1. Micheal Gove, MP for Surrey Heath, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Minister for the Cabinet Office, Prime Ministerial hopeful (heaven help us) and archetypal House Jock.

    What a guy🙄

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    1. Very good point.

      I don’t desperately care who wins what in the world of sports. None of it is that important to me.

      But when £ngland wins anything you never hear the end of it. We still get 1966!

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      1. I got a good word out of it, though; on PM yesterday, there were two Germans being quizzed about whether the rivalry is the same in Germany. The answer’s no; they place more importance on a game against Italy – their bogey team, or Angstgegner.

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  2. I know despicable behaviour when I see it , just as I can recognise a thug.
    Roughing up Chris Whitty was wrong, and yes, Boris, it was despicable and they were thugs.
    I didn’t need YOU , of all people, to grandstand with an opinion on it.
    YOU, who were involved with the more than a little bit criminally inclined Darius Guppy
    and who with full knowledge of the outcome conspired with him to facilitate a plan to beat-up a journalist so badly that bones would be broken.

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    1. I haven’t quite worked out what Chris Whitty has done to deserve being beaten up.

      But absolutely with you over Johnson getting involved. He should keep his ghastly mouth shut on, well, just about everything. There is very little he has not been guilty of at some point in his life.

      I remember when he was mayor of London and students had a sit in in Fortnum’s. He went off on a rant about them, but was reminded by someone who had read something he’d written where he talked about being bored at Eton and taking the train up to do some shoplifting in Fortnum’s.


  3. Two comments on the football.

    Firstly the Sun has expressed amazement that the FM wished the English team well. I’m sure they were hoping that she wouldn’t so they could criticize her for it.

    Secondly, the English fans booed the German National Anthem. It doesn’t happen often but, although I have always refused to sing GSTQ, at an international match I stand respectfully for it as I would for any other anthem.

    Booing your opponents’ team is clearly another one of these Great British Values about which we hear so much from the unionists.


  4. Tris, That coment;

    “Firstly the Sun has expressed amazement that the FM wished the English team well. I’m sure they were hoping that she wouldn’t so they could criticize her for it.”

    Frankly I think she missed an obvious target. I am absolutely gutted that they are through to the next round.

    Different strokes for different folks?


    1. She should have wished both teams well. Scotland had no dog in this fight, as the saying goes. (Theoretically at least.) We look foward to watching football at its best, and may the best (better) team win, would have been the most appropriate comment. Like you, Douglas, I was fair scunnered by the outcome and will be avoiding English media (yes, we get it even here in Bulgaria) to avoid further nausea and vomiting as 1966 is repeated and rehearsed all over again, yet again. Boak!

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