Just a thought…

And there was me thinking that Freedom Day was when we left the tyrannical EU…
Must be Patel writing… OK. I’ll seek treatment.
Ironically, the vaccine which works least well against what has become known as the Johnson varient, is the OXFORD (there you are Annie Wells) AstraZencia.
Well, Mr Javid, define healthier, if you please.

18 thoughts on “Just a thought…”

  1. Tris

    I think that Scotland and Westminster have made such an arse of handling the pandemic that many people have had enough, I’ve heard from friends, in public, at work and in the street they are starting to give up . It will be interesting to see the next set of ratings for the Scottish Government as I believe that the tide has turned or starting to on Nicola Sturgeon , even arch fans that I know are starting to think in Scotland it has all been all lace and no knickers. Total shambles from start to finish, even though I am double vaccinated and have had Covid i stick to the rules but how many are going to be willing to do that for much longer when they feel it has been a waste of time and that they have been let down for doing so by the state and some fellow citizens.

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    1. I think it is worth saying that a huge amount of the control over what Scotland can do is held at Westminster. They are allowed to borrow money to pay for this, like every other country. (For borrow, I mean Print.)

      We aren’t allowed to close our borders so whatever they do, we are stuck with, like delaying the red listing of India, and the allowing of 20 flights a day for several weeks so that Johnson could get his trade deal (where is it?)

      I share your frustration.

      But you can see that Terry has set out very clearly the legal requirements and we are in a relatively unenviable situation.

      I pointed out earlier that Northern Ireland…supposedly our equals…can have a referendum every 7 years, but we can’t.

      It seems like an enviable situation until you remember how many people died in the achieving of it.

      I’m at a loss to see what else anyone can do.

      Being double vaccinated, particularly with the OXFORD vaccine doesn’t afford THAT much protection, and the relaxation of conditions, and trusting “the good common sense of the British people” will almost certainly put us back into emergency situation within a few weeks and certainly by the end of the summer.

      It doesn’t much matter that the Scottish government urges caution. The Daily Mail, the Sun and their likes carry the British government’s decisions over ours and the BBC cuts away form Scottish stories to cover English ones.

      I’ll grant you that Marj Drakeford does seem to have a more robust stance against Westminster than we do, but, in fairness, he seems not tog et criticism for it, where as we do.



      1. Imagine being in Catalonia and wanting secession. There is zero chance of that happening. That just isn’t the same for Scotland. There are difficult political challenges to overcome but there isn’t a legal brick wall stopping anything. Everything remains possible at all times because the outcome is entirely political.

        It’s an objective fact that we had a referendum in 2014. We can have another. I’m the last person saying this, it seems, but I wish I wasn’t. The political force behind a referendum is everyone believing it will happen and talking about it happening as much as possible.

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        1. True. At least the British constitution doesn’t forbid it, as the Spanish appears to.

          And if there is sufficient pressure, preferably once we are able to march and campaign, not just on social media but in real life, I hope we may wear them down.

          It can’t be wrong for Scotland to have a referendum, if the UK allows one to Northern Ireland every seven years.

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    2. Sorry Bruce, but a handful of anecdotes versus the election results, a mere couple of months ago, does not a convincing argument make.

      Furlough money (reserved) was denied to Scotland, at start of the second wave, only to be made available when it suited England’s needs. Control of the ports and airports is also reserved to Westminster.

      Two vital levers, for attempting to control covid, both unavailable to Scotgov.

      Factor in a hostile media, often hellbent on muddying the waters; it definitely focuses on the negatives and buries the positives to foster discontent, it’s not surprising that grumbles surface.

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  2. I have a new idea! Perhaps we could create a new transfer market, like for footballers?

    Perhaps Scotland could buy Jacinda Adern as our new leader?

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    1. I suspect that Jacinda’s strength comes for the fact that she is not hamstrung by another government telling her what she can do with her borders and her finances.


  3. I’m not a fan of football but the Euro 2020 Diving final between Italy and England is at 8pm on Sunday. Denmark you were robbed. Well according to twitter as I didn’t watch!

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  4. I’m in England at the moment touring around various relatives and the impressions are far from good, from Scotland’s point of view. Boris is great, the Conservatives are doing a great job seems to be the general opinion. So once again, as most of us know, there is only one option for us, because I doubt very much whether attitudes in the South are going to change.

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    1. That’s very depressing.

      The worst pandemic health record.
      Supplies running low in shops.
      Army may have to be brought in to deliver food.
      Crops rotting in the fields.
      Lorry driver Safely regulations being set aside.

      Why wasn’t all that on the side of a bus?

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  5. The protection of the Oxford from the Delta/johnson variant is reported from Israel to be in the 60% range, so the release seems to NOT follow the science and data.
    My thoughts on the performance of the Two governments in Scotland are that those of us who survive will have to wait at least 30 years to be told about the amount of arm twisting westmonster is applying, if you want your pocket money you’l just have to toe their line.
    It’s becoming more obvious that the SNP government are singing from the same hymn sheets issued by westmonster.
    As for the flounder’s performance yesterday he’s still telling the lie that the uk has the best vacination performance of the European nations, this is out of date. The data from Israel says that 40 % of the people vaccinated by the Oxford will pick up and transfer the virus and Still get ill. We are the johnson experiment.
    Will king billy in waiting be at the football on Sunday when his close contact wife is in isolation due to being in the company of a positive at the tennis?.
    You bet he will, excuses.


  6. I really wonder if Annie Wells will be bragging about putting OXFORD in the name (which, to be fair, was just a figment of her imagination) now that it is so much less efficient than Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson against the prevalent strain of the virus?

    And what next?


          1. I don’t know. I know people who have had AZ and Pfizer.

            Pfizer is given in the big venues…hospitals etc, because of the need to keep it so cold.

            GP practices are giving AZ.

            I read that the AZ is considerably less effective than the Pfizer.

            UK study: Pfizer 88% effective, AstraZeneca 60%.

            Early days yet, though.


          2. Scotland study: Pfizer 79% effective after two doses, 60% for AstraZeneca.
            A Scotland-based study published as a letter to the Lancet medical journal on June 14 found that Pfizer’s vaccine offered “very good” protection against the Delta variant.

            79% effective after two doses, at least 14 days after the second dose.


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