One of the things that I dislike most about monarchy in Scotland or the UK, is that we have a head of state who has no democratic legitimacy and therefore, no actual right to get involved in politics.

Walter Bagehot in “The English Constitution” published in the 1860s, famously summed up the monarch’s role as involving ‘the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn’. Outdated it may be, but it seems to be what is accepted to this day as the monarch’s function.

But, of course, the government, and most particularly the prime minister, has an equal right to ignore any advice or warnings given by the head of state.

An elected head of state, even a relatively non-political one, like say the German, Swiss or Irish presidents, can legitimately claim to be democratically elected and therefore entitled to poke his or her nose in on limited occasions.

Many of the functions of heads of state in the UK are carried out by prime or first ministers. Of course they have been elected, but then only by a small constituency, whereas the president of Ireland has been elected by anyone eligible to vote in the republic.

Elizabeth has form in matters of involvement in referendums. She was famously tricked into voicing support for those people who were against independence for Québec in 1995.

In 2014, presumably acceding to a request by David Cameron, she made a quiet comment about people needing to think very carefully before voting.

There have been signs that royals are once again getting involved in our politics. There was a suggestion going about recently that one of the royals (Edward) might be sent to live in Edinburgh.

Then Willie was appointed to some honorary role in the Church of Scotland and recently made a deadly dull and sickeningly sycophantic speech about how he loved Scotland and he owed it so much. He then went on to a ceremony at their palace in our capital.

My view is that little will come of this royal intervention.

It seems to me that none of them has any real attraction here. If you have no real political or management function and can do no real good, you have to be either young and attractive… like a “celeb”… or perhaps old and granny/grandpa-like adorable.

I don’t see any of that. None of them are young and glamorous any more and although the Queen is old, she comes over in public like a rather grumpy old woman and not at all like my idea of a granny.

And certainly, among the younger voters it appears that across the UK, their popularity is not what it was.

I’m biased because I dislike all that they stand for and I turn off the radio whenever there is any mention of them. (I may be the only person in the country who saw and heard no news about Phil’s death), but I wondered what perhaps more moderately inclined people think of this idea to get them involved in our referendum… and whether it will be successful, will backfire or maybe most people won’t even notice.



MORE scuttlebutt from smalltown America.

Mildred is the church gossip and self-appointed custodian of the congregation’s morals. She cannot keep her nose out of other people’s business. They are nervous of her.

Then one day she accuses a taciturn fellow named George of being an alcoholic because his pick-up  truck, which the whole town knows by sight, was parked outside the town’s only bar for an entire afternoon.

Taciturn George makes no response. But later that evening he quietly parks his truck outside Mildred’s house and walks home for a good night’s sleep.



THIS fellow goes into a theatrical agent’s office. “I do bird imitations”,

“Bird imitations are ten a penny. It’s not worth putting you on our books.”

“Oh well, in case you change your mind, here’s my card.”

At which he drops his pants, lays an egg and flies out through the window.



Patient: “I keep seeing a vampire with big teeth and a cloak”.

Doctor: “Have you seen a psychiatrist?”

Patient: “No, just a vampire”.


12. It appears that Her Magnificence is going to get involved in sorting the Scottish Independence problem.

Prosecuting attorney: “Do you know me, Mrs Jones?”.

“Why, yes I do, Mr Williams, I’ve known you since you were a boy and frankly you’re a big disappointment to me. You lie, you cheat on your wife and you manipulate people and talk about them behind their back. You think you’re a big shot , while you haven’t the brains to realise you’ll never be more than a two-bit paper pusher, Yes, I know you.”

Taken aback, the lawyer points across the room. “Do you know the defence attorney?”

“Why yes, I’ve also known Mr Bradley since he was a teenager. He’s lazy, bigoted and he has a drinking problem. He can’t build a normal relationship with anyone and his law practice is probably the worst in the state. He’s cheated on his wife with three different women. One of them was your wife …”

At which the judge urgently beckons both counsel to approach the Bench. He whispers: hoarsely “If either of you ask her if she knows me, you get the electric chair!”


All trades and professions are suffering in this Covid pandemic.

A copy of a completed unemployment benefits application…

Occupation: Burglar

Reason for unemployment: Everyone is home.



“May I try on that dress in the window, please?”
“No, ma’am. You’ll have to use the fitting room like everyone else.”




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Meet Josh the Orphaned Baby Borneo Orangutan | The Great Projects
1. Morning Munguinites. I’ve got some treats for you today. It’s only three bananas to get in…
2. Some cats have all the luck…
3. Lunch time.
4. Cherry blossom gets everywhere. Cerisier rose…
5. What kind of snake was this, found in Bulgaria, by a certain cat?
6. Prague.
7. OK now could you all just shut up. I want to get to sleep.
8. Do you think they look like me?
9. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm…
10. Wadi Rum, Jordan.
11. I’m a tree frog. I’ve got my eye on you and it’s a very nice eye, even if I say so myself.
12. I’m just sitting here pondering stuff.
13. Un nuage—voilà l’orage.
14. Huh, the French don’t know squat about .. . clouds and storms…even if the call them silly foreign names They wanna come here to Scotland and see sgòthan agus stoirmean.
15. On our block all of the guysoh wait, we did that one yesterday.
16. Why can’t I have Wisteria like that in my garden?
17. Damned cheek. Woof Woof.
18. I’m even older than the queen!
19. I’m watching you.
20. What a happy wee soul.

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1. The future of the Great British train? Maybe one day!
3. Yesterday… but also today.
4. Or maybe just have a cold… you know, take it on the chin.
5. A blast from the past of Great British history… oh wait, it was just last week.
Manfred Mann | full Official Chart History | Official Charts Company
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High Street, Dumfries 1960 | Dumfries, Old photos, Old pictures
Sir Ken Dodd obituary | Ken Dodd | The Guardian
Dundee Corporation - The Double Deckers from 1946
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23. I don’t know who they are, but it’s a lovely happy image from then and now…
Coca-Cola collaborated with the Nazis in the 1930s, and Fanta is the proof  | by New Visions | Timeline

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It seems that it’s not only De Pfeffel and Nut Nuts that like expensive furnishings.

No, sir. Senior officials in the London parliament like to treat themselves to superb quality at our expense too.

A secret plan to renovate five “grace and favour” flats on the parliamentary estate for senior Commons staff has cost nearly £700,000 of public money, says the Guardian.

Who is new Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle? - YouTube

As has now become the norm in these matters in London, the original estimate of £280,000 turns out to have been made by someone with slightly less than no idea what they were doing… which kinda leaves the field wide open.

The cost has now topped £700,000 and the work is not complete.

Apparently the speaker, who used to be a Labour MP but seems to have moved over, is using one of these flats while his own residence in the parliament is…wait for it… being renovated for fire safety… you know, unlike all these multi-storey fire trap blocks with accelerant on the outsides and poor people on the insides.

Still, Hoyle has a title so we can’t have him burnt to death like an ordinary person.


I notice that Miles Briggs has been appointed by D Ross to be shadow miniter for Social Justice. Snigger.


I’m smiling at Murdo Annie and Jamie Greene too.

This should make for some interesting, umm, debate in the Chamber.


Grant Shapps: just how gullible does he think voters are? | Suzanne Moore |  The Guardian
Um, Grant Michael Green-Shapps Two Names?

Grant Shapps probably isn’t bright enough to have done this as a joke, but he has renamed Network Rail “Great British Railways”.

Now I know that that properly means the railways on the main island of the UK, ie Great Britain (which a translation from the French Grande Bretagne or Big Brittany and nothing to do with it being “great” in the English sense).

But I imagine it is a part of trying to convince people, especially Brits, that Britain is indeed great.

It’s perhaps a pity that, when it comes to greatness, British trains are relatively far down the line, as it were, or even in a siding somewhere.

I’ve travelled a fair amount on railways across Europe, and my experience is that British trains are the most expensive, the least punctual, least reliable and the most dirty in the continent.

They are so bad that now I rarely use them, but I cannot think of one single occasion in the last 20 years where I have travelled by train in the UK and the journey has not been a fiasco, with late trains and missed connections, closed buffets and missing staff.

On the occasions when I’ve used to train to get to London preparatory to leaving for France, and some decent railways, I’ve always left a few hours extra in the time table in case of broken trains, broken rails and staff not turning up…and I’ve never been disappointed.

On one occasion, a return journey to Bradford involved 5 different trains, all of which were late and quite substantially so. And one journey (fortunately) BACK from London, was late by 3+ hours.

(Incidentally, on the Bradford journey, I went for a cup of their disgusting coffee, more to fill in the time than anything else, and they told me that as the train was more than an hour late, the coffee was free… but please don’t publicise it. Uh huh. Right! Even free I felt I’d been swissed but I bet they’d never done more business on their tea and coffee than that day. I should get a job with them.)

Great French Railways? Yep; Great Swiss Railways? Absolutely, Great German Railways, or Spanish Railways or Austrian or Spanish, yes, I can see it.

Paul Routledge: Grant Shapps is the smirking face (or rather two faces) of  the Conservatives - Paul Routledge - Mirror Online

But Great British Railways… Bwa ha ha ha ha. Grant Shapps is a card or something…probably two cards.

Tom Harris

And as a footnote: Tom Harris, you’ll remember him? He used to be an Labour MP until Mr Murphy lost Labour all their seats in Scotland. Now he writes a column for the Daily Torygraph! ‘Nuff said.

Well he thought that the best thing about the name was that it made Scottish Nationalists hopping mad.

So, that’s Mr Harris happy at least. Nice when you can make someone happy.


California street shut down after 40,000 bees swarm from hotel | Bees | The  Guardian
How the Honeybee Buzz Hurts Wild Bees | Sierra Club
Honeybee Rescue Saves 100,000 Bees
How to Identify Different Types of Bees
Erm, hate to criticise, Pétula, but Bumble Bees are important pollinators, so actually not lazy at all. Say sorry!

And what would a summer day be like without the gentle buzz of a busy bee (that’s busy working, Pet). Actually, given this year’s weather, just ask what would a summer day be like!

Anyway, let’s remember bees on their special day. This can’t be a nice summer for them either.

Welcome - Celebrate World Bee Day

Happy Bee Day… no not bidet!!!

And thanks, as ever, to AndiMac for his illustration.



LAW stands for Land Air Water, the Trinity of laws which use three different systems.

1. Law of Water aka Law of the Seas, Maritime Law or Admiralty Law. It has its basis in trade and is commercial in nature, it uses “Service Corporations” as its legal entity with which to transact and normally requires a Contract or consent. It uses terms such as Legal and Illegal. It has Rules of Civil Procedure which have to be followed in its Court, which hears “Complaints”.

2. Law of Air aka God’s Law or Canon Law. I don’t propose to deal with that here, just know that it exists.

3. Law of the Land aka Common Law. The law of the living Man or Woman. It uses terms such as Lawful and Unlawful. In its Court a Man or Woman makes a Claim that a Trespass has been committed against his (her) Property by another Man or Woman.

The only part of the Trinity which applies to a living being is the Common Law. In the kingdom of England it was first written in the Magna Carta of 1215. In the kingdom of Scotland it was espoused in the Declaration of Arbroath of 1320 written to Pope John XXII and subsequently agreed.

You will recall that the Court of Session and UK Supreme Court held that the prorogation of Parliament was Unlawful rather than Illegal. The reason being that this was adjudged under the Jurisdiction of Common Law and precedent had been set by the Scots Parliament refusing to be prorogued by King Charles in 1600s a prelude to the “Bishops Wars”. This is a strong indication that Scots Law was acting under Scots Common Law and indeed that the 1689 Claim of Right was also under Scots Common Law. The use of the word Claim is a dead giveaway.


What is meant by this is best done by illustration. When newspaper editors checked an article they would write comments on the page for corrections to be made. These comments such as stet or sic or adding commas, underlining etc were not intended to be part of the text. Similarly with “legal” documents, style is important, for example, only one typeface is permitted per document, no font changes, no text size changes, no bolding, italics underlining etc are considered part of the “legal” text. This knowledge opens up a whole new world of understanding when looking at legal documents including Acts of Parliament and Government Gazette entries.


A Trespass of Unlawful Conversion was committed at the time each Man or Woman was born. The mother and father was required to submit forms to the Births, Deaths and Marriages shortly after you were born. When you were in your mothers womb you were in the water and you came out through the BERTH CANAL and were met by a DOCKtor. Note the preponderence of shipping terms. You were then issued with a  BERTH Certificate and were Registered as either Crew, Cargo on the appropriate ship, such as ENGLAND or SCOTLAND, all ships use Capital letters. When you reach majority you get a new identity and title such as Mister, sometimes your name will be in capitals other times it will be out of sequence. These are all indicators that you are seeing a paper “legal person” an entity disguised as and pretending to be you, an Unlawful Conversion. Your correct Common Law identity is Tristan of the Pricewilliams family as that is the name your parents gave you combined with the Family name. Note the express use of either all lower case letters and/or uppercase first letters, all other formats are a paper “legal person” masquerading as you, the Man.

So having trespassed against you and everyone else they then proceed to dupe you when you go to the Public Court House by a) getting you to use their Forms and thus consent to follow the Rules of Civil Procedure, b) getting you to agree to a format of your name that is NOT you, the Man, c) asking if you UNDERSTAND, which they reinterpret as STAND UNDER their legal system, or c) use a lawyer who does not represent you, the Man, but instead Re-Presents you as this fictional “legal person”. If it is a criminal case then you are put in the DOCK, again another indicator that you are being tried under Maritime Law. You may have noticed that most courts furnishings look like ships.
The original birth certificate is sent to Venice, considered a ship at sea. You only get an Extract.

So they deceive us “the People” by the duplicitous use of language.


(This part is supposition based on circumstantial evidence only)

England being by far and away the dominant naval nation on the high seas from the 15th Century onwards would naturally have made extensive use of Maritime Law in their day to day business. I suspect that they incorporated a “legal person” entity as the KINGDOM OF ENGLAND and referred to this rather than the Monarchs personal “kingdom of England”. The Prime Minister being the CEO of this Corporation with a committee called the Parliament and the MPs being members of the committee and making Acts of this Corporation.So when the Treaty of Union came about between the kingdom of England and the kingdom of Scotland they duplicitously renamed the KINGDOM OF ENGLAND corporation as the UNITED KINGDOM and the committee became the Parliament of GREAT BRITAIN. This chimes directly with David Mundell’s comments during the 2014 Independence Referendum. I am sure he gleaned his position from a legal paper prepared for David Cameron at the time.


I digress because I know the following facts and it illustrates how far this duplicity extends. In 1871 after the US Civil War and the reconstruction America was broke and needed money so they agreed to the “Bankers Terms”. The District of Columbia was created as a separate Sovereign Jurisdiction, just like the City of London and Vatican. The UNITED STATES CORPORATION Company was created and Bonds were issued to the Bankers in exchange for money. Lincoln objected and was assassinated. When the Bonds became due there was no money to pay so the Bankers wanted to create a Central Bank and knew that there were a lot of very wealthy Americans who would object, so they hatched a plot. They built three ships in Belfast, one supposedly unsinkable, amidst much propaganda they induced wealthy Americans to make the crossing in the fastest most modern ship of all. After the sea trials they switched the nameplates and the supposedly unsinkable TITANIC was deliberately sunk killing all the objectors.The Bankers then met at Jekyll Island and the Federal Reserve Bank was created. It was neither Federal nor had Reserves and was owned by the Private Banks. Kennedy tried to stop them and was assasinated and Reagan was warned off too with a few gunshots. All wars are Bankers wars and they usually finance both sides. The original constitution was supplanted and has not been used correctly since 1871.


Then along came Donald John Trump and the battle recommenced, all their efforts to remove him failed. You might not realise this but US Military won the war, DJT is still the legitimate 19th President of the United States of America under the original constitution. Amongst a lot of other achievements during his term, he folded the Federal Reserve into the US Treasury and bankrupted and liquidated the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, I have seen the documents on video which verify this. Joe Biden is not president of anything. The White House remains boarded up, Google the Oval Office and look up the business hours; they have been set to “closed” for months now. Buckingham Palace and the Vatican are also shuttered, the unholy trinity have been defeated and we are clearing up an horrific situation.  I won’t go into any more details here, but you get the drift.


Whilst I have not seen documentation, on video or otherwise, of the liquidation of the UNITED KINGDOM, I have watched a video where someone whose Parents worked for British Intelligence and has strong contacts therein has stated that the UNITED KINGDOM has been liquidated. Boris Johnson cannot issue a S30 for a non existent Corporation.


This Court case was enjoined under Maritime Law as is evidenced by the use of Capitals for his name. Simply put Martin chose the wrong jurisdiction for his case and had to fail.


A general rule is that Fraud vitiates everything. The Treaty of Union was betrayed immediatley the document was signed, it is thus null and void.
A REFERENDUMAs a referendum would be conducted under Common Law it would be Lawful and could not be prevented on legality as that only applies to Maritime Law.


As the current Scottish Parliament is a creation of and subordinate to the UNITED KINGDOM which is now defunct then in my opinion all subordinate legislatures are also defunct. The election is meaningless as it is being held under false pretenses.


Many questions arise from the above.

We need to decide how to elect our Parliamentarians d’Hondt, FPTP, MMP or something else.

Unicameral or Bicameral.

Written Constitution or otherwise.

For the reasons stated above Alex Salmond is correct, negotiations in relation to the split of Assets and Liabilities of the nations of the British lsles should commence forthwith with the more obvious things being separated immediately, Armed Forces, Banks, Civil Service come to mind.


Aye, right, Murdo.

First of all, he is not a UK Justice Secretary. They are the ones that dress up like they are off to a halloween party. We leave that kind of thing to wee tossers like His Sniffiness the Gove wearing his wife’s tights and shoes.

Gove sworn in as Lord Chancellor | HeraldScotland

Secondly, I note that there isn’t in your tweet one word of criticism for your union jack-clad lowlife compatriots.

You used a piece of disgusting behaviour to have a go at the SNP and Humza in particular. Is that what your boneheaded leader instructed?

Humza’s tweet was reasonably measured and cautious. Unlike some of yours.

No wonder hardly anyone votes for you except in Wings Polls, where you come out a clear leader for being the thickest Tory of all.

Très grand chapeau haut-de-forme noir -

I take my hat off to you. Given the calibre of the competition, that is some achievement.


Fears over future of McVitie's biscuit factory that employs hundreds of  Glasgow workers | HeraldScotland

McVities’ factory in Glasgow is, we already know, to close over the next year with a loss of around 500 jobs.

The BBC reports that this is due to the company having excess capacity at its factories in the UK.

No one appears to have queried why that is. Did they expand capacity recently and find that it was not needed? Or are we all eating fewer Hobnobs and Digestives in an effort to slim ourselves down, or perhaps, have we started eating more of cheaper copycats from Lidl or Aldi in these hard times… ?

Digestive biscuits - Aldi - 400 g
Aldi brand digestives.

I’d have thought someone might have asked the management that. Because with such massive job losses, the workers and their communities need to know.

Also, as McVities seem to have other factories in the UK, why did they choose to close the Scottish one as opposed to the ones in Carlisle or Manchester?

Anyway, this is interesting information, which may have some bearing on the closure.


Not unreasonably, from a third country, the security of food products derived from animals has to be watched carefully. Currently, I imagine the UK continues to follow the EU’s strict rules on hygiene, but obviously so much can change depending on which trade deals Mrs Truss manages to get, how she negotiates them, and what conditions are attached to them!

Also, you may be interested to know that in order to maintain the illusion that inflation is under control, the price of packets of biscuits ill not increase, but the size of the packets will:


In fact sizeable 20% reduction in the size of their packets.

Ah, all this taking back control is just plain wonderful, is it not?


1. Eton and Oxford. The best education money can buy in England.

WHY won’t sharks attack lawyers?

Professional courtesy.

Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television. – David Letterman




THIS fellow goes into a pet shop where he finds a talking dog. After chatting to him a few minutes about the weather, sport and current affairs, he buys him. He makes straight for his local pub.

“I bet anyone here fifty bucks this dog can talk.”

Several people take him on.

“OK Spot, tell ’em all about it!”

The dog wags his tail but says nothing.

“Spot, tell ’em what you told me in the pet shop!”

But the dog remains schtum. The fellow has lost his bets, he pays up and stomps out in a fury.

“You’re absolutely useless. I’m taking you back to the pet shop.”

“Wise up, Boss. Think of the odds we’ll get tomorrow.”



Prices, prices

THE passage of time … some comments apparently made by people way back in 1955.

·      If things keep going the way they are, it’s going to be impossible to buy a week’s groceries for £5

·      If cigarettes keep going up in price, I’m going to quit. Two shillings a pack is ridiculous.

·      “If they think I’ll pay three shillings for a haircut, they can forget it.”



A Yorkshireman’s favourite dog dies and he decides to have a gold statuette of it made by a jeweller.

Yorkshireman (showing photo): “Can tha mek us a gold statue of yon dog?”Jeweller: “Do you want it 18 carat?”
Yorkshireman: “No I want it chewin’ a bone, yer daft boogger!”



I WAS buying fish the other day and asked the counter assistant for a plastic bag.

He said it was already inside.


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