It’s your fault, public, you’re buying too much stuff…
Disappointingly, wages have actually gone down over the last 10 years. But it’s important to remember that he doesn’t give much of a toss about cancer outcomes or life expectancy.

In Mcstr with ⁦⁦@Douglas4Moray⁩ and our talented team ⁦@ScotTories⁩ the party of working class Unionists who Labour left behind”, says Tess White (whoever she is).

Apparently, the new buzz phrase for Scottish Tories is “working class”.

So, I look forward to them proposing a wide raft of policies which will help poorer people in Scotland and using their influence in the House of Lords and Commons to ensure that founding is found for Scotland to ensure a decent treatment of all people. Not just royalty nobility and the gentry.

After all DRoss says the Tories in Scotland have already rendered the Labour party obsolete and now he intends to do the same to the SNP, so who knows, at the next election maybe this will be totally overturned.


I won’t be holding my breath.

Did someone die and put him in charge of something somewhere? Last I heard he was the leader of an opposition party with fewer than half the seats of the coalition government.
Put that in perspective. Lizzy was 29. Kirsty Wark was born. The prime ministers were Winston Churchill, then Anthony Eden and Donald Trump was 9.


31 thoughts on “TORY PARTY CONFERENCE”

  1. Re the 1955 thing, there is an argument to be made that the last time we voted for Tories was 2014 because that’s what a No vote delivered and continues to deliver…

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    1. Here’s a corker for us:

      According to Torcuil Crichton …”PM raises the roof at Scottish conservative reception saying he’s glad to be at conference where people can “shake hands and exchange bodily fluids”.”

      So that’s what the Tory Party conference is about. We all thought it was about planning ways to kill off poor people more quickly and save on pensions and benefits, and here… it’s really about an opportunity for deeply unattractive people to exchange bodily fluids with other deeply unattractive people.

      Who knew?

      Was there ever a less appropriate person to be the head of the 4th form… Sorry? What?

      Oh, He’s actually prime minister? Jings.


  2. Maybe only slightly OT! Some political nostalgia.
    Facebook is under fire in Congress. Facebook is ALWAYS under fire in Congress for (among other things) its role in promoting misinformation leading to the January 6 Trump insurrection in Washington. In the course of a news report last night, a familiar named popped up — Nick Clegg. Turns out that since 2018, Clegg has been Vice‑President for Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook, with his office at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California (Silicon Valley, South of San Francisco.)

    I wonder if his executive position at Facebook…..maneuvering between the shark-filled waters of big time California digital media in Silicon Valley, and a hostile Congress in Washington……might cause him to yearn for more tranquil bygone days in Westminster. Maybe he occasionally pops in to visit the Windors down at Santa Barbara?

    California Clegg:

    A LOOONG (but borderline interesting) article about the current Facebook wars and the part Nick Clegg plays in it as a Facebook Vice President — “Facebook’s Smooth New Political Fixer”:

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    1. Clegg has been a total prat for as long as I can remember.

      He’s from one of those super rich families that gets whatever it wants, thanks to money.

      He got off lightly with a prank that caused a huge amount of damage while a student, allegedly because his father said he would make good the damage. Very costly!

      He took the Liberal Democrats from more than 60 seats at one point to 8, in the UK parliament and they lost most of their seats in the Scottish parliament too.

      THey were big in university constituencies, and Clegg had made promises about reducing student fees, however he sold out on that for the deputy prime minister job, and in fact student fees in England were tripled.

      I see he’s now a sir… Ye gads!

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      1. Tris…..Interesting! I’d completely lost track of him, so I was surprised when he showed up on TV in the Facebook story. Wiki says that he was appointed a Knight Bachelor in 2018. So as a Bachelor Knight, he’s not one of the prestigious orders of chivalry, much less a Garter Knight (which even Prime Ministers haven’t gotten since John Major.)

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        1. Maybe that’s because no one would want to marry him….

          Yes, I think there are a limited number of people who can become Garter or in Scotland, a thistle.

          I keep expecting to get a letter from Holyrood House Palace offering a Thistle to Munguin.

          He will of course tell them where to stick it. …OUch!

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          1. LOL Tris……I’ve been wondering why I haven’t yet received word about a Thistle Knighthood. Delayed in the post I reckoned. But now I see that Munguin’s offer of a Thistle has not yet been received either. I suppose one receives one’s Thistle at Holyrood House. I certainly wouldn’t travel across the Atlantic for one of those low class Bachelor Knighthoods! 😉

            Nick clearly has plenty of money. I see that he now resides in Atherton, in San Mateo County south of San Francisco. Wiki says that “Atherton is known for its wealth, with the highest per capita income among U.S. towns with a population between 2,500 and 9,999, and it is regularly ranked as the most expensive ZIP Code [postal code] in the United States.” When he moved to California, he left “Parkfields, Putney, south west London”, but also still maintains a house in his former constituency. Nice to have homes on both sides of the Atlantic.

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  3. The melody that goes with “If it wasnae for yer lists seats” is wrongly attributed to Billy Connolly.

    After a quick search of the Internet, I can trace it back to 1961, when the Clancy Brothers recorded “The Work of the Weavers”.

    Lots of folk groups did cover versions long before the Big Yin came up with his comedic “Wellies” song.

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    1. DonDon…..Speaking of The Weavers, Fred Hellerman, the last surviving member of the group died in 2016.

      Years ago, I saw a documentary (maybe posted on YouTube) about the last two concerts of the Weavers at Carnegie Hall in 1980. The picture is from that reunion concert. They closed those concerts with “Goodnight Irene,” one of their popular covers, first recorded by Leadbelly in 1933.

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    1. Danny, I once played Carnegie Hall.

      Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, that is.

      So, did the song “The Work of the Weavers” originate with the Weavers?

      I always thought it was a Scottish song, though the Clancy Brothers were Irish, obviously.

      I never suspected that it might be American in origin.

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      1. DonDon….How cool to be able to say that you once played Carnegie Hall! 🙂

        An old classical music joke involves a tourist in New York City asking a passerby on the street “how do I get to Carnegie hall?” The reply is “Practice, Practice, Practice!”

        I know that Andrew Carnegie owned a castle in Scotland. A nice home to have when he needed a holiday from his big dirty steel mills in Pittsburgh. But I didn’t realize that in addition to the famous Carnegie Hall in New York City, there’s also one in Dunfermline.,_Dunfermline

        About the name of the group, Wiki says: “The Weavers were formed in November 1948 by Ronnie Gilbert, Lee Hays, Fred Hellerman, and Pete Seeger. At Hellerman’s suggestion, the group took its name from a play by Gerhart Hauptmann, Die Weber (The Weavers 1892), a powerful work depicting the uprising of the Silesian weavers in 1844 which contains the lines, ‘I’ll stand it no more, come what may.'”

        The Clancy Brothers intro their song here mentions “Pete Seeger and the rest of those guys”:

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        1. Danny, Dunfermline is Andrew Carnegie’s birthplace, so it’s not surprising that it has a concert hall named after it.

          It was the venue for a brass band contest, which is how I came to “play it”. Yes, and that involved lots of practice, practice, practice.

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          1. DonDon……That’s a great story! 🙂

            I was inspired to investigate the history the Carnegie Hall on Seventh Avenue at 57th Street in New York City. The idea came from a chance meeting between Carnegie and Walter Damrosch on an Atlantic steamer, followed by a meeting between the two at Carnegie’s castle in Scotland.
            By all accounts, Tchaikovsky’s stay in New York in late April and May, 1891, to conduct the inaugural week concerts of what was then called the “Music Hall” was a triumph. Tchaikovsky reportedly gave autographs to anyone who asked, often accompanied with a musical annotation. He wrote: “[New York] is a huge city, not beautiful, but very original. In Chicago, I’m told, they have gone even further–one of the houses there has 21 floors!”



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  4. The Brexiteers are admitting to the short term problems caused by Brexit but the mid to longer term structural damage caused to the economy will be far worse.
    Of course,by that time they will have long since left the stage.

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  5. PM:”The good news is you’re getting a pay rise”

    Voters: “Hooray”

    PM: “The bad news is you’ve got 6 months to live”

    Voters: “OMG OMG I have so much live left to live. I don’t want to die.”

    PM: “Concentrate on the pay rise. That’s the important metric.”

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    1. Are you auditioning for a job there?
      Rumour has it that DRoss is about to be ditched. Now, to be fair, to get the job you’d probably have to accept a peerage and become a Nob. Can you manage that?

      Oh, and I think you should probably replace the word “metric”. That is associated with “the long bad dream of our EU membership”. (Frost… another Nob.)

      Henceforth the phase should read… “the important imperial”, swiftly followed by a rousing chorus of Rule Britannia!

      ¬Munguin says!


      1. I think my enthusiasm for Tory HQ policy roughly matches DRoss’s. Not sure how they could do better. Same problem as Labour – desperate need to separate from HQ policy and character.

        I actually cannot name the Labour’s Holyrood leader without the aid of google. This is a personal high.

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        1. I’m pretty sure that in most states, the “regional” (for want of a better word) leadership is allowed to differ from the central party on some issues. Most obviously, on issues that are particular to, or of greater import in that “region”.

          I suspect that political leaders in Canton Zürich won’t have exactly the same policies or priorities as leaders of the same party in Canton Genève.

          Likewise in Australia, Malaysia, USA, Canada and many other places, individual states or territories were allowed to close “internal” borders during the worst of Covid. Indeed in England there were restrictions on travel into individual town. Leicester was one of these, I seem to recall.

          But no border controls were allowed between Scotland and England despite there being different restrictions in these countries (or “regions” as they would prefer).

          I fear that the Brits are frightened of allowing any kind of recognition of difference between us.

          To my mind that shows a great lack of confidence in the overall structure of the UK and people’s devotion to it.

          Here’s a question for you… Who is the leader of the rump of what once was the Liberal Democrats in Scotland… or in the UK for that matter?

          I know the Scottish one, because he’s a particular joke of a man, but the Uk one defeats me… and I can’t be bothered to google it.


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