Come on STV. You must be able to do better than this?

STV News@STVNews

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow recorded most coronavirus deaths in Scotland, new data shows.

Well, duh! Of course it did. It’s the biggest hospital in Scotland and it’s in the biggest city in Scotland. So, it’s hardly news?

I bet if you check up you’ll find out that the smallest hospitals in Scotland probably had the fewest deaths.


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52 thoughts on “Come on STV. You must be able to do better than this?”

    1. The BBC appear to have given up on numbers. Just something else they have abandoned. They are on a slippery slope to oblivion.

      IMHO, YMMV.

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      1. All part of a general effort to avoid confusing us with actual facts, I think, Douglas, the better to flog us the bunch of lies which underpin Bawris and his regime.

        This is the age of alternative facts – rather like 1930s Germany, and Italy under Mussolini.

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        1. There has always been alternative facts ever since cave drawings.

          Bit like gossip

          I mean when you little Nat scamps get together the stuff you come out with
          Is from an alternative universe.


  1. Hm. What with being pretty much housebound, Tris, if an irresistible yen comes over me to watch TV, I must explore the possibilities offered by the interwebs machine coupled with a VPN capable of placing me in those countries.

    Note to self: learn Icelandic.

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      1. LOL No I don;t think so.

        I remember reading that they used to shut tv down for a whole month in August because they all went off on holiday.

        But now, like most places, you can get tv for all over the world.


    1. At least South Korea is in charge of its own affairs. Nicola Sturgeon works with both hands tied behind her back on certain issues, immigration etc.

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    2. You do realize that the COVID death rate in Scotland is the lowest among the four constituent parts of the UK, don’t you, Niko? And before anyone says “whitaboutery”, one might almost think that you’re mounting a distraction from the criminal negligence and incompetence of the Westminster regime’s handling of the pandemic in the UK – even before we take the rampant cronyism and corruption which surrounds the response into account.

      You’ll recall, surely, that when the whole COVID thing kicked off, there was a thing called the “four-nation approach”, with the governments of all four constituent parts of the UK supposedly coming to agreement on what approaches and measures to take to combat the pandemic. Maybe you’ll recall too that it was Johnson who broke that system by taking unilateral action without consulting any of the other three governments / administrations, or even letting them know in advance.

      At that point, the Scottish Government decided to cut loose, or rather, recognized that Westminster had cut it loose. As a result, the Scottish Government in general and the First Minister in particular came in for a whole lot of stick from the Usual Suspects for not simply following the English Government’s lead slavishly.

      That was the Scottish Government’s greatest sin, in my opinion: not refusing to fall into line with Westminster right from the get-go. Its freedom of action was limited, of course, by the devolution settlement and also by Westminster’s seizing control over the distribution of vaccines, PPE and other necessary equipment – and perhaps most importantly, by making most of the testing system “nationwide”, centralizing it rather than devolving it. That comes down not just to the tendency of authoritarian governments to centralize control, but also to the general Tory conviction that we Jockanese, for example, are too wee, too poor and too stupid to do anything more complicated than stuff a haggis.

      At least we have a First Minister who is prepared to own up to her mistakes: even if Johnson were to do that, and anyone could understand what he said through all the fnaugh fnaugh fnaughing and the stammering, the inappropriate quotations in tortured, incorrect Ancient Greek, and all the other nonsense, bluster, braggadocio and bloviating, we would know immediately that he didn’t mean a word of it.

      Any factual errors are of course my own fault because I’m feeling far too lazy to do any peerless googling today. That being the case, I will welcome any corrections from any Munguinite with better information or a better memory.

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      1. LOL. I’m laughing at the idea that Johnson is so stupid that he thinks he’s the only one who has ever studied Ancient Greek.

        I accept absolutely that most of us have no idea whether is geek is good, bad or indifferent, but there are some, for example, Professor May Beard who do…

        Still, it’s always a good way to fill an interview in order to avoid questions like: How many people died unnecessarily because you were too lazy and too stupid to do the right thing, Prime Minister?

        Δεν ξέρω και δεν με νοιάζει (I don’t know and I don’t care…although that’s modern Greek.)


  2. As Adolf De Peffel said,
    You must have faith that we will win the war against the virus.
    If I was an 80 year old I’d prefer to die rather than bust the economy.

    Waste of time read the paper media, just a squirrel, nothing of any evidence against the father of the nation.
    It was all down to Nicola Sturgeon’s demands at the Cobra meetings that the father of the nation was too busy to attend.
    Will we see the flounder sit in front of the tory committee for a day?
    The handcock must be worried as the father of the nation has FOOL confidence in his performance.

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      1. It seems like every time someone makes a comparison righteous or otherwise to the Nazis these days there’s somebody hovering in the wings ready to quote Godwins Law.

        It was amusing at first but now it’s a go to means of trying to close down the argument and as far as society remembering what the nazis did, well that’s a bad thing.

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              1. Jesus wept. Niko scraping the bottom of the barrel there. Again.
                It doesn’t matter how many times this ludicrous shite is disproved, there will be a wee self righteous arsehole on the internet repeating it.
                Hi Niko.

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              2. Niko, there are two types of nationalism: ethnonationalism (right-wing, ein Reich ein Volk, kick out the immigrants / rootless cosmopolitans / Muslims / Mexicans, xenophobic, exclusionary, authoritarian) and civic nationalism (democratic, dependent on shared values rather than feelings of racial or cultural superiority, inclusive).

                The SNP and the other parts of the Scottish independence movement are in the second camp, not the first, and have been since WWII, which made all sensible people take a total scunner to fascism.

                Such a pity that the lesson seems to have faded into the mists of time for far too many people.

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  3. Not learning from history is a major failure of the human.
    Much like Slab.
    Meantime in the school playground, the handcock says cummings is a serial liar.

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    1. Hancock is probably right, but Cummings has got text messages saved.

      Hancock is also a serial liar. The difference is that Cummings is a relatively clever one.

      Hancock… not so much.


  4. Highest number of people die in largest hospitals in largest conurbation in country! Who’d a thunk it? read our next explosive almost incredible story – Members of mammalian family Ursidae do defecate in forested areas!🐻

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    1. What about ‘POPE BUYS IBROX SEASON TICKET! Thousands of fans tear theirs up…’ Or maybe treat it as ‘South American ecclesiastic finds new pastime’. Fun imagining how different media would handle that story as opposed to ‘Pope seen at mass prayers shock – SNP blamed’.

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  5. Just saw a clip of a miss nandy say that labour’s policy is to support the current government.
    There you go, the official opposition has a policy of being tory supporters.
    But still it is only her opinion, her leader is still to communicate his position.
    We all should be careful of using politician’s statements as fact until proven.
    The use of single sources are fraught with confusion.
    My view is that the present government had a policy of Herd Immunity at the start of this pandemic, recordings of the health advisers state that is the case.
    Are we losing control of the new variants in parts of the island?
    Remember the vaccine doesn’t kill off the virus it just limits how sick you will be.
    The virus travels around the globe on Humans.
    You can pick it up and transfer to another.

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    1. I haven’t devoted any time or effort into the whys, the wherefores and the motivations of Lisa Nandy…but I did come across someone who clearly isn’t impressed with her describing her as a pound-shop pritti patel.

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  6. Also have a look at Prof john Robertson’s comments on this. If you look at the ration of high dependency beds and deaths.. its no worse than other hospitals.
    But English data is hidden.

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  7. Because the media spin will be telling us that it has gone away.
    Why is the media not full of the change of policy from dross at today’s FMQT.
    He said that he wants the SG to give more support to business so he’s calling for his friends in westmonster to give more power over the economy to the SG, by default.
    He’s actually pushing for independence BUTT isn’t smart enough to see that the solution to the problem he’s highlighting is full independence.
    The leaving the nest is the way we go to do our own thing in life.
    The Slab’s are still on about poisoned water in the new hospital, from 2017, is that all the Slab’s can bring up in the newly elected parliament?
    Yes the parents should have been told by now but IF the Slab’s know who it is then they should declare to the inquiry.
    You would think that they would be bringing up the abolition of the house of lords but they all hanker after a wee place with the baroness.

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