How can you be gaming the system when you very clearly put an independence referendum in your manifesto, win the election based on it and then announce that you intend to fulfil your manifesto promise?

Seriously, can anyone explain that to me?

Another question I’d like answered is, given that we are all supposed to be one country, why is it that:

  1. In Northern Ireland, an electoral generation is 7 years, whereas in Scotland it is 25 years.
  2. When the English and Welsh voted to leave the EU, something they were quite entitled to do, once their votes were tallied with the Scots who voted 62-38 to stay in the EU and those of the Northern Irish who voted 55-45 to stay in the EU, the overall result was something in the region of 52-48 to leave. Why then, is it, that the Scots have to have 60% support for a referendum and 60% for a YES vote over a period of years? I thought I spoke Scots not badly. I had no idea that the words majority and generation had such different meanings.



Eric D@DalbidEU

For ‘Red Tape’ read ‘Rules UK signed up to’. For ‘EU must be Flexible’ read ‘Rules UK signed up to’. For ‘EU attempts to Punish Us’ read ‘Rules UK signed up to’. For ‘It’s EU disrupting Trade’. Read ‘Rules UK signed up to’. For ‘Global Britain’ read ‘Bollocks’.


Human rights? Who needs human rights? Only humans I suppose… eh?

Well, the problem is (and of course this fool hasn’t read it so he won’t know) the Good Friday Agreement requires the Human Rights Act to incorporate the ECHR in NI. Any attempt to undermine or change adherence to the European Convention on Human Rights under the Human Rights Act would go against the UK’s commitments to the Good Friday Agreement.

I just hope Joe Biden remembers the words of the Snowman.

Wouldn’t it be nice if maybe just one of them was just a tiny little bit competent?


Thank heavens someone can laugh at the ghastliness of it all.


47 thoughts on “TORY PARTY CONFERENCE”

  1. I’ve just seen this:

    It seems the royal plane has been visiting Greece and the South of France… I wonder who was on it and why and who paid for it.

    Replying to
    Are you suggesting Stanley Johnson and son B Johnson, used this aircraft to visit Stanley’s holiday home in Greece before he shuts it up for the winter? Then stopped a night or two with a very rich Russian oligarch in Nice? If so we must make bloody sure he NEVER gets a yacht !!!

    Anyone know anything about this?


  2. Easy peasy Indy 2 was a referendum
    By all the people on an individual

    The Election was to chose representatives (or in the case of the snp troublemakers)

    You lost you had your bite of the cherry 🍒 and was found wanting.

    25 years to pass is a fair amount of time as your esteemed leader at the time said.

    Obviously 🙄 the down side is listening to the nats bellyaching
    About their loss 😢 for what seems like an eternity.

    My personal opinion is to have a referendum ASAP just to (hopefully) shut you lot up .
    Cos at the present 🎁 time you will be unanimously defeated.
    As Nicola is well aware although she continues to lead you lot by the nose just keep you in line .

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      1. Ed you never seem to be around for SS anymore. I’ve tried to make “balm for the soul” the new “life-reaffirming” but it’s not taking off…

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          1. Life-affirming balm for our troubled souls in these uncertain times of domestic and international Sturm, Drang and brouhaha: Soppy Sundays are all that and more, PP!

            I haven’t been contributing so much because of frequent accesses of anhedonia precipitated by, inter alia, the landscape of cardboard moving boxes occasioned by the transmigration of Schloss Freeman to pastures new.

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        1. Yes, with a photograph… so what’s that?

          Driving licence, OAP concession card or a blue passport.

          Right … that should wipe out a lot of people.


    1. Poor Nikostratos, down on his knees again kowtowing to his betters in London. Buy some kneepads, Uriah! (If there are any left in your Great British shops.)

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      1. I have it from an unimpeachable authority, Iain, that they’re rationing kneepads now to one per person. Of course, you can always get them on the black market if you know the right people and have enough euros or dollars.

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  3. Sajid is just trailing what is to be in legislation shortly, the removal of any right to health and social care. An insurance based system sounds great to some people but a substantial proportion of the population will not have a hope in hell of getting health insurance – myself included – and those that do may find that the price of longevity is the risk of bankruptcy when they can no longer access insurance.

    It will of course still be called the NHS – no government dare abolish the initial ism and delusion it represents; but it will be run by some body like the notorious (in America) Centene Healthcare on a commercial basis.

    There is no mention of any system like Medicare for the elderly, just a few airy pronouncements from Lord Hannan and the like about charities picking up the care of people who are unable to access insurance or to pay for medical treatment. Worth remembering that medical costs are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, causes of bankruptcy in the USA.

    I am intrigued that our yoon friends are happy to be governed by a rapacious cabal, whose prime motivation appears to me to be looting the state rather than governance. And after the tories rig the electoral system, there isn’t going to be a labour government for a long, long time.

    I’ll be out of it probably before it takes full effect and I’m grateful I don’t have grandchildren. I can do the best I can for my offspring in the knowledge that the costs of any later health issues will not reverberate through generations

    I agree with Nikostratus that earlier the referendum, the better while the figures are almost evenly balanced. The demographics show an inexorable trend towards yes in all age groups except over 65 and if yoons want to lie in a British grave, the earlier the vote, the better.
    Suspect the tories recognise a similar pressure for an early election before the full effects of Brexit and the Tory attack on the state become evident.

    Apologies for length !

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    1. Apologies for the post being put into moderation.

      I’ve no idea how that happened. It just does sometimes.

      Interesting post. Never apologise for length when what you are saying is interesting.

      I suppose the idea that charities should do the work of caring for people is one we should be used to.

      After all, out government sends people off to fight in wars all over the world… no expense spared on armaments etc, but with appalling food and conditions and when they come back missing limbs or living through dreadful nightmares, they are left to beg in the streets. One ex-soldier, or as the government would have it, “hero”, I read about a few years ago lost his life because he was so ill he missed an appointment with jobcentre, had his benefits stopped and died because his insulin, which had to be kept in a fridge, went off because his electricity was cut off.

      When they found him there was no food in the house.

      And every year they demand that we buy poppies to support our ‘heroes’, while they spend money on some more nukes that they will never be able to use, but goodness, it makes them feel important.


      1. It is like listening to a puritan to hear the Cairnallochy boom!

        The man, or heaven forfend, woman, that is Cairnallochy is fortunately not representative of anyone but him or her self.

        You, Cairnallochy, are doing zero for a vote for independence. Just out of interest are you actually ‘for’ or ‘against’? On your nonsense on here, I am not at all sure. Indeed, if I were on a jury I’d have thought that you were against independence, unless it were on your terms.

        The point of independence is that it is on our terms.

        I am actually not convinced that you really want independence.

        For it will take every one of us that want it to vote for it, and not your ridiculous ageism.


        Excuse yourself for the attempt to split us. I have more in common with a child that want’s independence than you.

        And, whilst I’d like to claim that that was a lifelong position, I had to evolve somewhat to arrive there.

        Would quite like to see similar evolution for you, but I won’t hold my breath.


      2. Don’t wish anybody dead and not sure where I imply that. Just a recognition that any constitutional arrangement dependent on the votes of over 65’s can only last so long and there can only be increasing tensions over time with the changing demographic balance.

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        1. Cairnallochy,

          You did say:

          “The demographics show an inexorable trend towards yes in all age groups except over 65 and if yoons want to lie in a British grave, the earlier the vote, the better.”

          Apart from the obvious failure to follow your own ‘logic’ to it’s conclusion, thanks a lot for wishing me dead.

          Lots of us elderly folk have, perhaps, given up on achieving independence for us, but we have not given up on a future for our kids or grandkids.

          We would sacrifice, and you would not.


        1. Well, I am not at all clear what you think this meant:

          “The demographics show an inexorable trend towards yes in all age groups except over 65 and if yoons want to lie in a British grave, the earlier the vote, the better.”

          Your opinion would be welcome, as you are someone I trust.


      3. Ach, Douglas – we know what he means. We should know that most of our age cohort are Yoons because most people our age were back then in the years after the flood but before mobile phones, social media and video games, and the election of Winnie Ewing had not yet sent shockwaves throughout the land – why, the SNP were viewed as a fringe cult back then!

        We know even better than those cream-faced loons, callow striplings and other dewy-eyed, wet behind the ears yoof who frequent this forum that most of our age group are Yoons – we grew up with ba*stards, and are all too intimately familiar with them!

        P.S. I am using the word “Yoon” liberally (see what I did there) because the press thingmie or something has said it’s more insulting than “nat”, and I want to be as bloody insulting as possible.

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    2. Take it from someone who lives in the States…do what you can to keep your health care system from turning into a private insurance-based health “care” system. If you want to spend lots of money on monthly insurance premiums, only to have the insurance company deny payment for services for some obscure reason they made up…or, if you want to go bankrupt if you’re uninsured because you have to pay such astronomical charges for ambulance + hospital services…then the privatized system might just be the perfect thing for you! I envy you for having the NHS, although it sounds like it’s going downhill.

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    3. The tories give the impression that they have no plan, without a doubt they are working on the plan. When Moog, in reference to food banks, said that the food banks were a good thing, it demonstrated that the charity sector was working well.
      Our future health will be insurance based, no need to sell off the NHS and it will massively cap Scotland’s barnett payment, a win win for the tories. There will know doubt be safety nets in the form of charities, hence the victorian pencil’s, and others, charity remark.
      18% of American GDP goes on health. I doubt the US health system can pay any more. They need pastures new for their insurance model. What could be more convenient than a country that boasts a special relationship, is needy and desperate.

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      1. An American friend in San Diego described the special relationship as:

        America: Jump Brits
        Brits: How high, Sir?

        If and when there is a deal with them, I’m pretty sure it will be in that.

        Before that point we must have got away.

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          1. Agreed, Alan. It’s an existential question, and even though it’s been one for several years now, the threat of authoritarian government and direct rule from London is becoming ever greater. With its constant chipping away at devolution, and its constant refusal to accept the will of our parliament and people, the Westminster regime is pursuing a strategy of limited objectives — the frog in boiling water technique, in other words.

            So – independence very, very soon, or it will become impossible for the foreseeable future as the whole island falls under fascist rule.

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  4. I’m hearing that the Supreme Court has struck down Holyrood’s attempt to enshrine the UN charter on the Rights of the Child into Scots law.

    Weans whit are they like, nae rights fir you!

    Re Savid he’s right – one of the many English “reforms” aka privatisations to Health and Social Care actually means that the English NHS isn’t under the control of the government and there is no legal right for the government to ensure health care in England. Due to the Internal Market Act this will be coming to an NHS near to you… Still Better Together by which I mean Iller Together.

    Is iller a word? AKA More ill.


    1. Yes, apparently a comparative adjective.

      I suspect that pretty soon there will be no rights for anyone.

      The child is the start and as the vastly over promoted Raab says Human Rights ? pffff… We’ve seen how the fat scarecrow feels about pigs being slaughtered and burnt well…just because.

      The only people who will have rights will be the royals, who appear to be above the law in everything.

      We really need to learn from the French.


      1. Who knows with him?

        Of course loads of people have £85,000 lying about in a bank somewhere doing nothing.

        There’s Charlie, William, Harry, Tony (although I think most of his is in teh Virgin Islands).

        Probably Beatrice and Eugenie wouldn’t have any because their mummy always needs any spare cash to bail her out of her latest overspend… now that the rich dictators and paedophiles are gone.

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  5. When third-raters like Alasdair Jack or poor Douglas Ross get up to address a group of people, imagine how humiliated they must feel knowing that nobody gives a damn what they have to say and that everyone knows they count for nothing.

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          1. Age does not really matter. It seems to me that the ages of your children, grandchildren (of whom I have a few) is probably more relevant.

            I am sorry for Cairnallochy. I wish him or her a better future.


        1. What say you Cairnallochy? I would be really interested to know.

          At the moment Scotland has far higher standards.

          What do you think about that?


  6. Your objections are based on reading into my post something I did not write and given the intemperate tone of your response, I am not minded to offer any apology for any offence inadvertently caused. What you wish to read into my words is entirely your responsibility. I have already pointed out that I wished no one dead.
    Much of your post descends into speculation on my person, affiliations and and motives, of which you know nothing.
    I have been associated with the SNP since 1962 (although only intermittently active at times in my professional life) and actively and heavily engaged over most of the last decade.
    My post was intended to stir a bit in the closing paragraphs but the spoon appeared to land in the wrong pot, if you get the metaphor.
    I have no intention to engage in reciprocal mud slinging – some of your responses have descended to little more than verbal abuse – and I invite you to respond to what I actually write in future and refrain from speculation about my motives and character.

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