Orphan Orangutan Smiles for the Camera - ZooBorns
1. You woke me up at THIS time in the morning?
2. Just trying to see if that AndiMac person is leaving some food for me.
3. Yosemite.
4. Damn it, could you just give me something to eat and leave my nose alone!
5. Lavender fields forever… Bulgaria.
Moles Smell in Stereo to Find Food, Dodge Predators
6. I am a mole and I live in this hole.
King Penguin | Facts, pictures & more about King Penguin
7. A reception committee at the airport. I wonder which important personage is arriving…
Bhutan-thimphu / city-street | Thimphu, Bhutan, City streets
8. Thimphu.
Brown Bear | National Geographic
9. Hello, Munguinites.
Thinking of getting a cat? | International Cat Care
10. Best steak minced please, Munguin.
Aardvark Fast Facts
11. Aard at vark. That’s me.
12. Sometimes a goose’s patience gets tried…
Coats Off Time For Our Camels! - Flamingo Land Resort
13. Time to take my coat off, I think.
Emperor tamarin - Wikipedia
14. This makes me look old and wise, doesn’t it?
15. Yes, this flower is coming along nicely.
Giant pandas rebound off endangered list - BBC News
16. It may be Sunday, even Soppy Sunday, but some of us have work to do.
Should we think twice about Netflix's Tiger King? - Vox
17. Don’t get excited, Munguin. It’s only milk.
ROCK DASSIE OR HYRAX – Personal Collection by Ta
18. Is it us or are bus shelters getting smaller?
Gujarat - Undiscovered India ⋆ Itinerary ⋆ Greaves India
19. Gujarat… as simple dwelling.
Orangutan Protection ‏@Lindi Robertson Protection Foundation - Make tine in  your day to do something silly | Baby orangutan, Orangutan, Cute animals
20. You like my hat?

Thanks to John and Andi.

Stop Press: This just in from Quokka.

A flower

31 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Is Pic 2 a goldcrest? The name seems to fit.

    Pic 11: the word is Afrikaans. I might be wrong (often am), but I think it means “earth pig”

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      1. Without wishing to be controversially binary in these sensitive times, the crest on the female tends to the yellow while the male crest displays as more lustrously golden. They’re great wee birds if you’re lucky enough to get more than a glimpse.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Andi seems to have a knack for getting up close…

          Talking of birds, Munguin Towers’ Blackbird, Bertie, has the finest voice in the world. As I was tinkering around in the garden tonight, having built a bird feeder table this afternoon, Bertie launched into an hour long recital that would put Moira Anderson to shame. He only paused momentarily to come down to Munguin’s drinking fountain and avail himself of the crystal clear water which Munguin is pleased to provide… free of charge, I might add.

          As well as having a fine voice, he’s also an extremely clean bird. I watched him yesterday, waiting in the bushes while a Starling took a long drink… and then move in to bathe himself thoroughly. I couldn’t move otherwise I would have disturbed him at his ablutions… so I was obliged to wait… nearly 5 minutes.

          A bit like the Louis XIV… only I WAS actually obliged to wait, not just nearly!!


      2. Dave, ‘constantly on the move’ is dead right and to make it just that bit more challenging the Goldcrest was flitting about inside the hawthorn. Trying to find focus was a struggle but I got lucky.

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  2. Our first orangutan looks, Tris, like I feel at this ungodly hour. No doubt I shall feel that life has been reaffirmed, but only after a period of repose.

    I hesitate to say “beauty sleep” because of the high probability of ribald and unflattering remarks.

    DonDon, aardvarks are indeed earth pigs in Afrikaans. Similarly, tatties in Duch are aardappelen – earth apples – pommes de terre.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. No17, should you not be weaned by now? Brave man feeding the big kitty. Lovely pictures to soothe and console us. Logging on this week I’d pictures of penguins, followed by baby cheetah in the background. Since penguins are featured above but the cheetahs aren’t…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. After a far too long absence from MNR great to be looking in again and have some order restored by S.S.
    That is a seriously good knife the goose has run off with.

    Liked by 1 person

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