Today, in the English Daily Mail (which, note, is called the Daily Mail, like it’s the proper Daily Mail, you know), this was the headline:

Meanwhile, in Scotland, where there is a general election in a few weeks, and where the Daily Mail, which oddly, becomes the Scottish Daily Mail, hates the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon even more than they apparently hate Boris Johnson, this is what they have to say:

And Boris and his incendiary comments are relegated to a small column at the bottom right hand page.

From what I read, the comments Johnson allegedly made have been verified to journalists like Robert Peston and Laura Kuenssberg, by several people who heard him sound off in temper.

Mr Gove has said that he was there and never heard the prime minister say any such thing… Not even a sniff of it… (He may have added that his wife thinks she will change the décor in number 10 that Carrie has overseen) …or maybe that is just a malicious rumour passed on to Munguin by a disaffected Chancellor, whose own wife may have been seen purchasing a tape measure.

48 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO MAILS”

  1. Just another sample of the media we are subjected to.
    Good news is that I gather the readers of the daily hail in Scotland is pretty low, the problem is that the likelyhood of the other media outlets making anything of it is small.
    It’s down to who do you believe?
    The cummings or the big flounder, both lie with ease by the careful use of language.
    Hopefully we are seeing the rats fighting out the replacement of a pm.
    Maybe it was just another story to cover up the £60,000 used to redecorate a flat and who paid for it.

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    1. Apparently he was loaned the money by Conservative Office. He has now paid it back.

      Presumably becasue he was caught out.

      I expect with all the maintenance money he has to pay for an unknown number of children to an unknown number of ex’s, he can’t afford this kind of thing himself.

      What does his current squeeze do for a living?


      1. She was still on maternity leave from the birth from her downing streetadvisor job as the flounder’s social calendar manager.
        She’s now a marketing??? person for an animal charity.
        Hell I forgot about the hoover tax relief story and the resignation of the flounder’s pps on Friday night.
        The flounder’s had a hard week of attacks.
        I’m convinced that cumming has the evidence of the outburst and many more, when does the Dysongate tapes get released?
        To think it’s all based on getting positives on brexit to kill off the reduction in EU trade.
        Wallace and truss were out trying to move us on to anything other than the emperor’s new clothes are real and he’s not naked.

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        1. Well, thank the lord he’s not naked. It’s not a sight I can even being to imagine.

          Who has resigned?

          Maybe Liz could tell us how she got on with the Australian Trade Minister?


  2. The rich man in his castle,
    The poor man at his gate,
    God made them, high and lowly,
    And ordered their estate.

    Somebody called Johnny Mercer was sacked, but was going to resign about the lack of integrity of the flounder on the party’s money.
    A junior defence minister and ex pps to the flounder.
    A wee bet, I think that the Indians are going to get the Chinese respirators that were bought in haste by handcock, reported to have poorly written manuals that made it difficult to commission.

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    1. Ah. Thank you. Just looked him up. He was sacked by text… a tip Johnson must have picked up from the Orange blokey.

      Even Johnson and Raab wouldn’t give away stuff that they couldn’t get to work here… would they?

      Huh, who am I kidding?


  3. Its last weeks new now but in the revelations that came out about the communications between Johnson and Dyson I thought that one particular comment by the PM gave an interesting insight into his character and how he sees his role. It was the bit where he says ” I am the First Lord of The Treasury”. He really is quite the megalomaniac. There’s also more than just a hint of him betraying his thinking that the Treasury funds are his to disperse on a whim pretty much as he feels fit.

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        1. I’d never heard the French version. “Doggie” was released in the States on Mercury in January, 1953, with “the Singin’ Rage, Miss Patti Page” doing her own multi-track harmony. Patti Page was from Claremore, the same small Oklahoma town that produced Will Rogers.

          Wiki: “Mercury, however, had poor distribution in the United Kingdom. Therefore, a recording by Lita Roza was the one most widely heard in the UK, reaching No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart in 1953. It distinguished Roza as the first British woman to have a number-one hit in the UK chart.”

          “Doggie” sold well and might have become Patti Page’s signature song, were it not for “Tennessee Waltz.” Wiki: “Page’s signature song, “Tennessee Waltz”, was one of the biggest-selling singles of the 20th century.” She had hits such as “Old Cape Cod”, “Allegheny Moon”, “A Poor Man’s Roses (or a Rich Man’s Gold)”, and “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte”. She charted in five separate decades.

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          1. That’s an impressive record… charting in 5 decades.

            Line Renaud, who recorded the version in French (in which she makes a trip to Italy, not California) first charted in 1949. Her last appearance in the charts was 1952. She had chart topping singles covering a span of 4 years.

            Hardly comparable. LOL

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            1. Nice voice! Even does a good Patti Page-like harmony.
              It later occurred to me that she probably didn’t go to California, but I forgot to listen for her destination. Italy it was! LOL.

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  4. This government don’t do inrony.
    The rabb has just announced that he’s put sanctions on 22 people involved in corruption. There will be travel bans and assets seized.
    This country can be used as a honey pot for black money to be laundered.
    The flounder isn’t on the list, YET

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  5. BTW, the Daily Mail is also involved in an American political brawl. Last Wednesday, the Mail published an article about how Joe Biden’s climate plan could limit Americans to one hamburger a month. FOX news picked up the story and went crazy about Biden’s supposed attack on red meat, and the American right to eat as many hamburgers as one wants. (The Fourth of July is only a little over two months away after all, when outdoor barbecue, and grilling of hamburgers and beefsteak is a sacred American rite.) The Daily Mail article, followed by today’s stories in the Washington Post and the Guardian:




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  6. Iconic…Bonanza, The High Chaparral and all those cowboy films that included a cattle drive.
    “This is cattle country, always has been always will be”

    This is progress…

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      1. Unfortunately Conan that’s not showing in the latest poll, that’s if it is to be believed. Of course, it may be that it will take a little while for the latest disgraceful behaviour by Johnson to register with the electorate , but whether this will affect the S.N.P vote share remains to be seen. While it shows there would be a “supermajority” for independence, I for one, remain unconvinced that the Green and Alba parties would co -operate with the S.N.P in such an alliance. If this poll is correct, and accurately reflects the result, then I fear the cause of independence could be further away than ever.

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        1. I think the Greens and Alba would be against a lot of SNP policies, some with good reason.

          But I think when it comes to insisting on a referendum, I’m pretty sure they will be 100% on side.


    1. Yes, the commentators mentioned that Gove’s denial was a a bit shaky, presumably enough to show support for his boss, but enough so that he has a get out when it’s proved to be true.

      We all say things we don’t actually mean in temper, of course… “I’ll kill him”, is the obvious one.

      Rather like another prime minister of the past, he seems to have a frightful temper.


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