Aamer Anwar was there to represent the men.

And, as youd expect in Glasgow, others joined in to help out.

AGFitness@AGFitness_gla If anyone down kenmure street needs toilet facilities etc then head to our gym at 323 west street.



Nicola Sturgeon@NicolaSturgeon

As constituency MSP, I am deeply concerned by this action by the Home Office, especially today in the heart of a community celebrating Eid. My office is making urgent enquiries and stands ready to offer any necessary assistance to those detained.


I expect that i the end the Home Office will win.

Spitting Image characterises Priti Patel as a vampire | The New European

Immigration is a reserved policy and the Scottish police will have to do what they are told by Patel, as indeed with our First Minister and our Justice Minister. That’s what it means to be part of the UK.

But in the meantime, we have shown them what we think. We’ve shown them who WE are. And it was all done peaceably and without any bother.

I’m amazed that OUR Justice Secretary was unable to talk to a single Home Office minister about this important matter. Not one was available for a call from him. I should add that there are eight of them: Patel and junior ministers Brokenshire, Malthouse, Atkins, Forster and Philp and then two nobles … Lady Williamson and some other noble bloke whose name escapes me.

Not one of them was available to talk to a senior cabinet minister from Scotland?

I hope our First Minister will take that up with her counterpart.

If this is his idea of how to to get us all to pull together, he’s clearly as useless at that as he is at everything else .

But I bet the Pritster has probably made the life of everyone around her utter hell. I can’t imagine she likes being thwarted.



  1. We’re a Jock Tamson’s bairns. Naewhere truer than in Glesca. Naw, strike that – Ah,m sure it wid’ve been the same in Embra, Dundee, Aiberdeen and jist aboot everywhere else. An see yon Priti Patel – Ah’d jalouse some o her folk wid’ve been immigrants. they’d a been welcome here tae. No sae sure aboot her.

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    1. Her paternal grandparents were born in Gujarat, India, before emigrating to Uganda, and running a convenience store in Kampala.[5] In the 1960s, her parents emigrated to the UK and settled in Hertfordshire.[6][7]

      Amazing. Just imagine that the home secretary in these days had been such an evil piece of …. whatsit. They’d have been deported to a small island somewhere and given £2 compensation.

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      1. It was Idi Amin who expelled the Indians from Uganda.

        I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but a large number of the expellees came to Britain.

        Idi Amin was not flavour of the month with the Daily Mail readers.

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        1. Ah yes. I remember. So they were in fact refugees because they had been thrown out of Uganda.

          They could have, I suppose, gone back whence they came, which is I am sure, what their daughter would have advocated.

          The Tories have some utterly ghastly people in their midst, but no one, not a single one, even compares to her.

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  2. In the meantime dodgy dave runs interference for the flounder.
    All the attempted pressure is gone, forgotten.
    Springtime in london for doris, hopefully someone will do a parody.
    As others have said this was Planned to occur on the ‘kirking’ of Hollyrood.
    This is a diversion from the election by a government who hae their own plans to thwart a referendum.

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  3. Yes,well done those folk.
    An interesting toe in the water for England’s rule of law versus Scottish community action.
    The Daily Mail reporters will be going apoplectic that a bunch of Jocks have thwarted (albeit temporarily) the will of their fascist government.
    No doubt calling for the army to be sent in to restore their law and order and more importantly,in their minds,show the rebellious Scots who is in charge.

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    1. Oh yes, it’s temporary and the home office will probably have the last laugh.

      But, it was sweet while it lasted and it does show what kinda people there are in Glasgow.

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      1. Unlikely, I thought (what’s left of) the fleet was willy waving its way to the South China Sea?

        Well done the people of Glasgow! Heartfelt thanks from an Edinburgh oldster.

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        1. Wee Alistair Union Jack in one of these wee paddle rowing boats. and wee Dross with a bucket baling it out.

          SOS, he shouts.

          If only you had one to save…


      2. Thanks, Colin…it reminded me that in 1919 when there was a bit of “social unrest” in Liverpool a gun boat flotilla was indeed sent to the Mersey .

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        1. If by that you mean somehow obsessed, yes, I do.

          He is, or was, a relatively intelligent man. And of course anyone can change their mind about certain things in the light of a change of circumstances, but goodness, he goes too far.

          He seems to be consumed by his hatred on Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and Scotland.

          Once he was friends with Nicola. Maybe he’s jealous because basically he’s been a total failure, whereas she has had quite a career.

          Maybe that’s what obsessional hate does for you.

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          1. I note that he picked up over 5,000 votes in the South of Scotland region.

            I just had a quick check and discovered that BBC One Scotland doesn’t reach large parts of the south of Scotland, and even more of it gets its TV from ITV Border TV, or even Ulster TV.

            Border TV is theoretically split between Border TV Scotland and Border TV England, but we all know that only a few minutes a day are going to be different.

            It’s no surprise that the South of Scotland behaves the way it does electorally if its major media offerings don’t have even the piss-poor degree of Scottishness that BBC Scotland and STV do: the media there make their eyes turn southward, not north to the rest of Scotland.

            I have often wondered how we could ever regain our independence against a pro-Union media barrage which costs us a good 10 percentage points in support – and more in the South of Scotland.

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            1. I guess it is always the same where there is a border.

              I was staying with friends in Metz in France and we watched Luxembourg tv quite a bit because it was better and in any case the man of the family worked in Luxembourg.

              And near to Italy, the French doesn’t really sound much like French, well, the accent doesn’t.

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              1. Yes, and I’m trying to work out what the difference is, Tris.

                I think it’s that no one in Metz has any doubt that they’re in France, are highly likely to be aware of the history of their region, and aren’t making any assumptions that Luxembourg is part of France. In the UK, we have meeja that are quite obnoxiously British, and one large polity which largely conflates that Britishness with Englishness, or vice versa.

                Senses of national identity are slippery things, and in Scotland most people identify as Scottish, and not British at all. Most of the rest identify as Scottish first (I think I’ve got that right). The British thing, now – just as the UK is an ill-defined, artificial construct that doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny or logical analysis, a British identity is – well, I’m not quite sure what, except They keep doing idiotic things like putting Union flegs on our driving licences to reinforce it. Whatever it is. I know that’s what They say the purpose of those flegs is, because They told me so in so many words when I complained to Their officialdom about them.

                Then there’s the whole “British values” thing: I still have no idea what those are, or why I should share them; I certainly want no part of the narrow, narrow-minded, Anglo / British exceptionalist, right-wing xenophobic mood that has overtaken so much of our southern neighbour. I certainly don’t want to have anything to do with the Farage / Jayda Fransen take on Britishness, or worship the Royals, or tug my forelock at the squire. Universal human values, though, I’m rather a fan of those.

                The folk in the Scottish Borders don’t live in the same media environment as the rest of us Scots, and God knows that one is pretty damn toxic; no, theirs has to be even worse. I cannot imagine any such things as “Border TV” between France and Germany, or Luxembourg and France – I wonder if the Scottish broadcast media are unique in Europe in being almost exclusively controlled and broadcast from outwith the country.

                Sure, it’s a great good thing to have access to other people’s media output, but not when it masquerades as your own: fore example, the German-language propaganda in Czechoslovakia in the interwar years aimed at making German-speaking Czechs sympathetic to the idea of Greater Germany. I’m not for a minute suggesting that English / British media dominance is at all as bad, but the southern media do propagate an ideology that is intrinsically hostile to Scottish distinctiveness, and operates on automatic assumptions that the “too wee, too poor, too stupid” narrative is gospel truth. So it’s no wonder that the electorate there are so depressingly supportive of the Tories and the constitutional status quo.

                I suppose it comes down to whether you think of the UK as one country or four.

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                1. Yes, Ed. And many people in England , where I grew up, and elsewhere, just think of the UK as England, as we’ve said before.

                  I have no earthly idea where officialdom got the idea that plastering Scotland with union jacks was a good idea.

                  I might suggest to them a beginners’ course in basic psychology.

                  The more you force something on someone who does like like it, the more they will dislike it.

                  But the British government is not comprised of clever people. Johnson’s government is made up of candidates who wouldn’t argue with him about Brexit no matter what.

                  They lost some good minds from the Tory party as a result.

                  And the cabinet that they/we are left with is largely made up of, at best, third raters who would never have achieved any position of responsibility in normal times if a prime minister had access to the likes of Dominic Grieve and Ken Clarke.

                  They aren’t clever and they are hampered by a rather old fashioned idea of that Britain is, and where in the world it has a place.

                  As for British values… Well, given the evidence of our own eyes, they seem to be largely about greed, lack of compassion, and self aggrandisement.

                  Of all the things that they have done recently, the most horrible, I think, is to restrict nurses and other medical staff to a 1% pay rise after the most horrific yeah where the public has been so dependent upon them… and where they have had to work incredibly hard in horrible conditions, whilst at the same time handing out billions to their families and mates, often for substandard or utterly useless goods.

                  But hey, they continue to be up there in the polls in England.


                  1. As I said in another context, I’m sure that part at least of the reason the South of Scotland is out of step with the bulk of Scotland is because its particular flavour of the Great British Meeja Machine is even more southron-biased than ours is – and God knows that’s bad enough.

                    I’ll go further: one reason why the Tories are riding so high in the polls in England must have to do with the media environment which people down there live in. Again, it’s bad enough that we have no broadcast TV or radio channels that are properly Made in Scotland. Even though STV is a Scottish company, it operates with the UK-wide ITV network – in other words, it’s neither particularly Scottish or particularly independent.

                    Down in Englandland, on the other hand, there’s not the sense that the Meeja Machine is in any sense a foreign imposition, so it doesn’t provoke so much of an immune response.

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  4. You see that’s the problem
    the snp (and their band of fanantics )
    Say ? They respect the law
    And then cheer a mob attacking the Scottish police carrying their lawful

    Now how safe are yoons in
    An snp independent Scotland.???

    The present evidence shows not very safe at all.

    Some migrants such as priti Patel worry if more and more flood the country
    Their settled postions could come under threat .

    Hence they take a stand against having migrants even from their own nations.

    And support barriers to movement which is applied
    To them when they came to the uk.

    Would of excluded them not a particularly honorable action .

    But is somewhat understandable

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      1. Absolutely correct, Conan, and where, exactly Niko, were our Scottish police being ‘attacked’??
        How many arrested? How many injured?

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        1. We’re still waiting on your insights, regarding the benefits of the Union, niko.

          If you’re struggling to come up with something yourself, why don’t you ask your pals at Ludge Rotary 1690?

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          1. Yeah, Niko. You’ve spent the last 11.5 years telling me that the Scots are too stupid to run their own country and we are better with Britain.

            And as I see if there are points in what you say.

            Scotland could never afford nuclear weapons;

            Scotland could never get involved in every little war going;

            Scotland would never be able to punch above its weight and have the fourth biggest military spend in the world.

            It also wouldn’t dare send a gun boat to threaten China.

            But apart from that, I’m not quite sure what it is you find so attractive about this union.

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        1. Exactly. It was peaceful.

          The home office said they were a mob.

          They were shouting and they were congregating (albeit outside).

          In some ways they reminded me of MPs, but better mannered.

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    1. You and Ms Patel, daughter of refugees to the UK, describe the crowd as a ‘mob’. That implies disorder in the streets.
      This was not a mob. It was a group of neighbours coming out into the street to defend the defenceless in their midst. There was no disorder, just an orderly gathering of neighbours congregating in the street, as is their right.
      I don’t think anyone’s first choice is to leave their home and to go to another country. The reasons why they do that range from intolerable conditions in their home to aspiring to a better life in another country. In Scotland people were forced out by the Clearances and were sent to other countries. In more recent times, Scots have emigrated to other countries and been welcomed. There are still a lot of expat Scots living and working abroad.
      It wasn’t a ‘mob’; it was telling the Johnson, Patel, et al, that we don’t want their monstrous policies perpetrated in Glasgow, and no doubt the rest of Scotland. We are better than that.

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  5. Most reports don’t give you an idea of how large the crowd was. So here is a film from Windaes TV (i.e. a man who lives in the street). Note the large Palestinian flag that got a cheer when it had arrived earlier.

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    1. This was all planned.
      Phone the polis for help and record how long it would take them to respond.
      These polis were on standby to respond IF there was a reaction from some locals.Count up the number of polis around the van, I suspect around 40, all on overtime to deal with 2 people.
      Aye right.
      All normal and nothing to see, oh, there’s a squirrel.

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  6. and George Galloway has changed his tune. In 2003 deporting refugees was Glasgow’s shame as he wrote in a newspaper. In 2021 it is “A devolved assembly (sic) has openly and unlawfully defied the implementation of a UK government decision. This is an act of rebellion”.

    Though it was people power, not Holyrood wot done it

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    1. I understand our justice secretary tried to speak to anyone at their home office, there are plenty of them, and no one had time to speak to him.

      As far as I know no one from the Scottish government organised the crowd or had anything to do with it.

      Humza was trying to sort out with the HO what was happening but they wouldn’t speak to him.

      I cannot believe that not one (of 8 ) ministers couldn’t be contacted to speak to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice in Scotland.

      Seems most likely that this was a deliberate snub.

      The First Minister and the leaders of the Labour Party and the Greens condemned the Home Office action. The Tories’ leader was too busy making a fool of himself in a Zoom meeting to bother about actual people, but given Mr Ross’s dislike of Gypsies, I imagine he would have no truck with refugees.

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    2. Is he going to stand on his head and condemn the Easter Rising of 1916? Now that was a rebellion. His mum will be birling in her grave.

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  7. A new trade ‘deal’ with India announced by truss.
    Six thousand new jobs are created in englandland, these are reported to be work permits for Indian workers to move into englandland.
    We in Scotland need a more balanced by age population.
    The Moray hotspot is likely to be caused by the military presence, not a big report compared to the mosque report.
    Propaganda from the state media.

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    1. India always said that any trade deal would be dependent to allowing more people to have work permits for the UK.

      Not much point in creating new jobs if you have to import the people to fill them.

      Still, I’m sure Brexiteers know best.


  8. “Nous nous tournons vers l’Écosse pour trouver toutes nos idées sur la civilisation”.


    “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation”

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        1. I hadn’t heard that one, Conan.

          Vast erudition having failed, I performed a spot of peerless googling, and found the following: http://www.leschardons.fr/jeanne-darc-et-les-ecossais-en-1429/ (in French). The web page tells us that Martin V said “Les Écossais sont bien connus comme un antidote aux Anglais” in response to the victory of the French and Scottish forces against the English at the battle of Baugé on 21 March 1421. (Baugé is in the Maine-et-Lorie department, about 25 miles from Angers.)

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          1. Middle section of “Thrie Vaiges”, which I wrote earlier:

            Orléans til Rouen

            At Orléans, a hantle sojers, French an Scots baith,
            Gart an airmy rin awa. The vyces tellt her whit ti dae.

            At Reims, they crouned the dauphin King o France.
            And a prood nation raised its heid aince mair.

            At Rouen, they brocht her til the mercat-cross,
            An brunt her for a wutch. Or a saunt.

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          2. For some reason that quote is very hard to find on English speaking websites 🙂
            The Battle of Bauge is a useful tool in the struggle against English/Brit Nationalists; reminding them who actually won the Hundred Years War.

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          3. Your peerless googling once again lends wisdom to Munguin’s page for which he is grateful… not grateful enough to dispatch any financial reward though..

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  9. This action by the Home Office – in the First Minister’s own constituency, on Eid ul Fitr, as Holyrood was being, as Dave said, kirked, was a heavy-handed, bullying and provocative attempt by Priti Patel to show us poor, silly wee Jockanese who’s boss. It’s indicative of the failure of the Westminster and Tory mentality to comprehend the view most of us Scots have of the Westminster regime – even many staunch Unionists are dismayed at the behaviour of the current regime.

    I laid the blame for the whole disgusting episode at Priti Patel’s door because not only is she in charge of the Home Office, the government department responsible, because she does have a record as a loose cannon; that does not, of course, preclude the involvement of more of her and Bawris’s nasty little pals.

    I look forward to Dross’s comments about this act of peaceful civil disobedience, and recall that – like so many other Scottish Tory politicians in various positions around Scotland – he espouses racist views which would get him kicked out the SNP or, presumably, the Greens.

    Tris, I disagree with you on one thing: the Home Office may not succeed in the end, because half of all appeals against Home Office decisions and actions are allowed. That fact alone is proof of systematic failure and pervasive injustice. It is also sufficient grounds for the Scottish Parliament to legislate for all negative Home Office decisions to be automatically subject to appeal in a Scottish court.

    Because we are not permitted to operate our own immigration policy, the least we can do to protect those who should benefit from the protections included in Scots Law, including the human rights protections, is to make damn sure that the Home Office decisions which affect them are justified and in compliance with the legislation in force – including Scots Law.

    At this point in our history, I don’t much care if Boris Johnson ordains that his regime must take the Scottish Government to the Supreme Court over it. Actually, if he were to do so it would be a great good thing for the cause: we’ve seen what ordinary Glasgow folk think of the Home Office, and an attempt by him to undo Scottish legislation aimed at protecting the rights of a vulnerable group of people will go down with us Scots about as well as his case to overturn the incorporation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scots Law – a decision of the Scottish Parliament which was passed unanimously, with even the Scottish Tories voting for it.

    Please put the legislation before the Parliament, Justice Secretary Yousaf, First Minister Sturgeon. It would not only be good and right, it could provoke the toxic Westminster regime into yet another own goal.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Yes, Ed. I guess you are right.

      I hope so. I hope we and decency win.

      We surely have to have something as important as the treatment of refugees to be conducted under Scots Law.


    2. Umm… on the same sort of subject as before, and at the risk of violating my own principles against blowing my own trump[get on with it – Ed.]et, I hope no one minds if I reproduce a comment I just made on yesterday’s (14 May 2021) story in The National entitled “Kenmure Street: Home Office slated over its ‘incompetent’ removal bid” (https://archive.ph/Zk5g9) by Greg Russell.

      “To recap a couple of paragraphs of the article [by Greg Russell] above:

      “JustRight Scotland director Jen Ang … said: “The hostile environment policies of the Home Office have already been found to be unlawful on many occasions.

      “Whilst immigration remains reserved to Westminster, Scotland must use every and any legal tool within the devolved settlement to stand up to these dangerous and inhumane practices […] After the phenomenal community and political response on Thursday, now is the time to build on this and show that Scotland will do everything it can to be an inclusive and fair nation.””

      Ms Ang is, of course, correct. I would go further: we need legislation to ensure that people affected by negative Home Office decisions have an automatic (and funded) right of appeal against Home Office decisions. Given that half of all appeals against Home Office decisions which go to court are overturned, it is clear that the Home Office cannot be relied on to arrive at safe decisions. To put that another way, the Home Office is a clear and present financial, practical, legal and emotional danger to those Scots – old and new alike – who have reason to try to deal with it on immigration matters.

      Readers of The National will be aware that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was incorporated into Scots Law by unanimous decision of the Scottish Parliament, a decision which the Westminster regime is challenging in the Supreme Court. It would not surprise me at all if many Home Office decisions and practices, including detention in places such as Dungavel, would be judged to breach parts of that Convention, and therefore to be in violation of Scots Law. The Convention on the Right of the Child is not alone among international human rights instruments in being incorporated into Scots Law.

      We may not be able to form our own humane and compassionate immigration policy which meets our needs, corresponds to our values and is exercised with due regard for people’s rights and human dignity, but surely we can oblige the minions of the Home Office to comply with our own Scots Law. We know that the Westminster regime doesn’t give a d*amn for anyone’s human rights except their own, but that is not and must not be our way here in Scotland – as the people who came out in solidarity with their neighbours in Kenmure Street showed so inspiringly.

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      1. Bravo, Ed.

        Munguin says you can blow your own trombone [he’s not very musical] if you feel so inclined and if it is justified, and he finds that to be justified.

        Munguin himself likes to blow his own accordion from time to time, as you well know.

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  10. We are so lucky to be governed by such intelligent people.
    SAGE says there’s a “realistic possibility” India variant is 50% more transmissible than Kent variant, “it is likely that progressing with step 3 alone…would lead to a substantial resurgence of hospitalisations (similar to, or larger than, previous peaks)
    So what is the big flounder’s response?
    He’s going to increase the vaccination rate for the over 50’s.
    Remind me how long it takes to see antibodies in the blood after an injection.
    Remind me that the vaccine only reduces our illness level and doesn’t kill the virus.
    Remind me of the incubation period before symptoms.
    Remind me how the virus travels on humans and gets transmitted.

    The fool is worried.
    The fool is repeating his xmas blunder.

    We are so lucky to be governed by such intelligent people.

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    1. Indeed, Dave. It never ceases to amaze me how lucky we poor, silly wee Jockanese are to be governed by those incandescent lights in the intellectual firmament, without whom we would be enslaved by the EU and forced to embrace its four freedoms, such an impossible, intolerable, unbearable unBritish insult to our sacred British identities!

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    2. Liked by 1 person

  11. You condense it into 4 lines.
    Like the Hartlepol voter who voted tory because they gave Hartlepool 9 foodbanks and Labour gave them none.
    The Hospital got closed 2 years ago, bad Labour.
    The police station got closed at the same time.

    I am concerned that if I drink too much I’ll pass out.
    Remedy, don’t drink too much.

    The big flounder says he’s concerned about the Indian variant.
    Remedy, reinstate foreign travel, open pubs and restaurants, encourage close contacts.

    Am I getting this stuff wrong? I don’t think so, but I’ve not been elected by the people of englandland to take decisions on their life and death.
    The polls still show that he’s going to win the next election.

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