50 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW”

  1. There’s a touch of the Damien Thorn’s (the Devil incarnate from “The Omen”) about BoJo isn’t there?

    He certainly looks like a little shit, one that was always destined to be a big shit.

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    1. Beat me to it, Drew. I was just thinking that the flounder as a bairn looks even more repugnant than he does now. I’ve been absent from here for a few days, apart from supplying Tris with various bits and pieces (the curse of the drinking classes strikes again) and I come back to distasteful images like this. Ugh!

      Mind you, there was some compensation in the others. No idea who they are, but where was No 10 in my younger days, or the once-shapely No 7? Back in Scotland pre-covid obviously, I bumped into a girl I hadn’t seen since schooldays when she was a piece of very much all right and we had a brief but memorable fling. Fast forward 50 years and if we hadn;t been introduced I’d never have recognised her.

      A granny type! About twice the original size and looking like an escapee from a home-cooking ad. To be fair, a bright-eyed and smiling granny, but such a change?? To be fair, I wonder what she thought of me. Bloody hell, I’d never have known Mac. All grey beard and grey hair, but tanned and leathery and looking like a swarthy refugee from a boatload of North African asylum-seekers in the Med.

      Despite all that, a most enjoyable reunion with lots of laughs and fond memories. It would be great to catch up with more of the Teuchter diaspora from these long-gone days.

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      1. In your youth, Marianne was cavorting with Mick Jagger (who also hasn’t really worn that well…

        As for the shapely No 7, well, I suspect she might have been, in your youth, a bit old for you. She is, I seem to recall, 94 these days.

        Maybe Arlene is a bit more in your age group… I’m not sure what teuchters are called in Ireland. I hear she may be looking for a job soon. Maybe she could be handmaiden to the RS?

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    1. PS she was executed early last year, but this is the first written record I have seen suggesting it has happened and a description of the end.


    1. Iain, I can’t see Jane Asher. If you’re thinking of No10, it’s Marianne Faithfull. the one I can’t get is No7.


      1. We have been talking about No 7 a little over the last couple of days… French singer… with chart hits from the late 40s and the early 50s but went on to work all over the world…


        1. OK, got it but I had to Google it too. Pretty obscure compared with the others still it’s no challenge if they’re easy😃 By the way, the wee wumman in N01 seems to have a life-long obsession with bling – d’ye think maybe she’s a closet rapper? Maybe by name of Lizzee 2?

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          1. The bling she wears is quite tasteless enough without this fashion quirk of hers for putting little swatches and scraps of cloth behind them.

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              1. In their defence though they do make use of a lot of old hand-me-downs.
                Princess Nut Nut has no such excuse for turning the Downing Street accommodation into a Randi Khana

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        1. But on the subject of Cat Stevens, I do know something. About 20 years or so ago, a friend of mine worked for a TV production company which had an interview lined up with Mr Stevens. The director, camera guy and sound guy were male and the PA was female. Cat Stevens welcomed the men, shook hands with them and ignored the woman, not even looking at her. She said later that she wouldn’t have been all that concerned if the guy had just arrived from a traditional hill village in Afghanistan but she found it rude and unconvincing given that Cat Stevens was a Londoner. Erdogan’s recent treatment of Ursula von der Leyen brought the Cat Stevens episode back to mind: two big city guys pretending to be from the backwoods. What’s that all about?

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  2. FYI Arizona audit 250,000+ fraudulent ballots SO FAR. Biden only won by 10,647. All falling into place. Lets see how long before the fake media reports this.
    They made it too easy, when there is no name on the ballot its fake, end of. 🥱


      1. I guess you won’t believe it until its on the BBC, you should have learned by now that the MSM is the principal source of Propaganda.


        1. Have a lie down with reality. I don’t believe anything the BBC says without checking nor newspapers either. You claimed that the military were going to take over weeks after the election. Stop moving the goal posts. It didn’t happen.

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  3. 9 – Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf. Strange name to adopt.
    10 – Marianne Faithfull. Her voice has altered very much over the years.

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  4. Just read,

    It’s curtains for the big flounder.

    Hope they’re not chosen by princess nutnuts.

    Do we all realise that the £58,000 is in Addition the the £30,000 that is the normal allowance.
    Hell £5800 for a chair, add a wee bit and you could get a new car with 4 seats.

    Turns out that the donation came from a director of cameron’s wife’s company and the owner of a company that WON a government contract for £100 million.

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    1. I’ve been asking on Twitter if they could publish a table of what donations buy from the Tories.

      For £58,000 you can get a £100 m + contract, so that’s good business. £42,000 profit right away!

      I want to know what it is for a Lordshipness. I mean it would save queueing at restaurants for service. “I say, my good man, do you realise you are talking to Lord Price-Williams?”

      It would save me dropping Munguin’s name all the time. He of course, is never obliged to wait.


  5. Rudy
    Federal investigators executed a search warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s New York City apartment, as part of a criminal investigation into his dealings in Ukraine and whether he broke lobbying laws as former president Trump’s lawyer, The New York Times reports

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    1. I really do hope that the feds can end up sending Rudy to prison for something. Also Donald! I’m not particular about the exact charge.

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  6. Rock stars don’t age well, and it doesn’t help when they wear a safety pin in their ear. Ringo does achieve a certain drug kingpin, FBI wanted poster look here.

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    1. Seems not, Danny.

      I think I’ll give up my ambition to be a rock star. I don’t want to ever look like Meatloaf or Ringo.

      Also so many of them turn out to be right wing nationalist nightmares… Robert Daltry… and, oh, again, Ringo!

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  7. I tried to verify that Meatloaf was once referred to as “Mr. Loaf” in the pages of the New York Times, in conformance to The Times’ much revered…….and ridiculed…….style manual. Apparently the Mr. Loaf story is apocryphal, but I found this interesting old article about language issues and the Times style manual. It might be of interest, if it will open in Scotland and its paywall can be penetrated. (I think you still get ten free Times articles per month per browser…..at least in the States.)

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