Yea. They work in Scotland. It’s their job. Scotland pays taxes to London for them to work here.
The army working for us in NOT a privilege; it’s their job.

A combination of Covid and Brexit has left the four nations of the UK to a greater or lesser extent in dire straights.

We are short of drivers, care workers, NHS staff, farm workers, etc etc.

We are suffering a shortage of fuel, mainly as a result of the shortage of HGV drivers… petrol tanker driving is a VERY skilled job.

And so, not surprisingly, the army has been called in to help out. It is, after all, one of their functions for which we pay them a wage from our taxes.

The Tories in Scotland… thankfully, once again a dwindling bunch… seem to feel that the need for army intervention is down to failures of the Scottish government. And this, to some extent, may be true.

But if it is, wouldn’t their criticisms be equally valid for the English government? And if so, where are their comments to that effect? Strangely missing. That’s where they are!

I suspect that Annie Wells, although she resigned from the Tory front bench as health spokesman, may still be in charge of the Social Media feeds, because probably almost anyone else would see that every time they launch a tirade against the Scottish government and point out that the BRITISH army is having to be deployed in Scotland, there is never a single comment in agreement and most comments point out, on each occasion, that this situation is the same across Great Britain.

A reasonably alert social media manager would probably tumble to the idea that this only gets a bad reaction from the Twitterati …and is, thus, mostly counter productive.

SNP inaction created the crisis in Scotland’s NHS – but UK soldiers will help our fantastic frontline NHS staff to get it back under control. The UK has said our Armed Forces will support Scotland’s NHS for as long as we need says the caption that accompanies this.

So, firstly, I’d like to reiterate that the Scottish public pays taxes. It’s OUR army too, Tories!

It’s not like by some inordinately generous gesture on the part of Mr Johnson that we are being helped out of a mess by the Brits.

The Tories also complain that there is a massive backlog of work to catch up on in NHS Scotland.

I was thinking that after a year and a half of NHS staff anywhere in the UK working around the clock in horrific conditions (remember all the clapping Boris did), risking their lives every day in the pandemic (and in some cases losing their lives) there was absolutely BOUND to be backlogs… and some of them incredibly serious. That’s what happens when you have a national emergency and at the same time make it clear that foreigners aren’t welcome.

I’m surprised that, given that the part of the UK that they are responsible for is in just as much of a mess as the part that the Scots are responsible for, they not a little more cautious about criticism.

Because everything you say about us, Tories, we can throw right back at ya.

Marquee outside Addenbrooke's Hospital emergecy department
Addenbrooke’s Hospital erects a marquee for ambulance arrivals.
The QMC hospital
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs two hospitals in the city, said it postponed treatments for 49 patients on one day this week. The problem has been caused by short and long-term sickness, and vacancies.
5.61 million backlog happens in a pandemic.
A female patient receives chemotherapy treatment for cancer
It could take more than a decade to clear the cancer-treatment backlog in England, a report suggests.
Patients sitting under blankets and a nurse outside accident and emergency at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge
Patients waited for hours in a “cold, filthy” car park outside a hospital’s A&E department, a mother has said. Maria, whose daughter had a four-hour wait for an X-ray, described the scene at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on Thursday as “absolutely shocking”.
Ambulance service
Tory inaction created the crisis in England’s NHS – but UK soldiers will help England’s fantastic frontline NHS staff to get it back under control. The UK has said our Armed Forces will support England’s NHS for as long as we need.
Where is Surrey?
Police being drafted in to drive ambulances in London.

No leader can escape all criticism, not Mr Johnson, not Ms Sturgeon, not Mr Drakeford, and not Mr Givan or Ms Foster. They’ve all made mistakes and between them (to greater and lesser extents) they have contributed to the worst record on Covid in all Europe…and I might add that working together across the four nations was probably the biggest mistake they made.

I’m not sure why the Tories relentlessly criticise the Scottish government efforts when their own government is making such a cack handed job of it.

And all of this, remember, has been impacted upon by Brexit.

Doctors, nurses and care workers and ambulance drivers and porters, technicians, et al, left due to the hostile environment created by their newspapers, thier politicians and their associates in UKIP and EDF.

The SNP/Green/and now Alba MPS and MSPs didn’t change their minds about Brexit and its effects as soon as England voted to leave, unlike the “Scottish” Tories who, up to the day of the referendum were warning of dire consequences of leaving the EU, and then did a volte face when the result was announced. A potential disaster turned magically into a wonderful opportunity if I recall the words of the then Scottish Secretary Mundell.



42 thoughts on “THEY NEVER SEEM TO LEARN”

  1. In the background we are being set up for more austerity.
    The governor of the central bank, the Bank of England, no mistake on the naming, is telling us that due to inflation they will need to Raise Interest Rates.
    The market is running away out of control and the single tool to be used is the bank base rate, the rate that has been so close to zero that they thought of having a Negative rate, only a few months back.
    Now they tell us we are spending too much during a time the uk government is ignoring energy costs going out of control, benefits rises set at less that the stated inflation rate, claw back of temporary help, food shelves not as full as during the pandemic, democracy trashed, media in the control of D notice style wartime.
    The money that the government loaned themselves will now have to be paid back.
    The Scots don’t knows must surely see the negativity of the tory placemen in Hollyrood are not helping us out of this hell, they must see that Scotland can easily govern itself and hold the government that it elects to account.
    If this is the best the union is doing for us we are as well going on our way and making a return to our friends in the world.

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      1. No it isn’t inevitable, or for that matter obvious Tris.

        The inflationary pressures can be firmly placed at the door of Brexit. Demand exceeds supply because of the Brexit SNAFU interrupting supply chains, not the usual overheating of the economy.

        Farting around with interest rates won’t put more HGV drivers on the roads, nor cut through the red tape at customs. If they do increase the base rate, there’s only one reason behind it; austerity & a heavy dose of it.

        On top of the removal of the UC uplift & the NI increase for social care (a mechanism for transferring tax money directly to hedge funds), any increase in interest rates (& therefore housing costs for mortgage holders) will send more people over the edge.

        If the UK alone in printing money to pay for the pandemic, maybe. But whilst everyone and their dog is at it, then there’s not pressing need to change interest rates other than for an ideological shafting of the poor and vulnerable.

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  2. Rrrrgghhh… the whole effing shower of them make me sound like a cat preparing to upchuck a hairball.

    Of course, the BBC, and the other BritNat meeja are careful to blame the Essempee for every problem in the political, economic and social spheres, and frequently for things that have nothing to do with anything. At the same time, they carefully do not report that England is more, and frequently much more, afflicted by the cruelty and incompetence of the Westminster regime. Among other things, in so doing they reinforce the Cringe, and the myth that Scotland could not “go it alone”.

    Nor will we see or hear any mention of the fact that the Scottish Government spends a lot of time, money and effort in mitigating the worst effects of the regime’s inhumane, xenophobic and fundamentally flawed policies. To put in another way, the Great British Meeja are (almost) always soft on the Tories and remarkably hard on the SNP / Scottish Government.

    I hope to live long enough to see independent Scotland deliver good economic growth but with improving environmental indices, greater prosperity along with greater social and economic equity, and strictly reality-based policies and actions both at home and abroad.

    There may be a positive consequence of us Scots being told for three centuries or more that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to survive without the guardianship of our kindly southern neighbour, a neighbour which generously, out of the sheer goodness of its heart, hands over money to pay for all the services of the UK State which we too use on the pretext that we’re not capable of earning it ourselves. That consequence would be that we are less likely to go the same ethnonationalistic, xenophobic, entitled and offensive route that the Tories, the Brexiteers, the ideological UKIPpers / Faragistes, Bullingdon Boys, and assorted grossly obnoxious fascistic types who currently wield power in this Disunited Kingdom have chosen, because we are not blinded by delusions of Empire and Great Power status.

    More fool us if we ever think that England is more important than it actually is – and worse, if we ever think that Scotland is less.

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    1. Well said, agree with your points.
      Have a look at the cost of energy in Too Wee, Too Poor and NOT STUPID Norway, it is £60 for a MWhr, in the exceptionalist uk it is £400 a MWhr and they are paying £4000 /MWhr to bring back into service the old Coal Fired Stations and still charging Scottish stations for access to the Grid.
      Be aware that there are 3 Nuclear stations off the grid for maintenance and Hunterston B1 is due to come off next month and B2 in January.

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        1. Down to the weather.
          For the last 5 years we have had light snow around the November end and December, then lots of rain before a repeat of the cold in January/February, at least in the Central Belt.
          The Global warming is changing our traditional weather of when I was younger, cold weather through December to March.

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  3. The media you can trust, Sky News just tonight.
    The Chinese have a power/energy shortage, a big article, oh look ‘there’s a squirrel’.
    The Hunterston units are coming off for maintenance LATE due to their maintenance being delayed due to problems elsewhere. They are still at reduced load due to the moderator cracking, they are already about 15 years beyond their design life, they are AGR reactors, would you believe they are cooled by CO2, seems there’s a bit of a shortage of that particular gas.
    The masterminds of the doris government, who decry the use of Experts, will have factored it all in, afterall they’ve decided to build a new light water reactor, due to come into service in 2030 if current history of the other builds of the same system aren’t sorted.
    Meantime Rolls Royce want to install mini light water reactors, derived from old nuclear submarine power plants, in your local area.
    Seems they have a dozen or so parked in Rosyth at present under used.

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        1. They generate electricity to drive the electric motors that drive the submarines.
          HMS Vulcan at Dounreay is the propulsion part of the submarine, the ones at Rosyth are scrap, de fuelled and gentle rotting away for the next 50+ years before they can dispose of them, probably by sinking them in the Dyke between Scotland and Ireland.

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          1. Where Boris’s bridge was going to go before it was scrapped and replaced by Boris’s tunnel erm… before it was scrapped…. a bit like his garden bridge.


              1. Maybe one day he will manage to get a plan for a bridge though…even if it’s only over a burn in the grounds of his stately home.

                You can flog him the lights for that.


  4. Like I say, they never learn. Why can’t you see the own goal you are about to score, you muppet?

    I mean someone with a bit more savvy would say… well, maybe better not ask that because the Brexit we didn’t back until our neighbours voted for it… and the Brexit that Scottish people voted heavily against, is to blame for shortages everywhere.

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  5. Before the commencement of the 2014 referendum in 2012 how many people in Scotland thought the BBC was a trusted source of news? Quite a lot, I would reckon. Now 9 years later not so many. It is tainted and is not the potent weapon it was during the last referendum. Still be wary of it though.


    1. My default weekday radio settings are Radio 4 through the day and 6 music in the evening – and Radio Scotland for football and 2 to 3 pm… There’s a good internet music station called All Over The Place which is good for some weekend gaps that need plugged.

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    2. Sorted it, Marcia.

      I stopped watching tv, except at my mums many many years ago. After an operation in 2009, I got a tv because I was spending much more time at home for a while, but I almost never watched programmes… I bought lots of box sets.

      I got so sick of the BBC news on radio that, a lifelong Radio Four listener, I stopped that too.

      Don’t trust them an inch.

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  6. Meanwhile, I read that Boris is so exhausted after his dismal performance in New York and Washington, that he is having yet another holiday with his family…although which one, I don’t know. We are indeed lucky that he hasn’t come to Scotland but the West Country.

    How many holidays does this man need per year?

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      1. He seems to be exhausted after a week’s work.

        You have to ask how other leaders can do it… and have done so for years.

        I wonder who is paying for this holiday…


        1. I can’t stand the man but he may be on compassionate leave as his mother died a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure how good their relationship was but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt this one time. Though tbf that doesn’t explain all the other holidays.

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          1. I seem to remember being given 3 days when my parents died and one day when my gran died.

            She wasn’t royal. Her death was weeks ago. I’m not unsympathetic but… it’s not like he’s royal… They apparently need weeks of mourning… and the country IS in a bit of a crisis… and he is supposed to be in charge.

            Can you imagine what they’d say if Nicola Sturgeon has as many holidays as he does.


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