37 thoughts on “All hail to the GREAT BRITISH sausage”

  1. As someone who has travelled a fair bit, if I had to rate British sausages they would be the worst of the wurst.
    Gritstly bits, breadcrumb, and all the bits the butcher can’t sell otherwise just flung into the mincer.
    Or as someone described it once… “eyeballs and a***oles”.
    These monstrosities date back to rationing during and after WW2 when everything possible was done to pad out what meat was available as far as they possibly could.
    The rest of the world on the other hand would accept nothing short of quality meat. Heck Germany has laws dating back to 1432 (Fleischhauerordnung der Weimarer Fleischer). As a matter of professional pride, the butchers still adhere to it.
    Here in the UK as usual we are fed so much sh*t made as cheaply as possible and are deluded enough to think it is “special” by the very criminals telling us it would not be cost effective to use proper ingredients.
    The only thing “special” about Great Britain is the gullibility and ignorance of (most of) the population.
    Sorry for the rant but this insistence on inferior products and services is some days completely baffling.

    *Some countries in the union may be more “special” than others 😉

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    1. Yep. I have a feeling that sausages here are getting worse. I used to quite like the butcher’s beef ones, but recently there seems to be almost no meat in them at all.

      I remember reading an interview a long time ago with Pétula Clark who lives mainly between France and Switzerland.

      They asked, when you come home to England , what is the first thing you want to eat? The thing you have missed most living abroad?

      She replied, ‘a good curry’ which she reckoned you really couldn’t get in either Geneva or Megève.

      At some point they asked…what, you don’t fancy a plate of Bangers and Mash.

      ‘No’, she said. ‘A long time ago I visited a factory where they made sausages. I’ve never eaten one since.’


  2. The poster on the wall behind that DUP guy is not technically correct.

    Ulster consists of nine counties, and only six of them are — arguably — “British”.

    Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal belong to the Republic.

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    1. LOL Very true DonDon, as has been pointed out once before on this blog.

      Really DUP people should read Munguin’s Republic. would be an education for them.

      I wonder if they force their british sausages on the people of Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal.


  3. Folk buying cheap at the supermarkets has shut a great many local butchers. Our village used to have four and now it’s down to one, and that’s just waiting for the guy to retire then it will go too. The last guy to close up made great sausages. He wasn’t afraid to let anybody see them being made and what he put in them and it was all good stuff. The grandkids used to insist I bought the Sunday breakfast from there.

    The surviving few, what I would describe as traditional butchers ( ie the ones that still make there own stuff) around here now, are very good but eye wateringly expensive so their clientele tends to consist of the better off or folk buying for special occasions.

    My wife’s a veggie which means that so am I on a regular basis. The processed stuff like Quorn is ok but everything has a similar texture. The other brands are ok and are improving but many still have a bready taste in my opinion. Old fashioned veggie food, if it’s going to be tasty is a lot of work and I still find it a bit on the bland side. That’s with the exception of Indian veggie which I would say is the best. Many people say they’re veggie and still eat seafood but that’s just cheating.

    Still not to worry because the way the packaging info is going we won’t know what we’re eating anyway. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

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    1. I was wondering about the packaging information.

      I’m certainly concerned about a drop in quality and an increase in preservatives and additives in what we may be eating soon as a result of trade deals like the Australian one (if it goes through).

      I consoled myself that, although I’m poor as a church mouse, Munguin is as rich as Croesus, so he will be able to afford to buy good quality Scottish or European produce.

      But as you say, what will be in some of the stuff we buy in restaurants or take-aways, cafés etc?

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  4. The alternative universe.
    I wonder if the government chappie will have eaten the pork version of the offal fat tube.

    The handcock says that it was the scientists that we responsible for the delay in instigating a lockdown and that there was never a lack of PPE in the ‘country’ and no one died from a lack of ppe.
    The wonder is that the media are pushing hard on this to defend him.
    Someone asked the question today ‘Why do people like leadsom get invited onto tv every day’, the answer is they are not invited they are sent onto the media to push the daily brief.
    Just listen to the message today, it’s the EU must be pragmatic over the third party nation called the UK, they are special people.
    Listen each day to the interviews, each party official will push the overnight brief they have been primed with, don’t answer questions just use the brief material.
    North Korea and the missing glorious leader, off to the beach with the wean in the plane.
    Thinking cummings will now release some of his material, now he knows what handcock’s defence is.

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    1. Yes. They just repeat and repeat what they been told to say and if you asked them a totally different question they wouldn’t have a notion

      What’s old Leadsom doing? I thought she was sacked?


    2. Good old propaganda techniques from the old masters: the ad nauseam (repeat the lie often enough and it become true), and the Big Lie (so enormous that the punters can’t believe They would lie about soemthing so important so it must be true). Examples – well, take your pick. Handcock’s “nobody died from a lack of PPE” – demonstrably false, in fact a bare-faced, brazen lie – but repeated ad nauseam and trotted out whenever the occasion arises; “we followed the scientific advice” on lockdowns, repeated ad nauseam; and pass on quickly to the Massive Success of the Vaccine Rollout while avoiding all mention of the needlessly enormous death toll from Their chronic inept, incompetent and corrupt handling of the pandemic.

      Big Lies – start with Brexit is Good For You, and The EU Is Victimizing Plucky Little Britain (Englandland) by demanding that the Westminster regime do what it committed itself under international law to do. Deflect and distract with culture war stuff like Great British Bangers; invoke the Spirit of the Blitz, put out more flag,s Britain stands alone, there’ll always be an England and bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover, so the punters will eat sawdust bangers and seaweed ice cream, and feel patriotic as they do it.

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  5. It’s quite hard to distinguish Sammy Wilson of the DUP from a barrow-load of Great British sausage meat, but not impossible because, unlike the sausage meat, Sammy always looks as though he has just been dragged away from a potential fist fight in the smoking area of his local boozer after getting through 14 pints of Great British ale and 40 Regal.

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  6. Processed food,
    What is the difference between,
    Frozen dessert
    Ice cream.
    Ice cream has dairy product included., frozen dessert doesn’t need to be made with milk.
    Much in line with the great british sausage which might actually contain meat along with the fat and fillers.

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    1. Dave, it’s the same kind of weaseling that gives us phrases such as “up to 80% off”, meaning that everything in the shop is the same price as always except for penny chews, where they’re letting you have five for the price of one. Or they would do if they had any.

      There used to be a prog on the TV called “Rip-Off Britain” or some such, didn’t there?

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    1. I heard Bawris quacking on about the shared values between the UK and the US of the rule of law, and democracy.

      The unmitigated gall of the man… how often has the Supreme Court found against him and his regime for breaking the law, including over proroguing parliament, threatening to renege on an agreement that is supposed to be binding under international law, and presiding over a regime which is so corrupt that it beggars belief? And that is just on those occasions where he’s been taken to task over his misdeeds, and the misdeeds of his regime.

      And then there’s that small and unimportant thing about denying the democratically expressed will of the Scottish people, even though the Westminster Parliament accepted that the Scottish people are sovereign in our own land. Oh, but the latest instruction to the Great British Adminisphere is that the countries comprising the UK are not to be identified as such any more, and “the country” is to be understood as meaning the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, i.e., Greater England.

      Ah yes, those shared values of the rule of law, and democracy. Evidently those mean something different to the likes of me and you, and Bawris Johnson and his nasty little pals. Here’s hoping that Joe Biden thinks that “democracy” and “rule of law” mean what we know they do, not what Bawris and his pals self-servingly would have us believe they do.

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        1. She had to be polite to the orange one as well, Tris, though I heard on MSNBC this morning in a segment on Biden’s meeting with the Queen of England (sic) that when she met him she wore a brooch that was a gift from Obama. Apparently the Royal Brooches are assumed to send a message of some sort, over and above making what certain people would call a Fashion Statement.

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          1. LOL.

            I suppose someone notes all these things down… (brooch, Obama… do not wear in front of Trump [like Trump would notice anyone but himself] wear in front of Biden).

            Oh how complex her like would be, were it not for the thousands of servants we provide her with.


  7. Is it just my ignorance, of most things, that leads me to suspect another distraction drama at play with the threat to the “great British banger”?
    My understanding of the Revised Protocol indicates they could have chosen a basket of goods coming under the Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary controls but they chose the British banger.
    Why? Were they, the Westminster Wastrels hoping for an effect similar to that of the EU pissing on the grave of Shep the Blue Peter dog. As far as I know the EU haven’t done that, yet, but remember my ignorance.
    In any case I’m scanning the horizon and see, a scam to transfer Health Service data, new varient case numbers spiralling, an increasing number of areas in England categorised as “covid no go” but not nationally published and the Israeli army being promised money from the foreign aid budget (4 billion?). Any worse and it would be time for another Royal sprat, match or dispatch.
    I can’t be sure Cummings isn’t behind this but it has his style and carries the look of his fingerprint dabs.

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    1. I think they chose the G R E A T British Banger because they think that bangers are food that the masses eat.

      They of course, do not.

      But they imagine that the lower orders eat Banger and Mash and Pie and chips at every mean including breakfast.

      The most important thing of course, is that this forms part of an international treaty which THEY signed and promised it would get Brexit done.

      Obvious none of them read it or if they did, they didn;t understand it.

      What they didn’t count on was President Biden.

      Dido Harding, who wants to get rid of the NHS may apply to be the English NHS chief…

      The Wicked Witch at the Home Office has been gagging to fund Israel from International Aid since before Mrs May sacked her for lying and try8ing to do it on the QT.

      Now that they no longer care and Johnson won”t sack her, it’s all go.

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