I’m really trying hard to think of how those freedoms that Brexit has brought have improved my life.

But i really can’t think of one single one which is doing me any good.

Still, notwithstanding the shortage of pigs that Brexit has given us, this bunch of gammon, every bit as unpalatable as the poor animals slaughtered on the farms, seem to be enjoying what Tubby the Scarecrow’s Assistant, is saying.



Various Times headlines today (from a tweet by Sarah Murphy)

•Troops roll up to fill empty petrol stations.

•Land workers offered £30/hr to pick broccoli.

•Pig cull begins as farmers plead for foreign butchers to be let in.

•Visas attract just 27 fuel drivers from EU.

What a dreadful failure of government.


Apparently Johnson’s father was asked about the HGV crisis (nope me neither). He was rather dismissive of it. How hard can it be to drive an HGV, he wondered.

'I am French': Boris Johnson's father applies to France for citizenship

So this HGV guy answered him:

Dear Stanley Johnson,

“How hard can it be to drive a HGV?” he asks –

Well, you’re welcome to join me for a shift whenever you like. It’s usually around 12 hours but can be as long as 15. Make sure you bring plenty of food and drink unless you’re happy to pay a lot to buy some.

Joseph Oakley


Also note that to his credit, the BBC’s Nick Robinson pointed out to Raab that ‘This is a Govt masquerading its own crisis as a plan’ #r4today

This wasn’t in their conference, but it’s yet another thing (as pointed out by PP on the last thread) that we are having our parliament’s decisions overturned by London.

The Scottish parliament voted to keep the rights of the child while the English decided to discard them. As I recalled it, with the exception of the Tory puppets in Holyrood, instructed to vote with the English government, everyone, Labour, Green, Liberal Democrat and SNP, voted against the British line, but my recollection was wrong:

CORRECTION HERE: The Deputy FM points out that even the Tories voted for this.

Union Jack took Scotland to court and the Supreme Court has ruled in his favour that the Scottish parliament was out of line.

When someone as senior as this judge starts to talk about how out of touch the Supreme Court is, it may be time for them to listen. (I think/hope that if you click on the image, you may be a bigger, readable version.)


From Peat Worrier: In summary: Westminster will be able to pass legislation which violates children’s rights in devolved areas without these being challengeable in the courts, on the basis that the UK parliament must have “unqualified legislative power” to make laws, even in clearly devolved areas.

Dr Craig Dalȝell·

So, short version of the Supreme Court judgement in both the human rights of the child and local government charter seems to be that while Holyrood can restrict itself from violating rights, it cannot prevent Westminster from doing so.


I was choking myself laughing at the idiot English Justice Secretary/(god help us) deputy Prime Minister, who,a s it happens, trained as a lawyer, but as well as not knowing where Calais is, nor having read the Good Friday Agreement when he was Brexit minister… doesn’t know what misogyny is.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, the idiot actually said: “Misogyny is absolutely wrong, whether it’s a man against a woman, or a woman against a man.”


What is misogyny?

Misogyny is defined as the “feeling of hating women, or the belief that men are much better than women” by the Cambridge Dictionary.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “hatred of, aversion to, or prejudice against women”.

That is what is in charge of Justice in England.

18 thoughts on “THANK GOD IT’S OVER”

  1. I see Nigel Farage has taken a break from harassing hypothermic refugees landing on beaches and has an ad on YouTube about his new project for the people called Fortune & Freedom. I think it’s about flogging financial advice to the ordinary punter but I couldn’t bear to watch any more to find out. He said Brexit is done, apart from a few glitches and we’ve won our freedom. (Not exact words) He’s now taking on the financial institutions, saying he’ll show us we’re getting a raw deal. (Whod’ve thunk it?) is there no end to the mans compassion and benevolence?

    I read a bunch of Unionists on Twitter today justifying the Supreme Courts decision and it’s authority over Scotland and barely managed to resist reaching for the whisky bottle. The colonised. minds of the unpersuadable are so depressing.

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    1. I noticed the wee SPIV on YouTube and immediately got rid of him. Same Arthur Daley voice, with some scam for him to make money.

      Freedom is a funny old word.

      Not entirely certain it’s that I’d call our situation.

      I’m sad that we can’t count on Human Rights legislation but maybe the current ruling classes don;t actually see us as humans.

      I’m sure the rights of the queen and her criminal greedy money grubbing brood will be protected by some English law dating back to 1300.

      Particularly sad about the kids though.

      If I were in my teens I’d be looking to leave the Uk and make a life somewhere that they treat people who don;t have blue blood, with a measure of respect.

      I’ve never thought the UK was a nice place. Lately I’ve come to detest it. I hope Brexit brings it what it deserves. Ruination and break up.

      Get yer knitting out…


  2. Tris

    I actually heard the whole speech today and there was nothing in it other than jokes that Tories find funny and a few hits at (Sir) keir Starmer that in fairness were on the money to be honest. Johnson and the Tories live in a different world than the rest of us now, I am not sure what it is about this denial of the state of the UK that seems to drive them on but it really is a thing to see in all it’s glory. The court decision was not unexpected but John Swinney’s response I did not see coming and made me think that Scotland is just a colony in all but name now and I don’t really see what the SNP are for anymore. I appreciate that you have not taken sides in the whole SNP / Alba debate but the SNP now are no better than the unionists if the best that Swinney can come up with is respect the courts judgement. A court over ruling the elected Scottish Government, no matter if their decision is based on the Scotland Act 1998 and was never going to be different it shows our place in the union and the weakness of our position as a country, I would have expected more from the SNP to be honest, it will come to a head soon and it will not be pretty and could kill off independence in all of our lifetimes.

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    1. A government cannot but respect a court’s ruling, Bruce, just because it disagrees with it.

      That same Supreme court went with a ruling against the UK government in its prorogation of parliament. We rejoiced at that.

      I think we have also criticised the UK government for wanting to take away power from the court to do that.

      Swinney was, in my opinion, correct to mock the Tories who voted with other MSPs to have the charter respected in Scotland even if the UK went against it.

      What to do?

      Heaven knows.

      I can’t help but think the Uk government is digging itself an ever deeper hole here in Scotland.

      Everything it does is against us. And now even senior Scottish judges, usually so careful to avoid political comment, are criticising the Supreme Court judgement.

      I can’t help but think all of this is doing our cause some good.

      You’re right, of course. I wont take sides between the SNP and Alba.

      I’ve respected Alex Salmond for more years than I can remember, and the same with Nicola.

      I despair that they are at war.

      But I fail to see what, even if he were elected, Alex could do about our dire situation.

      My hope is that the mess that Johnson has got us into in particular with regard to his mishandling of Brexit, which really didn’t need to be anything like this disastrous, will convince people that we need to get the hell out.

      For all our enthusiasm, the numbers have not much improved over ht last year.

      If nothing happens in the reasonably near future… and I mean taking into account Covid, I’d advise young people to get out of Britain…

      In the last little while some young friends of mine have moved to the Isle of Man, and have a much happier life there.

      Finally, I’ll say this. If I could I’d take Salmond and Sturgeon into a room and make them work together. They are a formidable force… although I’d like to see the Greens involved too.

      Together I’m convinced they could find a way to get us out of this shitshow.

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      1. Tris

        I am not so sure about the Tories digging a hole to be honest as all they have to do is change the law and the courts will reflect that in their judgements. My issue continues to be the lack of action from the SNP. I do blame them for the state of the arguments over the last 6 years and part of the reasons why the numbers haven’t changed, if you are not campaigning for independence in that time which o don’t they have then nothing changes but we may have to disagree on that one. I do think AS would be more in your face but who knows if that is a good thing or not but I do think we are further away from Indy today than we were a year ago even and that is depressing.

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        1. Remembering that I like, have always liked, and respect Alex, I’m not sure that being in Johnson’s face makes any difference.

          I suspect he would be totally ignored, just as all of us are.

          I wish I knew what the answer was.

          I wish Alex Salmond knew what it was and could persuade people that it would work.


  3. The snake oil salesman missed out some pertinent points in the gig on stage.
    How about the breaking manifesto promises.
    Triple lock
    No new taxes
    Protect the NHS
    He has missed looking at the condition of the infrastructure.
    The roads are poor
    Sewage in the rivers
    Electricity coasts out of control
    Vehicle fuel costs out of control
    House rates to be raised above the swindled inflation rates
    Basic necessities of life, water, power, rail,Steel, gas and electricity all owned by non resident companies.
    Car companies owned by non resident companies, LandRover Jaguar, Nissan, Peugeot, Ford.
    The morrison deal has been facilitated by borrowing £7billion and leaving the other £3 billion loans on the companies balance sheet, last year they made £500million in profit.
    The Australian Submarine deal was mentioned but I suspect it will be American boats.
    I have no confidence that the snake oil salesman will build back better, all that will happen is the can will be kicked further down the road, xmas 2022 will be a promise to be saved for the 2023 election.

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      1. A photograph in that article shows hime with his wife, the Baroness Virginia. Can he not persude her to turn up at the House of Lords more often so that she gets the £300 or so a day hand out to help pay their Waitrose and M&S bills for groceries.

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      1. It’s largely been my experience that they do not much admire any of that in particular.

        I realise that he was talking to a bunch of his own followers and for an audience (largely, the English people who voted for him to get rid of bloody foreigners) and so he had to say stuff that was ridiculously nationalistic,l because that is what they want…. You know… “the English, the English, the English are best; I wouldn’t give twopence for all of the rest”.

        Besides the fact that people all over the world don’t go ape over Britain… and have a very different view from the Brits of what the UK is about, does he think that other countries don;t have fusion? Does he think the Swiss just have cheeses with holes and cows with flowers and L O N G horns? Does he think that Germany only has efficient industry? Or Canada only snow and Ice Hockey?

        As for banging into members of the Brit government in “discos”? (He clearly doesn’t get out much… or maybe in that traditional way that Old Etonians have, they still call clubs “discos” in the hallowed halls of Westminster.) I’m relatively assured that most people around the world would take steps to avoid that sort of thing.

        Also, probably most countries have leaders who can make a speech.. a “keynote” speech, without stuttering and blundering through it.

        Some can even do it bi-lingually without reporting to Homeric Greek.

        In the meantime, Johnson… my European friends are choking themselves laughing at the fools the Brits are making of themselves with Pound-Shop Trump at the helm.


    1. That is a pretty damning list. Johnson is not fulfilling his obligation to look after the people of this country, which is the basic duty of a leader of govenment. The physical infrastructure such as roads and housing are deteriorating but so is the less tangible stuff like health, welfare, energy supplies and economic sustainabilty.
      In addition we seem to have become reliant on foreign workers whether in agriculture, including qualified vets and slaughterers, as care and health workers, or as the HGV drivers we are so reliant on in this ‘Just in Time’ system. Why are there so few capable or willing to work any more?
      Another example comes to mind as i have two daughters working in Primary Schools in England, one as a learning support teacher and the other as a school office manager. Almost each time we talk on Skype there is another story of how the cuts in education and welfare are affecting schools there. There is no neither staff nor money to remedy the problems of increasing numbers of pupils with special needs, such as inabity to concentrate or sit still, and inability to control their emotions, These cause failure to reach the edutional standard expected and regularly result in clasroom disruption and sometimes violent behaviour putting other pupils and staff in danger. Most of the causes of this seem to be social with hard pressed parents increasingly unable to cope with money worries, job insecurity or the need to have several jobs to bring in enough money to make ends meet which leaves no time for family.
      In learning support my daughter rarely gets the breaks she is due as she often had to shadow one or more pupils needing close supervision or to deal with a clasroom crisis when at least one pupil has kicled off so she has less time for educational intervention and has to bring more work home. The other is juggling budgets, often with a child who cannot be accomodated elsewhere in her office so she cannot concentrate fully on her administrative work. As well as finding money from stretched budgets to provide food for pupils coming to school hungry, she has to get what is needed from the Cash and Carry and help out as a volunteer supervisor with other staff and a few parents at the pre-school Breakfast Club.
      I’ve no idea what the situation is in Scotland as I have no contact with schools here but if it is better, I suspect it is due to more resources being put into schools and to alleviate poverty as far as is possible with funding controlled ultmately elswhere.
      I despair at how we have reached this situation where it all seems to be coming to a head at once.

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      1. My neighbour is a recently qualified teacher. The next time we chat I’ll ask her about the kind of things you are talking about to see if they are happening in our country.

        I suspect for many people, even here life is becoming harder and harder.

        Kids of course (and I’m gonna sound a bit old fashioned here) seem to spend far too much time sitting with phones, and rather too little time getting outdoors and exercising, playing sport or just walking and running… which may have to do partly with parents not having time to teach them these things…. and partly with the availability of these electronic devices.

        There is no doubt that the place is falling to pieces. 10 years of austerity has taken its tool on all but the rich and the privileged.

        And as Dr Marcus Rashford (congratulations, Marcus) points out. This Brit government, in one fell swoop, made it worse today.

        Still, I see the royals are having their money topped up, and Peter Bottomley has called for a £20,000 a year rise for MPs who can’t manage on £80,000 a year plus expenses and almost free food and drink….so all is OK in Boris’s world.

        Munguin is learning to knit, for very obvious reasons.

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    1. Mr Raab’s record suggests that he never really knows what he is talking about.

      He appears not to be keen on reading details, rather like his boss (Good Friday Agreement eg).

      His lack of simple everyday knowledge is also pretty scary.

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