1. Ah but, even though there was Brexit and Boris Johnson is PM and UKIP has taken over the Conservative Party we are still better together. It’s all about ‘pooling and sharing’. Labour will win the next election and restore unicorns to Glasgow, and we will have pigs flying from the new Spaceport in the Highlands.

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      1. Seriously, you’d have thought the best education money could buy in England might have prepared him for behaving with decorum at a memorial service.

        But I dare say he wasn’t paying attention.

        I remember reading that, in one of his biographies, he admitted that when they got bored at Eton they used to go “up” to London and do some shop lifting in Fortnum’s.

        The reason I knew about it was that, when he was mayor of London, some students had a sit-in in Fortnum’s and he went off on one about it… then someone pointed out to him that at least they weren’t shop lifting.

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  2. So the trous du cul are still trying to cover up those indy polls they carried out using money supposedly earmarked for COVID, are they, at an as yet undisclosed cost of many, many thousands of quid in legal fees to m’learned friends? The whole lot of them just exude slime and sleaze: malfeasance, attempting to gag free speech to save faced and consequences, rampant corruption and cronyism, misappropriation of funds – there’s such a firehose of scandal and criminality that the zone is flooded with it, so no one knows where to start. In other words, it’s the Britnat version of Trumpism. As the saying goes, though, the fish rots from the head.

    So then Tris shows us Boris laughing and ar*sing around at a memorial service – well, as he is what is commonly known as a psychopath, it’s not just that he doesn’t care, he’s unable to: any display of a gentler emotion is an act designed to fit in with the rest of society, so his frequent lapses out of character are hardly surprising – he really doesn’t give a d*amn.

    As for the memorial service in question, I have no doubt that to Boris’s mind, anyone who lays down their life for another is an utter fool. Munguinites may like to consider (if they haven’t already) how such a mindset jibes with the concept of public service.

    Public Service Announcement: alert Munginites will have noticed that the normal flow of contributions from Schloss Freeman has undergone a hiatus. The explanation is that the Schloss has upped sticks and moved back to its stamping grounds of old (very old) in the West of Scotland. Munguinites will be delighted to learn that normal service is gradually being resumed.

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    1. Aye, well, Munguinites were more than a little concerned when no affirmations of life came, not just on one Sunday, but on two.

      Munguin was intending to send people to your door to find out what was wrong. Just as well he didn’t, as you would not have been there.

      So anyway, his importantness wishes you the best of luck in your new/old home. Party?

      As for les trous d’c… yeah, you got them about right.

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    2. Ed..….Very glad that you’re back online at Munguin World Media, and will once again be favoring us with your words of wisdom and wit. Hope you’re doing well in your new digs.

      One might be tempted to comment on the political skills of a Prime Minister who doesn’t have the good sense to keep a sad expression on his face at a memorial service. In fairness, His Royalness sitting beside him had the same problem (albeit specifically at de Pfeffel’s expense.) I would go a step further however, and wonder about an Englishman who has never developed the skills necessary to control an umbrella in wind and rain.

      But wait……..Boris was born in America! That explains it! A place where presidents can’t even manage to board Air Force One with an umbrella.

      Umbrellas are a minefield of presidential misadventures:

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            1. LOL….LOL……Great! For a bald guy, he makes good use of the few strands of hair that remain…..until some wind blows. Amazing! 😉

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                1. LOL……Wonderful! I’d never thought of Rees-Mogg as being keeper of the Queen’s privy paper. 😉

                  Amazing that the English never get rid of any artifact of government that they’ve ever had. Even the “Great Officers of State!” I like the Wiki comment: “As the duties of the Lord President are not onerous, the post has often been given to a government minister whose responsibilities are not department-specific.” What an elegant way of saying that he really doesn’t have very much to do!

                  It was BTW a great discovery a while back to learn here that the Prime Minister is the Lord High Treasurer and that No. 10 is the official residence of the First Lord of the Treasury. 🙂

                  (I just learned from Wiki titles that the Great Offices of State are apparently different from the Great Officers of State. British government is full of surprises.)

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      1. Trump waving paper from shoe as boarding; I’m sorry for putting this out there but others must have had the same two thoughts on first seeing that.
        How did toilet paper get stuck to his shoe?
        What is keeping it there?

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  3. The video is a keeper.
    Much like the tories did with Kinnock and the beach scene.
    Hope it gets repeated every day until we get to the Referendum vote.

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  4. Today’s news,
    Lizzie the last asks for exemption from green policies for her estates.
    Learning from the grandkids, buying carbon offset for the use of aircraft fuel.
    The new yacht is to be funded from the defence budget, same as the old one which was a hospital ship, now we are at the £250 million bracket. Designer of the QM2 says that will get you a big trawler in today’s market.
    Nice article from Mr Murphy’s blog, is the pound in your pocket a real pound or a QE pound, seems that the pound in your pocket might not be worth what you think.
    The banks don’t know what to do with the QE money it seems, just store it on the computer as the paper stuff is too heavy and the fire precautions too expensive.
    Are the englander children being fed school meals?
    Who is supplying the food banks?

    Won’t need to water the plants today as the big yellow ball thing seems to have vanished.

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    1. That woman is a cheeky, money-grubbing *****. She just expects… and the idiot governments or the commonwealth just provides.

      Shame on the Scottish government for allowing it. The royals are saying that we all need to make sacrifices, but they really don’t because it would be a bit of a financial blow.

      I thought that Charles was one of these environmentalists and Liz was mates with David Attenborough. Well, it seems that they are …until it looks like it’s going to cost them money, then it gets ditched quicker than a daughter-in-law that displeases. (Eh, Diana, Fergie, Meghan?)

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  5. News report is that the ‘environmeltalist’ is in Caithness today, wearing his ‘Rothesay’ tartan.
    Travelled by carbon offset fuel no doubt.
    Inspected the beach in Thurso.
    Wee overnight at the Castle of Mey, perhaps

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  6. The video of the UK PM being confused, can’t work an umbrella. The solemn ceremony was not about him or giving him the attention, he therefore does what he has done many times he acts the clown. He pushed the umbella operating ferrule up beyond it’s resting place deliberately. I assume he has done this before or he has practiced it. The man is full of jolly japes, and shit.
    Disgusted of Dunvegan

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