What manner of man is this?

Douglas Ross MP MSP @Douglas4Moray
(on the subject of Nicola Sturgeon.)

Arrogant, elitist, patronising.

This is not a First Minister who represents working class Scotland anymore.


Now THIS is how you represent the lower orders, eh?

Absolutely nothing arrogant or elitist about the Eton, Bullingdon Boy.

Oh no sir!

Or any of the other Tories…

The Prime Minister for the 18th Century - Platinum Media Group
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  1. There’s a lot of truth in what the blond buffoon said; especially if you replace “The British working-class…” with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Every single word applies to him.

    Segues nicely with Paul Kavanagh’s recent piece at WGD on the infantilism of British nationalism. Infants don’t recognise themselves in a mirror; they think it’s someone else.

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          1. phew, well that’s a relief, for a wobbly moment I was worried about the future. Am I glad I can bake a “wicked” scone.

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          2. He’s muddled his words.

            GBBO hasn’t been watched in 193 countries. I think he means the format has been sold multiple times and all of those versions together have been watched in (still a dubious claim) 193 countries.

            The idea that GBBO and its UK presenters are globally popular is another example of British exceptionalismt that Raab undoubtedly believes.

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            1. Well, he was the guy who didn’t know that Britain was an island and that most of our imported food came in from Calais … He’s not one of their brighter bulbs.

              I think getting mixed up is part of his job description.

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  2. O/t officially unconfirmed but I’m seeing reports on twitter that the Supreme Court has refused to hear Craig Murray’s appeal. If that is true, he will begin his prison sentence and any appeal to the European courts will be from behind bars. Unless he gets another postponement for any custody???

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      1. I’ve seen some legal commentary from Andrew Tickell that suggested he had very little chance of success. I think it was something to do with it being a contempt of court case.

        His lawyer has made a few statements about free speech protections of Article 10 of ECHR. It’s hard to imagine he’s going to get very far with that because the thing that he did would have been unlawful in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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      1. Apparently he gave them a good talking to on his tv show on GB News. Apparently he’s the only one who gets more than a handful of viewers…so a good move on Brillo’s part signing him up…

        Anyway, it’s done something good.

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        1. I would have thought that there were more people in the boat than those who watch Goebbels News, I hope that channels sinks. Good that RNLI have had an increase in donations.

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          1. Normally, it seems that’s true, but Farage has brought people in for his show. While some shows have no viewers at all, he managed 107,000 the other night.

            But, if his rant against volunteers who save lives appeals to people, then I’m sorry for those people. How horrible it must be to hate like that.

            Fantastic news for the RNLI.

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      1. Not much of a life DonDon.

        I read somewhere, many moons ago, that Giant Pandas have the least efficient digestive systems in higher animals; they only extract 17% of the nutrition from their extremely monotonous diet.

        Munching through 6 times as much bamboo shoots as you have to (with attendant consequences at the other end) doesn’t seem like fun. Another issue with a heavy reliance on bamboo, as a food source, is that it dies after flowering; leading to widespread and sudden famine.

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