I hear that the Noble Willie addressed the conference on the subject of Scotland. He at least got leave to talk to the grown ups, unlike DRoss, who was stuck in the backroom with the Jocky lot, doubtless wrecking the joint (as the Noble Baroness once pointed out they normally did).

A brief look back on the life of Margaret Thatcher. Pics Mirrorpix -  Liverpool Echo

He told his listeners that Scotland leaving the UK would be a godsend to Britain’s enemies, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from Russia.

Interesting that a small nation of poor, backward people, incapable of running their own affairs in the way that, say Malta, does… would be so vital to the future of the great superpower with the standing of GREAT Britain, I thought.

I pondered the notion that Putin is sitting there in the Kremlin frustrated beyond measure that if it were not for those pesky Jocks, he could overrun the UK today and be back in Moscow around 4, for a spot of tiffin.

Then two thoughts crossed my mind. I wondered about the money that Russians pour into the laps of the Tories, you know for the privilege of having lunch or dinner with people like Davidson the Noblewoman, buying themselves honours.

And then I thought of the generosity of Britain delivering Brexit for the Russians.

After all, surely Russia sees the potential break-up of the EU as a good thing in his quest to welcome the Eastern European countries back to what he would imagine their proper place in the slipstream of mother Russia.

But then it occurred to me that this cannot be. After all, this man was once the foreign secretary and surely must have a solid understanding of international affairs.

You know, like Liz Truss.


Young Tories…all blond and a little chubby faced too! Remind you of anyone?


I suppose we should all get past the idea that anything any of them says makes any kind of sense. I suppose what this balloon is saying is that all good Brits must get to choose their futures, except for Haggis Bashers who will have theirs chosen for them by the likes of him.

I also think that it is hilarious that Nicola has put up a challenge to the Tories to defend their claim to be the party of the working class in Scotland.



Britain to tell PM… Do Some Work!
Get back to work! What? On overcrowded public transport in poorly ventilated offices with windows closed in the miserable British winter. Then pop home and spread Covid about a bit. Give it to your grandad. Not nearly enough old people dying and the pensions are costing a fortune.
And what with having polluted the waterways with raw sewerage he has to get the cleaned up somehow as there are no foreigners to do that work, it will have to be prisoners.



You see, Boris… We all know that when we farm pig, their natural end is to be killed and eaten by the public.

To comply with British (and European) law these animals must be raised humanely and then taken to an abattoir where they are killed as humanely and hygienically as possible, and thence sold for meat.

What is happening now it that they are being slaughtered on the farm, which renders them unfit for human (or other) consumption. The pigs have lived and died for nothing… and if that fails to move you, then the next bit maybe a bit more concerning. The largely Tory-voting farmers, having raised and fed these pig in the hopes of turning a profit on them, get NO MONEY.

Just let that sink in.

Tory Voters…No MoneyLOSS

Can you see the problem now, dipstick?


David Meyer@superglazeΒ·

UK business department just confirmed to me that there have been 27 applications for those HGV driver visas, as the Times reported – and not 127, as Boris Johnson claimed.

Goodness me. I fear that the prime minister may have let a little lie slip out.

Boris Johnson Liar Stamp Stickers - a Politics crowdfunding project in  Sheffield by Madeleina Kay

41 thoughts on “TORY PARTY CONFERENCE”

  1. Dear trispw.

    It is frankly a joy to see you this affronted. You have been simmering on the pot for a week or so. Please, keep it up!

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  2. The young Tories look exactly like every “Young Republican” group I’ve ever seen on any university campus in the States. (Except young Republicans will have neatly combed hair, unlike the Boris lookalikes.)

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      1. LOL Tris……Not having been on a university campus lately, I don’t really know how Trumpification of the GOP may have changed the traditional Young Republican look. Trump has certainly redefined the meaning of “neatly combed” hair, so perhaps he’s even redefined the GOP skin color. For Young Republicans, it had always been dazzlingly white. πŸ˜‰

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          1. LOL……Very good! I’ll pass it along!
            The wind on the steps of Air Force One was surely his greatest enemy.
            He had a thing about the wind. And those damnable wind turbines that the Scots insisted on building in sight of his posh golf clubs. The piles of dead birds he said were lying in piles all around them. He once described how many Eagles are killed by the things. πŸ™‚

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            1. Um yeah… Poor old Trump.

              His golf course ruined by a wind far wayyyyy out to sea (and often not visible for land in the disagreeable Scottish weather.

              How we laughed.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Tris…..He clearly does like unobstructed ocean views. I’m surprised that he didn’t complain to your government about that Scottish weather. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Well, I imagine that you have these cohones when you rule from sea to shining sea.

        Nowadays, not so much.

        Frankly they are not worth the ground that they walk on.

        I have maybe mentioned this before, but Scots were taken as slaves to the Carribbean. They died off like flies. Those from Africa, fellow slaves, described them as ‘red legs’. And they did not survive very long.

        It, it seems to me to be the most horrible exploitative descent into darkness that the human race has ever embraced.

        Some English politicians appear to see it as a time of glory.

        Frankly, my opinion and theirs is irreconcilable.

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        1. The Empire was a great time for the very very rich, a lot of whom got very very richer.

          For the bulk of the population it was a life of grinding poverty, little food and virtually no comforts.

          But hey, like blue passports of today, they were told that Britain was the greatest nation in the world and that we ruled a third of it.

          As a kid at primary school, I asked why, when they told of Britain talking other people’s countries it was always a good, nay GREAT thing, but when they talked about the second world war, and how Germany took other people’s lands it was not just bad but pure EVIL.

          I was considered an awkward child.

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            1. Well… I wish you’d been my teacher.

              I was branded a trouble maker.

              I also refused to sing God Save the Queen on the basis that there were any number of people who had much more need of someone or something saving them!

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        1. Yeah, Danny, but Joe is only the president of the USA.

          Frosty the Snowlord, on the other hand, is a recently transfused blue blooded member of the aristocracy of England.

          Joe wold do well to remember his place….

          πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. Danny, away back in the seventies, a creature very much like those was leafleting in a very douce part of Edinburgh. He was about my age, there the similarity ended. He was dressed in a tweed suit and matching cap (English Tories think it de rigour to wear tweed when in Scotland). I was waiting for a girl, sitting on my bike dressed in my biker best of tattered leathers, jackboots and a white silk scarf (present from the girl).
      He half-heartedly gestured with a leaflet towards me, I minimally shook my head, the two yards between us a huge chasm of mutual contempt.
      The girl arrived, a vision in a well filled denim catsuit and thigh length boots. His jaw dropped and I pulled away from the kerb. His pater may have owned half of Perthshire, but at that moment I was King of Scotland.

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      1. Conan……What a great story! πŸ™‚

        Makes me think of a day when the doorbell rang and I was confronted by two nattily attired, well groomed young men in well pressed dark suits, perfectly knotted ties, and carefully combed short hair. Each one was holding a book. Without really thinking about it, I exclaimed “Mormons!”, and then immediately realized that they might take offense at my outburst. But they were SO wearing the uniform, right down to the two books…..the book of Mormon and the Bible. Fortunately they laughed, and then I laughed. I declined a living room discussion about the Latter Day Saints, but we chatted amiably about my visits to Temple Square when I’ve been in Salt Lake, and I accepted some leaflets. As far as I know, there’s no such thing as a scruffily dressed young Mormon.

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  3. Like

  4. Last century Albert Einstein discovered Brownian Movement.
    Now we have the doris say there’s NO Alternative to his non programme, it was thatcher who quoted that.
    When will we have another ‘Broontervertion Statement’, but not on his multimillionaire ‘friend’.
    The chairman of the tories says get off your Peleton bikes, I had to search that to find it’s a stationary bike , Β£1750, that you fit your mobile device on to exercise on line, all nice and comfortable indoors. He was asked why the party didn’t have a vote on who is to be the chairperson, reply was that the leader decides and we’ll just keep that democracy.
    Much like the ‘Flag down a Bus’ if you’re worried about a policeman/woman in your space. From last weeks SS, I looked up the dvd of ‘A ring of bright water’due to the reference to the prawn boat under the Skye bridge. The lead actor was thrown off the train due to the behavior of the otter who then goes to the bus stop and says ‘We’ll just take the bus’, consults the timetable and says’ The next bus is in 6 hours’.
    Aye, wave down a bus in your moment of worry.
    Our lot are nearly as bad, get the police to radio their control room, they’ve never heard of radio and mobile phone black holes in the highlands.
    The big flounder says he’s installed Gbit broadband the length and breadth of the country, every nook and corrie.
    Aye right.

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  5. Just reading that the pig federation has Culled 120,000 pigs that were due for the normal food processing, so no pigs in blankets with the no turkey at xmas.No further breeding from the breeding sows they will be next as they are too big for the normal processing.
    Then sheep.
    Next will be the chickens which will lead to a shortage of eggs.
    Then the cattle and a shortage of milk as if you don’t breed cattle you will run out of milk and beef.
    Maybe the eton education missed out on the farming.

    Best picture of their conference was the mogg getting cornered by a poor soul who has to prove he needs help when it is obvious he needs support.
    What a country, no compassion.

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    1. You’d have thought that the farming Tories… you know people like that Union Jack blokey would have grasps a tiny bit of that… But then I doubt anyone listens to a word he says.

      I had that man with cerebral palsy on the blog. It broke my heart to watch him. I know autistic people who have to reapply for benefits every two years despite the fact that there is no “cure” for autism.

      And I remember a woman born without arms who was made to apply for help on a regular basis, like they imagined her arms would grow in now that she was 25.

      Hateful country.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I think the moog thought it was a good photo opportunity but Mr Hutchins has a physical disability but not a mental one, he let rip on the benefits system and I think he ALMOST embarrassed the mogg.

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