Paint everything red, white and blue and call it Great British and the thicko Jocks will lap it up.
And then send Kate Middleton up with her drippy husband and tell her to wear loads of tartan. The Jocks aren’t bright enough to find that patronising.

I was in Lidl last night and was amazed to find green, red and yellow peppers in a plastic bag covered in union jacks. Great British Peppers I thought as I put them back. I’m sure that peppers can be grown in the southern part of England or possibly in greenhouses, but I’m these ones came from Spain and were packed in Britain.

Then there was a section of Great British Cheeses including I noticed, some with suspiciously foreign names. Just some mistake by the staff, I’m sure.

In my efforts to find food that wasn’t covered with jacks, I did discover some really nice French ham, some German sausage and some lovely Spanish chorizo, so all is not lost, and along in Aldi (much better), I got some nice Scottish cheese.

Honestly, Brits, we’re really not that thick.

Brexit day: Plans to fly Union Jacks and Big Ben could bong to mark January  31 exit

In the meantime, to cheer me up, show me Brits taking back control in foreign parts:

Brawling Chelsea and Man City fans clash in shameful scenes in Porto ahead  of Saturday's Champions League final
Now look here, foreigners, we’re British, we should be allowed to fight on your streets and wreck the place if we wish. You’re only foreigners. Mind your place.
Football fans and drink should never be allowed to mix.

Taking back control of thuggery, eh?

34 thoughts on “WE IS THE MASTER RACE”

  1. Oi, Tris, you’ve forgotten abaht our new proposed national ship wot they’re finkin abaht callin after the Dook orv Edinburagh. Funny name for a ship mind yer, “The Old Fart”, eh?

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    1. Indeed, Andi, the one that is going to sell Britain all over the world in all these capitals… like Bucharest and Vienna and New Delhi and… oh, wait.

      Still they can paint it red white a blue and Johnson can take Princess Nutnuts for a round the world cruise.

      Maybe they can take along Kate Middleton and she can patronise natives everywhere by wearing their national dress?

      I wonder it this boat will be like that frigate thing that can only move as long as it’s not firing its weaponry…

      I wonder if anyone gives a erm… care…

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    1. I’ve always though it was hideously gaudy and overly busy.

      When I was a kid I remember asking where the dragon was, although to be fair, its inclusion would have made it even gaudier!!

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  2. Our present pack of Tesco Union Jack carrots came from Spain. I am sure I saw others when I was doing the supermarkets before my injury but didn’t note the details.
    Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform has suggested that flag loyalty will protect British goods against some of the competition. I wrote to his blogsite giving this example of why the protection of the butcher’s apron may not be all it’s cracked up to be.
    Also, I noted a comment in the (Sydney) Financial Review that the new trade deal with Britain will give Aussies greater access to whisky, Stilton and Bentleys since these are not in competition with Australian producers. Does anyone else read into this what I do – particularly the final clause ?

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      1. My reading is that imports from the UK may not benefit from the tariff free deal where they are in competition with Australian home products. While I may well be wrong, my suspicions are aroused by the apparent need to make that statement alongside the examples of UK imports.
        I should perhaps have said simply “read into this final clause.

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    1. Well, I’m happy that we’ll sell more whisky.

      Bentley is of course, German, so yeah good.

      Maybe people will be persuaded to buy stuff becasue it has a flag on it. In Scotland it will put as many, if not more, off. But Scotland is a small and relatively unimportant market compared with England.

      Of course some people will just be buying the cheapest stuff, because that’s what they can afford, flag or no flag, no matter what their affiliations. If you ain’t got the money for expensive stuff… you still have to eat.

      So, maybe they will start putting UK flags on Australian produce… If they can do it with Spanish carrots…

      How’s your injury, though? That seem more important to Munguinites.


      1. PS I already suggested the Aussie option to Sam Lowe. Then we have the possibility of the USA demanding the removal of country of origin labelling – but we could suggest that the Americans put Union Jacks on all their produce.

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        1. If the standards are being lowered, I want to know the country of origin.

          To be honest I eat very little beef, but, I suspect the lower standards in beef will be just the start.

          They seem to be determined to put Scottish farmers and fishermen out of business, which is strange, because that’s where the Tory vote is!


      2. Yes and no…

        A lot of the whisky is exported through companies based dahn sarf, thus becoming an English export. Diageo, for example. D.

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  3. Labouring a bit – more X rays to come as a suspicion of another vertebrae affected. So walking cut down to c 20 minutes, even with rollator. Still, have loads of reading, Cd’s, DVD’s. Am halfway through Piers Brendon’s The Decline and Fall of the British Empire, 1781-1997. Taking a long time to traverse the 650+ pages so if he updates it, I’ll only be reading (and hopefully participating in) the final chapter !

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  4. To paraphrase a former Great British Prime Minister….
    We will fight them on the beaches,in the bars and on the streets…..
    Nothing aspirational about the Jack nowadays and probably never was except for the Great British ruling classes.
    They certainly seem to be fooling all of the people in England at present.


  5. Let’s not forget the butchers apron plastered on the outside of the Brit states’ brand spanking new English civil servants building slap bang in the middle of Edinburgh.

    I honestly can’t tell what the picture top right is, a squashed bus? The whole British Nationalist assault is truly sickening, especially in Scotland. The mega rich off living lives of utter luxury the backs of the people, who believe they are superior, make me sick to my stomach. They step on the poor, smiling all the time, smarmy self important troughers. What they represent is 21st century backward Britain, know your place bow to your masters. Er no thanks, and the tartan dress looks ridiculous, they’ll not be wearing that when Scotland ditches them and takes back the land they have stolen.
    The troughers would ban tartan again if they could, but they use it to make sure the people of Scotland know they are owned, servants, subjects, serfs, not sovereign.

    As for the English thugs abroad, spreading Covid, utter imbeciles.

    Depressingly just read a long thread posted by Richard Murphy tax expert, about the new Covid variants happening in the Uk, the rise in infections, much worse transmission rates, all looking really bad and of course the NHS will just not be able to cope with a third wave, which according to medical experts is inevitable, in fact it’s here now. The r number is 1.6.
    Wear masks, keep your distance etc folks it could be worse than anyone in English government is admitting, in fact they are ignoring it.

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        1. Read it and the Guardian article that one of the correspondents link to.

          I wish Boris would suddenly take a notion to be an African explorer and disappear up the Congo! Or something.


    1. Yes, i read yesterday that they are talking about another wave.

      Why did the UK have to have such a useless prime minister when we needed a decent one?


    1. I suspect they will be renamed Great British Empire Sprouts, and instead of being green, they will be painted red white and blue adn Wee Willie and his clothes horse will be handing them out to peasants.

      Nice to see you, John. Munguin was just asking after you the other day!



  6. I enjoy one unintended consequence of putting the union flag on all that product packaging: it gets put in the bin. Everywhere, everytime. If someone buys a product because of a flag being on it, all they are doing is buying a flag to throw away. If the buyer doesn’t give a toss either way, it’s still going in the bin.

    How many union jacks must there be in the landfills by now? Christ almighty lol

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