1. A man of principle, ironically being criticised by Union Jacket, who resigned as shadow Scottish Secretary because he didn’t like the socialist policies of the Labour party...
2. Struth, Nose Picker, as if we would. But wait, isn’t the government’s plan to solve the problem doing a U-turn on the “get out of our united (LOL) kingdom, you horrible foreigner” policy which was part of Brexit? How does that work then?
3. Bless him… He really is quite awful.
4. But, then, surely if they had stolen all these British jobs, and we sent the blighters packing, there must be Brits just waiting to step into these vacant posts. What is the DWP doing then? Get the jobs and the unemployed people matched up. It’s not rocket science. Chop Chop, Coffey!
5. …well, obviously, as soon as you had your fill of champagne and smokes.
Queen Elizabeth II
6. And with her usual expert reading of what common people feel, her magisterial queeness is going to give her darling son, Andrew a platinum medal for …well, being him. Nice huh? I wonder if he’s in the pokey by then, will she go to pin it on his chest? After 70 years she still hasn’t got a bloody clue. Honestly, NOT A BLOODY CLUE

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7. After all that, here’s a cheering reminded of Munguin singing his wee heart out with the Libations back in 2014. Great day, thanks lads …and sorry if he was off key on the high notes..

28 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. He seems like an altogether decent guy.

    I really wanted to like Starmer despite his Sirhood… but seriously, they need to look at themselves and wonder how bad you have to be to loose on a regular basis to a man as inept as Johnson, and what kind of a Labour leader could possible argue against Β£15 an hour living wage.

    I’d really like to hear Labour’s arguments in support of him.

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      1. I’ve always though he had to try to be as Tory as possible. I understand that he (like David Mundell) is a very good constituency MP… but he is in a very rich constituency and, I think, has to downplay any idea of socialism.


  2. Finally managed to get a figure on the impact of brexit on HGV drivers numbers, 20k have gone, from Road Haulage Association. We are being told that there has been a problem of a shortage of lorry drivers for a number of years, too few younger drivers coming in to replace the retiring ones. To suddenly reduce the numbers by 20k was bound to cause supply chain chaos.
    Similarly, in 2015 a government report on the possible effects of leaving the EU, looked at energy and stated that gas supplies should not be impacted as we had excess gas storage facilities. In 2017 the government allowed Centrica to sell off gas storage facilities. Healthy shareholder bonus?

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    1. I guess it isn’t a job that would appeal to everyone.

      I’m sure that the driving, once you are on motorways isn’t too bad (although the roads in the UK aren’t the best). But it’s a bit of a lonely life and I know means being away from home quite a lot. I have a friend from Bulgaria whose dad did that… and he would be away for a week and more at a time.

      I think the UK has the lowest level of storage for gas in the EU.

      As that video that Willie put up the other day pointed out, when all that matters in railways, gas, electricity, etc is profit, you are taking a huge risk.

      Yes, sell off the facilities to store(Mind you, who to and what for?) to make a short term profit and now… out gas is, by a mile, the most expensive in Europe, and we might run out of it.

      Still, some fat cats made a killing, so that’s OK

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        1. One single gas field in Scotland alone could serve Scottish needs for the next 35 YEARS. What went wrong? We are a de facto colony (though not de jure) and thus our resources are not our own and exploited by others for their benefit.

          It will be a cold and bitter winter but Better Together apparently…

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          1. Very true, and the same colonial grab with the electricity where our producers have to pay a hefty fee to connect to the grid because they are such a long way from the ‘centres of population’, then a fair proportion gets exported south at no charge to people there!

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              1. I think they should take back control of their electricity production… don’t you? Then we’d have plenty.

                Why can’t we be like another “equal partner” in the UK and share the Irish grid?

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      1. My view is we’re being conditioned.
        The operator of Grangemouth refinery bought the gas pipelines from the North Sea wells from BP.
        They are pushing for Fracking for Gas in the Forth valley to be allowed.
        The gas pipelines are to be used to store the fracked gas in the depleated oil wells in the North sea to increase the recovery of the remaining oil and store the gas.
        We should be watching out for the fracking to be allowed in the Forth valley and into the Clyde valley as we sit on the largest Shale sandstone storage of gas in the uk.
        Remember Paraffin Young and the shale bings at Livingston.
        I don’t believe in conspiracy but doing nothing in a chaotic situation isn’t normal.

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    1. At the weekend corporal ‘jones’ shapps just said ‘If the filling station has run out just drive to the next one’, very London Centric are our tory servants.
      As you point out the next filling satation might be some way off. Like Skye, the stations are some distance apart and the normal is daylight hours only.

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      1. Exactly.

        They have no idea how other people live. Despite being the minister for the northern powerhouse, he probably rarely goes anywhere north of his constituency in Hertfordshire …where, you’ll remember, hurricanes hardly happen.


        1. If anyone is in Dundee, the BP station on the Perth Road and the Kingsway both had no queues this afternoon. It’s more expensive than supermarkets, but … when in need…


  3. That picture of Therese Coffey should be put with one of the PM bursting out of his slept-in suit and his hair the usual mess. They would make a right pair of eejits.
    How did we ever think it a good idea to have the likes of them in charge?
    Actually we didn’t, but were out-voted by those down south.

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