14 thoughts on “INCREASE IN PRICES”

  1. This is all about the glorious maggie who split up the electricity generation and transmission system.
    As created around the WW2, the 3 generation companies were Hydro, SSEB, and CEGB.
    The distribution companies were local, like Manweb etc, the Scottish boards were responsible for transmission as well as generation.
    We now have lots of energy sales companies who purchase from the Big 6, who now sell electricity and gas, and sell on to the consumer.
    You can choose to buy your energy from’ East Kent power’ and pay them for it, they Trade energy. The reality is that If you live in the West of Scotland the electrical energy comes from Scottish Power, they can’t tag your green energy and have it delivered to your home.
    Try and find out easily the actual cost of one kWhr of electricity, it is well buried and the smoke and mirrors come up with the ‘Average’ consumer and hence the fictional CAP.
    The sdverts I see at my brother’s tv tells me that every one of the traders are selling Green Energy, most electricity is generated by burning Natural Gas in Gas Turbines.
    The recent return of Coal Fired stations due to the French DC cable station fire resulted in the stations getting paid £4000 a MWhr to bring them back on line, currently the bulk rate is said to be
    £400 a MWhr.
    They are still importing coal to use as an assist in burning ‘Young Trees’, called Bio fuel.
    Time to take the ‘Levelling Up’ and have the cost of each unit of Electricity and Gas the same for everyone who has a supply.

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      1. We had storage for “town gas” in the shape of gasometers all over the place; when North Sea Gas came on stream in the 70s, these fell into disuse. There are still a few about, notably at Silverknowes in Edinburgh and where the motorways split around Parkhead in Glasgow. The reason being that NSG was so plentiful that no storage was needed.

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  2. With all the regrettable hardship that’s on the way, I’m so looking forward to the likely accompanying increase in petty crime. There are very little polis in evidence and even the governments at the thieving, so why shouldn’t budding crims get some of that action on a local level.🤔

    There was a time round here when you couldn’t leave a garden chair out overnight as it would be gone in the morning. It wasn’t wise to get too attached to your car stereo either and petrol syphoning was almost a nightly occurrence. Your locking petrol cap would be easily removed and contemptuously chucked in the bushes never to be seen again. Further adding to the expense and annoyance. It was so rife and the police were so disinterested that some of the younger residents in my street formed our own wee vigilante group to put a stop to it. This was sailing close to the wind with the law but had the desired effect being mostly ‘psychological’ in nature. Fortunately as we got into the noughties, it ceased to be an issue altogether.

    My vigilante days are long gone now and I’m afraid any confrontation with a young, fit, handy bastard would have an outcome that could best be described as ‘poor’ for me.⚰️ Sympathy for someone’s plight however has a shelf life when they’re nicking your stuff and yer no exactly Aundry Carnegie yersel.

    I live in hope that it’s just auld codger paranoia.


    1. So do I. But I take your point that when those who already don’t have, have even less, sometimes they take things into their own hands.

      Munguin was thinking of employing security guards, then it occurred to him it might be cheaper to get a peaked cap for me (especially if I paid for it myself) and I could be his security detail. Having read now of your exciting youth, he wonders if he would be better employing you!

      The toffs always win!


        1. Very noble of you, Niko.

          Let us with Carrie and Boris a very happy turkey and all the trimmings… not to mention those special bottles that some generous donor will surely have found in his cellar.

          A tin of spaghetti can be just as nourishing.


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