OK, folks. As usual Mr Brown has reappeared on our screens talking about more powers and a better deal for Scotland, almost as if 2014 didn’t happen at all and he didn’t lie though his ass.

So be warned.

Every time he makes a statement in this campaign, we should demand to see the small print … and the translation from Latin.


  1. Isn’t the small print the unscrupulous stuff that cheaters don’t want you to read so they can sucker you into believing their lies then weasel their way out of it later on? It’s a low credibility excuse at best.

    Maybe being frequently cryogenically frozen and thawed out every time Independence is mentioned is affecting his brain. It’s certainly done for his memory.

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    1. Yes, the stuff they tell you you must read, but know that you won’t because you can barely see it and its all written in unfathomable language.

      Well, all my frozen foods tell me that once you have thawed them you must freeze them again…

      I imagine that the North Britain is like that too.

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    1. It’s how they think of us.

      Remember when Brown went to America on his fist visit of hommage to his boss in the Whitehouse, he was asked by a reporter if he was indeed Scottish.

      Clearly ashamed of the truth he replied that he was North British.

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        1. Embarrassing.

          I remember reading that although he raised quite a bit of cash for charity, it seemed that a great deal of it went on stylish living expenses for him and his Mrs.

          Tax haven though… Nice one, Gordon.


  2. tris

    quod est bollocks
    leave our Gordy alone the elder statesman of our untied kingdom

    as for small print perhaps they should print in Gaelic
    oh ! thats no good most nats couldn’t read it
    although like you they are experts in the dominant
    master language … ENGLISH

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    1. “… dominant master language…”, then spelled out in MAJISCULES, no less.

      Showing your true colours now; aren’t we niko?

      How about, for what seems like the millionth time of asking, you actually tell us what’s so great about your Union? You never answer that one, despite many polite requests to do so.

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      1. I was born in the union and from which I wish to enter eternity form
        after that you can happily have my vote for Freedom/Independence
        it wont be long

        still you cant live forever


        1. Still doesn’t answer the question though does it?

          You love the Union you were born into, which is fine. But no-one from the majority (who expressed a preference) side is suggesting you should spend the rest of your puff in the pokey for your view.

          By the way I don’t give a flying frotage if you love the Union, or not. That’s not going to convince me, nor anyone else from the indy movement to reassess. But surely you must have some examples of what is positive about staying with the Union?

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  3. While I like nothing more, well, perhaps a win for Partick Thistle, than the scorn and ridicule rightly directed at a useless waste of space. In this case Brown.
    Obviously, while I welcome our election victory, and I hope that my next fear is groundless, is that we are sleepwalking into a Westminster power grab. They are not even trying to do it by stealth any more. Blatant colonialism. I’m sure that the Scottish Government are only too aware of this happening, but if we allow it to take place, and what can we do to prevent it happening, it’s merely another attempt to frustrate our goal of independence.
    And as for Adam Boulton’s comment, ” They haven’t sent in the troops”, he could have added, “Yet”.

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    1. I wish I knew what to do, Alex.

      They are taking more powers to Westminster. They have build a great big (hideous) building in the middle of Edinburgh to accommodate staff for that purpose.

      But it seems that there is nothing we can do.

      Our parliament can discuss these things, and vote, and have a majority… but they can’t actually force the issue.

      I’m pretty certain that Westminster sees Edinburgh as an irritating kid (one that was never wanted) that has to be smacked down from time to time. I don’t think that they care what we think.

      Maybe some governments would try to accommodate us, to smooth things out, but this one seems not to want to accommodate anyone or any thing other than its own rather frightening obsessions with Empire II and the greatness of the union, control, and its dislike of Europe.

      It’s a horrible mess.

      If they hadn’t taken away my freedom to move to another country, I’d be seriously thinking of setting up in France.


  4. Sad to see Wings packing it in. I remember 2013, the march to Carlton Hill when hope was high and pro independence folk were standing shoulder to shoulder…

    You can spot me and Bugger the Panda as well as Stewart Campbell…

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  5. When it comes to lying,Broon is an amateur compared to Johnson and his cronies.
    They have taken lying to a whole new level and sadly voters in England seem to like it.
    They are heading down a very dangerous road.
    When people assume that their political leadership constantly lie to them then the reaction when it comes will be sudden and dramatic.
    The fall of the Soviet Union demonstrates that very well.

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    1. Of course they probably don’t realise that their government is lying.

      For a short time it looked like the Mail had had enough and was starting to question them but, as far as I can see, it has mended its ways after a meeting with Johnson. Who knows what was said, but it’s not impossible that seats in the Lords and or other titles might have been mentioned

      The press is on their side.

      But hey, maybe the English genuinely do like an oversexed, greedy, grasping, blundering scarecrow and a set of fascist fanatics governing them.


  6. Thoughts about why would the big flounder be introducing voter ID when the reported incidence is low.
    At his last victory 60 % of the population in Hartlepool didn’t bother to vote.
    He now has a majority in westmonster of Eighty One, now is the time to change the Gaming of the system to make a single party state in englandland.
    Hopefully we in Scotland will see our way to becoming a normal state.
    Listened to a piece of the broonerism interview by smith’s daughter, she’s been reading the blogs, he said that we are dependent on the flounder listening to broonie’s federalist solution.
    The big flounder is very unlikely to lose his last colony to federalism, the englanders are voting full fat tory.
    Partick Thistle quote, we’re 3 goals in the lead and only 5 minutes to play, how can we lose?
    Oh, the referee has just changed the rules.
    Read between the lines from the tory party statements, don’t believe the words actually mean what you think they’re saying.


    1. I doubt the federal system would ever work

      He suggesting all the regions to have their own parliaments.

      That, of course is their business, but it only takes one region to say no, and your federal system is screwed.

      They didn’t want them last time because they said it would be another layer of government with no real powers to do anything.

      That of course, does not mean that a new effort to establish regional government won’t be successful. Years have passed. Jus like in Scotland there is a whole new electorate, but frankly I don’t see it.


  7. But I tell you this. If I am ever asked, on the streets of London, or in any other venue, public or private, to produce my ID card as evidence that I am who I say I am, when I have done nothing wrong and when I am simply ambling along and breathing God’s fresh air like any other freeborn Englishman, then I will take that card out of my wallet and physically eat it in the presence of whatever emanation of the state has demanded that I produce it.

    Boris Johnson (Nov 2004)


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    1. Or die in a ditvch or lie down in fromnt of a bulldozer or accept calls at Downing Street from anyone disenchanted bout the border in the Irish Sea…

      Aye right, Boris, one day you’ll actually do something you threatened.


  8. Home Office in Kenmure St Glasgow to deport two folk on Eid. Local community have surrounded the van and won’t let it depart. Police Scotland in attendance for Crowd control – 6 mounted police standing by in neighbouring street. Woman has set up a refreshment stand in the bus shelter (think it’s free).

    Your reminder: immigration is reserved to Westminster. If we were independent, would this be happening??

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  9. Humza Yousaf
    I am disappointed that out of 8 Home Office Ministers none of them could make themselves available to speak to me.

    Having spoken to the DG for Home Office in Scotland I have urged him to abandon the forced removal.

    He will consider next steps & I have requested an update.

    What a bloody insult. Not even one of the lower orders would speak to the Scottish Justice Secretary. How much disrespect does that show?


  10. Wonderful response, thanks to all who turned up except the home office thugs.

    Just caught a bit of dodgy dave on the radio.
    He suggests that a committee be set up to advise ex PMs on picking up dodgy £1000 a working day advisor jobs with Greensill.
    He said he didn’t see any problems with the company, it lost a Billion US dollars in a year as far as I can find out, big Japanese money involved.
    As they say ‘You have to pay well to get the best’, much like the new baroness of sleaze getting a nice directorship the day after Hollyrood day money stops, she’ll still be getting her pension from us.

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    1. …and her £300 a day plus expenses. I dare say she’ll probably pick up a few more directorships now she’s got a title. People like titles on their headed paper, even when the title holder isn’t any use to them. It makes the company sound posher.


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