysis, similar to the system of getting the hydrgen out of polythene but not using micro wave energy. This setup uses oxygen, presumably very controlled measures of oxygen! The exsisting pilot plants are now producing ready to use liquid gas at the well head that works out cheaper per calorie than either conventional gas or oil. If the technology is not swallowed up by corporate self interest we should be hearing more about it very soon.
        A wee while ago, after hearing Roseana Cunningham being gubbed on radio on oil’s climate impact, I wrote to her giving her the hydrogen details. Just to avoid being ambushed and caught in the headlights, “We are evaluating a new technology that gives us the energy but leaves the carbon in the ground”, that sort of thing. As a reply I got a sugar lump and a pat on the head from a flunky. Oh well.

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          1. Some years ago, there was a joint test into hydrogen-powered vehicles carried out by Western Isles Council and the islands’ Post Office depots. It seemed to sink without trace, in that the media largely ignored it after an initial fanfare. I’ll have a nose around Google Scholar and see if there’s any summing-up there.

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    2. Seems reasonable that anything planned by this UK government is likely to have failed to take a considerable number of factors into consideration.

      When we go, I wonder what Offord will do with his stupid title.


  3. Slightly off-topic yet still relevant; looks like there’ll be an AUOB march in Glasgow during the COP meeting. Worth swelling the numbers, as the European press will be there, I think. There might be train strikes, so I might have to dig out the pushbike…

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    1. With the world’s press there and the pretty much worldwide dislike of the Johnson regime, it will be a great time to show how strong the feelings are.

      I can’t help but think that they will have to try to find some way of stopping that.


  4. We’re all in this together.
    Lloyds and Halifax to close another 48 branches.
    The chancer has found an odd couple of billion squid and is giving the banks a tax CUT on profits of 5%.
    Easyjet cancels flights to the Med as the destinations are worried about the 50,000 a day new cases and 230 deaths.
    Fuel prices to go to £1.50 a litre.
    Inflation to go to 5% by the end of the year BUTT would you believe September’s rate has fallen to 3.1%, the month they use for calculating benefits and pensions, who would have predicted this.
    Electricity and gas prices rise and will rise some more.

    It must be great to have the tories in charge of our gas and oil which have now been trading at $80 a barrel, no sign of that info in the media.

    Get ready for the release of permission to Frack.

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    1. If I ground my teeth the way I want to when I hear news like that, Dave, I’d be down to my jawbones already.

      Fancy inflation going down just for the month They base cost-of-living benefits for the old, the decrepit, the disabled, and those who sacrifice their own time, effort and freedom to look after them!

      Ah well, it’s the Tory way in these glorious sunlit uplands of Brexit Britain!

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      1. Before you get down to your gums, Ed, be comforted that you have a blue passport (although no one much wants you to go to their country) and you have taken back control of hunger.

        Holding all the cards was a boon. N’est-ce pas?

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    2. Munguin got an interest statement on a savings account the other day. It took my breath away. Beyond believe tiny amount.

      I’m not surprised that the UK is being blacklisted. And yet, Javid says they are doing well…

      How could I have guessed that inflation would not be terribly high in September.

      Still, it’s only old people and poor people that will be affected, so, you know, Johnson won;t be worried about that.

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  5. Also off-topic; there was a story on the news about the archbishop of Canterbury, the chief rabbi and some other kirk-type bloke. It was very disappointing; they never even went into a pub!

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