“Wir sind Großbritannien und wir haben einen Traum, alle Menschen in einem großartigen Team zu vereinen”.

Ein Großbritannien über alles

“We are Britain and we have one dream to unite all people in one Great Team”.


Boy Blunder, Gavin Williamson, the English Education Secretary has “encouraged” pupils in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to sing this song on Friday and dress in Red White and Blue.

I can’t imagine that in Wales or Scotland this will go down well. I remember being “encouraged” to sing “God save the queen” in school and the punishments I got for saying…”erm, not on your ******* life”.

So, if kids are sent to school in red white and blue, I hope that people will remember that they are children and, at least the younger ones, probably had sod all choice in the matter

I assume that the idiot Gavin has no idea where or what Northern Ireland is, and consequently may have no idea how much trouble he and his hairbrained scheme is likely to cause.


They’d probably be safer sending the Party Plan Duchess off for a quick tour of Wales with a daffodil and a leek; then Northern Ireland with a shamrock.

We can’t wait to see the latest tartan accessories we paid for again in Scotland.

I’d say if you want more people to love your Britain, then probably stop making it the hell hole that it is, try to make it better for all of us, instead just Tory donors and friends of forth rate cabinet ministers… and maybe, just maybe, some will.

Singing stupid sub-Eurovision song contest- standard garbage songs ain’t gonna cut it for most of us.

The idea has also been lampooned as “desperate” on social media.

Mike Jones said: “North Korean levels of propaganda, this. The Union is finished, just let it die peacefully.”

Walis George said: “What nonsense is this?! Britain is an island not a nation, while the UK is a political union made up of four nations.”

YesCymru committee member Niki Jones said: “If I told Mared this, at 6 years of age, she would already laugh in my face. She is so Welsh in her identity, she’d think I was joking with her or something.”

Paul Thomas said: “Strong Soviet Union vibes.”

Stace Williams said: “Everything about this is terrible, somebody fire the lyricist immediately.”

But listen up here, Gav…

This IS a song… and this is a singer too!!!

That’s what I’ll be singing loud on Friday, but I won’t be forcing teachers to make children sing it!!!.

72 thoughts on ““Wir sind Großbritannien und wir haben einen Traum, alle Menschen in einem großartigen Team zu vereinen”.”

  1. I looked this up and Glasgow schools break up the day before the singalongathon. This is Britishness viewed from a very English perspective, which rather defeats the point.

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    1. LOL LOL LOL…

      Aye, Gavin wouldn’t know that right enough.

      He’s one of the thicker ones in Boris’s cabinet… and in that group of people, that is saying something.

      Getting out of bed in the morning must tax his intelligence.

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  2. I can’t see the Derry Girls forsaking their green jumpers and tartan skirts for a spice girls type Union flag skirt somehow.

    I think Sister Michael would have something to say. 😀

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    1. LOL Gerry… I suspect that’s true.

      The Spice Girls are so 1995. These kids weren’t even born then… in fact, most of their teachers probably were just passing into secondary school.

      I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want… and it ain’t Boris or Gavin.

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    1. LOL Another one…

      As I said, Gavin won’t have any idea that we don;t follow their timetable.

      He probably thinks Scotland is that little bit of land just north of the Watford Gap.

      As me dear old granny would say… If his brains were dynamite, they wouldnae pert his hair.

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  3. “Wir sommen” is kicking my brain for some reason. Ich bin, du bist, er ist, wir sind; yes. I may have forgotten more than I ever learned… (A in O grade, but that was almost 40 years ago).


    1. Ah, well, to be honest, meine deutsche grammatik ist SEHR eingerostet.

      But wir sommen means “we came”.

      Still, 40 years is a long time.

      Some of my students don’t retain things for 40 minutes!

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  4. I love Caledonia. A good belting out song, especially the chorus. Always brings tears to my eyes.
    The “great nation” song smacks of desperation. So glad my children are no longer at school, and my grandson who, unfortunately I think, lives in England is only at nursery and doesn’t do Fridays. Phew!

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    1. It’s a really beautiful song.

      There’s some weird stuff coming out of that government at the moment.

      This and the outrage expressed by the English culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, that advertisers should be allowed to withdraw their patronage from a very amateur tv station hosted by Andrew Neill.


      1. Someone on Twitter mentioned similarities with the Portuguese fascist dictatorship too.

        It seems to be about MAKING people patriotic, beating their nationalists into them, albeit not literally, at least at the moment.

        It works for some people.

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        1. The othering of people in the UK “Shirkers and skivers”, Peter Lilly at the party conference with his little list. “The wrong type of person is breeding.” This was a tory conclusion when trying to solve the countries ills.
          In order to regurgitate the memory, passed round like a cup of cold sick. Covid requires you to bring your own spoon. To a Mary Poppins tune, “These are the things that memory brings,” enjoy!

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    1. Goodness. The comments are scary.

      Nothing wrong with liking your country, but it seems to me that part of being a pioneer was listening to your parents and reporting anything that deviated from the party line.

      The tune is better than the dreadful English song and the children are better singers.

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          1. Actually, it’s not an unpleasant tune, although I didn’t understand most of the lyric.

            These things with kids always recall to me this line:

            “Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life.”

            ― Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

            It either works like that or turns into resentment and hatred.


      1. I’ve been on the one in Budapest too. It was a memorable and fun experience.

        Here’s my mate getting his ticket inspected

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    1. Summer camps where our children will be taught to be good Brits and appreciate just how superior they are to everyone else, even though they live in worse conditions.

      I wonder if they will be encouraged to inform on their parents.


      1. Scary, creepy, disturbing – but also kitsch and laughable. Unfortunately, the fact that it’s laughable doesn’t mean you can afford to not take it seriously- the modern equivalents of Nazis and Nazi TV, I mean.

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        1. And ream (as a verb). I imagine too that sunlit uplands will need sunbeams to keep them sunlit, and the mainstream will need, flowing like a millstream through their patriotic bloodstream, a daydream of Empire and a veritable jetstream of progress carrying along in its slipstream the Great Mass of the British people toward said sunlit uplands.

          Ach, the hell with it. The Westminster regime will go on vacillating between tragedy and low farce whether I lampoon it or not.

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  5. Like

    1. Alas, M. Barnier really should have learned by now that Johnson (a) lies; and (b) doesn’t believe that laws should apply to him – and as he sees himself as Mr. Britain, and is an English exceptionalist in addition to all his other sterling qualities (see what I did there), the corollary is that the laws don’t apply to Greater England either.

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      1. Tris, my recommendation to M. Barnier and his colleagues would be that, if the Westminster regime persists in its inexcusable behaviour, they should prepare the EU to impose the most punishing sanctions available against the members of the Westminster regime. It should also take out space in all the prominent newspapers in the EU – full-page ads, that sort of thing – explaining exactly why they’re doing it, even if none of the UK’s major titles would agree to publish them. The Great British Meeja Machine would find it difficult not to report a Europe-wide condemnation of the regime, though it would of course interpret it as the nasty Europeans picking on plucky little Britain.

        When dealing with a bunch of sociopaths / psychopaths, the only thing that might work to stop them behaving obnoxiously and illegally is the threat of immediate reprisals, though even then there’s no guarantee.

        On another note, I see that possible legal action against the UK Government over Russian dark money in the Brexit referendum has just been scuppered by a judge who took the view that the remedy should be political, not legal. This is unfortunate, because the nub of the matter is that the Westminster system has broken down, stuffed as it is with antiEuropean fools and zealots in the ruling party, and faceless nonentities in the other without enough fire in their bellies to mount even a token opposition: there is no political accountability, so that leaves only the courts as institutional guarantors of the pale shadow democracy that we currently enjoy.

        The only good we Scots can do at Westminster and in the UK is to leave it; staying in it is not just codependency, it’s masochism, and suicidal masochism at that.

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        1. I’m wondering now about the idea that SNP MPs take the line that there is no point in them being at Westminster.

          Should they continue to do the constituency work but stop attending.

          If the government party has a huge majority of seats, and has been allegedly corrupt, I can’t help thinking that law is the only recourse they have.

          Might be less of a problem if they had a decent Speaker.


        2. For once you disappoint me, Ed… such naivete. The Great British Meeja would be only too happy to grab whatever wads of euros M. Barnier waved in their direction. And then fill the front pages with shock-horror stories about the disgusting ads they’re carrying that show the utter vileness of EU leaders and prove conclusively why Brexit was, is, and always will be the greatest achievement since 1707. Turn down ads on principle? That belongs in a JFAL post. The non-dom proprietors, the porn baron, the dirty digger, the Torygraph twins (or is thereonly one now?). Aye, all men of great principle.

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          1. John, you are of course right. I must abandon these last vestiges of my charming youthful naïveté … it ill befits a man such as myself with a maturer, fuller figure, and a complexion that is no longer dewy.

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    1. Still one of my favourite songs (and the best version) of all time.

      You put so much into that mate. It was a joy to sing along with you in Dundee… all those years ago.

      Magic. Say hello to the lads for me.


  6. Just listened to Sammy Wilson who used to be a DUP MP in westmonster.
    He says the uk government are acting like a Colonial Master over Northern Irelands devolved oddministration.
    He’s just seen the light and converted to republicanism.
    Well done Sammy, all you need to do now is open the light box and see how correct you are.
    If a nutter like sammy can be converted there’s hope for Scotland.
    There’s now another variant in the UK, it’s called Delta plus and appears to be more virulent than the other we’ve had so far.
    Scotland will have it in a week as the returning tartan army will bring it back with them.
    Listened on the radio that there was a rally in London to relax the foreign travel restrictions so that the travel industry can make money, on a day when uk reports 16,000 new cases.
    What is david davis complaining about?, the internet companies being forced to take down dangerous fake news, aye, like brexit will be the easiest route to the sunny uplands of englandland.

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    1. Scary how that idiot lets people into the UK despite knowing how dangerous it is.

      And of course, as you would expect they get more and more transmissible.


    2. Sammy Wilson’s a marvel. For a man who always looks as though he’s been just been dragged away from a fight in the smoking area of the Queen’s Arms after 15 pints and 40 Regal, he’s still quite perky and almost coherent.

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