One of the things that I dislike most about monarchy in Scotland or the UK, is that we have a head of state who has no democratic legitimacy and therefore, no actual right to get involved in politics.

Walter Bagehot in “The English Constitution” published in the 1860s, famously summed up the monarch’s role as involving ‘the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn’. Outdated it may be, but it seems to be what is accepted to this day as the monarch’s function.

But, of course, the government, and most particularly the prime minister, has an equal right to ignore any advice or warnings given by the head of state.

An elected head of state, even a relatively non-political one, like say the German, Swiss or Irish presidents, can legitimately claim to be democratically elected and therefore entitled to poke his or her nose in on limited occasions.

Many of the functions of heads of state in the UK are carried out by prime or first ministers. Of course they have been elected, but then only by a small constituency, whereas the president of Ireland has been elected by anyone eligible to vote in the republic.

Elizabeth has form in matters of involvement in referendums. She was famously tricked into voicing support for those people who were against independence for Québec in 1995.

In 2014, presumably acceding to a request by David Cameron, she made a quiet comment about people needing to think very carefully before voting.

There have been signs that royals are once again getting involved in our politics. There was a suggestion going about recently that one of the royals (Edward) might be sent to live in Edinburgh.

Then Willie was appointed to some honorary role in the Church of Scotland and recently made a deadly dull and sickeningly sycophantic speech about how he loved Scotland and he owed it so much. He then went on to a ceremony at their palace in our capital.

My view is that little will come of this royal intervention.

It seems to me that none of them has any real attraction here. If you have no real political or management function and can do no real good, you have to be either young and attractive… like a “celeb”… or perhaps old and granny/grandpa-like adorable.

I don’t see any of that. None of them are young and glamorous any more and although the Queen is old, she comes over in public like a rather grumpy old woman and not at all like my idea of a granny.

And certainly, among the younger voters it appears that across the UK, their popularity is not what it was.

I’m biased because I dislike all that they stand for and I turn off the radio whenever there is any mention of them. (I may be the only person in the country who saw and heard no news about Phil’s death), but I wondered what perhaps more moderately inclined people think of this idea to get them involved in our referendum… and whether it will be successful, will backfire or maybe most people won’t even notice.

38 thoughts on “IS THIS A GOOD IDEA?”

  1. US Council of Foreign Relations recommends the establishment of a “Concert of Major Powers” to help navigate the problems & issues of the 21st century.

    The 6 World powers would be:

    The US
    The European Union

    So much for Global Britain, eh?

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  2. Like you Tris,I pay little attention to what the Royal family gets up to.
    Even my better half who admires the Queen says that once she is gone,that will be the end of them.
    They ken fine that this view is probably shared by many,which is why they have kept her going for so long.
    One must keep up appearances however….Rule Britannia and all that stuff.

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    1. They seem to lack anyone with charisma.

      Charlie, supposedly the next king is dull and looks like something out of the 1920s. No one seems to know much about Mrs Parker Bowles.

      Willie seems deathly dull as does Middleton. And although they were once attractive to look at, that time has passed.

      Andrew and his idiot daughters are out of the question. Anne keeps to herself. Eddy is dull (although I read that he and Sophie are nicer people than the rest).

      And the oldies, who might get a bit of awwww… like the queen mother did, despite being a ghastly old racist, because she carried on doing things till she was 101… now seem to do nothing.

      Kent, Gloucester, Alexandra, Michael…

      I can see that people may like the queen… but I reckon (and hope) that your better half is right. Once she is gone… bye bye.


  3. I have thought for some time that any attempt to block a referendum by the English PM by refusing a S30 order should be challenged by an appeal to the Queen of Scots. That would make THEM think carefully.

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    1. I think it was a bad idea to name the two aircraft-less aircraft carriers after the reigning monarch and her son.

      Her Majesty’s ships of war should be named after dead folk. Preferably admirals or politicians.

      That way, it hurts less when they get sunk by enemy action, or strike a reef in the middle of the ocean.

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      1. These days everything has to be named after them, no matter how irritating that is.

        The Welsh were pretty pissed off that that bridge was called the Prince of Wales Bridge, and I’m not sure many people in Glasgow refer to that hospital as the Queen Elizabeth.

        They are making the mistake of ramming them down our throats.

        I’d hate to think of one of their stupid war ships going down, because of all the sailors’ lives lost.

        Couldn’t much care less about the boats though.

        The Prince of Wales is sunk sounds like an interesting headline. 🙂

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        1. The headline has happened:

          Churchill and FDR famously sang “Onward Christian Soldiers” on the Deck of HMS Prince of Wales at the Atlantic Conference off Newfoundland in August, 1941. Four months after the Atlantic Charter was declared at the conclusion of the conference, Prince of Wales was sunk off the coast of Malaya with a loss of 327 of the ship’s company. Churchill’s daughter Lady Soames comments:

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      2. Hate to be pedantic but the ship is named his queen elizabeth without the 2 so presumably after the English monarch. (As is the edinburgh colonial hub )
        We must remember the armada,that famous victory of weather over sails.

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    2. LOL… yes, that’s an interesting thought. In her role as queen of Scots, appointed by the people rather than by god, she would have to take account of Scots law and Scottish sentiment.


      1. What is Scottish sentiment though? Half the voting population want us to manage our own affairs and the other half want to leave it up to another country. We just voted in a party of independence that many felt were holding us to ransom because Indy aside, we couldn’t let the unionists rule and they were our only alternative. The party of independence didn’t want any rivals so told folk both votes for us, thus flushing umpteen votes doon the lavvy and letting Tories and Labour in on the list.

        It doesn’t seem like we’ve moved very much at all since 2014 and they seem to be settling in for another 5 years of the same. The only things that seem to be on the increase are corruption and Indy supporters getting their collars felt by plod.

        The House of Windsor sticking its neb in is the least of our worries I think.

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        1. One of the most unfortunate things that could have happened, happened.

          The Indy movement had a split.

          SNP asked for both votes SNP. Some Alba support said they wouldn’t give SNP their constituency vote and some may even have voted for unionist parties.

          I just wondered if the Saxe Coburg scroungers’ involvement would have any effect on the outcome.

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  4. This is worth a read…

    Click to access 180_swearing_in_the_new_king.pdf

    Its not “absolute”… nothing in the British constitution ever is…but it does give some idea of the shape and direction of thinking.
    You’ll note though that the various oaths given by a new monarch have, and have had, a degree of flexibility as to the precise wording. What’s interesting to me is that the “Constitutional Unit” of UCL are happy enough to speculate on change, what some of those options for change might be and how they might be achieved or come about


  5. oops…sorry, that was meant to be a link…|I didn’t mean to drop the whole pdf document into my comment.


    1. Ive read a bit of it. so far, it seems to be mainly about the church of Scotland and fulfilling the agreement that it would be independent and not part of the church of England.

      Of course, that would have been considerably more important back then.


  6. Sae the pictures of lizzie the last inspecting the boat before it goes of to threaten China.
    The aircraft were carrying American identification and the escort was an American ship.
    Monarchy is passed its sell by date.
    Onward to a Scottish Republic.

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  7. I thought for a while that we were going to be assigned the princess who turns up at rugby matches wearing a tartan scarf but she seems to have buggered off home, whoever she was. We might be lumbered with the prince who isn’t a Hewitt because he went to St Andrews university. He’s a bit of a dull do, isn’t he.

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  8. Heard he kicked it – allowed me to post darkly amusing comments which were deleted by the National and the Herald – but didn’t pay any interest in it whatsoever otherwise

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  9. They are making a mess of it YET AGAIN.

    It’s not over.


  10. Wow , the language, ‘It’s just Formal Guidance’
    Suppose the opposite is informal, you know a quick whisper.
    The new immigration visa rules will be just informal, you get locked up for ignoring.
    The home secretary says it will take 5 years to get it digital.
    It’s to keep track of the numbers arriving and leaving, just ask the airlines and the ferry companies how many are on the transport, the airlines keep very good track of who is on the manifest.
    Reading the report that GKN are closing their factory in Birmingham, 500 or so employees, the CEO says it has nothing to do with Brexit, it’s the EU wanting information on ‘Country of Origin’.
    The interviewer didn’t even ask why it’s needed now when last year it wasn’t required, any lie will do.
    Anyone for a new book on Shakespeare? good present for the wedding of the year, westminster cathedral the venue.
    See we are to support another offspring of royalty.

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    1. I read the Birmingham factory was moving to Europe.

      Congratulations to Airmiles’ daughter on adding to the costs on the public.


  11. For those people complaining that Nicola Sturgeon was seen yesterday with William, I’d point out that as far as I know, Nicola is a republican. However, part of her job is hosting people like William. I understand that Nicola was roundly condemned for not bowing to the Queen on occasions when they have met in the course of their duties.

    I’d also point out that Alex Salmond is a royalist, who apparently counts Charlie as a friend.

    This article from 10 years ago suggests that Mr Salmond would favour Scotland with the Queen, even if England became a republic.


  12. tris

    Her majesty I can now refer to her as Mam following Royal protocol
    (err! Totally lost on tris) .

    Is political right to the very tips of her Royal political fingers
    anyone who in their wild imaginings believes the Monarchy
    is neutral is delusional.
    Mam has seen off myriad Prime ministers and parties
    over umpteen years.
    Nothing about the Royal family is non-political
    one only has to open your eyes and your mind.

    Whilst the Magic of the monarchy is wasted on you
    I’m sad to say and although I can see Gloriania triumphant .
    Doesn’t mean I’m blind to the reality of her role in keeping
    the Power of the state locked away from the people.
    lest Democracy takes free rein in this our disunited Kingdom.

    Upon a great adventure he was bond,
    That greatest Gloriana to him gave,
    That greatest Glorious Queene of Faerie lond,
    To winne him worship, and her grace to have,
    Which of all earthly things he most did crave;
    And ever as he rode, his hart did earne
    To prove his puissance in battell brave
    Upon his foe, and his new force to learne;
    Upon his foe, a Dragon horrible and stearne.

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    1. What took you so long niko?

      I thought you, in your capacity as Unionist lapdog-in-chief kowtower (ULICK), would’ve been all over this blog.

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