How’s Brexit working out for you?
Never mind, mate. I’m sure Boris will clap for you… if he’s sober enough.

What a lot of midges:

So glad I’m not there.
Global England showing an example to lesser nations.
Sainsbury in Weymouth, England today. Remind me, how is Brexit going?

Probably a good idea, Boris, to keep the police on side when you have the kind of government that you have… Mrs Thatcher made sure she had them with her before she started by giving them a fat payrise.

41 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. Good one Niko.
      Also good, for Johnson, that l had nothing to do with dishing out the safety hats. I would not, could not have resisted super glue or nit eggs on the inside of his.
      I know, childish but the idea of his stage prop hair do being shaved off would be irrisisable. Worth joining one of his chain gangs for I reckon.
      “Chain gangs”, sheesh, racist git that he his.

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  1. Now the police south of the border understand why we Scots have so many grievances with Westminster.
    Being ignored and treated with contempt isn’t much fun and doesn’t build mutual respect and trust.

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    1. It’s not bright to do that though. Authoritarian governments need the police on side. Mrs Thatcher saw that right away and gave them a fairly large pay rise. They were onside for all the disturbances of the miners’s strike after that… and all the problems that arose from her shutting down the industrial base.

      Maybe Thatcher lived nearer the real world than Johnson.


  2. The only time I experienced midges at anything like that level was in Glencoe.

    A swarm rose out of the grass and covered the car before we could get into it.

    We were the length of Callendar before I killed the last one.

    The little blighters.

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    1. I used to have an ID card that read;
      Past President
      North West Highland
      Sabretooth Midge Breeders Society

      I am trying to remember Why.
      ISAGIATT perhaps.

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    2. I had an encounter a few weeks ago while in Argyll with my motorhome. Returning to the site in warm humid but overcast weather, it took 2 minutes to get hooked up and turn on the gas. In that time a million had got inside. There followed 40 minutes of hell until the sun came out and in the bright sunshine they disappeared to dark corners where I tracked them down and exterminated them. After that I could sit outside in the sun and enjoy a cup of coffee with no sign that midges even existed.


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  3. First job is to catch your criminal.
    Then take them to task in the courts by proving the case against them.
    Deal with them in a civilised manner.

    Problem for the tories is:-
    They’ve reduced the numbers of police on the beat.
    Reduced police civilian support services.
    Reduced the numbers of courts.
    Reduced the numbers of magistrates.
    Destroyed the probation service.
    Privatised the prison service and reduced education services within the prisons.

    Almost a plan then to sort out the system.

    Why doesn’t the flounder get the prisoners to pick the harvest that is rotting in the ground and train them to drive the trucks and pay them the living wage.

    That would mean having a thought out plan and not just a sound bite.

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  4. Just smoke and mirrors.
    The testing rate is running at half the value in a week.
    This Delboy run government will not want to find out which of the many possible causes.
    Schools out.
    Englandland holiday period.
    Test and trace being de-sensitised.
    Manipulation of test data

    Still the flounder is busy working for you one hour a week as parliament is on its holidays, not back until September, there’s a pandemic don’t you know.

    The German National Socialists are beginners when compared to the uk government.

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      1. Surely not englandland being a world leader in these graphs.
        The torygraph says the pandemic is al over bar the shouting.
        The party MP’s are asked if it’s okay to ditch the triple lock.
        The SNP are losers with each medal won by team gb.
        The two young gymnasts are from Dublin and their father is an Afgan, well done them but they’re now in the englander mode until they don’t win then their nationality will change.

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  5. Given the empty supermarket shelves, is this the Chancellor’s new scheme : Eat nowt to help out?

    Saw this video re the RNLI which I thought was good. We rescue people at sea, all people.

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    1. Seems to be.

      That had me in tears.

      What does Patel think… They are risking all that for the British Social Security.

      That woman could be called inhuman, if she wasn’t the child of refugees. I’m sure there is a word for her but I certainly can’t use it on here (Munguin is a delicate soul).

      To ask Lifeboatmen/women to ignore people at risk of drowning, because of the colour of their skin should be, if it is not, an international crime.


      1. Sorry I made you cry (or the video did!). I thought it was very uplifting, the guy basically saying “this is what we do, and if you don’t like it, hard cheese!”. I also liked him telling off the adults in the boat, no mate the children get rescued first, you can just wait!

        Yes it is international law you have to rescue at sea.


        But Priti Awful wants to introduce a law that criminalises helping. Though one of the flunkies said it wouldn’t effect RNLI. But what if the RNLI guy was on his own boat…

        Anyway this might cheer you.

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    2. That’s actually harrowing just to watch.
      Priti Patel and those in Tory or any party that would see people drown, or locked up for needing help and support, are actually quite evil.

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      1. Yes but they have been rescued by those brave volunteers at RNLI. They aren’t paid for this. They risk their lives to rescue; they are the best of people. Priti Awful and co are the worst. Apparently the video was prompted by that other human effluent, Nigel Farage calling the RNLI a “migrant taxi service”.


        Priti Awful’s law could see them jailed for up to 14 years for their bravery. And still they released a video saying – this is what we do! Total Respect!


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  6. The midges got me to thinking about canoeing in Canada.
    The whitewater guidebook described the situation in the upper Jacques Cartier River as
    “les mouches noires sont voraces” = The black fly are voracious.

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      1. What about their larger cousins, the Rhine Valley mosquito?

        I get bites every year.

        Fortunately, they tend to hunt singly.

        Known locally as “Schnaken”, and every bit as nasty as the name suggests.

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        1. Eeeek. Why do the Germans always have things bigger and better than us?

          You should try some of that Smidge that Tatu spoke about.

          A friend of mine took it to Islay recently and it worked.

          See… Dundee stuff….


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