Sir Simon Stevens is head of NHS England until the end of July, when he will be retire, go to the Lords, and be replaced by the next head of NHS England.

We assume it will be by Lady Harding (she of £37 billion Track and Test black hole and sundry other cockups).


She has now “applied” for the post, having mentioned a couple of weeks ago on social media, that she was thinking of doing so.

She is well known to Hopeless Handcock, and will be a good match for him, so I assume he has given her the nod.

Anyway, Sir Simon don’t seem to think a lot of old Matt the Muppet.

24 thoughts on “SIR SIMON SAYS….ERM, NOTHING”

  1. Hm. It’s quite astonishing how many pointless sinecures paying megadosh for a couple of days’ attendance a month for an hour or two can be created for you when you’re a member of the talentless, overprivileged and overentitled Tory chumocracy – or is it an oligarchy, a kleptocracy? – that actually runs Greater England for its own fun and profit.

    I know damn all about Dido Harding and don’t feel particularly motivated to learn – perhaps she comes from ‘umble horigins and jockeyed for position up the greasy pole of self-advancement, or she’s a jolly hockey sticks sort of gel who was into ponies as a tot and her parents could afford their own paddock and a private education for her, but she’s manifestly unfit for the job. Unfit for any job, evidently, except to sit on the governing boards of large companies, boards who lend purpose to their existence by voting through pay raises for each other, the shareholders and the public be damned, and ensuring that the normal laws of commerce, and civil and criminal conduct, aren’t applied to them.

    Did someone mention £37 billion spaffed against the wall, as Bawris the Bold, adept self-concealer in fridges and dier in ditches, might put it? You could probably build a tunnel to Northern Ireland with that, though the EU border checks and places to put them would no doubt add yet another layer of expensive and politically provocative idiocy to the regime’s quaint notions of abiding by the Northern Ireland Protocol, and by its binding commitments to the EU. Probably best to make the physical installations portable, so they can be moved to Ironbridge, Carter Bar and the Tweed crossings when Scotland dissolves the Union.

    The ancient Egyptians built pyramids. Whatever one might think of them, they’re real signs of significant endeavour by that society. The UK regime, on the other hand, specializes in pointless and immensely misguided, incompetently executed and ruinously expensive exercises in futility leavened only by grand larceny and corruption coupled with impunity – which is the only real and true thing about that repellent coterie of trough-guzzling charlatans.

    Sorry, people. I seem to be suffering from a surfeit of cynicism these days. No idea why. Answers on a postcard, please.

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    1. “perhaps she comes from ‘umble horigins”

      Aye cos all across the schemes they are calling their weans after the Queen of Carthage. Or mibbee after the singer. But naw, she’s a minor aristo who went to Oxford and studied PPE (no not the NHS kind) with David Cameron. There is nothing like a meritocracy and we have nothing like a…

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    2. Well “Dido” is Diana and her daddy is an hereditary baron and grandpappy was a Field Marshall, don’t you know.

      She attended a posh independent school, from whence to Oxford alongside David Cameron. with whom she had an immediate connection, as Sir Daddy ran a pig farm.

      So, erm …posh.

      She is Hancock’s kind of person, and indeed Johnson’s, because everything she touches goes pear shaped.

      Just the sort they like. She was made a Noble Baroness in 2014 by her mate, David and has always voted with the Tories. She married a Tory MP.

      Munguin says that when he feels cynical, he has the servants open another bottle of something bubbly.

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    3. Ed – George Bernard Shaw said: “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”

      It’s a positive attribute, it means your paying attention.

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    4. She has an interesting career history…Woolworths, Thomas Cook, TalkTalk…everywhere she’s ever been either went bust or replaced her before she could do any more damage .

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      1. Well, our only knowledge of her is in the English Track and Test… which, I think, most people would agree was a complete waste of £30+ billion.

        So she sounds like she’d fin in with the hierarchy of the English health system. Johnson, Hancock, Harding.

        All of them “f’ing useless”.


  2. I wouldn’t stop at Harding. I want all the companies and individuals involved in that fiasco prosecuted.

    That includes the Accountants (them of the £8000 per day consultancies) and the firms that had ill-trained people doing the work local authorities should be doing, and the Labs that participated in messing up the reporting to local authorities such as Leicester (thinking they had 90 cases when it was over 900).

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  3. The first by-election in a Tory remain voting constituency shows that away from the leave voting areas the Tory faithful are not too happy. HS2 not popular in the Amersham & Chesham seat which helped the tactical voting against the Tories. I wonder if it will be the start of a trend that gets worse for the Tories. In the 1966 General election the Labour Government had a 98 seat majority only for that to dwindle away through by-election losses.

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        1. Serves them bloody well right, Marcia, I’m pretty sure you agree. Why vote Tory Lite® when you can have the real thing? Labour in all its various factions have been a busted flush in Scotland since 2014. The electorate south of the Border seem to be catching up to us at last…

          It’s not healthy in any democracy to have no real opposition, no alternative party or parties of government. Very unhealthy indeed, actually. We have the post-independence period to look forward to for that; the Englanders, on the other hand, have nothing in prospect. Very depressing.

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          1. It is exceedingly worrying that there is effectively no opposition in England, Wales or Scotland and that the NI government looks like it is falling apart.

            Unfortunately we are all affected by the UK?English parliament and there seems little realistic chance of that changing, Liberal Democrat by-election win or no.


  4. The labourites are still pushing the falsehood that they need the Scottish seats to win control of westmonster.
    I think the constituency of Chesham and Amersham have voted for the party that would take the seat from the tories and voted thus.
    Proves the first past the post does not give a democratic result if there’s a winner elected with less than 50% of the votes cast.
    Currently reported as they have a problem with HS2 and the relaxation of planning laws, this may be a simplification but certainly looks as a pointer.
    We will see the results from the labour held by-election to come.
    In the Scottish parliament we see 26 tory and 20 slabs who were voted for by their party and not directly by the voters. These law setters include 2 ‘leaders’ who did not win a constituency.
    As has been a subject on this site wee annie got less than 2000 votes from her constituency by has a well paid position taking up time in our parliament.
    We really need to leave this union and sort out our system of proportional representation.

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