Do you think he maybe meant “pinhead” policies?


Did you ever know a politician who was so inept… and yet, be fair, so popular?


It seems the favourite to replace Arlene is a bloke called Poots. Edwin Poots believes that the world is around 6,000 years old.

Edwin Poots

He does, though, think that it’s possible that dinosaurs did exist within that time frame, but they were drowned in the flood. Presumably God or Noah didn’t think they worth saving… or maybe the arc was a bit crowded? (Well, they were very big and they would have needed two of them. It wasn’t the royalo yacht, you know!)

He also doesn’t believe that we should be talking about climate change.

And he is vehemently anti-gay. There you go.

That sums him up.

If he wins, good luck with him, Northern Ireland!



As George Monbiot wrote: So here’s the plan. He buys the matching shirt, then when the police come looking for him, he just stands in front of the wallpaper.


The government used an exclusive WhatsApp group to give “VIP” CEOs information on its PPE requirements, a court has been told. An English High Court judge today ordered Matt Hancock to hand over texts and WhatsApp messages about Covid contracts.


28 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. It is, I think, just the kind of thing I was asking myself about the Tory leaders who proclaim themselves Christian.

      How could Theresa May, vicar’s daughter, have behaved so appallingly to people from the West Indies? What would Jesus have thought of that? And the Grenfell Tower people? Would Jesus have gone on a quick visit and not spoken to any of them? And would he have left them homeless for years?

      What kind of Christian would do that?

      Maybe her reading of the bible says that it is cool to be a heartless harridan?

      Not that different from the Queen telling us how she has always tried to live her life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ… as she sits in her 775-room free palace before moving on to her 1000 room castle, again free to her… and her family who also live in taxpayer funded accommodation (even the ones that are wanted by the FBI)… while just down the road her subjects are sleeping in cardboard boxes under the bridges…. just like Jesus ordained.

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    1. Interesting article, Drew.

      I’m reminded that a few years ago Mary Robinson caused a bit of a stir in Great Britain when she described Homosexuality as being worse than paedophilia.

      She didn’t at that point mention the fact that she at that point, a woman in her 60s, was engaging in a sexual relationship with the son of one of her friends, who had died and entrusted his teenage son to her care.

      Of course, he was well over the age of consent, but I did wonder about that. When she was rumbled, he had a nervous breakdown and disappeared, resigning her seat as a local councillor, an AM and an MP (yes, they are keen on earning the money).

      It seems from Arlene’s demise you can’t even attempt a trace of humanity, and still be a DUP politician.


        1. Ah yes, Iain. Thank you and sincere apologies to President Robinson, a world elder stateswoman, for mixing her up with a money grubbing bigot.


          1. “money grubbing bigot”: you have a great way with words.

            Apparently her family were known as Swish Family Robinson for their lavish lifestyle. If we’re calling Sofas-R-Us lavish.

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    2. I was unfortunate at one time in sharing a small office with 3 reborn Christians. One was an evangelical, one a free brethren and the other a charismatic renewal Catholic. They had no truck with this nonsense about fossils.

      However they had differing ideas about tithes. It almost ended in bloodshed! How Christian.

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      1. Oh goodness. I hope there were some other people there too.

        I have to say it’s a bit sneaky of god, burying bones just as a test.

        Could he not just have had 20 questions…?


  1. Heard the big flounder visited the covid wall in London.
    After dark and without any media.
    The group that have put up the wall have asked to meet the flounder, answer ‘now is not the time’.
    This governing thing is easy, you just ignore any incidence, it will go away.

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  2. Re Arlene Foster’s resignation , the BBC’s report omitted her comments about “misogynistic behaviour” and her hopes for women in the future, whereas Ch4 reported them in full. I would be interested to know who at the BBC made the decision to drop this section.

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