Ciaran Jenkins: ‘After the interview we asked “Scottish” Labour to back up this claim. They were not able to point us to any statements from Anas Sarwar to that effect from March and April 2020’.

Not a single one!

Odd, that, huh?


Oh, and did you notice that he pointed out that the UK government gave us all that money… like in a gift… because we don’t pay any taxes in Scotland. Maybe also becasue we’re not allowed to borrow money (or rather print it) like the English/British government is.

So, if I understand him right, he’s going to fund bits of the NHS by taking money from other bits of the NHS. OK, so how will he make up the money to deal with the shortfall in the parts from which he has taken money… take it from yet another part of the NHS.

Or will he flog it off at a cut price rate to the private sector or a Tory donor who owns a pub?

Just for a laugh

4. Boris Johnson at Eton looking, if possible, even more ridiculous.

A STERN letter from a reveller:

“Dear Alcohol

“We had a deal where you would make me funnier, smarter and a better dancer. I saw the video … we need to talk …”


THE difference between a dog and a marine biologist? One wags a tail, the other tags a whale.


THE Covid vaccine roll-out has started with health-care workers and old-timers

An account comes this way of one of the latter who went for his second dose. On his way home from the vaccination centre, he started having blurred vision. He phoned the centre from home and asked if he should see a doctor or go straight to a hospital.

“No,” they said. “Come straight back here. You left your glasses behind.”



New virus affliction makes appearance

BAD news on the virus front, I’m afraid. A new one has arrived – Nile virus, type C. It appears to target those born between 1940 and 1970.


·      You send the same message twice.

·      You send a blank message.

·      You send a message to the wrong person.

·      You send it back to the person who sent it to you.

·      You forget to attach the attachment.

·      You hit SEND before you’ve finished.

·      You hit DELETE instead of SEND.

·      You SEND when you should DELETE.

This is called the C-Nile virus.

And if you can’t admit to the above symptoms, you’ve caught the mutant strain. This is the D-Nile virus.



In church last Sunday, I heard an elderly lady in the pew behind me saying a prayer. 

She was so sincere, I just felt I should share: 

“Lord: This last year has been very tough. You have taken my favorite actors Sean Connery, Kirk Douglas and Diana Rigg; my favorite television host, Alex Trebek; Carl Reiner from ‘Your Show of Shows’; my favorite singer from the 50’s, Little Richard; even Charlie Daniels and Kenny Rogers my two favorite country singers; and from sports you took Gale Sayers and a longtime favorite Kobe Bryant.” 

“I just thought you should know that my favorite politicians are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  Oh, and Lord if you’re running any specials I really like that little prick Adam Schiff, too.”



Thanks to Andi, Brenda, Panda Paws, John, Erik, Graham.


Orphan Orangutan Smiles for the Camera - ZooBorns
1. “Don’t suck your thumb. Munguin says so.”
2. Perfection.
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3. Hello. I’m a handsome dog, aren’t I?
4. Imagine, Scotland and THAT little wind. I might add that that ripple you see was a fish. I know this because Dave A, who took the pic, waited for ages for a fish to make it, instead of cheating and chucking in a small pebble.
5. Who? Me?
6. A real brick outhouse.
7. Wombat and Son, at your service.
8. I’ve come to see Munguin. Does anyone know if he’s receiving callers?
9. Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, Czech Republic.
10. Goldfinch.
11. The Dighty Burn.
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12. A horse of a different stripe!
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13. What are you talking about? I have not smudged any eyeliner.
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14. Munguin’s Guard of Honour, stand to attention.
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15. Baaaaahhhhh.
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16. Helsinki.
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17. I could pretend I was a dog and you could pretend you were a human and throw this stick for me, Uncle Tris.
18. Majestic caribou bull in front of the mount Denali, Alaska.
19. Can’t wait for the garden to be looking like this again.
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20. Right, that’s me finished tour guiding for today. I’m off for a swing.

Thanks to David and Dave.



Douglas Ross tells @STVColin that he wants to build more affordable homes in Scotland so that he can sell them off under ‘right to buy’. Another blunder.

He honestly seemed to say that he wanted to build more houses and then to sell them off. Eh? Smart fellow. You can kinda tell that he’s being advised by Kirstene Hair, can’t you?



I didn’t watch the debate… well, given I don’t have a tv, that’s hardly surprising, is it? But according to all I’ve seen on Twitter, Nicola Sturgeon came out on top by a long way …and Douglas Ross, who was pathetic and utterly out of his depth came out on the bottom, with the other three leaders somewhere in between.

It might have been embarrassing for Ross as leader to have the Right Honourable Noble and Gallant aristocrat do the debate for him… but not as embarrassing as making a mess of it himself.

scott k logie@scottklogie1

Watching Douglas Ross skelping Douglas Ross after being skelped by Sturgeon, Harvie, Sarwar and even Willie fkn Rennie is the reason why a Scotsman invented television. #STVLeadersDebate

James Kelly@JamesKelly

Interesting that Douglas Ross thinks it’s the death of Prince Philip that has made us consider what’s really important, as opposed to, say, a year-long pandemic. #stvdebate

Anyway, it will be interesting to hear if any of you watched it, what you thought of it.

In the meantime, it was a beautiful day here today in Fowlis Den.

What’s this fellow? The Den is covered in them as you can see from the other photographs.

While the weather has been largely marvellous these last few days, I was cutting the lawns the other day and this is what happened…