Fears over future of McVitie's biscuit factory that employs hundreds of  Glasgow workers | HeraldScotland

McVities’ factory in Glasgow is, we already know, to close over the next year with a loss of around 500 jobs.

The BBC reports that this is due to the company having excess capacity at its factories in the UK.

No one appears to have queried why that is. Did they expand capacity recently and find that it was not needed? Or are we all eating fewer Hobnobs and Digestives in an effort to slim ourselves down, or perhaps, have we started eating more of cheaper copycats from Lidl or Aldi in these hard times… ?

Digestive biscuits - Aldi - 400 g
Aldi brand digestives.

I’d have thought someone might have asked the management that. Because with such massive job losses, the workers and their communities need to know.

Also, as McVities seem to have other factories in the UK, why did they choose to close the Scottish one as opposed to the ones in Carlisle or Manchester?

Anyway, this is interesting information, which may have some bearing on the closure.


Not unreasonably, from a third country, the security of food products derived from animals has to be watched carefully. Currently, I imagine the UK continues to follow the EU’s strict rules on hygiene, but obviously so much can change depending on which trade deals Mrs Truss manages to get, how she negotiates them, and what conditions are attached to them!

Also, you may be interested to know that in order to maintain the illusion that inflation is under control, the price of packets of biscuits ill not increase, but the size of the packets will:


In fact sizeable 20% reduction in the size of their packets.

Ah, all this taking back control is just plain wonderful, is it not?


  1. Tris

    Everything is getting smaller and hopefully that will include the UK soon as well if we ever get another vote to leave the UK, I remain hopeful even though I am on the cynical end of the debate. These companies though are only concerned with profit, nothing more nothing less, the destruction that these job losses will bring will have played no part in their decision and it does highlight the need to get moving on the independence debate and to start finding out what are the questions and the concerns people have and work to answer them. As you know I am not convinced that the SNP have a plan, hope to be proved wrong. The cabinet are announced tomorrow and I assume the programme for Government soon after, hell mend them if a referendum and preparation are not front and centre of that programme. I also think we missed the opportunity in 2018 when May said no, that was when Sturgeon should have made her move, I fear we have left it too late.

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    1. Well I most sincerely hope that it is not too late.

      But time will tell if it is. In which case, I look forward to life in Iceland.

      Brexit has been a catastrophe, and some of the unforeseen consequences are starting to show up… and this before we have any control take back over OUR borders.

      Not having the staff or the equipment, I understand WE are not checking anything in at the moment.

      I’ll link to a great article from Chris Grey shortly.

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  2. https://chrisgreybrexitblog.blogspot.com/2021/05/parallel-universes.html

    An excellent article.

    You’d have thought these Eton-educated toffs might have noticed that “benefiting” was spelled wrongly on page 47 of the queen’s speech. Also, Workers’ Rights requires an apostrophe. Really, what are English upper-class toffs coming to, I ask myself?

    Benefitting from Brexit
    ● The Government will take full advantage of the opportunities of exiting the EU.
    ● The programme of reform enabled by our exit from the EU will provide new
    opportunities for growth, expand our horizons, reduce burdens on business and
    save taxpayers money while upholding workers rights and welfare standards.

    Still, it is good comedy.

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      1. Well, I thought that maybe for something as “prestigious” as the speech of her majesty from the throne in the house of peers, all these people who presumably read the speech… you know, the cabinet who put it forward, most of whom have had expensive English educations at the top schools and universities, might have been aware of an anomalous spelling.

        I thought it amusing to point it out, as, clearly, did Chris Grey.

        You obviously didn’t.

        The authorities in England can arrange for limosines to take hats and rods to the event, but they can’t spell words in notes to the noble speech.

        I wonder what her majesty thought.


  3. Just off the top of may head, here are two names formerly associated with Dundee:
    Timex, and Caterpillar.
    And neither of them starts with J.
    On a wider scale, shipbuilding, steel, coalmining.
    Didn’t we make television sets at one time?
    Now we can’t even make biscuits.

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    1. I don’t remember Caterpillar, but NCR was a massive employer at one point as was Timex.

      All over Scotland there was industry until the 1980s when it was shut down to make way for finance and banking.

      Of course loads of people transferred seamlessly from assembly work to banking…


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      1. You’re right tris, Caterpillar was somewhere else. My mistake.
        Alloa lost its shipbuilding about 1945, Ind Coope brewery and Weir Pumps went in the ’80s.
        Alloa’s aircraft industry went in 1918. 😉
        Miraculously the glassworks still exists, though it employs far fewer workers nowadays.

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        1. Actually tris, despite the loss of industry, Alloa’s population has increased.
          The newcomers commute to Glasgow and Edinburgh.
          I wonder what industries they work in?

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        2. And in the not too distant future, places will still be operating but with only a few people as AI does everything.

          I was laughing back in the Brexit campaign when someone on the BBC interviewing an old guy in Dagenham. He was complaining that when we was a lad the Ford factory there had thousands and thousands of workers… and now there only a few hundred.

          He said it was the fault of the foreign workers.

          They must be magic though, these Europeans, if they can do with work of thousands of Englishmen.


    2. No, DonDon, Caterpillar were down in Uddingston, and closed in 1987. They’ve expanded again quite a lot in the UK, I see, and have a couple of projects in Scotland – gas turbines in Aberdeen, and an offshoot of their rail services division is based in Edinburgh.

      Horrible times back then – the Thatcher deindustrialization of Scotland. I remember the feeling of hopelessness all too well, although I was already based mostly abroad.

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      1. Yes. Many people left Scotland and the North of England, and I imagine, Wales, for London to work on buses and trains and in cafés and what have you, to keep the Yuppies in whatever they wanted.

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    1. I have an alternative explanation for the reduction in national biscuit-making capacity – it’s the COVID pandemic! Everybody has looked at themselves in the mirror, wondered why they can’t fit all of their bodies into said mirror any more, and have converted to snacking on rice cakes and green tea.

      But seriously now…

      I lost all faith in McVities when they stopped making Abbey Crunch biscuits, because not only were they my favourite of all time, but it was pretty crass of their new management to get rid of the bics in the blue and white pack celebrating Arbroath Abbey and the Declaration written in it. Insensitive and ignorant – a lot of people were very fond of those, so it was a surprise to me that they pulled that one, and some of their range that I really, really don’t like at all.

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  4. tris

    It’s called shrinkflation product gets smaller price stays the same .

    I’m a bit surprised that you a capitalist roadster bemoan the consequences.

    The exploited get cast aside in greedy pursuit of greedy profit.

    And if you imagine the snp will fight for the working people if Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

    You are like others are being delusional


    1. That shrinkflation.
      That means All the political parties will not support the people that pay their salaries, good thinking.

      Labour support the tories with their brexit non policy.

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      1. A de3cent government would find someway of reflecting this in the inflation figure. It is, after all inflation by a slightly different name.

        It means your money doesn’t go as far.

        If you are on minimum wage or benefits or a pension, it means you have to make do with less.


    2. The SNP has done rather better (within its limited powers) for the working people, than the Tories which now seem to be a permanent fixture in England, and the Labour Party, which failed to attract votes under Corbyn, replaced him with a right winger who wore a suit like he meant it, and went on to lose ground to Johnson…. JOHNSON! I ask you.

      I’m not sure that a “capitalist roadster” (whatever a roadster is) is a fair description of me.


      1. It’s not the snp limited power it’s their limited
        Will to actually challenge the wealthy within Scotland.

        Snp happy to wave the saltire 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and blame westmonster. But wery silent on those who ruthlessly exploited the People of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 who within Scotland.

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        1. Within the limited powers they have reduced income tax for the lower paid, increased income tax for the higher paid, increased the amount payable to carers. They froze council tax for 10 years and then only increased it on higher bands,

          They help new mothers with the baby box, have a more generous scheme for free transport… I’m sure there are more, that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

          Of course they are constrained by the amount of money that the Brits are prepared to part with out of our taxes after they have paid to punch above our weight, build railways and sewer systems in England, etc, so we can’t be Sweden or Norway.

          And the SNP could probably do better.

          Also, and this affects everyone, not just the poor, it is still a more serious offence in this country to rape someone than it is to deface a statue.

          One of the points, of course, about an independent country is that political parties, totally independent of their more right wing English namesakes could develop.

          Without having to do what they are told by London, a Scottish Labour Party could try to meet the aims of the Scottish people, (and presumably a Scottish Tory Party to meet the aims of Scottish upper classes).

          At present as Joanne Lamont pointed out, everything Labour does is controlled by London.

          And a glowing example of how disastrous that can be that was when Failure Murphy lost 40 or Labour’s 41 seats, sent in by North Britain’s Gordon Brown to defeat the SNP!


      2. https://www.marxists.org/subject/china/peking-review/1976/PR1976-14c.htm

        Tsinghua University
        Criticizing the Unrepentant Capitalist-Roader

        [This unsigned article is reprinted from Peking Review, #14, April 2, 1976, pp. 9-10. The “unrepentant capitalist-roader” referred to is of course Deng Xiaoping (Teng Hsiao-ping).]

        THE mass revolutionary debate in Tsinghua University is forging ahead victoriously in accordance with Chairman Mao’s strategic plan. Teachers, students, staff members and workers are now concentrating fire on that unrepentant capitalist-roader who persists in the revisionist line and negates the achievements of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

        there you go tris this explains

        Giggle !!!!!!

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        1. Thank you, Niko.

          Just as well the good chairman never caught hold of me, or maybe I’d have scuppered a trade deal LOL LOL LOL!!


      3. Indeed not, Tris! A capitalist roadster, forsooth! Niko should be even more ashamed of himself than usual!

        It would be far better to be a liberal landau, a Marxist Mini (only kidding), a stoic Saab, a Bayesian brougham, a Cartesian coupé, possibly a hermetic hansom – no, that sounds far too asphyxiating, best make that a hermeneutic one.

        Sorry, some of that was Kevin. He calls me a Waḥdah Wartburg, by the way, which causes no end of intellectual and conceptual stress, given what they’re building in Malaysia these days, not to mention the constant strife at family dinners. Anyway, given the source, I wouldn’t let it bother me, if I were you, which I’m not. Obviously. So never mind, it’s equally obvious that by talking out of his fundament, Niko ran his fundamentalist flivver of the road and into an oncoming metaphysical tree travelling the other way.

        On the subject of Malaysia, any word from Abu? Hi Abu, maybe see you again once the pandemic has subsided to a dull roar?

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        1. Right, Kevin.

          What has Munguin told you about hijacking Ed’s posts?

          Abu is fine. I spoke to him the other day to wish him Eid Mubarak.

          It was quiet for him and for everyone, but he’s glad to be with his family.

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  5. Just more of the same. Shut Scotland down by transferring jobs to EnglandLand, then complain that the Scots are scroungers and loafers and wont be able to manage without the broad shoulders ofthe UK. All Bullshit of course.

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    1. People are beginning to wonder though, if we are such a burden to them, why not ditch us, take back any Brits that want to live there and then let us founder…

      You know, like Denmark or Ireland or Iceland. Poor souls with no Eton boys to look after us.


  6. A common misconception among Brexit supporters is that limiting migration will push up the hourly rate of work. What we’re seeing instead is that the UK economy was supported by a steady supply of eager workers and that without them the choices are either to automate or shut down. If the £ keeps tanking, the UK will always be behind on automation and all we’re left with is shutting things down. Still, good times for vets who love paperwork and customs agents.

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    1. Someone had to win.

      In the meantime it looks like farmers (who largely seem to support the Tories and Brexit) are going to be stuffed almost as badly as fishermen.

      Still, innovative jams and erm…. jams…. and uh… Nope, it’s slipped my mind. Begins with a “j” though.

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  7. Hm. I wonder if the Welsh for Jammy Dodger is Dodger Jammy. Or some combination of “osgoi” and “cyffaith”. Do we have a Welsh speaker in Munguinworld who can enlighten us on this urgent question of the age?

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