1. Britishness is about the dominati0n of these islands by the English establishment.
    It is now clear that their intention is to eradicate any other identity in their delusional pursuit of 18th century global supremacy.
    Great speech however.

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  2. Bravo Michael. And the same story can be told in the other internal colonies of Scotland and NI (formerly all Ireland). So what are we going to do about it? Are we going to leave and become independent and thrive? Or are we just going to moan about how hard done to we are? Whilst continuing to be hard done to…

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  3. An independent Scotland’s share of the national debt will be written off against our share of Great Britain’s total assets, both at home and abroad. These greatly exceed the amount of the national debt.

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    1. Scotland would only be liable for a share of debts (and assets), if England (or whatever laughably convoluted name it contrives to call itself) didn’t want to be the successor state to the UK.

      We can assume England will want successor status; to secure the UN Security Council permanent seat, if nothing else. In which case Scotland would be entitled to walk without any liabilies. Which also means walking away from shared assets. Same outcome, but not for the reason you stated.

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