Dear Britain,

With respect, can I ask you if you realise just how much everyone is laughing at you?

Let’s face it, you had a bit of luck at the beginning of Johnson’s premiership that much went unnoticed. Trump was still in the White House babbling incoherently about sticking infra-red or ultraviolet lights up folk’s backsides to get rid of Covid.

The Real Reason Donald Trump Appears When You Google 'Idiot' - TheStreet

And there was his bromance with Kim Jong Un which the world followed as if it were a Mills and Boon novelette.

Then he moved into his “they stole the election” phase and was taking everyone and their auntie to court to get court certified results overturned… all without success. (It seems that appointing a few judges to the Supreme Court doesn’t cut much ice when you’re 100% wrong and frankly loopy.) That kept the world’s eyes off Big Brittany for a while.

And there was Rudi, his hair die and the pose on the bed. Nuff said.

Finally, of course, the coup de grace, in fact the coup d’état.

Yes, an insurrection sponsored by the outgoing president, in the world’s supposed greatest democracy. How about that for a finale?

Well, of course, Wee Britain, no one was that interested in the carryings on of a relatively insignificant little island off the coast of Europe, while the so-called leader of the free world was playing the clown on the world stage.

You don’t go watch Willie and the Wall Bangers in the back room when Justin Bieber is on the main stage.

But now Trumpy’s gone, the USA is back to having a relatively ordinary human being for president (dull!!) and folk are looking around for someone else to laugh at. These are, after all, stressful times.

Et puis voilà, Britain, the answer to the world’s “maiden’s prayer” for some light relief.

Is Isle of Wight stupid enough to fall for latest Tory promise? | Isle of  Wight County Press

Day after day providing people all over the world with something to titter over.

Hancock’s Half Hour was never this entertaining (well maybe Matt Hancock’s Half Hour is). But eat your heart out John Cleese, Morecambe and Wise, or Jennifer Saunders.

Please Enjoy Gavin Williamson's Greatest Moments As Defence Secretary |  HuffPost UK
Never thought I’d see him without a Union Jack and a portait of the queen.

Of all of them, though, Gavin Williamson has to be the the chief clown. This article in the Independent sums up the extent of his talents pretty well.

Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Smoking, Drinking and Spilling Stuff Down Your Front.

But as time goes on and these people, Johnson the Joke, Pathetic Patel, Woeful Williamson, Ridiculous Rabb, Sniffy the Gove, Hopeless F Hancock, Terrible Trader Truss, Coffey the Creep, Useless Eustice, Union Jack ***, the “Unelected Official” Frost, Krazy Kwarteng, Dopey Dowden… not forgetting the new recruits to your team, Wee Willie and the Tartan Clothes Horse, become the norm, rather than a half-hour comedy you have a giggle at then forget forever, we really need to start thinking about what is happening.

High ambitions of politicians who used cocaine like Michael Gove must come  to snort

I’ve had a word with some of my colleagues here at Munguin’s Republic and we’ve decided that the best thing for Scotland would be to dump you and your lunatic cabinet regime and forge a new future as the fully-fledged Nordic nation that we are.

Prince William Calls Hospital Staff Amid Third Covid-19 Lockdown |

You’ll be even more amusing from a distance.

90 thoughts on “HOW THE WORLD LAUGHS AT THEM…”

  1. Researching Cabinet Ministers led me to look at some other ministers in the government:

    I came upon this in the Foreign Office

    Wendy Morton MP
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for European Neighbourhood and the Americas)

    The European Neighbourhood?


  2. “You don’t go watch Willie and the Wall Bangers in the back room when Justin Bieber is on the main stage”
    I think I would rather watch paint drying than Justin Bieber…

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    1. I knew someone would pick up on that.


      I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea… or mine come to that. I was just looking for a big name that people would pay megabucks to see.

      And his name came to me.

      I’d been going to say the Rolling Stones, but imagined them now and thought… nah.

      So, let’s say the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra.

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  3. I’m totally on board with your last paragraph, but the word ‘how’ with great big question marks after instantly springs to mind.
    Will the both votes SNP help at all I wonder?
    For some strange reason, It’s the word ‘naw’ with great big exclamation marks after, that instantly springs to mind.

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  4. Not sure I agree with you greig12. I’d agree that the SNP is not perfect, but it appears to me to be the only way out of this contemptuous relationiship.


    I kind of trust us more than them.

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        1. They won’t grow up until they are confronted with, in your face, reality, all the hints are not cutting it as they all live in their cognitively dissonant world of illusion. So let me spell it out – Jimmy Saville was the chief procurer for the “elite” including ALL the Royals. NO exceptions.

          This is why Washington DC, the Vatican and Buckingham Palace have been shuttered.

          Google Executive Order 13818

          With full disclosure coming shortly Independence is a certainty.


    1. KInd of, I would certainly vote for our author around here beyond any ‘well known politician’.

      I’d be surprised if you’d do otherwise.

      We need people like him, leading the way.

      Just my opinion, but there you go.


      1. Munguin says he’s a bit busy with his media empire to take over Scotland.

        The thing is, he secretly confides to you, that he really couldn’t leave Tris in charge of the Republic. He would just drink the cellar dry!


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      1. They way I’ve seen it… (and I’ve tried to keep the Alba/SNP rivalry out of here, because, from what I’ve seen other places, it is capable of creating a whole pile of very bad feelings and foul mouth name calling frankly on BOTH sides) … is that getting another referendum is going to be hard, but I suspect not impossible if there is sufficient desire from the population.

        Sniffy recently said that there would be no permission granted for the rest of this English government term. This is odd because 7 years since 2014 will soon be up, and you might have thought that what was good for Northern Ireland would be good for Scotland since we are all equal, supposedly.

        I reckon that NS would have been damned over the past year if she did, and damned if she didn’t.

        Covid has been her main worry.

        She could have abandoned that and done what Mr Johnson did, concentrating on Brexit and trade deals and leaving the country open to any and all variants for fear of offending someone he desperately needs to do a deal with, or she could have concentrated on getting the Covid infections as much under control and her limited powers permitted.

        Independence wouldn’t do us much good if we were dead.

        As for holding a referendum without permission from London, I think Terry wrote something about that on one of his articles.

        Much though I want independence, I want to do it legally. The alternative doesn’t appeal to me.

        We have some brilliant allies in Europe, particularly the Nordic countries and Ireland.

        I’d hate to see them have to take Britain’s side

        I wish Alex Salmond, whom I admire immensely and Nicola Sturgeon (likewise) would bury the hatchet… not in each others’ backs) and get on with working legally towards independence. Both of them are so much smarter than any of the ridiculous cabinet of fools in London.

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        1. I don’t get into the Alba SNP stuff either even though I criticise the both votes SNP advice. That’s not based on any Alba affiliation, it’s because I think it was an abysmal strategy that allowed Murdo, et al. in on the list.

          I’ve seen enough to make me lack confidence in the SNPs current motivation and ability to effectively pursue independence. I’m not talking about individuals here because there are many people in the SNP who are committed to the cause. I’m talking about the organisation, it’s leadership and it’s current structure where it’s primary goal looks like one of self perpetuation and not necessarily about independence.

          It worries me that the heightened emotions infesting the Alba/SNP argument may be diverting some of the questioning and scrutiny by the faithful that should rightly be focussed on the party that is our vehicle to independence. Particularly when they’re looking like not progressing the cause.

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          1. You need a dose of reality greig, sorry to be so blunt, but:

            1/ a party can’t can’t tell its supporters to vote for another party; it falls foul of electoral rules. It even runs the risk of having their list votes combined; potentially allowing in more useless benchwarmers.

            2. If people who switched from the SNP to Alba or Greens, in an attempt to game the system, had stuck with the SNP it’s likely they could’ve achieved an outright majority on their own.

            Whether that outcome appeals to you is neither here nor there, but it would have negated one of the Union side’s increasingly desperate arguments.

            3. The vast majority, I do mean the vast majority, of the electorate just aren’t engaged enough to be aware of the argument. They enter the polling booth and give both votes to their preferred party; they’ve always done it and will continue to do so. Alba and the Greens are not, never have been, chasing all of the SNP constituency vote for the list. They’ve been chasing somewhere between 10 and 20% of it; that’s actual votes and those who considered switching. Either everyone switches, or no-one does; anything in the middle is, inevitably, suboptimal.

            For the record, I voted Green on the list, not tactically. I specifically wanted Lorna Slater in parliament (she was number two, on the Green candidate list, Lothians). That was far more important, to me, than keeping out some wankstain Tory.

            The last time I voted Green (’82, local elections, no SNP candidate) they were still called the Ecology party!

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            1. Well Drew, what can I say to that? It’s the same set of arguments, some of which, it seems, only apply to our side. The Unionist parties are all at it so why shouldn’t we be? It’s called “gaming the system” when we do it though. There’s no such thing of course. There’s the system and you work it the best you can to get the best result. I can’t comment on what the voters do because I just don’t know. I’ve heard it said that the Scottish electorate is relatively politically aware. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not.

              You gave a pretty comprehensive answer to the first 2 sentences of my post when in actuality it was the rest of it that I believe to have greater implications long term. I’m still, “for the record”, continuing to be a member of the SNP despite those and other concerns. This will be sorely tested come my renewal date it has to be said.

              As far as me needing a dose of reality goes, well reality is a perceptual thing and maybe you need to think about that?

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              1. Given the overwhelming control of the media by Union voices, the fact that the indy side did so well would suggest the electorate are savvy right enough. The SNP and Greens are heavily reliant on knocking on doors & staffing pop-up stalls; impossible due to covid. However, relatively few visit blogs & the list vote argument wasn’t aired in the MSM.

                Anyway greig, I sincerely hope this is all moot and we’re just combing through the ashes of the final Scottish election as part of the UK!

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          2. What I can’t understand is why the people at the top of Alba thought it was a good idea to launch a new party just weeks before an election.

            I think it is a great idea to have another independence party to join the Greens and SNP. It served democracy well and gives more choice to those of an independence mind.

            However to expect the SNP to say “don’t vote for us on the list” when they have stood candidates, and at such short notice, was, I thought, silly.


            1. Jeez, I’m Mr Popular today.

              I can’t remember the exact figure but I believe around a million votes went down the Swanee with both votes SNP. Even without Alba a second vote for the greens would have kept more unionists out. Even though independence is not the Greens primary objective, they would’ve been preferable. The SNP as our vehicle for Indy, knowingly wasted a great many pro Indy votes.

              There were a bunch of Indy list parties if you recall? None of which were registering with the voters. Alba came along with AS, it’s so called big hitter and failed.

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              1. I think they stood down to let Alba in, given that Alba had some “names”… not just AS.

                I really expected that Alex would get a seat.


                1. That was AFI – All For Indy. They had a sort of EGM once Alba had announced itself, I think, and decided to stand aside. Some of them may have then become involved with Alba; not sure.

                  As for the SNP, they’ve definitely shown how ill-advised it is to have a party’s CEO in a relationship with that party’s leader. One of them should’ve stood down, I think. Private Eye are sniffing around the SNP at the moment, too – primarily to do with the missing £600 large – but they’re diligent diggers and might unearth things that the party would rather stayed buried. Haven’t opened the new one yet, will do in a wee while…

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                  1. Yes, I think it’s wrong to have a married couple at the helm like that.

                    Honestly I’ve never liked Murrell, not even slightly.

                    The whole situation makes me sad as hell.

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      2. Norway Walker, have to win an election on the pretty fundamental concept that what you are ‘selling’ is kosher. And that you have some history of delivering. when you are in power, at least a modicum of your agenda. Kinda to build up confidence? Quite frankly, you appear to be out to sabotage that.

        I think your difficulty is in misunderstanding the importance of winning.

        To be clear, I am not at all interested in a valiant loss.

        Which is where the discussion should start from.

        If asked, I doubt any member of the SNP, including myself, places any priority above independence.

        Perhaps you know lots of SNP members that place something far further down the spectrum than, say, Australian hormones or summat.

        Well, I’ll challenge you. Name me an issue that you think divides us, and I’ll point to it as trivial.


    2. I can’t see it with the current SNP setup Douglas and we could probably argue about it till the cows come home, but only time will tell.

      Like everyone else I like to be right but in this case I genuinely want to be wrong.

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      1. Well, that was an honest reply. I have a serious difficulty with, say Nichola Sturgeon, being treated as if she really, really didn’t want the independence that she has advocated since she was a teenager.

        IMHO it does not compute.

        I appreciate that we have now moved into a world where the lies of Trump, for instance, are taken as truisms by a substantially large minority of Americans. It does not mean that we have to go down the rabbit hole with them.

        It seems to me that the USA is slightly ahead of us in leaving that nightmare behind them.

        Just so’s you know, I think Boris Johnson is a very, very bad human being and worthy of nothing but disresepect.

        But hey! He’s our PM and I am just a fan of Munguins New Republic.

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        1. That was a reply to greig12. Just so you know greig12, I think our debates are more about strategy and tactics than anything else.

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    3. Yeah, I agree with you on that, Douglas. I voted SNP1 and Green2 because it made most sense here in North-East Region, Douglas.

      Even I narrowly avoided the “independent green” fascists, though – and it would have taken only a few hundred more people to get that wrong for the Tories to have gained another list seat. I think that’s right, but D’Hondt is not a system that gives clear answers right off the bat.

      I’m still hoping and praying that (a) indyref2 happens while I’m still alive, kicking, and able to vote; (b) that the Scottish people send the Westminster regime a resounding “f*ck you” this time; and (c) that I live to see that as well.

      The notion of having my postal vote counted posthumously tickles my fancy a bit, but I’d rather join nationwide celebrations instead. On the other hand, I’d rather not live to see another defeat.

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      1. eddjasfreeman,

        “Yeah, I agree with you on that, Douglas. I voted SNP1 and Green2 because it made most sense here in North-East Region, Douglas. ”

        I had the opportunity to vote for Nichola Sturgeon for her constituency and Patrick Harvie on the list. I was kind of happy that both got elected.

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  5. The world stage got to big for Englands Brexiteers so they shrunk it
    Down to fit into the interior
    Of the Brexit mind.

    And having built a tiny stage for the tiny Brexit mind England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    is now a walking shadow, a poor player, / That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, / And then is heard no more. It is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.”

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    1. Well, you have that right.

      “And then is heard no more. It is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.”

      I trust that you are about to grow up?

      I am asking not so much in expectation as in hope. You still have the ability to surrender childish beliefs, hard as it may be

      I am not at all confident that you can.

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      1. Oh Niko’s Ok, Douglas. He just winds us all up. He’s been doing it for more than 11 years now… and funnily enough, I’m still not fully wound up!!!


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      1. I voted 🗳 for the EU I lost
        Maybe next time .

        Do tell why vote for an independent Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 but renter the EU subject to their
        Overriding Scottish sovereignty.

        Bit contradictory to me .


          1. It is, perhaps the word ‘renter’ that is causing us both difficulty. Though cognizant ain’t esasy either.


        1. The EU, with Scotland as members, would be 28 sovereign states.

          What does Scotland get as, ahem, a partner in the UK; apart perennial Tory (including New Labour) government, Brexit and illegal (and expensive) wars?

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        2. Not again with the EU lording it over its member States’ sovereignty, Niko, though I note that you voted to Remain…

          The EU has agreed, consensual limits to what it can and cannot do. It does not render its member States any less independent than the systems of laws by which we (mostly) live render us less free.

          The Westminster Parliament, on the other hand, does not recognize any such limits on its sovereignty, and certainly does not recognize the sovereignty of the Scottish people, despite its lying words.

          As for the current Westminster regime – it doesn’t even recognize the sovereignty of its own legislature, and is moving to abolish the power of the courts too to stand in its way. It started with the European courts, first the Court of Justice of the European Union (the Luxembourg court), moving on to the Council of Europe European Court of Human Rights (the Strasbourg court).

          It was an easy propaganda coup to conflate the two courts and conventions as “Europe” and blame those Conservative bugbears, “human rights”, on the European Union. Oddly, I’ve never met anyone who was prepared to tell me which of their own human rights they wanted to have stripped from them – a bit like the European four freedoms, really.

          We know of course that the regime is going after the domestic courts with a view to stop them getting in its way, given that they so often find against the UK Government. I can’t help feeling that the regime must find the Scottish courts particularly irritating, given their (partially) protected status under the Union treaties.

          If you want to become and stay a member of a club, you have to agree to abide by the rules, and then actually do it. The current Westminster regime, and the Tory Party writ large, do not recognize any rules that get in the way of their own self-interest – and they no shame, do not care if they are caught out lying, and are very, very good at using populist demagoguery and propaganda to dupe the public into supporting them against their own best interests.

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          1. Given their 80 seat majority, they are unbeatable, except by courts.

            Of course, it is undeniably factual that courts and judges are not elected (a little like the royals and the lords). Nonetheless, the rest of us have to accept that they have huge power over us. And would we have it any other way? After all, if like most of us, we obey the law we have little contact with them.

            The only people who object to courts and judges are those who fall foul of them by breaking the law… the UK government, for example.

            I’d love some of these right wingers to tell us which of our human rights they wish to get rid of.


    1. Munguin was thinking of sending them a small bung to see what he could get out of them… then he remembered they didn’t have anything he wanted!


    2. It should give everyone, including you, the vapours niko.

      This is Chumsco writ large. The UK treasury gets a fraction of the revenue that the state owned Statoil generates for Norway. The rest is trousered by ones chums in return for these bungs to the Toerags.

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  6. Turns out that Matt Hancock isn’t “f*****g useless” at all, he’s “f*****g Gina Coladangelo”
    He is, as Boris said to the Queen, “full of beans”.

    There is speculation in the press that his jaiket is on a shoogly nail. Considering what his boss gets up to and considering all the other incompetence and corruption of ministers in office isn’t all this just world class British hypocrisy.

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      1. So the gutter press can get all aerated over a spot of illicit nookie, and conveniently ignore tens of thousands of deaths. Ah yes, that great right-wing sense of convenient moral outrage – doncha just lurrrrrve it, Tris?

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        1. Yep. It’s all about the sex, which, let’s face it, is no one’s business expect his and Mrs Hancock’s and of course his bit of stuff and her husband.

          Of course it complicates things that she got a job from him and that she was very close to him before the ban on closer contact had been lifted.

          One rule for us…


          1. Definitely different rules for Them and the rest of us, Tris… in the unlikely event of my being offered a spot of illicit nookie, I’d be equally unlikely to snog the person in question if I were likely to be photographed doing it. You don’t have to be the brightest flashbulb in the box to understand that, even if you’re not in the public eye as a famous [infamous, shurely?-Ed.] politician.

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  7. Looks like my original bet that the Greek one was responsible for ordering the mur.dur of the Spencer one was correct. Old Ben Fulford adjusted his report.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That such evidence exists you know, linking for the sake of your fans, to evidence that substantiated your original bet would be more persuasive than claiming such evidence exists when it doesn’t.

      Come on Kangaroo. Tell us what you have got?

      I am willing to bet zero.


  8. Old handcock says he’s sorry but was concentrating on getting his way with covid or Gina, but getting on with the job.
    Maybe he’ll go to Durham for a drive then we can get the Rose Garden treatment.

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  9. Spoke too son.
    Pope doris the first has declared it was okay, accepted the handcock’s apology, case closed, nothing to see, Oh, there’s a squirrel.
    Don’t suppose he could have sacked him for doing the same trick as the master.
    No need for the Durham trip and the Rose Garden is fully booked.

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    1. Yes. I was looking forward to seeing Boris sack a minister for infidelity and handing his girl friend a lot of tax payers’ money.

      That would have been fun.

      So Mr Hancock is above the law again. Nice work if you can get it. Hope his wife throws him out.


  10. Rumours of more contracts given out to handcock’s friend with no scrutiny.
    On the day when englandland annnounces 35,000 new covid cases they tell us the R rate is the same as last week, they must be importing fake people to do the stats.
    The times comic has an article on Nicola Hiding the report on education before the election.
    More spin and twist, I don’t know the facts but heard the statement that the report was from an independent source, usual rules apply, you get to read and comment before release.
    Meanwhile the Triple Lock on pensions will be dumped to pay for the Covid response. Maybe they’ve not killed off enough pensioners.
    Got a report on the transmissibility of the Delta variant at 99%, then the news that Delta+ is more virulent, What?
    The gaslighting continues.

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    1. I read somewhere that the releasing the report before the election would have broken election law. No idea whether it is true or not.

      Great idea. They were hoping that taking on the chin would wipe out a lot of pension payments in the future.

      Clearly not sufficient older people had the good grace to die, so… well, reduce the worst pension in Europe even farther.

      Sounds like Great Great Britain…

      I wonder how that campaign went to get all children to dress in red white and blue and sing that irritating blood and soil song.

      Didn’t see any here!!!


  11. Nicola hiding the report? I suppose the question is was she allowed to release it before the election?

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  12. See too wee too poor Malta have just imposed restrictions on uk residents travelling to Malta even although the flounder has said that Malta is on the green list.
    See what happens when you’re part of a large group that can set the agenda?
    Malta has said that uk residents who Don’t have a double vaccination certificate will have to quarantine for 14 days.
    That suggests you can’t take the kids with you.

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  13. So right Douglas, pity we can’t disconnect from the kid on empire.
    Just found some old video on the 60’s, Look at Life, wish I had the skills and equipment to make the reality of 2021 video.
    The shame on the englanders is that handcock might get pushed as the scapegoat for a wee grope when he’s overseen 30,000 deaths for doing as he was ordered by the master race leader.

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  14. Point taken Dave. Though I essentially blame the insanity that infects England on a ridiculous belief that people that attended Eton are in the slightest bit sane.

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  15. It would be kind of cool that ‘equal time was given to atheists good’rather than allowing lunatics, aka Christians to have the whole space to themselves. Y’know, atheists are bad. Which is pretty well evidence free. But the boys and gals that completly love their religion meets a place where they are comfortable

    Being comfortable is, frankly, a step or two short of what your Jesus Lord and Saviour had to go through.

    He was not on the side of the usurors or thiefs from the poor.

    Quite why that is hard, or difficult, for Christians to identify with, suggests that thos, suppossed Christians are not Christians as all.


      1. Douglas, I’m reminded of an anecdote told me by an American colleague of mine. A few years back – not all that long – a couple of gay guys she knew in (I think) Florida walked by a street preacher who was fulminating to the crowd against the Evils of the Age – you know, women’s control over their own reproductive organs, equal rights, marriage equality, laws against discrimination based on race, gender, religion, creed, &c. – and one of them asked the frothing-mouthed one what fate his loving God had in store for such as them.

        The preacher screamed that they were doomed to burn in hell.

        To which the questioner replied “Well, be sure to leave the door open for us, then”.

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        1. eddjasfreeman,

          It might surprise you, it kinda surprised me, that Patrick Harvie was an incredibly decent neighbour and someone I trusted.

          My opinion, which is completely positive on the guy is unlikely to be altered in a btl discussion.

          YMMV, mine doesn’t.


            1. Fair enough eddjasfreeman, I am just a tad defensive when it comes to Patrick Harvie. I, personally, think he is a decent human being. And the attacks on him mainly come from a right that is stuck in the 1950’s, or thereabouts.

              Perhaps it is the right that has never moved an inch forward that I actually detest?


              Liked by 1 person

              1. Hates all right-wing fascistic, authoritarian types born with some essential part of their souls missing – check.
                Likes Patrick Harvie – check.
                Born in the 1950s and bloody glad he didn’t hit puberty until 1968 – check.

                Things are SO much easier for gay people these days, particularly young gay (etc.) people – but we still lose far too many to suicide because of the miseries they have to endure in some families and other environments. The battle’s still not won, not by a long chalk.

                Liked by 2 people

                1. eddjasfreeman,

                  That is hard to believe.

                  Are you attempting to categorise me?

                  Para 1 – check

                  Para 2 – very much check

                  Para 3 – “Born in the 1950s and bloody glad he didn’t hit puberty until 1968 – check.”
                  Wow! I was neither born in the 1950’s nor did I hit puberty in the decade you declare.

                  Paras a bit daft:

                  “but we still lose far too many to suicide because of the miseries they have to endure in some families and other environments. The battle’s still not won, not by a long chalk.”

                  Says eddjasfreeman.

                  ‘It is like reading an antebellum slave owner where our friend, eddjasfreeman, has suddenly decided that the slave owner was right, all along, and that I, who am against slavery, is the idiot around here.


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