So, whatcha saying, Ben? England only won because they had Brexited? Isn’t that a tad insulting to the skill of the players that they were dependent for success on the Brexit Fairy? Also was booing during the German national anthem part of this Brexit of yours? And what about the guys sing F*** the Pope? Is this a Brexity thing too?
You just don’t get aristos of any quality these days.
I think, and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, that no one in the serious German press ever indicated that if Britain left the EU, England would always lose at football. Fair to say that the Germans may have fruitloop press like the Daily Express, so I could be wrong about that.
I have a feeling that the highly intelligent Frau Doktor Merkel will have a good deal more on her mind that football when she has the misfortune to meet that blithering buffoon, like trying to get him to stop stuttering and finish a sentence maybe? I wonder how Johnson will explain his people’s appalling manners regarding the booing of the German National Anthem. And, if I were her, I’d be wondering what ever happened to Great British Values about which we hear soooo much. Also i trust he feels just a little embarrassed by the sore winners of his country (below) that Great English fans showing how classy they are tweeting about a little child, sad that her team has lost.

Happy to say that the account no longer exists.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson watching the UEFA European Football Championship England v Germany game.
Still, Boris and Wee “Scottish” Willie are happy.

All that aside, it’s just a game of football and I congratulate England on their win… as I would have done with Germany, had they been the winners.

58 thoughts on “BREXIT WON THE FOOTBALL”

  1. Not often – if ever – that catching up with MNR spoils my morning. Beautiful sunrise and the promise of a beatiful summer’s day to come. Nice mug of coffee, first fags to kick-start the respiratory system, usual fun comments on previous post…

    Then this load of Brexit £$%^&*!! Are these people really sane or are they aliens behaving like loonies just to embarrass the Great ‘British’ Public? That one urging the poor wee lassie to ‘Cry more slut’ is particularly disgusting. Bad enough booing the anthem, but to direct such vile abuse at an innocent child who’s in tears after watching her team lose is beyond appalling.

    Thanks, Tris, for bringing it to our attention. I know you didn’t plan to get my day off to even grumper old man than usual mood, and I know the Resident Sassenach will be equally condemnatory when she surfaces to see this lot. At one rugby world cup, she stoped wearing an England shirt because of the atrocious behaviour of fans and didn’t want to be mistakenly identified as a sympathiser. And that was rugby – where the fans are supposed to be civilised! She’s always had a Goveish (sniffy) attitude to football – and English fans in particular – and this lot will only get her thinking how right she’s been.

    Bugger! Another reason for spoilt morning… nothing for us to argue about!!

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    1. I was initially amazed at how the English win had be facilitated by Brexit as opposed to the skills of the players. To hear these commentators, the England side might as well have consisted of a few pensioners and a squirrel becasue the god of Brexit was always going to ensure that England won.

      Of course, if the god of Brexit hadn’t been sleeping, I reckon that he or she might have worked out that Wales and Scotland had also Brexited.

      I was utterly sickened by post about the kid. What kind of a person could do that, even drunk?

      I wonder if that rather than the score wasn’t encouraged by Brexit and the generally criminal behaviour of the Brit government.

      Now, although I have no bad feelings about England, I’m inclined to hope that this is as far as they go in the contest on the basis that I can’t stand to see any more of this.

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  2. Football was always a working class sport .
    But now you have upper classes being pretendy to like the lower orders hobby’s ???

    Just to pat the plebs on the head … there’s a good 👍 plebs.

    I mean Boris and his like had the most fakey reaction to England’s 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 win I’ve ever seen

    And as for Brexit winning it how many players were remainers
    Southgate was .

    Thing is they have to meet Italy
    Not a cheery prospect 29 games
    Without a loss …. Scary 😧

    Anyways I have a Brazil team shirt….😝

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    1. Do you ever bother with facts niko?

      Football was dominated by public schools in its early years. The first set of rules came out of Eton in 1815.

      As for England playing Italy, give me strength; both have two rounds to negotiate before that can happen.


  3. When I lived in America I supported the Washington Redskins and whoever was playing The Dallas Cowboys, the former because my partner supported them, and the latter because the Cowboys billed themselves as “America’s Team” and were insufferably arrogant.

    Now that I live in Scotland, I support Scotland, I support Scotland and whoever is playing England, for very similar reasons.

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    1. I see a book on Amazon titled “I Hate the Dallas Cowboys: And Who Elected Them America’s Team Anyway?” It probably has a lot of good reasons for Cowboys hate. Yes, their fans are Texans, and what’s more insufferable than a bunch of Texans? Well New Yorkers of course, but they’re more insufferable in a blue collar kind of way, except for the insufferable big money Wall Street crowd. The Cowboys have multi-billionaire owner Jerry Jones to hate too, whose 357 ft $250 Million mega-yacht is ostentatious even by Texas standards.

      BTW……why the plural verb in “England have beaten the bloody Germans.” “England” is considered a sports team name and is therefore considered plural?

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      1. LOL. Maybe that rich Jones man would buy the queen a new yacht.

        There is always an argument about whether teams are singular of plural and mot newspapers have styles for that.

        Celtic is or Celtic are …whatever, is a constant argument among those bright enough to know the difference.

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        1. Jerry’s yacht looks like the sort of thing that would be suitable accommodations for Her Majesty. It makes her old one look shabby.

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        2. I remember reading once that “United States of America” was treated as a plural…..”THESE United States”, and “United States ARE”…… in American English before the Civil War, but has generally been a singular noun in post Civil War usage. This appears to be true according to modern computer analysis. Analysis of written material shows a definite decline in plural usage after 1860, with a clear crossover to singular by 1880. Then pretty much totally singular by the twentieth century.

          “When did “The United States” become a singular noun?”:

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            1. I checked to see if it was actually plural in 1776.
              On July 2, 1776, a motion for independence was approved by the Continental Congress. Delegate Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduced a measure whereby the Congress resolved, “That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved.”

              So on July 2 it was “these United Colonies” and “free and independent States”……both clearly plural. It was two days later on July 4 when the name “United States of America” first appeared in the title of the Declaration of Independence. So singular or plural? That’s a little ambiguous depending on which copy of the document you look at. The very earliest copies were two hundred broadsides printed by John Dunlap on the night of the fourth, which were on the streets of Philadelphia the morning of July 5. The Dunlap broadsides were titled:

              In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.
              A DECLARATION
              By the REPRESENTATIVES of the
              In GENERAL CONGRESS assembled.

              So “Representatives” is plural, but the collective noun could be either.

              On the other hand, the “engrossed” and signed copy of the document (handwritten on parchment in cursive script) was produced weeks after the Dunlap broadsides and is titled:

              In Congress, July 4, 1776
              The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

              So while the engrossed copy’s title “the thirteen united States of America” is explicitly plural, it’s not quite “United States of America” either.

              Anyway, plural ultimately won the day until Civil War times.

              If you go to the National Archives, you will see the so-called “original” engrossed and signed copy. But actually, the printed broadsides are older by a few weeks, and were the copies put on ships to England and presumably addressed to King George at the Palace.

              Note that July 2, when the motion for independence was passed, is technically Independence Day, and that’s definitely the day that John Adams had in mind when he declared that it should be celebrated with “bonfires and illuminations.” Nevertheless, fireworks are shot on the Fourth of July, the day that the Declaration of Independence was approved. John lived for another 50 years to the day, and was apparently OK with it. 😉

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              1. I’ve hears, although I don;t know where “these united states”… or “these United States”. Obviously one doesn’t know which.

                The United Kingdom (no matter how disunited) is certainly singular. Although it could be argued that as Scotland is a kingdom and England is a kingdom, that’s not an accurate name.

                Grammar is fascinating… and frustrating.

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                1. I’m sure that “these United States” was definitely used. I was thinking that “the United States could also be used with a plural verb, but maybe “these” would actually be more appropriate in that case. As you said….frustrating! I hadn’t thought about the two Kingdoms in that regard.

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  4. They booed Flower of Scotland, was Brexit the reason for that too?

    I believe they are playing the Ukraine next. So Удачі Україні.

    I’m sure Ed can confirm whether Google translate got it right!

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    1. I didn’t know that they had booed Flower of Scotland.

      Although I loathe GSTQ, I’d never boo at it. I’d stand for it at a match, although I’d not sing it, mainly because I don’t know the words.


        1. I rarely hear it, but when I used to listen to the BBC radio sometimes I heard it. It was on at 1 am, by which time i was in bed….


    1. Well nothing else is going their way… so I guess they take this, albeit ridiculously, as a sign that something good has come out of it.

      It’s about as sensible as saying that I got a decent photograph of the sheep on the farm yesterday, thanks to Brexit.

      I also got a good photograph of the empty vegetable shelves in Tesco… and that WAS thanks to Brexit.

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  5. Some really disgusting comments from some England supporters.
    As for Johnson,England is making slow hesitant steps towards being a 21st century democracy.
    A titular head of state and a written constitution.
    All they have to do is sort out the second bit.

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  6. The twitter gutter never ceases to live down to expectations. I wonder what that bairn is really crying about? Not a football result surely? If so she needs toys, friends, things to do, a life. That’s not cute, it’s sad or attention seeking or an expression of physical pain, or all of the above.

    Some clever clogs should invent an England team key word bingo focussed on how much insensitive jingoistic shite we have to listen to while the English media’s desperation to win turns into a frenzy. The winner gets a free set of Bose earphones, specially developed to filter out any mention of spitfires, Harry Kane, 1966, WW2 etc….

    God it’s annoying! I’m not at all jealous, oh no not me. What must it be like to be a citizen of an independent country taking pride in your achievements? As opposed to living in a colony being systematically plundered while getting your nose rubbed in it by a media your helping to pay for.

    Ah, the rich tapestry of being a Scottish Indy supporter. Where o where does all this black burning resentment comes from I wonder?

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  7. Just as stupid as:-
    Scotexit will win Scotland the World Cup.

    The big flounder’s brief writer must be the easiest job on the planet.
    ‘What’s the Time’
    That department’s had the quickest vaccine roll out in the world, world beating like the football team.
    But flounder I just asked you the time.
    Anyway not all the world gets to play in the European Football competition.

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  8. So, the Germans beat the Germans at football. The Angles playing against the Angles or was they’re a mix of Saxsons. Confusing stuff, the Winsors will be pissed off.

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    1. So now we’re getting that the game against the Ukraine is won already.
      The uk tennis players will be encouraged to win Wimbledon, AYE RIGHT.

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    2. Wee Wullie was there having spent a whole day in Scotland with his gran.

      Where’s Charlie these days? He seems to have been side lined by Wullie.


  9. Just hearing lord frost, the unelected brexit minister he knew that the music industry would be in trouble last November.
    Did nothing about it.
    No honesty to the people there just says they ran out of time, the EU gave them the opportunity to extend the negotiation time, the flounder refused.

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          1. Oh – and I bought a baritone horn recently! In search for another “voice” for recording; it’s easier to manage than the sax, which I’m struggling with a bit. It’s also Bb, like the trombone, which helps. I can go valves, but haven’t done in a while. First play – a scale – I transposed two fingerings, but was right apart from that.

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    1. That’s the unelected LORD Frost that complained about Brussels being run by unelected bureaucrats?

      Get Brexit done; keep the nut case faction of his party and support on board.

      Never mind about music, fishing, farming, food, lorries, labour … just keep wee Francois and Big Jake the Paxillus, on board.


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