1. His devotion to Scotland lasted for a while then? And what, as well as wanting Starmer’s job, he’s gonna punch him? What’s that about?
2. Umm, are you sure about that costume, mate?
3. Both of them have praised private health insurance. But good joke, pretending Hancock can read.
13. I anticipate a Nobel Prize here

Thanks to Brendan, Erik, John

34 thoughts on “LET’S HAVE ANOTHER LAUGH”

  1. I look at the George Galloway poster and think, “I’m sure that the late Screaming Lord Sutch set up the ‘Monster Raving Loony Party’ as a joke. ” Then, again …I’m not so sure. Good luck Batley and Spen – wherever that is!

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    1. I am pretty sure that the last thing that ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’ expected was to be embraced by mainstream politicians.

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  2. Pic2 – In response to jibes about the Saltire (all good-natured), I once described the English flag, the Cross of St. George as totally appropriate being, ‘the surrender flag with a red cross on it”. How quiet it became suddenly.

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  3. Maybe not TOO much O.T. for a “Laugh” piece.

    The United States Supreme Court has overwhelmingly ruled (8-1) that First Amendment free speech even applies to school students on social media. They can send an obscene gesture and tell their school and pretty much everybody in it to go F*** themselves.

    Free Speech…….alive and well in America! 😉

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  4. Sorry to rain on your parade but I really don’t understand why, when the evidence shows that, with respect to all US citizens, Americans aren’t the brightest stars in the galaxy, everyone becomes zombies around Twitter and Facebook which were imported from ????????.
    Maybe it’s an age thing.


    1. I don’t think I’d ever suggest that Americans in general, aren’t bright.

      I’ve never been much for “national characteristics. I mean it’s not true that all Scots are mean or that all English are super posh, that allo French can cook or that all Germans are super efficient..

      Like everywhere else though, there are dim people in America (just as there are here or in Jordan or Japan or in Namibia), but there are also people who can send people to the moon.

      But like every other country

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      1. I suspect that some British persons…..sadly lacking a written constitution or Bill of Rights……may get the wrong message from the Supreme Court ruling about the teenager telling the school to go F*** itself.

        This was a very closely watched constitutional case that established important limitations on the power that an instrument of the state (a school) can control the off-campus, non-school-time activities of students……even their internet activities on social media. The fact that it involved a case involving naughty words and gestures directed at school officials is secondary and relatively trivial to the constitutional issue.

        In the words of Mr. Justice Breyer, who wrote the Supreme Court opinion, “It might be tempting to dismiss B. L.’s words as unworthy of the robust First Amendment protections discussed herein. But sometimes it is necessary to protect the superfluous in order to preserve the necessary.”

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        1. I tend to be in agreement with Mr Breyer’s words.

          If you can’t, off campus, on a Saturday, say what you think about your teachers or your school or whatever, then there’s no freedom of speech.

          I hope that the student concerned learns though, that there are consequences to freedoms, because if you carry that through to your boss in later life… you might find yourself in the unemployment office.

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          1. Yes Tris, there are people who yammer on about free speech who don’t realize that it’s constitutional protection from the STATE, and not free rein to tell off your boss…..per your example……LOL.

            This precise limitation becomes a problem though, especially in the age of social media, because…..in my humble, politically moderate opinion…….the left wing “radicals” (my term for the leftist crazies of California for example) are at least as great a danger to freedom of expression as the crazy right wing Republican crowd. The fact that the Trumpies are constantly yammering about “cancel culture” doesn’t mean that they’re entirely wrong about that. The lefties are clearly in the business of telling people what politically correct words they can and can’t use, and when you shoot your mouth off in a way they don’t like, on social media for example, the lefties come down on you like a ton of bricks…….often pressuring your BOSS to fire you…….for something you said on your own time at a computer keyboard in your own home. Employers sometimes DO bend to left wing hysteria , and there’s no constitutional protection from that, other than perhaps a long, protracted, expensive civil lawsuit for damages. The campus lefties also love to pressure universities to cancel speaking engagements by people who the lefties have decided are insufficiently “liberal” and “progressive” for their taste.

            So free speech cuts both ways, and as far as I can see, extremists on both ends of the political spectrum mostly just want to hear what they agree with, and want everybody else to shut up. If you think that the Bible-thumping right wing Republicans will come down you for using the “F” word on social media, just try using the “N” word and find out what the liberal Democrats will do to you……you hateful despicable vile racist!!!! 😉

            This week’s Supreme Court decision was the latest in a string of similar cases that go back to Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, in 1969. Tinker v. Des Moines was a landmark case that involved students who were suspended for wearing armbands to school to protest the Vietnam War. It established the constitutional free speech rights of students, subject to a “substantial disruption” test to determine whether the legitimate state interest to maintain an orderly school where education can take place infringes upon students’ First Amendment rights. Subsequent cases have involved arguments about the “Tinker test” to establish whether or not a student’s constitutional right “substantially disrupts” the school.

            Of course it was easier when the potential disruption involved the physical presence of the student at a physical school. Then along came the internet and social media and things got more complicated. In this case, it all happened on the student’s own time, in her own home, at a computer keyboard……and the Snapchat message was soon deleted. BUT……OF COURSE…….another student saw the message, took a screen shot, and then ran to her mother with it, who is a coach at the school. So the school didn’t like being given the finger by a ninth grader and told to go F*** themselves. They suspended her and then issued a self-serving piece of gibberish about the punishment being necessary to “avoid chaos” and maintain a “teamlike environment.”

            Too bad that there are no effective criminal sanctions for comments like “avoid chaos” to justify a clear violation of free speech. So the Supreme Court got it right. And it’s worth noting that the current CONSERVATIVE court ruled 8-1, whereas the famously LIBERAL (Earl Warren) court of Tinker v. Des Moines in 1969 voted 7-2. Perhaps a symbolic indication that the far left liberals actually hate free speech more than far right Trumpies.


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  5. Galloway may well take enough votes to allow the tories a win. That’s who George Galloway really is. A self-promoting piece of – a word I won’t use in case I promote the wrath of Munguin – who doesn’t care about anything other than himself.

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    1. I was a bit sceptical about that, so I checked; looks like you could be right:


      Tories leading by 6 points (47-41), Galloway on 6 points. Although Survation did offer a caveat; small sample, therefore a wide margin of error.

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    2. You’d think by now that no one would be daft enough to vote for him.

      When in the past he has been elected, he’s had a poor reputation for helping his constituents.

      But he needs a platform to perform on… a bit like Trump in many ways.

      Munguin resents that comment by the way. He holds the Grand Arch Duke of Antarctica and Prince Woolie in very high regard.


    3. Galloway seems to be the new Screaming Lord Sutch (minus the charisma), standing at every election in an attempt to bring amusement to the electorate’s lives. Very selfless.
      I wonder if he’s tried Love Island, Ibiza Weekender or The Only Way Is Essex yet.

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      1. You might want to give him a heads up on them…

        Not sure about Love Island though. Don’t they usually pick attractive people and its many a long year since he was Gorgeous George?


  6. Have you heard that >4 British Airways pilots have died within a few weeks of having a vaccination. More thsn 80% of their pilots have been vaccinated, now they have a problem which has been elevated to UK Gov level


    1. I hadn’t heard.

      Not much point in “elevating” (if that would be the word), anything to these morons. Unless it makes money for them, or does Scotland down, they won’t be interested.

      For people who have overseen the worst per capita death toll in the world and yet brag about how well they have done, small numbers of dead are as of nothing.

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    2. What is your point Kangaroo? Just for your fans here could you explain yourself?

      I’d have thought, y’know thinking and stuff like that, that people who travel around this globe on a regular basis may well be at increased risk.

      You have a counter-arguement?

      I’d be fascinated to read it.

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