Sajid Javid and the return of the Tory power stance | Sajid Javid | The  Guardian

Mr Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary of England, wrote:

Full recovery from Covid a week after testing positive.

Symptoms were very mild, thanks to amazing vaccines.

Please – if you haven’t yet – get your jab, as we learn to live with, rather than cower from, this virus. https://t.co/OmuaUGp173— Sajid Javid (@sajidjavid) July 24, 2021

I’m pleased for the English Health Secretary that he has made a full recovery from Covid. I’m sure he got the very best vaccine. I’m sure it was delivered timeously and while he was ill, I’m sure he wanted for nothing.

Lucky man.

Not everyone has been so lucky.

Indeed Britain’s record for Covid deaths is one of the worst in the world.

Some people, those who have been advised to shield, for example, have cowered… if cowered can be taken to mean ‘kept their heads down, obeyed all the safety rules and didn’t do what Boris Johnson wanted and take it on the chin. Most of us have done our damnedest to go on living as normally as we can, but following all the regulations set out by medical experts.

Of course many have fallen short. Some visited holiday homes (eh Mr Johnson snr. among others), or failed to wear masks (eh, Mr Johnson, snr.) or got caught snogging our mistresses (eh, Mr Hancock) or left our area for something REALLY important, like attending a Tridentine Mass, because they can’t bear to hear the word of the Lord in English (eh, Mr Rees Mogg)!

But most of us have kept our distance, washed out hands, cleaned our supermarket trolley and and worn masks, to protect ourselves and, of course, those more vulnerable than ourselves.

We haven’t been cowering. We’ve been working together, as decent people in society.

Javid has since deleted his tweet and apologised.

Sajid Javid@sajidjavid

I’ve deleted a tweet which used the word “cower”. I was expressing gratitude that the vaccines help us fight back as a society, but it was a poor choice of word and I sincerely apologise. Like many, I have lost loved ones to this awful virus and would never minimise its impact.

Translation: Oooops. I made a bit of a dick of myself there. Don’t be cross at me. I’ve lost people too. You should feel sorry for me not ridicule me. And although I minimised the impact of the virus, I would never minimise the impact of the virus.

Oh and you just lent these people some credence…

Well done!

It’s worth remembering that Long Covid, or Post Viral Fatigue is a thing. Being over it in a couple of weeks isn’t going to happen for everyone.


          1. If whisky makes you frisky, can I get you a large brandy? Dunno if that’s what Winnie had in mind, but as far as I know he was more disposed to cognac than single malt. One more serious criticism to add for those who knock him.

            His recent biographer and impersonator, though, seems definitely inclined to the large brandy offer and by all accounts it has proved very successful for him.

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      1. He may well have apologised but I’m far from convincedthat his use of ‘cower’ as just a bad choice of word. He knew exactly what he was saying and what he meant by it, and with an army of speech-writers and spin doctors checking the puffery output, it would not have gone unnoticed or unapproved.

        He was clearly saying that people should not be intimidated by covid, no more than they would cower from the common cold or flu, so stiffen that upper lip and keep your chin well tucked in while keeping your guard up. Practitionersof the ‘noble art’ do not cower, and Britain gave the world the Queensberry Rules after all. Has anyone told the virus, though?

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      1. No no, other Piers, Piers Corbyn brother of Jeremy, in the shopping mall video. Although it applies equally to Morgan I guess 🙂

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        1. Oh Lord yea. He was a complete melon… but I think so was everyone who spoke at that event…

          Hopkins and Corbyn and I guess Tommy Robinson would have been there if he hadn’t been trying to raise 100,000 English pounds to pay that lad his defamed.

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  1. Was Burns thinking of Tory politicians when he penned his famous poem,To A Louse.
    They certainly are wee, sleeket, cowran, tim’rous beasties.

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      1. Mouse/louse? Cowerin’ beastie is from the former. The latter is equally appropriate with ‘To see oursels as others see us!’

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  2. Don’t feel sorry for the maybot.
    It was declared in parliament’s records that she was collecting £100,000 for each month since she resigned, over and above the salary.
    You see there’s NO Money to pay nurses, police and teachers, just for starters.
    The maybot declared earnings of £1.8 million for the period since retired as pm.
    Where are the foodbanks to get the food to pass onto their customers.
    I hear that bottled gas is becoming a supply problem as well as food.
    Isn’t it great we are ‘governed’ by such a team as the flounder has managed to collect to look after us.
    Still look on the bright side we’ve managed to send our aircraft carrier, sans aircraft, to scare the Chinese.
    Meanwhile West of Shetland the oil and gas theft is still ongoing and the Campbell field will be delayed permission until After the Cop.
    See Nicola will have no invitation to the party, the political leader of the country isn’t welcome.

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    1. Dave, had to look into the background of “No invitation to Nilcola Sturgeon.” I was thinking, “No, they couldn’t do that, it would be an own goal.”
      However the Johnson lot are so inept and petty. The ex conservative MP Ms O’Neill has been removed from her role as organiser of COP26 and seems a bit miffed, nothing good to say about johnson. Johnson having chosen Glasgow, was going to move it away to venue in England. Johnson doesn’t want to see Sturgeon anywhere near COP26.
      Maybe choosing Glasgow was part of the “love bombing.” Feel the love? Nope neither can I.

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      1. Another idiotic own goal.

        If Nicola isn’t invited, what happens if she turns up?

        Will he, in front of all the nations he’s going to be having there, have her arrested?

        He does realise, doesn’t he, that Covid conditions permitting, we Scots will be there in force showing the foreigners how much we dislike him and mistrust him… maybe as much as they do? Of course the BBC and the Tory press won’t cover it, but foreign tv and news crews will.

        Neat idea, Johnson… even for you, it’s a disaster.

        I wonder, in any case, if anyone will want to come to a meeting on Plague Island that could so easily be done on Zoom…

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  3. The foreign press may indeed be keen to report on the internal workings of the UK, to compare with the plummeting global image. It is the UK reputation that Johnson has damaged. Perhaps he is squirming as the UK is now out of the Lugano Convention, the UK has reapplied to join but the EU members have joined ranks in refusing. This is due to N. Ireland protocol attempt to renegotiate and the attack on judges. This convention is worth billions of pounds per year to London.
    Oh dear, seems like the UK didn’t hold all the cards, the EU have their own pack and they decide who gets dealt to be in the game.

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