Talking about lies and greedy elites that expect wallpaper to cost £800 a roll, how is your great leader and his would-be First Lady Let them Eat Cake Carrie Antionette?
So, this is the reality, not exactly what you promised…
I see the greedy elites on the continent are reasonably generous to the peasantry with their electricity prices.
At least we’ll save money on food… given that there won’t be any.
Brexitted Brits…
And it seems that the lies of the elites in Europe have been contagious.
How it was.
Better Together, Johann?
The French are actually having a laugh at the Brits, describing them as the 5th wheel, although it would be true to say that they are offended. And your Nobleness will probably find that offending them because you don’t think they are as reliable as the English, is a bit of a mistake. What you need, given the utter mess the UK is in, is friends in Europe, et vous êtes en train de jeter ça dans les toilettes. Vous Great Muppet!
OK. Let’s start with people who can afford £800 a roll wallpaper and dinners celebrating 100 years of stately homes for prime ministers (to which almost no one comes), shall we? And when it comes to the virus, I doubt that the UK should be talking about levelling up… We really don’t want other countries to be as badly affected as the UK.
Yo, England, your justice minister doesn’t believe in justice.
And your minister for Levelling Up, doesn’t seem to believe in levelling up… especially not for people who are dentally challenged
Michael Gove Fronts Bizarre Brexit Publicity Stunt For The Sun On Sunday |  HuffPost UK
Ummm talking of which…

46 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. The radio reports on the sprog fails to mention the actual grannie and granpa, it’s the great grandmother who gets the nod.
    I listened to a sycophant talk about the york family having a hard time this last year and a new sprog should help. Again the granpa was missing other than the york family.
    Will airmiles visit the new sprog, maybe but I hae me doots, they might have a back door that he can get in and out without having to sack the poor souls that took the summons.
    How much money do they need? just a wee bit more than the many fortunes they already have.
    AULD PHIL’S will to be kept secret for 90 years, to protect lizzie the last, didn’t think she would live that long, less than ten to go would be my guess.

    Don’t worry, the cabinet say there’s no problem with energy supplies.

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    1. Johnson has said its only temporary… In any case he’s off to America where they have loads of stuff.

      Awwww, the poor Yorks. People of their quality should not have hard years. The rest of us… pffff, who cares.

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  2. As usual,the Tories will eventually move these clowns out of office and replace them with another lot who will promise to fix the problems created by the previous incompetents.
    As usual,England’s voters will allow them to do so,or at least pretend to.
    And so it goes on,forever and ever….amen.

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    1. Wow. We are at long last getting over to England (sadly as that is where our family is 😫) in October to see our children and grandson whom we haven’t seen in two years. We may have to take food parcels!

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  3. You’ve just got to admire the Saxe-Coburg ability to get their genetic material out there. Be it an evolutionary triumph or hopefully a dead end, at this rate in 2 or 3 generations I imagine around 60% of the worlds population will be related to them. Simple arithmetic tells me that the British royals may well comprise the bulk of the worlds population in a couple of hundred years.

    Depending on there being a climate catastrophe or if Covid really is a ruse and the vaccines are there to kill us plebs off, then in the resulting perverse uncertain future the human race may conceivably breed into one enormous royal family. If that’s the case then who is going to do the actual work? During the pauses between all the shagging it’s going to be a short tough life for any deer, grouse or other cute furry/feathery animal in this future world. It’ll be the certain sorry fate of any creature witless enough to peek out of the forest to get its head blown off as soon as it shows it’s face.

    All that designer gear, tartan checks, funny long short trousers tucked into socks and hats cocked at jaunty angles plus climate change. I’ll take my chances with the vaccine thank you very much. Imagine some future version of yourself proudly showing off your new born babe to the cooing in laws and some tactless bugger saying “Aw he’s got Charlie’s nose” That would surely be too much for anybody to bear?🤨

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    1. LOL. You paint a picture of the future of which I’m going to be glad not to be a part.

      They do have a tendency to have a lot of kids, those foreign royals, probably because every time they have one, they get more money from the state. A bit like child allowance for the plebs used to be.

      Now everyone else is restricted to two children, except them. (Remember that repulsive bill lecturing us about only having two kids, just before his clothes horse got pregnant for the third time?).

      Still Charlie is being investigated for selling honours, Harry’s buggered off to California and Airmiles is hopefully gonna share a cell with his mate who “committed suicide” in case he was likely to testify against any of the high profile people he was about to snitch on to get a lighter sentence. Awful, the way these suiciders get into prison cells and kill people.

      Still Andy’s “blood” princess (as opposed to the nasty common princesses that have ordinary blood… oh wait, like MISS Sarah Ferguson’s blood) will soon make up the numbers again.

      Seriously, I’m going to learn to “tricoter” and hope very much that it will be useful.

      In other news I hear some gas companies have gone bust and people are being transferred to the nightmarish british Gas, whether they like it or not.

      You can bet your bottom Euro … oh I’m sorry, you bottom great british Pound… that they will be putting you on the worst tariff.

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  4. I got my winter supply of logs delivered today. I thought I’d better get in quick before the gas shortage panic buying kicked off. Each bag was £40 dearer than it was this time last year. The business owner said they’re having real trouble sourcing the wood.

    I stopped burning coal a couple of years ago for environmental reasons but there’s no much eco-friendliness in wood burning because the bulk of it gets dried in electric kilns. I think it’s because stoves won’t burn damp wood. I’ve got an open fire that’s only on in cold weather and a store to dry it naturally so I’ll take the damp stuff. You get a much longer-lasting better heat from coal it has to be said. Evil as it is, although it’s hard to stay eco friendly when Mossmorran flaring lights up your back garden of an evening.

    Keeping fed and keeping warm are becoming issues for an increasing amount of people. The question is, how long will the passive Scottish people put up with it? Are we so under Westminster’s heel they can do anything they like to us? Will Scotgov start getting proactive instead of just girning about it?

    There’s lots of questions and a woeful shortage of answers.

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    1. Prices are scary, and the shortages are bound to increase them, because people being people will charge more.

      I wish we could see progress on independence.

      I’m sick of waiting to get out of this mess.

      But as I’ve said all along, what we do must be legal. The alternative seems too fraught with impossiblities.

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    2. I have a pal in northern Finland; they burn wood, but they coppice and manage the woods, too. Chop the trees in the spring and store them over the summer and autumn, then they’re dry enough to burn. The trees that grow take the place of the ones that they cut. A woodburner with a back boiler’s a tempting thing, as are solar panels and a heat pump.

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      1. Yes. But in Finland they know about looking after the environment.

        Didn’t even Trump (who probably didn’t know where Finland was, or whether it was arctic or sub-Saharan) say that they swept the forests to stop forest fires…. much to the Finnish presidents amazement.

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        1. There’s fire brooms in Scotland too, I think; you don’t sweep, you beat. I think that he got the wrong end of the stick (quelle surprise!).
          My pal’s father-in-law’s first job was as a photographer for the local paper, as he’d got a good photo of a forest fire. The forest fire was caused by his father’s still exploding, which was why he was on hand…

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    3. I got a load of logs the other day too. I feel its more economical to just heat the room where the stove is rather than the whole flat when it starts getting chilly in the evenings like now.
      I’ve not tried cooking on it yet but may have to try if gas gets too expensive.


      1. These last few days the warm weather seems to be slipping away. It can only be a few weeks away from needing heat in the evenings.

        I’ve always thought it a bit wasteful to heat all the Towers when we use so few rooms.

        More so this year.

        I suspect that Auld Liz will soon move back to London where the heating bill will be on us, not her.


  5. tris, greig12, it’ll be no surprise to you that Genghis Khan has two-and-a-half million descendants (and Immanuel Kant has precisely none), while one quarter of folks bearing Clan Donald-type names share the genes of Somerled.

    Imagine my surprise when a close relative did a DNA test, and it turns out that we’re all related to a Chinese emperor!

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  6. This morning he said from New York that the reason for all the problems was due to the ecomonies around the World was ‘un-thawing’, to me that means it’s freezing.

    Meanwhile at Hollyrood the two unionists, red and blue are asking the same question with the same rambling leadup.
    Funny in a way that two medical men are complaining about the SNHS being overrun when they should be in their profession helping out.

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