10 thoughts on “It’s complicated…”

  1. We’re now deeply submerged in a cycle of girning and whining regarding the latest unfurlings of the Brexit disaster, while coming to terms with the frustrating certainty that there exists absolutely no prospect of rescue.

    Meanwhile we have our both votes SNP Scottish government, who despite Ian Blah, Blah, Blackfords, sadly cliched futile exhortations at a rubber eared Britgov, seems content to continue its glacialist approach to the constitutional issue. That’s if it’s, in actuality, approaching it at all of course. I mean, glacial is better than nothing, right??

    Where ultimately does this consequent sense of powerlessness go and how long will it be before some kind of reaction is forthcoming?

    Right now it’s one set of middle class gits agin the other and I’m fast losing sympathy for our side as they seem hell bent on serving up more of the corrupt, dishonest same. Yes, I know it’s naive to expect that an independent Scotland could somehow be better, because folk are folk the world over, but the way the SNP are acting, we’re never going to find out. It’s never going to be put to the test at the current rate of travel, and we might well remain just what we are. ie The last colony of England.

    We’re being comprehensively taken to the cleaners.

    Who’d’ve thunk it 7 years ago?

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  2. England is a colony of the Normans and before them the English had many other colonisers. English people do not appear to understand their situation unknowingly taken to the cleaners for centuries, oddly they think of themselves as independent, they like the Scots don’t have a Scooby.

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    1. Interestingly, of course, the English language is the same

      I remember a student of mine pointing out that the French had just taken the English word for telephone and used it. They should get one of their own, he said.

      I wonder where the English got it, I thought…

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  3. Great article in today’s Irish Times on Charity, written by Fintan O’Toole.
    He says that after the changes in money creation there should be NO need for Charity, the country’s government should cover the costs of looking after the people,
    I’ve said it before that it is way beyond the time that organisations like the Erskine Hospital should rely on donations to look after ex military personnel.
    Hopefully our government will consider, even if the Scots were injured in uk service, looking after all.

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    1. I’ve always found it an affront that the UK government (and many others) have the money to send people to war and when they come back injured, there is no money to look after them.

      It’s disgusting.

      I agree Scotland should look after its soldiers, but if we did, I suspect there are a lot of soldiers from other nations in the Uk who would want to come here.


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