Animal personalities: Apes, rodents, birds, dogs, cats, and hyenas have  animalities.
1. Morning everyone. What do you think of my little bundle of joy?
2. I’m a Yellow Warbler on account of the facts that I’m yellow and I warble.
3. Have you heard about the three little pigs?
4. Beautiful Bulgaria.
5. And I’m called a Blue Footed Booby on account of the fact that I’m a booby and I got blue feet. We tend to try to keep it simple for humans.
6. Belaya Rock. Russia.
7. Wolfie love.
8. Munguin got out and about and paid a visit to the lambs he saw not long after they were born. They sure have grown.
9. I’m called a Green Ibis because I’m an Ibis and although I don’t look like it here, I’m actually quite green.
10. Don’t you wish you were there…Standzha Park?
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11. Tashkent.
12. One for Alan. Is that Barley or is it Rye?
13. We might be a bit lazy (we wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Munguin International Publications), but we have lovely smiles.
14. In case you are wondering why I’m called a Red Tanger, it’s because I’m a Tanger, and I’m red.
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15. I reckon I deserve a rest after keeping all these sheep in order all day.
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16. Aye, right.
17. It’s a very birdy sort of Soppy Sunday. I guess you can probably have a stab at why I’m called Robin Redbreast?
18. Cuddles.
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19. Far too few big animals this week, Tristan. I’m going to have to have a word with Munguin.
20. Don’t let go, Mum. Even to say goodbye to the Munguin lot…

Thanks to John.