I don’t know about you, but I find it rather worrying that Government Ministers, particularly ones of the calibre of the Johnson government, consider that they have the requisite knowledge or indeed the right to “correct” judgements that “learned” judges have made.

Judgements on behaviours, both personal and political, by some of them have left a considerable amount to be desired.

I’m not sure how much of this (if any) might apply in Scotland, but it does seem to me to be a little dangerous… if not Fascist.



Phillip Schofield erupts over Therese Coffey response to Marcus Rashford  'What the hell?' | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

This is from a letter sent to a Universal Benefit claimant which presupposes that the person has an ID card, passport or indeed a way of taking photographs, the money to buy a local newspaper, supposing there is one… or indeed supposing there is a newsagent in their village.

Also, do they not teach people who work for these government agencies to speak English. “Standing outside” not “stood outside”.



So, what went wrong?

No one else do any testing?

If not, do none of the people with anything more than mild symptoms ever contact a doctor or seek any kind of medical attention from nurses or pharmacies?

Or is it the fact that England has more or less given up on masks or any other form of protection?

Taking back control and taking back freedom, eh? Ain’t it grand, especially when you are wheezing and coughing like my neighbour is, 2 months after he was infected?

Nathan Peiffer-Smadja@nathanpsmad · 19h

Le Royaume-Uni est en train de nous montrer pourquoi il ne faut pas abandonner les masques trop vite

(The UK is showing us why we must not abandon masks too quickly. A tweet from one of France’s leading infectious disease specialists.)


That would be nice.

Without wishing in any way to show disrespect for a man who lost his life (which I condemn unreservedly), I’d point out to Mr Pompous Speaker that it’s a two way street.

Probably it would help improve the image of MPs if they behaved a little more responsibly. And by that I don’t mean necessarily backing Brexit, as Johnson once proposed.

Also probably, trying not to demand that volunteer Royal National Lifeboat officials leave refugees to sink and drown on pain of being prosecuted, or give Border Force personnel the right to drown them…like Patel tried to do.

We all know other examples, and there are many that are a deal less horrific than those mentioned above, including their lying and cheating, giving vast sums of money to their mates, selling seats in the Lords, etc.

Hoyle might like to take into consideration that, as Speaker of the Commons, it is part of his duties to ensure that the truth be told in that House. He banishes members of the opposition for insulting the Mace or calling out the Prime Minister for lying, but fails to call ministers including Johnson to Parliament in order that they may correct incorrect statements that they have made.

Uselessly weak Speaker, seemingly frightened of the government.

Here’s another 3-word slogan for the government: Bring back Bercow.



56 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Years of legal expertise versus Raab C. Halfwit?

    Common sense would suggest the former; however in Brexitainia “common” sense has become a rarity.

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  2. Indeed Mr Hoyle might sanction the Tory MPs who frequently show great disrespect to SNP MP’s by laughing, heckling and saying things like ‘go back to your croft’.
    I’m sure other verbal abuse and insults like that Tory woman who got them all laughing their heads off when she said that enslaving the Scots and sending them on ships to Australia like they used to, would be a good idea! Yep, there is much hatred and disrespect displayed for all to see, aimed at Scotland’s SNP MP’s at WM, it’s a disgrace.

    That DWP letter, surely a joke, how absolutely horrendous, if that’s not a breach of human rights I don’t know what is, quite apart from the obvious and deliberate humiliation, despicable.

    The terrible killing of the MP other day is going to be used to reduce people’s freedom of speech, and of course the Tories are removing the human rights act, which is terrifying.
    Indy car Gordon Ross, in his YouTube vid on 18th, reckons Scotland needs a written constitution and quick, to stop the HRA from being removed from the Scottish people.
    He says it could be done very quickly, I hope the Scottish government get that sorted pronto.

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    1. Yes, there is hatred all around and some of it within our own campaign.

      Newspapers of the more sensational kind are certainly responsible for a lot of it.

      But MPs themselves are responsible for a deal of it.

      The person that sent out that demand from the DWP needs to take a look at themselves in the mirror specifically to check if they have horns growing somewhere!

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      1. Tris I met someone a few years ago when universal credit was introduced, she had worked at the DWP, had to leave she said it was dreadful. Staff talked about claimants as if they were vermin, they deliberately humiliated them, made them wait for any money, basically she said they were little fascists. Some of them are clearly sadists, enjoying see poor and vulnerable and disabled people, suffer. Makes you wonder what the job description is! Not all are like that but certainly this person said it was rife in the DWP offices she worked at, how dreadful and cruel.

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        1. Iworked with the DWP for a few months between contracts. (I turned up to sign on and they offered me an interview.)

          I ended up doing recruitment work and psychometric testing, so I had very little contact with the staff who were dealing with unemployed clients, but there were certainly some who, for no substantial reason in my opinion, thought that they were above unemployed people.

          Some even who were sadistic in the way they treated them.

          Give little people some power…

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      2. There is, and of course false flag stuff. It’s a known fact the SNP have been infiltrated in the past, ie, plants, put nothing at all past the Brit state!
        Btw did anyone see that two Catholic churches have been vandalised in the west of Scotland I think.
        The fact also that several major important tourist attractions in Scotland have been destroyed by fire past few months should ring alarm bells. It’s really sinister! I trust no one these days!

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  3. Democracy is a dirty old business
    The idea it’s all conviviality and
    Acceptance is all bulsh@t.

    It’s a proxy for us not to kill each other and to enforce our laws , beliefs
    With minimal violence.

    Although shooting someone in the head is considered illegal .
    But forcing people to survive on poverty line wages. Poor law levels of social security for the sick disabled and elderly is ok if Enforced by a Democratically elected rulers /despot

    And that applys to all governments even the wunnerful snp who forever and day blame westmonster for all the ills within Scotland..

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    1. No government is ever perfect, Niko.

      Heavens knows the SNP is not. I just think they are a little fairer (within their very limited means) than the Westminster regimes under either Tory or Labour.

      You mention some aspects of what people are forced to live under…

      Poverty wages? Well, minimum wage legislation is reserved to Westminster, so it is Tories, not SNP/Greens who decide that.

      Social Security is largely reserved to Westminster, although some has now been delegated to Edinburgh, and from all I’ve read (and heard from someone who was working on the set up) it is altogether a more decent and fair set up that the English/British version, with more money for carers.

      Pensions and sick payments are all decided in London, and yes, they are the most niggardly in the Western World.

      Democracy isn’t a word I’d use to describe Westminster.

      Unelected head of state with powers to make sure she and her family are alright, jack, with a personal income from the state of around £30 million a year and the same for her son besides all the rest that they get handed to them by the state. (How many presidents get paid that amount and that amount for being a president in waiting?)

      Privy Council which can make unpopular decisions without parliament ever knowing about them (eg Chagos)

      Unelected house of parliament, the second largest in the world after that of the People’s Republic of China (population 1.4 billion) and including as of right, bishops form one church only, absolutely unelected hereditary aristocrats (2), aristocrats elected by themselves (90), ex MPs discarded by their constituents, political party donors, placemen, and relatives and friends of the prime minister.
      And finally a FPTP elected house that can command a majority of 80 on 43.6% of the vote.

      So actually, a dictatorship, elected by a minority of the UK population.

      With respect, Niko, the SNP is NOT wonderful. Nor are the Greens, but they are a sight less corrupt that Westminster.

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      1. The SNP are funding so much Tris, to support people, making payment top ups to carers, helping families, baby boxes, (when my son was born, we had weeks with no money when partner couldn’t work due to illness, Labour were not in the habit of helping those in need nevermind baby boxes!)
        The SNP are not perfect, but they are investing in the people, in jobs, in industry, in the young, and it’s against such huge odds I don’t know how they do it! Scotland is a colony of the British nationalist state, is being stolen from to the tune of £trillions, and now with Brexit is in great danger of being taken backwards, with even the possibility of having their parliament closed down by the country next door. It’s really terrifying. If the Tories can override actual laws, especially in Scotland, then they can do anything, even enact a coup on Scotland put nothing past them! They will not let Scotland go, their Brexit leaves them with nothing, except their healthy bank accounts, when the people of England do realise the terrible consequences of their being conned, they will get angry. England needs someone to blame too, guess whom they will blame, the SNP.
        People need to look at what the SNP are actually doing, under such huge constraints which quite frankly especially with Covid, is to be applauded. The fact that the English controlled media are 100% anti SNP is also very serious, it’s undemocratic, and actually quite scary especially with COP26 being hosted by the English government in Scotland, I don’t see it being good for Scotland at all, possibly detrimental, any trouble or anything going wrong will be blamed on the Scottish government, definitely.
        I dread to think what the future holds with Brexit being forced onto Scotland, but hopefully, as Nicola Sturgeon has been making friends with other close by countries, somehow Scotland will escape the UK, and their catastrophic, disaster capitalist, destructive backward Brexit.

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        1. I think that is what we have been doing.

          Our neighbours know what we didn’t want this Brexit thing.

          They know we want closer ties with them.

          EU or EEA we are making friends and I see that Nicola has been talking with the US consul.

          I’m pretty sure that this charm offensive (what an odd choice of words) will pay off for us, and may end up as some sort of bargaining chip.

          England seems more in line in Hungary and Poland and the countries around the UK, and Scotland is more in line with the Celtic and Nordic countries.

          It would seem impossible for that to work in a close relationship.

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      2. tris

        Well when me lifetime disabled brother was declared fit for work 🤷‍♂️
        (Independence supporting snp voting)

        The one who helped the most was my cancer suffering Brexit supporting (anti snp)Tory voting sister.
        Fed clothed and everything in between .

        And when me brother got his appeal months later which he obviously won ….

        He had said when he gets his backdated due he would pay me sister back what she gave to him .

        When I mentioned did he pay you back she laughs and say No 😊.
        She didn’t want the money back .

        And not one helping hand from any snp at all

        No wonder me heid is upside down on all the Indy kerfuffle .

        Disabled all his life and they do that
        When we were kids he spent months and months in bed 🛌 from operations on his leg .

        F@ck sake I could cry

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        1. You know I was, indeed we all were, deeply sympathetic to your brother who was treated shamefully by the DWP but it is worth remembering that the DWP is a part of the British government. A government which happily pays the lowest retirement pensions in the developed (ie whole) world.

          I’m not sure, though, how Edinburgh could have done anything to help in his case. This was before the Scottish government had even the tiniest say in matters to do with social security. Even now disability and incapacity payments are still handles by the less than kind Thérèse Coffey, who is not an SNP minister.

          I don’t think it makes any difference what party people support when it comes to looking after member of their family. You just help your family and friends.

          I’m sure even Tory-supporting queens do their best to help their family members…


    2. The SNP generally do not blame WM for all the ills of Scotland, but they should!
      Scotland has been stolen from to the tune of £trillions by the British nationalists in WM, and told they are too poor to boot! The legacy of English rule is a story of poverty, ill health, destitution, and demoralising the people. It’s utterly criminal. When Scottish devolution was forced on WM by the EU, England’s Labour branch office at Holyrood had a party! Literally I’m sure! They did nothing good whatsoever for Scotland in TEN whole years! They sent £BILLIONS BACK TO WM though, saying ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’! Not health, education, housing, social services, jobs, infrastructure absolutely sweet fa! They plunged Scottish councils into £BILLIONS of ‘debt’ with their PFI scams, still having to be paid, for decades to come and even then the shoddy buildings it pays for, will not be owned by Scotland!
      SNP were democratically elected to basically repair decades (centuries) of destruction and damage by the English governments, and that is what they are doing, with one hand tied behind their back. They are mitigating horrendous English governments’ cuts to the poorest and most vulnerable, investing in infrastructure, investing in renewables, and they are being undermined, demonised, pushed aside, blamed for Westminster’s catastrophic handling of Covid, told to shut up about Brexit, laughed at in the HOC’S, and basically working while curtailed, and thwarted at every damn step of the way!
      Scotland has suffered enough under English rule for centuries, their wealth stolen, told they are too poor, drugs imported into Scotland’s ports and coasts, (not effectively policed which is a reserved power to the English government)
      and now with Brexit, is being taken backwards, with their economy being destroyed, and the democratically elected FM is demonised by the British media on a daily basis to boot!
      Don’t dare tell me the ‘wunnerful snp are blaming wm for Scotland’s ills’, my children with learning disabilities were utterly shafted by the Labour party in power at Holyrood, (while they sent those £BILLIONS BACK TO WESTMINSTER!) we were constantly told ‘no money’ for support, effects are lifelong on all of us!!! Jack McConnell was rewarded for that with a seat in the HOL’s paid £300+ a day for totally shafting Scotland, despicable.
      I never want to see an England based party in power at Holyrood again! I will do everything I can to stop that happening.

      Thank you SNP, for working so hard, against massive odds, to repair such terrible damage to Scotland over decades in fact centuries.
      I could say much more, many of us in Scotland would like the SNP to be more angry in fact, more pointing the finger at your disgraceful Westminster!
      The SNP have a heck of a task on their hands, and right now, with what is looking more like fascism in the English government, Scotland really is in great peril. It’s utterly terrifying!

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      1. Well said.
        When are our people going to wake up?
        I’m already reading media comments that Nicola’s responsible for the organisation of COP26, when in reality it’s the tory party in London.
        These are suposed to be educated people.

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        1. Jeeez. Nicola isn’t allowed to GO there, never mind organise it.

          I hope Glasgow is a sea of saltires and that Johnson is humiliated, not by our government, but by our people.

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        2. Indeed as I thought, they will blame the English governments’ mishandling of COP26 on the FM. With the media having no doubt already scribed their bad SNP stories to run the course of the event. This is the ridiculous situation, devolution is a joke. When you have the country next door hosting a worldwide event in Scotland, in a shambolic and incompetent
          way, who can then portray the Scottish government and the country of Scotland as a basket case, it’s bizzarre and of course, detrimental to the people of Scotland and Scottish democracy. It’s like some dystopian nightmare, where the Scottish government are implementing positive change, but the English government are putting up the shutters kerchunk kerchunk kerchunk! Still it makes for an interesting political arena at the moment.
          Just make sure to support Indy blogs and YouTube channels, Scotland at 7, always a good take on the news and events taking place, via broadcasting Scotland.
          Thanks to Tris for the discussion and debate here as well.

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        3. COP26 is being run and organised by the Cabinet Office.

          “The sponsors, which include some of Britain’s biggest companies, have raised formal complaints blaming “very inexperienced” civil servants for delayed decisions, poor communication and a breakdown in relations between the organisers and firms in the run-up to the landmark talks.”

          Here’s then article in the Guardian :

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          1. I guess it was inevitable that anything left in the hands of a group of genuine incompetents was absolutely bound to be messed up.

            It will add to Britain’s reputation as a cock up nation.

            If China doesn’t attend that will be a real slap in the face.

            We must make sure that the blame is very surely put on the organisers and not upon the country where it is being organised.


      2. It’s certainly a task, met with resistance at every turn, that is monumental.

        I often wonder what it is about us that the Brits are so determined to hold on to.

        I mean we’re pretty much basket cases in their view, so why do they hold so tight.

        Why not dump us and have their REAL freedom.


        1. £’s and land and sea and nice scenery for the rich mainly English folk to holiday, buy up hooses now it’s harder to go abroad oh and Mrs purr, she wants to hang onto Scotland’s land too…lots of reasons. The really daft bit is when you hear people in England saying yous are too poor to let go of but we pay for yous out of our hard earned cash! Sigh.

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        1. Pfft; how many times have we asked niko (sometimes very nicely) to tell us what’s so wonderful about the Union?

          Instead we get some SNPbaaad mince about benefits, an issue which Scotgov have absolutely no say.

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  4. “Probably it would help improve the image of MPs if they behaved a little more responsibly. ”

    Someone needs to remind Kirsty Blackman about that. Days after a MP is murdered putting a target on the back of another MP, a colleague, is just despicable.

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      1. The Supreme Court is likely the focus of this attempt at rule by ministerial fiat. Recent rulings by SC have handed power back to parliament and it’s this that the government is not keen on.

        It is completely mad. Mechanisms already exist to change the law and to issue legal guidance to judges on things like sentencing- it’s called parliament. Primary legislation can explicitly take supremacy over common law rulings that parliament decides it doesn’t like (something the Magna Carta conspiratory theorists conveniently overlook). The government are therefore proposing to make decisions over the head of parliament on things that would never gain support in parliament or even among its own MPs.

        Parliament is support to hold the government to account. The House of Lords is supposed to hold parliament to account. This really is edging towards the end of functioning democracy.

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        1. Yes, your description brought to mind certain other governments of the past, and present.

          Britain was little enough of a democracy before with an hereditary head of state, a mishmash of unelected aristocrats, placemen, failures, donors and churchmen and a first past the post elected house where 43% of the vote can get you a majority of 80 seats, and a de facto dictatorship, where opposition s politicians might as well stay home.

          And even that is starting to disappear.

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  5. You can trust sky news.
    They report that New Zealand has a crisis on their hands with a new outbreak of positive tests for covid.
    Seems they’ve recorded Ninety Four cases yesterday.
    Then they report that the UK has 50,000 new cases but that is just normal for an economy that is taking on the world.
    Of course we might want to consider where the majority of the new uk cases are.
    Now the flounder is telling us that there will be no Green Shirts visiting to rip out the old gas boiler.
    I’ve had a look at the cost of heatpumps.
    Two methods of installation.
    Air source at around £10,ooo.
    Ground source at £20,000.
    In englandland the grant is to be £5000 but limited to a fixed number per year up to 2040, and a financial limit of £450,000,000.
    Do you feel the spin for COP26?
    Just saw the roads around the SECC that are to be closed for more than the duration of the event.
    This from a country that is consuming 40+% of gas to generate electricity.
    Reports from the Drax power station that is burning ‘Young Trees’, imported from as far away as the USA is offsetting their emissions as ZERO due to replanting trees. The carbon offset deal that our royalty use to make the use of private transport acceptable to the media.
    Of course they’re still using fossil fuels, it isn’t green.
    The madness of the emperor’s new suit.

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    1. Like everything else this lot does, Dave.

      It’s all spin and lies.

      Johnson is simply incapable of anything else.

      Of course, newspaper editors who fancy gongs or ermine collars aren’t likely to much disagree with any of that.

      Maybe the SNP should start taking their right to hand out seats in the lords and see if newspapers won’t start creeping up their backsides a bit more.

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    2. The west end of Glasgow is basically in lockdown as of this Friday. Security is very very very high, starting a week before and for the week following according to Indy car Gordon Ross. I am glad I don’t live there. The whole sham COP26 should be held online, or in London, after all anything good coming out if it will be credited to the English government! Expect huge rise in Covid in Scotland to add injury to insult.

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      1. There are already doctors on line saying that this conference is a paradise for Covid transmission.

        So wrong to have it go ahead, but hey, Johnson wants to play a statesman…

        I don’t know why he bothers. Doubtless he will make some ridiculous speech about how eagles ate Prometheus’ liver or Hades abduction Persephone, mixed with puppet frogs and pigs.

        And the world will look on and say… what the …?


    3. Yep, the result is that only those with the wherewithal, to fund the balance, can apply for the grants. You can bet your bahookie it won’t be means tested, so only the relatively affluent will benefit.

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  6. I crossed the Squinty Bridge at Anderson, the police were already sealing the drains.

    I hope we all realise that a Third of the gas being consumed in englandland is being sourced from the St Clair field, West of Shetland and not being landed in Scotland. It is being tankered to englandland direct.
    That is providing nearly a Half of their electricity, some 15GWhr, every day.

    Whilst the big flounder says we’re leading the World on reducing fossil fuel consumption, no doubt he will be saying it’s not englandland that’s consuming, it’s us.
    We will be paying extra fuel bills this coming year and from a country with more than enough resources to have removed fuel poverty from our population.

    Think of Drax with 4 units burning Young Trees imported from Canada and the USA by ship.
    They have 15% of their consumption provided from Europe by DC cable.

    They are parasites.

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    1. Yep, like I say it’s a dystopian nightmare scenario, whereby Scotland gets the massive bill, attributed huge ‘debt’ and is charged tons to get their own lights on.

      See this as well…a couple of interesting ‘UK’ gov projects with Scotland as the guinea pig?

      ‘UK’s underground observaTORY in Glasgow…


      See this, at about 7-8 mins in, and I like this guys channel, he says, ‘they found just the spot on the west caost of Scotland’. I bet they did.

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      1. Hunterston is already feeding 2 GWhr through the DC cable connected to Wales. It doesn’t appear on the Grid dashboard as it’s part of the internal grid.
        The idea that we can import electricity from Morocco seems to be a long way of in distance and time, remember the sun goes out each 24 hours so a battery backup system would be necessary to keep things running during the Night.

        I’ve seen a couple of this sites output , it asks questions.

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  7. Englandland is saved.
    G hinds announces the ban of fossil fuelled cars for sale in 2030, AGAIN.
    The big flounder’s ordered the Rolls Royce Mini Nuclear Reactors for use, that’s the ones that are used in the nuclear powered submarines. Small local power stations at each town/city.
    You know the ones presently stored near Edinburgh.

    The Australian trade deal appears to have hit a bump in the road.
    Maybe the truss will have to be given another job to sort it out as she’s now the foreign secretary and busy trying to eject rabb from the country house.

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  8. Rolls-Royce have been given £210m to design the mini nuclear reactors, matched funding from investors.
    So the spin is it is british technology, pity that the basic design is Westinghouse Light Water Reactors design started in the late 50’s for submarines.
    The reactor in Caithness at HMS Vulcan is from that design.
    So 16 have been talked about producing 400MW, so he is going to replace the existing nuclear stations with 6GW of mini reactors and the one large French/Chinese!!!! one being built.
    This is planned for 2030.
    Next year starts the decommissioning of the AGRs, starting at Hunterston, power station, the cable station will continue.

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  9. With the news about all the strikes due to take place during the waste of time conference, does anyone else think it’s even slightly suspicious? I do, but maybe having once seen, at close hand, the British State dirty tricks campaign in action, maybe I’m paranoid.

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  10. Just watched a short video from Bylines on the pig farmers.
    A few random bits.
    The farmer finishes 10 pigs a week for supermarket deal he has.
    It will take him 10 months to shut down the breeding programme.
    The pigs in blankets are started in manufacture every July for the xmas trade.

    Reminds me of a visit to Cadbury in Birmingham, it was September, they were making Easter eggs.

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    1. Did you see the pig farmer who campaigned for Brexit:

      Apparently she called Johnson a buffoon int eh video but the BBC cut it out.

      You don’t get ennobled by calling the prime minister names.

      There are a good few tweets on this thread.


  11. I’m shocked by those COVID numbers in Britain compared to other European countries. Guess maybe I shouldn’t be surprised considering the current “leadership” but….wow…that’s really bad.

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    1. Per capita twice as bad as Scotland.

      Gigantic by comparison with other large European countries…. Spain, France, Germany.

      But when you have a PM who was famously saying we had to suck it and see, that it would only kill old people anyway, and that we should let the bodies pile high… and was too busy sorting out his divorce, then his remarriage and finishing his book on Churchill to bother going to meetings about Covid…

      Well, there you go. Other countries had leaders.

      We had a lazy clown.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, they are alike. Both made their countries laughing stocks.

          Your clown is still hanging around like a bad smell, though.

          I hope that his next period of four years will be in another house, wearing a suit that will match his complexion!

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