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  1. Government figures are a whopping 0.02% to GDP over 25 years at an overly optimistic upper bound.

    Every deviation from EU regs and tariffs leads to divergence and enforcement across the internal UK/NI border.

    Still amazed that the global beacon of free trade erected significant trade barriers within its own territory.

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    1. Dear Sirs or Madams

      What I want to know is why did wee Gove not tell us this?

      Did he think it might put us off Brexit?

      And… why is the trade secretary saying that the EU should not erect barriers to trade at borders.

      Do they no longer want to take back control of their borders or what…?

      Yours faithfully

      Confused Munguin.

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      1. Yup, DonDon. And for this 0.02% of GDP, we pay a sacrifice of lower standards of beef and the probability of Scottish farmers going out of business?

        Sounds like a Johnson/Rees Mogg/Sniffy plan to me

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        1. It’s not clear yet if there will be lower standards.

          You would hope the government would have measured the effect of lower standards on all other trade and on domestic sales. This alone should tell them not to do it. It would be absurd if UK farmers were held to higher standards than imports. The alternative would be to reduce standards for domestic production and accept that locks UK farmers out of EU markets. Either step would really kill the UK farming industry.

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          1. I take your point, but, I don’t trust this government not to do incredibly stupid things.

            From what I can make out standards of care in Australia are lower than those in the EU and growth hormones are widely used.

            Either the Australian farmers are going to have to improve their animal husbandry standards for export to Britain, or, as you say our farmers are going to have to compete with cheaper imports which they probably can’t, or Britain will have to lower standards.

            Hoping about anything decent from this government is kinda a waste of time.

            If this were not tragic, criminally so, it would be hilarious.


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            1. I don’t have any figures for the % of Australian product that would qualify for sale in the UK but I would guess that a FTA that maintains UK food standards is much, much less attractive to Australia. But the whole thing seems like a waste of time. Australia is far, far away. Both sides have already low tariff regimes. Removing a few % is not going to change anything.

              The UK’s biggest trade opportunity right now is obviously with the EU. That is the only substantial opportunity that is a consequence of Brexit.

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              1. Yes.

                I think, if I remember rightly, that the current trade secretary said that before she was offered a cabinet job, and when her boss told her to be pro EU.

                Then her boss changed.

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              2. It’s the scale of production and its economies that’s the issue for UK, and especially Scottish, farmers.

                To carry the blue “Scotch Beef” rosette, it has to be grass fed and well cared for. It comes from small farms and it’s high production costs are covered by attracting a premium for its quality.

                Australian beef is produced on an industrial scale at about ¼ of the price, so can be shipped across the globe (under refrigeration) and still be profitable.

                So when UK livestock farming is obliterated, tonnes upon tonnes of CO2 will be pumped into the atmosphere by producing replacement beef in a non-native range; shipping and refrigeration. The pasture that goes uneaten, as it surely will, will produce methane, when it rots, for a nice little Brucie bonus.

                Environmentally friendly, sustainable?

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                1. I certainly read about these factory farms in Australia where the animals are kept inside and fed cubes of processed food. They never see grass. Such cruelty.

                  As you say, the transport is bound to add to greenhouse gas.

                  Another thought is… and again I stand to be corrected if I am wrong, but the massive ships that bring good from China and the South East Asian countries have to dock in Rotterdam because it is the only post in Northern Europe big enough to take these massive transporters.

                  Presumably the Australians will want to use large boats. They better make sure first that there is a port here that can offload them…

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  2. An interesting article in the Irish Times by Fintan O’Toole today asks, if Brexit is so great, why is Britain trying to blame other people for it?

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    1. LOL. As usual Fintan O’Toole hits the nail bang smack in the middle of the head.

      Surely all those Eton and Oxford people (without whom Scotland would be lost) foresaw all these problems… didn’t they… I mean surely!!!!

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      1. Over educated and under intelligent is one phrase that increasingly springs to mind when watching these guisers in action. One that doesn’t include sweary words that is, although there’s plenty of scope to add some.

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      1. That’s true. Even the most innocent over the years have mixed up England and Britain.

        As a child I lived in England and when I came back to Scotland I often made the mistake of saying “here in England” sort of things.

        To them England is Britain is England. It’s not meant in a bad way. It’s just how it is and has always been.


  3. Just like the Magic of the Monarchy, last blog.
    The magic of Brexit is that after taking back control from these johnny foreigners the flounder can blame them for not believing in brexit.
    Just watched ms coffee, wrong spelling, go round in circles, repeating the same old brief, talking over the questioner, now it seems it was just a Formal Mistake, they didn’t really mean that you couldn’t travel in the ‘Not Lockdown’ areas, just a communication error when they were telling people to use the englander common sense.
    So the plan is confuse and blame the people for being stupid, just like the mogg said about the Tower block residents conforming to the fire plan. The fire plan that was now out of date due to the Cladding defeating the original design.
    Mr O’Toole calls it the english disease.
    The empire closed down starting from the Release of India and Pakistan in 1947, they’ve still to realise that their only colony is Scotland, when they’ve taken all we have they’ve got nothing else.

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      1. DSon’t think that’s the current talk from our parliament.
        We really must get away from the ‘Nutters’ before the next english parliament elections.
        Of course the 5 year parliament could be changed into the one party state politics of englandland.
        Read over the weekend that 46% of the englanders are voting tory, a poll.

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        1. That would bring in another huge majority.

          But in fairness, it is not a one party state. People can vote Liberal or Labour or Green. They just don’t in big enough numbers and the voting system is stacked against them.

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  4. Still all the English Tory loving voting farmers are about to get stuffed
    with Brexit deal with cheaper food so sad boo hoo .
    must make the nats wery happy

    anyway lighten the mood

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  5. The simple fact is they don’t care, they are hoping that it will work in the long run and that people will just buy British once the British learn to make things again. Total shambles by the Tories, EFTA was a sensible way ahead once England voted leave but they had to keep out Johnny foreigner and there will be a price to pay and we will pay it. Scotland has an alternative if the SNP would just grow a pair and go for it, however I fear the Scotland Act will be changed and we will be trapped even longer in this nightmare.


    1. I’ve stopped buying anything with a union flag on it, because they are using their flag (a cheap and degrading trick) to put us in our place. I’ve has some lovely Frnehc ham and German pork, Italian salami and scottish cheese over the last few days. Some of them had small flags on, unlike the massive jacks that the Brits put on their stuff.

      Where I can I’ll continue to buy European goods.

      EFTA is a or EEA is a possibility I guess, but the four countries involved are all very rich and have no need of the subsidies that the EU pays to farmers or for social funding or science funding.

      Scotland, thanks to years to squandering, isn’t really in that situation, at least yet. I think I’m right in saying that all four countries pay more per capita than Britain did to be in the EU, to be a member of EEA/EFTA and get less back. But they are rich and can afford it and it is worth it for them to have single market access.

      EEA and Switzerland have to follow the four freedoms. It would make life easier for us but it would be expensive.

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      1. I don’t eat meat but I do like cheese, got to be organic, and it’s really hard to find in Edinburgh. Scotmid stopped ages ago doing nice Connage cheese, so I have to make sure to go to other shops a bit further away to get my Scottish organic. Also, most shops, the ‘local’ but not local big ones, have all but stopped stocking my nice Scottish bottled beers…so I will have to try order online by the look of it.
        Scotland, keep the brand and buy local because some of the bigger shops seem to favour beers and cheese that have been imported from far away countries, which is fine if we could have the choice, but it’s getting narrower it seems.
        It is hard to avoid the butchers apron on some goods, like say vitamins etc…

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          1. 🙂 Munguin wants to know it you would care to write a Food column for the Republic. Very generous fee! Ask anyone..

            Or, maybe better not.


        1. I’d never “cut off my nose to spite my face” on things like flags, but where possible I do avoid anything with a big Brit flag on it.

          I’ve stopped shopping in Morrisons because they cover the place in them.


  6. More than two years since I’ve been in Scotland because of travel restrictions, but long before that I’d been struck by the absence of Scottish beer in many pubs. Even ‘beer’ at all when the only options were Fosters or Budweiser or the Spanish/Mexican (?) stuff with a slice of lemon in the neck. Yuk! I’d ask why and be told it was because of ownership and these were the only products they could stock.

    I thought that had been done away with decades ago, when ‘tied houses’ were abolished and Scottish & Newcastle (among others) were forced to sell off most of their retail outlets. We’d just walk out of the Foster/Bud pubs and find an independent alternative and a pint of the aptly named Scottish IPA – Best – or a local micro-brewery brand.

    I wouldn’t drink Fosters/Bud wherever in the world I might be, and one of the pleasures of visiting Scotland should be sampling the local beer. As for apint of McEwan’s Export or Younger’s Special… just giving my age away and getting blank looks from bar staff.

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